First, Elvis. Now, Drake Is Beating Michael Jackson’s Records…

Drake Dominates Music Charts With 'One Dance' and 'Views'
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First, Drake started beating Elvis’ records. Now, it’s MJ’s turn.

Drake has been dominating the Billboard Hot 100 chart for eight weeks with his smash hit song, ‘One Dance,’ featuring WizKid and Kyla.  Not only has the global hit bagged him a charting song, but also a charting album. Views has been in the Billboard 200 chart for the ninth consecutive week.

Back in May, Drake surpassed Elvis for the most simultaneous top 100 charting songs.  But this latest accomplishment means that Drake has now tied Michael Jackson for what Billboard calls ”the longest-ever simultaneous domination of the two rankings by a male artist,” with Jackson likely to be surpassed this month.

Of course, there are some of Michael Jackson’s records that will be incredibly difficult to match, no matter how long Drake’s career lasts.  That includes sales of Thriller, an album that sold more than 65 million copies (and possibly, more than 100 million according to some estimates).  But that album was released in 1982, an era in which albums dominated — and fans had few options other than paying full price for an LP, CD, or cassette.  The same is true for Michael Jackson’s other albums, and the King of Pop also had a knack for selling out arenas on worldwide tours (which oftentimes supported an album and fueled its sales).

Drake exists in a much different atmosphere, one in which album sales are a sideshow to many fans.  But Drake is dominating the platforms that matter in 2016: indeed, ‘One Dance’ also bagged the top song for the 11th week on the audio streaming chart with 19.1 million on-demand U.S. plays.  The song remained at no. 2 on the overall Streaming Songs chart.

Beyond the Billboard charts, BuzzAngle released their mid-year report for music consumption. ‘Views’ also hit top 10 albums by streams and sales, and ‘One Dance’ hit top 10 songs by streams and sales.

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  1. Rick Shaw

    It’s not really that Elvis and/or Drake beat a record…it’s time that beats records.

  2. Renr

    Oh cmon if MJ was put in the same era as Drake his audience streaming on demand would easily be way more. This article is ridiculous as you are saying that album sales were a big hit back then and nowadays it’s downloads and streaming. Put the two on equal playing fields and Drake gets destroyed. The same thing would happen with Elvis and MJ but at least those 2 would be closer as they are both kings of Genres. Quit playing up Drake like he is something special… even in his rapping he is elementary and his vocals are terrible.

  3. Lamont L

    I like Drake. But he will never sale 800 million records worldwide. The King of Pop will never die!

    • Wacko diddled boys

      He is dead and Adele knocked him off his perch.

      • random person

        no she didn’t she’s shit Michael will never be beaten ffs get a life and btw your username is getting reported as he was proved not guilty of those fake things you horrible person go to hell and get cancer.