How Did Eazy-E Die? Allegations of a Cover-Up Continue

How to Eazy-E die? 'Eric Wright, 31, Rap's Eazy-E, Recently Disclosed He Had AIDS'
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How to Eazy-E die? 'Eric Wright, 31, Rap's Eazy-E, Recently Disclosed He Had AIDS'
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A headline following the death of Eazy-E in 1995.

Eric ‘Eazy-E’ Wright was officially pronounced dead from complications related to AIDS, specifically AIDS-induced pneumonia, on March 26th, 1995. But how did Eazy-E really die? Here’s a closer look at the unresolved questions surrounding the rapper’s death.

It was more shocking than any gangsta rap lyric could ever be. On March 17th, 1995, one of the biggest figures of gangsta rap announced that he had contracted AIDS. Suddenly, in one stunning moment, Eazy-E’s aura of invisibility and power came crashing down.

At a Hollywood news conference, Eazy-E’s attorney and friend, Ron Sweeney, shared the grim news with the world.  Sweeney unfolded a crinkled piece of paper, and in a somber tone, offered the statement of fact.  “I’m not religious, but right or wrong, that’s me,” Sweeney read, relaying a message written by the rapper.

“I’m not saying this because I’m looking for a soft cushion wherever I’m heading. But I’ve got thousands of young fans that have to learn about what’s real when it comes to AIDS. I’ve learned in the last week that this thing is real and it doesn’t discriminate. It affects everyone.”

Less than 10 days later, Eazy-E passed away.

But two decades after his death, Eric ‘Eazy-E’ Wright remains one of the most controversial rappers in history.  Called the ‘Godfather of Gangsta Rap,’ Eazy-E reshaped hip-hop, starting with N.W.A.  Other successful rappers, including Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, owe their start to Wright.

The list also includes Kendrick Lamar, who has cited Eazy-E as an important influence.

The public both loved and loathed Eazy-E, with extremely violent and misogynistic lyrics drawing criticism.  But without Eazy-E, the rap world might look substantially different today.  In fact, we may have never heard of rappers like Dr. Dre and Ice Cube.  And the trajectory of ‘gangsta rap’ would have been entirely different.

Despite being mired in controversy, Eazy-E’s legacy remains massive.  But while he was alive, Eazy-E’s life resembled a war zone.  The rapper had dangerous beefs involving rival members of N.W.A, most notably Dr. Dre and Ice Cube.  Those eventually ebbed, though the list of other sworn (and armed) enemies was extensive.

Simply put, a lot of people wanted Eazy-E dead.  Others had outright threatened to murder the Compton rapper.  And like many high-profile gangsta rappers, the threat of death and violence constantly hovered.  It came with the lifestyle.

So how did Eazy-E really die?

Eazy-E’s daughter, Ebie Wright, has been attempting to answer that very question.  Last month, she started raising funds to launch a serious investigation into this issue.  Ebie simply disagrees with the long-held belief that Eric Wright contracted AIDS through unprotected sex.  And many in the hip-hop world agree.

In September of this year, Ebie Wright initiated a Kickstarter campaign seeking $250,000 to investigate the real story.  The documentary, titled A Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies, aimed to unravel a conspiracy around Wright’s death.  “Now I know you’re all thinking.  Didn’t Eazy-E die of AIDS?” Wright stated on her pitch video. “So what scandal was there, right?'”

“Well, if he did die of AIDS, why was there so much cover up surrounding the details of his death?”

What were the elements of the cover-up?  In the video, Ebie laid out the following issues, all of which suggest a coordinated effort.

  1. The AIDS diagnosis was revealed just three weeks before Eazy-E’s death.
  2. The rapper was sequestered in a remote ward of the hospital, with most unable to visit.
  3. Eazy-E’s attorney of just two months drafted a will while the rapper lay on his deathbed.
  4. A ‘secret marriage’ was arranged just 12 days before Eazy’s death.
  5. One week before Eazy’s death, Wright’s estate was looted of valuable possessions.
  6. After Eric Wright’s death, one person walked away with everything, according to Ebie.  That’s most likely a reference to Tomika Woods-Wright, who married Eazy-E moments before his death.


All of which suggests a coordinated attack by a group hostile to Eazy-E.  And, a coalition that stood to gain from the rapper Eazy’s death.

Magic Johnson survived AIDS. So why did Eazy-E die so quickly?

