A New Insurance Program Helps Artists Traumatized by Terror Attacks

Any show, any artist can be hit with a terror attack.  Now, there’s insurance to help with the difficult aftermath.

Terrorism in this day and age is real. We have almost daily reminders of the horrors real people have to suffer, thanks to countless terror attacks, including mass suicide bombings and more.  Healing after a terrorist attack is never easy.  The trauma and terror you feel is very real (just ask Eagles of Death Metal).

This is the kind of thing that can end an entire career.  Even going outside can be too much, as you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, feeling like you’re no longer in control.  Though there are handbooks available to help people deal with what took place, it’s still painstakingly difficult.  This is even harder if you happen to be an artist performing where a terrorist attack took place, like Europe over this summer.

Looking to help musicians heal in the aftermath, or even those who may now be afraid of facing what several European performers have already faced, we came across an insurance program that looks to be promising.  ProSight Specialty Insurance, based in New Jersey with offices across the UK and the U.S., announced back in June the launch of their Music Mends “enhancement,” specifically designed for touring artists.  The program is billed as a “stage to take a stand against terrorism.

How does it work?  After signing up with for the program, Music Mends will provide “financial assistance” to artists who want to start rescheduling performances canceled or interrupted by terror attacks in the same communities that have been impacted by the attack.

How much will this insurance cost you? According to ProSight, if you’re an artist touring across the U.S., there isn’t a charge for this service.

The coverage also includes event cancellation and event rescheduling.  There’s also PR coverage and image restoration, but here’s the key thing: there’s also psychological counseling, because after a terror attack, you might not be able to go through it alone.

How well will this “enhancement” actually work? Hopefully, we may never have to find out here in the States.