The Music Business Week In Review…

The biggest developments, trends, and blow-hard opinions in the music business last week…

If there’s anything the music business loves, it’s lawsuits…

First up: Steve Aoki, who somehow avoided any liability after stage-diving onto a fan and breaking her neck.  Hard Cafe in San Diego, the venue for the catastrophic leap, also got off after a California jury determined the fan should have known that Aoki would throw an inflated raft into the crowd, then jump into it (and onto her head).

Aoki did say sorry though!

+ Details: How to Stage Dive Onto a Fan, Break Her Neck, and Get Away With It (by Steve Aoki)

Elsewhere, Reddit refused to disclose identifying information about a poster who leaked a 21 Pilots track from the Suicide Squad soundtrack.  The leak created havoc at Atlantic Records, who issued the subpoena around the largely anonymous mega-forum.

+ Details: Reddit Protects Identity of Illegal Song Uploader…

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran’s lawyers are undoubtedly determining their next steps in a lawsuit filed by the heirs of a songwriter for Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’.  The lawsuit, blasted as frivolous by critics, does share a bass line and force Sheeran into an expensive settlement.

All of which raises the question: why isn’t the industry doing anything to protect itself from an avalanche of upcoming plagiarism suits?  Glad you asked…

How to Stop Cockroach Lawyers from Eating the Songwriting Industry

In other legal barbs, Sia was slapped with a $2.1 million lawsuit by pissed-off fans in Tel Aviv, while the lawyers pursuing copyright abuse around ‘Happy Birthday to You’ by Warner Chappell were awarded $4.6 million in legal fees.

Over in music video land, controversy continued to broil around YouTube, though perhaps there’s a reason why the video behemoth doesn’t really care.  According to data just released, music-related content accounts for just 4.3 percent of overall YouTube traffic.   Elsewhere, leaked data about YouTube Red royalties emerged, while Vevo has just teamed up with Goldman Sachs to secure $500 million in financing.

Are Apple Music exclusives dicking over fans, not to mention the industry?  Frank Ocean became the latest artist to grant the mega-billionaire Apple an album exclusive, which was quickly followed by a surge in torrenting and illegal sharing.

Should the Super Bowl pay artists?  After not only refusing, but charging, artists, the NFL finally faced an artist that doesn’t want to play ball.  That artist is Adele, who refused an offer to play the Super Bowl Halftime (though, the NFL subsequently denied extending a ‘formal invitation’).

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And, in case this weekly wrap-up has gotten you down, a new study shows that dancing, playing, and listening to music is scientifically proven to elevate moods and make people happier.


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