Eric Wright’s death was astoundingly quick, even for someone suffering from the virus in the 1990s.  Fans were quick to contrast Eazy’s fate to that of Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, who was found carrying HIV in 1991.  After discovering the virus in November of that year, Johnson told the world and retired from the Los Angeles Lakers.

But Magic was still alive nearly four years later.  Of course, he’s still alive today.  Even Arthur Ashe carried HIV for more than five years before passing away in February of 1993.  So how is it possible that Eazy-E succumbed to the illness so quickly?  According to Ebie, the short window fuels suspicions of a murder.

But how?

One longtime theory is that the conspirators used a purposeful, lethal injection.  That includes the belief that Eazy-E was injected with HIV after suffering a motorcycle accident.  “I think they were giving him tainted needles with the AIDS virus through acupuncture,” said Frost, a Ruthless rapper.  “Because how else could somebody die that fast of AIDS?”

“Have you even heard of somebody dying in two weeks of AIDS bro? Come on, man. It’s unheard of, bro.”

Here’s the interview with Frost, which offers a telling revelation from someone close to the situation.  Frost was part of the documentary, For The Record: The Story of Latinos in Hip Hop.

But is Frost’s theory plausible?  Wilmore Webley, a microbiologist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, argues that acupuncture rarely punctures deeply enough to inject HIV.  On top of that, the needles themselves probably couldn’t carry enough blood to transmit the disease.

But that is only one possible theory.  A malicious injection may have been the real murder weapon.  And it’s just as deadly as a gun.  But who administered the poison?

Suge Knight: Eazy-E Assassin?

Marquis Wright, aka Yung Eazy, has a different idea.  The rapper Eazy’s surviving son alleges that Suge Knight coordinated the murder, and even bragged about it.  Marquis cited a recent interview between the notoriously violent rap manager and Jimmy Kimmel:

“This the new thing, right?  So, if somebody gonna do something to somebody, technology is so high, right?  So, you shoot somebody, you go to jail forever,” Knight said. “Kids, you don’t want to go to jail forever, right?  So, they got this new thing out, people sell ’em all the time.  They get this stuff they call — they get blood from somebody with AIDS.  And then they shoot you with it.  That’s the slow death.”

Suspicions still run deep in this case, with others suspecting a coordinated conspiracy to murder the famous (and wealthy) rapper.  Jerry Heller, former manager of N.W.A and a longtime confidant of Eric Wright, has openly questioned the quick death.  “Do I think that something fishy happened to Eazy? Absolutely,” Heller stated in an interview before dying himself.  “I don’t believe that someone who had as much money as we did, and could afford whatever Magic Johnson could…

“How did Eazy-E die?  I don’t believe that he could have possibly died that quickly from full blown AIDS.”

Eazy E Memorial
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A street art memorial dedicated to Eazy-E in the Netherlands.

AIDS: It doesn’t kill like that.

Others agree, noting that AIDS simply doesn’t kill that quickly.  Eazy-E simply went too fast, with too few symptoms.  Among the leading skeptics are rapper B.G. Knocc Out, who collaborated with Eazy-E in the years leading up to his death.  Most notably, B.G. appeared on the Eazy-E track, “Real Muthaphuckkin G’s,” released in 1993.

B.G. also toured and recorded with Wright during that period.  And according to B.G., Eric Wright appeared healthy for most of the last three years of his life.  “I believe in my heart somebody did something to Eric,” B.G. told Hip Hop DX.

“Whether it was Jerry [Heller], whether it was [his widow] Tomica [Woods-Wright], I have yet to really know the truth.”

B.G. has witnessed the illness firsthand, and noticed some glaring discrepancies.  “My little brother, his father died from full-blown AIDS,” B.G. continued.  “From sharing a needle, because he was an addict.  Now, I’ve seen this man go through these stages, from HIV to full-blown AIDS.  And, when you get a cold, any little thing like that, your whole immune system shuts down.  So you have to go into the hospital just to recover.”

“Who are you kidding?”

Compared to Eazy-E, it just doesn’t make sense.  The symptoms and overall timeframe were glaringly different.  “Now, I was around Eric for the last three years of his life.  He never had an episode like this — never, ever.  So something is strange.  And then, you’re going to tell me that when this man goes in there for bronchitis, he has full-blown AIDS?”

“We’d been to New York, we’d been to Chicago in below-zero weather.  He never got sick.  He never had an episode.  Like, c’mon. Who are you kidding?”

After the diagnosis, B.G. visited the rapper on this deathbed.  But visitation restrictions were quickly increased, while the rapper was relocated.  Soon, it became impossible to visit anymore.   All of which augments information from Ebie, who pointed to a sequestered location within the hospital.  That relocation may have been created to keep others out

But who were the conspirators? And what really happened?

