Momentum: What If You Accidentally Became a Famous DJ?

Looks like Kickstarter provided enough Momentum for this series. Will the story survive?

After a successful Kickstarer campaign, it looks like “Momentum – The Series” is a go ahead.  But what exactly is it about?

The premise of Momentum starts off simple enough. Michael Morris is your average blue collar worker.  He’s 24, he’s from a small town, and he has to work in construction in order to support his foster family.

Michael has big dreams and big goals.  He’s an aspiring electronic dance musician.  As he continues working, however, he’s becoming much more comfortable in his job and with his life.  His aspirations look like they’re just going to remain as just dreams.  All he wants to do is just leave and see if success is possible.

But then, reality hits. He’s broke and full of doubt since he was born an orphan.

It wouldn’t be a TV show, however, without a well-timed twist of fate.  One night, thanks to his girlfriend’s brother, Michael’s music leaks on the internet, and leading him to become an overnight success.  Suddenly, Michael is thrown into the electronic dance music scene.  He’ll soon find it’s a world full of drugs and alcohol, a revolution and a rebellion, and no one can make up their mind to see who they really are.

As Michael explores this world, he becomes more popular.  But soon, he finds himself asking, “What truly matters?” His dream of being a dance electronic music star, or taking care of his family, friends, and even his girlfriend?

What should he truly sacrifice for real success?

Now, while the premise of Momentum sounds promising, you can’t help but feel it’s been done before.  A hard-working adult without a lot of money but family to take care of? Check.  Sudden success thrown in? Double-check.  A true conflict between fame, fortune, and family and friends? Triple-check.

In regards to the EDM setting, you also have to take into consideration that Momentum is wading into territory already explored Netflix and Warner Bros. Also, Momentum only has a budget of around $20,000. Compare that to Netflix’s very deep pockets, and this ‘Momentum’ will probably need some more cash.