Sia Is Getting Sued for $2.1 Million by Disappointed Fans…

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It’s normal to be disappointed if your favorite artists or group don’t play very long or sing your favorite hits. It’s even worse if you decide to sue the group your disappointment. Essentially proving that fans in Israel don’t mess around, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that a group of fans filed a class-action lawsuit against Australian sensation Sia and the sponsoring concert firm.

After having to wait for hours just to get to Yarkon Park, waiting even more for the concert to start, and even willing to bear with the concert traffic afterwards, fans were disappointed that Sia’s August 11 concert only lasted a paltry 65 minutes. To make matters even worse, instead of showing live on-stage footage of the singer’s performance, the large megatron screens only aired a “polished, prerecorded video instead.” With median Israeli income at around a reported 9,781.80 (near $2,600 USD), Fans had to purchase the concert ticket at a high ticket price of 344 ILS ($91).

In comparison, Morrissey’s upcoming concert at the Caesarea Amphitheater has a price range of 204 ILS to 329 ILS.

The footage reportedly featured pre-recorded footage of Kristin Wiig and Gaby Hoffman dancing on stage, though they weren’t on-hand for the actual concert. According to The Jerusalem Post, the video syncing was imperfect, and even featured much better colors and lighting than Sia’s actual stage performance.

On an Italian fanpage dedicated to the singer, you can see photos from the events sans the large screen. You can also see the lighting in these selected photos aren’t very good, and the colors used are very bland, faded out, and difficult to tell.

Fans have also complained that the singer stayed close to the back of the stage throughout her performance and put on a very lackluster show.

Fans are reportedly asking for almost an 8 million ILS sum to be paid to all of the concert ticket holders. In American dollars, this would be roughly $2.1 million.


Sia image by The Wong Way, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0)

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m guessing that the terms of ticket purchase would protect her from all those complaints.

  2. anom nom nom

    I certainly wouldn’t put my money into a concert like this..

    I’d rather go to a nice restaurant and enjoy a five course meal in comfortable
    surrounds for the same amount..