Problematically, these events transpired more than twenty years ago.  And that makes it incredibly difficult to unearth records and communications pertinent to the case.  Authorities like the LAPD have not followed any leads, and this case has long gone cold.  Statutes of limitations also start to apply after longer periods of time, making this an incredibly difficult undertaking.

Another major complication is the death of Heller himself, who recently passed at age 75.  Heller undoubtedly had knowledge and resources to properly pursue this matter.  But Ebie indicated that a number of Wright’s older associates are now willing to speak out.  Many of those come from within the hip-hop community.

In the end, Ebie asserts that this was a murder, not an accidental death.  And she aims to show that in the film.  “I don’t believe the explanation is as simple as ‘my father had AIDS and died’,” Ebie explained.

“There was definitely something fishy about it.  This was murder by AIDS.  I really believe that.”

“There are so many rumors, so many stories, and crazy conspiracy theories out there,” Ebie continued.  “But everyone has come to their own conclusion, without knowing all of the facts that this documentary will reveal.”

Update: After an Initial Failure, Ebie Restarts Kickstarter Campaign.

Despite trying to raise $250,000 for the investigation, Ebie’s campaign only raised $2,850.  Only 63 backers participated.   That is roughly one-percent of the overall goal, and not enough to finance a serious probe.  

Undeterred, Ebie has now re-started the campaign.  The Game has also stepped in to endorse the effort, which could help the initiative.  “Yo…. I want everyone to know I’m supporting Eazy’s daughter Ebie’s Kickstarter campaign to produce her documentary, “A Ruthless Scandal”.  It’s about her father Eazy-E’s death,” the Game offered on his Instagram.  “It’s a super important documentary to her and she’s also doing it for Eazy’s fans!  Y’all know I got love for Eazy so let’s get some pledges on her Kickstarter and raise this 100k.”

As of October 23rd, the re-started Kickstarter campaign has only raised $1,160, with 52 days to go.

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    • TP

      Why his girlfriend did not get it and his unborn child if he had it that long and ik plenty of femalefemale would have stepped and said something about it if he was hoeing around this is impossible his ex wife and child if living a HIV free life so I agree he was set up with the whole thing

      • Pohuy

        You do know children are not always born with the HIV virus despite the mom having it, but on that note, even you saying the mom did not have if, same goes for women, they do not always catch the virus even if they have unprotecteted sex with an infected man. But no one knows if she even HAS the virus at all…

      • C D T

        This is so true none of his kids or their mother had AIDS somebody gave Eazy-E AIDS while he was in the hospital it’s easy as bad and they should find out who did it and why

      • StFual

        I lack empathy. I love the truth.
        You get HIV from direct injection. Anal sex (tearing of penis and anus or semen into anus) , needle sharing, blood transfusion. You die quickly if you further weaken your immune system with a poor diet, drugs, alcohol. Some gene types statistically appear to have greater resistance to HIV. It may be those gene types are just statistically less adventurous. There is no conspiracy.


      you are so fucken dumb Eazy e can not give him self HIV do research you dumb fuck

    • Nay Compton

      Cant they check the body for any hidden needle Mark’s for a injections?

      • Compton HS 56’

        Oh my lord. It’s 2018. You really think he has any skin left?

      • Specious

        Say What Compton. I understand what everyone is saying. Because yes you can check for needle marks or any injection. My Question is why did his wife or someone step up and check into this when this took place. This is strange that no one came forward. If he had all these friends that so called care for him some one should of stepped up. Another Mystery unsolved

        • Anonymous

          Dre definitely had something to do with The death of Eazy e

  1. Anonymous

    He was killed by the fucced up amerikkkas government…just like they did with all other “fight 4 right” ppl like JFK, Malcom X, King…modern version of this are Eazy(creator of underground reporting/gangsta rap music), 2Pac and Biggie just to name a few….This ppl had one thing in common let everybody live in peace. Eazy and the others where telling the truth about a failing system with no rights etc..Of coz a government like dirty amerikkkas had to eliminate ppl like this

    • Unix102

      I see this view but can I say one thing and I came from straight ghettos of the border. McAllen Texas biggest cartel gang land anywhere. Why do people blame actions of government on people’s actions. It is noones faults someone is in the ghetto and that they continue to stay there generation after generation except their own fault. Blaming the world is going to get you nothing. My mom waited tables to pay for colleg while pregnant with me got a nursing degree and got the fix out.

  2. Sha

    All that unprotected sex he had, who knows how long he had it. He got aids because he slept around too much.

    • nun

      what if it was his wife. maybe she didnt have AIDS but what if eazy e never had aids in the first place and Tomica had paid the doctors to say he had aids to put him in the coma and give him the wrong treatment it sounds crazy but she did get eveyrthing he had in return.

    • Mercedes

      I agree. Eazy fathered a lot of kids by different womenand he admitted himself that he never used condoms on the howard stern show. I saw that episode myself. Like many people he had unprotected sex. Im sure some broad gave him aids and maybe she didnt know that she was infected. However he caught the illness. Magic had hiv and his wife didnt catch it or his baby so why did tomica have to catch the aids virus. Maybe at the time hiv was low in his body and then it exploded making him too sick. He may have had a low viralload of the illness. Rest in peace

  3. sad story

    Dr. Dre is a billionaire. He could donate 250k to launch the investigation. Easy E used to be his friend.

    • Anonymous

      Dre g unit if u catch my drift lol fuc a bitch nig like dat mane we Kno real GS

    • Lady

      I agree Cube and Dre should of investigated but They not going to investigate because they secretly murdered him themselves. Its just like a year after Eazy died Tupac and Biggie had beef and both ended up dead.

        • hatenonlibs

          So ur not a liberal einstein! WTF are you? Fucken hippie, Fucken Greenie, WTF u got against liberals or do you just make sweeping generalisations pointed to a whole demographic of people because you have an issue with (Lady)? You dumbass. suppose that when you think you hold a view that a lot of people hold, mostly in your litttle world, & someone disagrees you are the type of deluded dickhead that would say they are wrong because everyone knows. How about you just speak for yourself dipshit & careful making sweeping statements as you might offend more than just the person you are engaging. You obviously don’t identify as a liberal, no surprises there, but I would not say all non liberals are uneducated oxygen thieves BUT YOU ARE!!!

    • AZ

      Yeah, don’t that seem fishy tho? Why won’t Dre just humour Ebie due to the importance of her request? What is he afraid of? Just saying

    • Anonymous

      HIV is the virus that gives you AIDS.

      • Katie dad

        Yep, and when you’re under huge amounts of stress like he was it beats down your immune system. Normally people with the virus die from other illnesses because their T cell count is out of whack and they can’t fight iff pneumonia or whatever they ended up with.
        On the conspiracy end tho…fuck Suge was a crazy murdering piece of shit..and if no females or anyone never came forward..which it seems like some bitch would have a lawsuit…makes me go home. Did that bastard in red have some way to introduce the virus to Easy’s system ?? Seems far fetched, but stranger shit has happened

  4. Tbabies

    Well my take on it is it is what it is u know people is going to talk who knows the truth nobody but him and god knows so just let the man rest in peace ok thank u

    • AZ

      It’s not that simple. Imagine if that were your father….if you thought he was murdered….would you just let it go?

  5. Lisa

    people need to let eazy e rest in peace. He is not the first to die of Aids. I really believe that these people knew he was sick and just thought nothing about it. There are videos of eazy e looking extremely sick and his weight was diminishing rapidly. People are so quick to point the finger at dr. dre but why didn’t Jerry helller give eazy e children money.

    • Neenee

      I feel like this, at every party or event this man favorite words were “I’m bout to go fuck” even if he was fucking his manager I know damn sure he ain’t use no protection, they had in the movie a broad giving him head in the bathroom, NO CONDOM! HE was sick longer than you knew it just wasn’t showing! Everybody body is different! The doctor said he tested him 5 times, so it’s not a LIE! R.I.P

        • Calyxman

          Yeah they do. Why do you think they’ve got flavoured condoms. You melt

    • TP

      He wanted the money to him self but did his girl say anything or get mad about the fact her kids did not get a penny off of him

    • Anonymously 11877

      I watched the movie called Straight Outta Compton and he told E his Tcells were 14 and that he had HIV I never heard AIDS come out of his mouth so I suspect it was a conspiracy homicide! This is not my kind of music typically but I believe in Freedom of Speech and that all of us should be treated equally and with respect! His daughter deserves the truth no matter what the truth is! So no need to be rude and disrespectful with your comments because you don’t agree with the one you reply to! So just having HIV doesn’t kill someone as quick as E died especially shortly after being diagnosed! When the dr in the movie told him he had HIV he also told him it’s a matter of time but what sucks is he could of been given the meds to keep him as healthy as possible and prevent him from it becoming AIDS! There are many ways to get HIV and AIDS and the dr didn’t inform him of all the ways it’s contracted he just said you can get it from heterosexual intercourse! But you can get it via injectable drugs with non sterile needles as well as blood transfusions however since 1990 something they started testing donated blood for HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis! The dr did say he tested it 5 times with 5 diff samples so how do we know they were his samples? Someone could if contaminated it as he was loved but he was also hated by many and not a lot are into gangsta rap so they might of wanted to shut him up! Yes everyone’s body is diff and acts duff with various things! But someone that has HIV gets sick at some point and their body is weak making them have low energy to no energy and he was very active till he was taken to the hospital and dr told him about HIV! I feel he wouldn’t have been so active and wouldn’t feel fine had he have HIV! Even if he had HIV I really don’t believe it was his COD! R.I.P Eric “Eazy E” Wright and I pray your kids get the truth of your COD!

      • Anonymous

        It’s a movie, made by people who weren’t there when the Dr.’s spoke with him. When it was announced it wasn’t announced as HIV, but as aids. Knocc found him on the floor struggling to breath when he was initially taken to the hospital and that’s when it was released he had aids. Wright’s final statements didn’t mention HIV either, but aids.

        Aids doesn’t kill you directly. It wears down the immune system to the point you can’t fight off infections, bacteria, or other viruses. He ultimately passed from pneumonia which is the original reason he was taken to the hospital.

  6. Queen Frostine

    Tell me how injecting someone with HIV will kill them faster than contracting it sexually. I’ll wait.

    Maybe if they received a large blood transfusion/donation that would be the case, but not from an injection of HIV-tainted fluid. There’s no way to infect someone with a slow retrovirus like HIV in a way that will cause full-blown AIDS in a matter of weeks no matter what you do. Even transfusion patients who got bad blood before 1984 took a year on average to get sick after receiving the transfusion.

    It’s documented that Eazy lost 35 lbs. and was “very exhausted” prior to being diagnosed according to a blurb in The Source.* What caused those AIDS-like symptoms if not AIDS? You can sit there and say “something’s fishy” all you like, but you can’t come up with an alternative scenario that makes sense because there is none. Eazy died of AIDS that he acquired from unprotected sex during the height of the AIDS epidemic. The End.

    * Source:

    • Compton HS 56’

      Finally, an intelligent response, Thank you! ? The Queen has spoken.

    • Dwella

      YES! I was an HIV nurse for a few years and it fascinates me when people spout out crazy knowledge and statistics that just aren’t true.
      You, my friend, are spot on.
      How can people fathom that because he was diagnosed on a certain date that he died 2 weeks later? He ignored his symptoms that progressed into AIDS. One can HIV and never get an AIDS diagnosis, but everyone with an AIDS diagnosis had HIV first, whether diagnosed or not.
      We were watching the movie tonight and I had to look some facts about NWA and stumbled upon this site. Thank you for being a voice of reason among some cray shit!

    • Calyxman

      Still something odd about the way he was sequestered to an out of the way part of the hospital with practically no visitor access

  7. Ridla

    The author doesn’t understand the difference between HIV and AIDS

  8. Cys

    Sounds like he had HIV for years with no symptoms. It is interesting that none of his 9 children or their mothers had the disease, or maybe they did but they aren’t admitting to having the infection. Based on what I know about biology and disease, it looked like he had AIDS for a while and died from complications of the disease. And you cannot contract AIDS through acupuncture. It’s not scientifically possible.

  9. Tiffany

    You dont die from AiDS, you die from AIDS induced complication such as colds or any other illness because you have no immune system and natural antibiotics to fight such illnesses. However, he is the only celebrity who death was announced that ” he died of AIDS” unlike others celebrities announced as ” died from pneumonia complicated by AIDS”. Now that raises eyebrows.

    • Tashana

      Carrots potato emus groom’s pettles Martina and Eric fix married

  10. Baby Girl

    May Eazy continue to rest, he was definitely a pioneer of gangsta rap on my time that I had a pleasure of meeting in December 1994 in Los Angeles with his son Lil Eazy…..fond memories and to this day he was and is one of the greatest rappers of his generation( respect to all NWA) label mates…I pray for answers and peace of mind to Wright’s children and family.

  11. Pohuy

    This is par Is partially based on the fact that he died just thee weeks after beings diagnosed with AIDS?? Going on about how other dude announced that he had hiv and took him something like five years to die…yeah, HIV being the keyword. Doesn’t anyone know that HIV is not AIDS? AIDS comes from HIV, HIV being the virus that lowers the immune system and makes it unable to fight any illness to the point it lowers so much that you get AIDS, which isn’t even really one illness. You can die from multiBle thugs brought on by AIDS. It’s just whatever you come down with after your immune system is lowed and your cell count is at a certain point. With HIV, with no treatment, it averages on ten years until you come down with AIDS.. so he died after three weeks. So what? I keep hearing about that but it depends on when he got tested, he could have had it for very long time, and obv he did if he already had AIDS and who knows how long he had AIDS for? Like I said above, HIV averages on ten years until getting AIDS, so it’s not surprising that after other dude finding out about HIV he lived for five or so years. He had probably already had it for five or so years and had five years left until dying from AIDS whereas Eazy prolly found out way too late and already had been infected for a while, already having aids by the time he got tested….it’s no surprise. I don’t understand how people even go off that fact. I don’t understand how people STILL thing HIV and AIDS are the same damn thing…..

    • Anonymous

      So explain why his wife don’t have it explain that? It that a cover up too?

  12. Tashana

    Carrots potatoes mushroom Martina roneyand ericdix married1196 one child

  13. Patricia l

    I’m reading all the comments from the doctors, interns and biologist now you all make great points. My uncle and daughter’s father died from aids complications tyrone had a 14 t cell count and I watched him die in 2002. Eric had the same low count also they couldn’t clear the pneumonia. So I really believe EAZY contract hiv back in the 80s, but was unaware because he never was tested, now someone has it but do you really think they’re going to come forward to say i gave EAZY E hiv, I don’t think so. Let Eric rest in peace people. Damn the niggs was only0 5’3 and got much pussy go eazy.a

  14. Roger Bourne jnr.

    I think he contracted hiv and aids from having unprotected promiscuous sex. Its eazy done. Its a dirty little bitch of a disease.

  15. Notorious YOGT

    Suge was the reason 2pac and biggie died so im thinking 1st eazy e- 1995 2pac isnt dead but- 1996 then biggie 1997 why did they all die in the years that were right beside each because Suge had got a hit on them just think. im sorry its just hard to explain it but ummm lets just say Suge was involved because 3 notorious rappers should die year by year in just 3 years they died in those 3 years was weird is that biggie got inspired by 2pac 2pac got inspired by eazy e

  16. Dean Codeine

    The paper clipping is an original scan of mine.
    I still have the news paper clippings.

  17. Fact

    Magic Johnson never had AIDS he has HIV. You can survive from HIV with medication. Once u get AIDS its a done deal. You get HIV first until ya T-Cells get to a certain amount then you will have AIDS. What Magic is doing he is taking Meds and staying healthy to keep his T-Cells count up to prevent him from getting AIDS.

    • Q Santos

      All of the comments are great but i would like to clarify people can live with Aids the only key is to raise the T cell count back up but once it drops below 200 even once it raises back up with treatment you will always be classified as having Aids. I do see how his death was so sudden but I’m guessing he just had it for a long time without symptoms and I’m sure he began to have them but either didn’t know what they were and probably didn’t tell anyone that he felt ill probably thought it was a cold. Just saying who knows and it is sad for his family.

  18. Kween Frostine

    Why did Eazy die & Magic didn’t? Because the disease progresses at different rates in different people, and Eazy was likely infected first. Magic also started taking experimental meds as soon as he found out he was HIV+ whereas Eazy ignored symptoms like weight loss, fatigue & a nagging cough until it was far too late. (Eazy’s symptoms were documented in various written interviews). He only announced his diagnoses 3 weeks before dying because that’s when he found out himself. Nothing suspicious there–just more proof that Black people often neglect medical care.

    As for everything else that went on in his final days, you can chalk that up to the people around him. He was surrounded by vultures like many famous/wealthy folks are. They smelled blood & wanted to get what they could from him.

    Furthermore, we don’t know for a fact that Tomica & his other women don’t have HIV. They claim they don’t, but would YOU disclose that fact to the entire world? And since there are meds that allow HIV+ people to live to old age that came out in 1995, we’ll never know whether they were infected or not.

  19. Q Santos

    I completely agree who knows if his wife has it maybe she doesn’t think it’s everyone else’s business. It’s all very unfortunate but at the time the medications just were not present nor was the knowledge now if anyone wants to talk conspiracy I believe they have a cure but it’s better to keep people sick the profit margin. They have always said they couldn’t cure it because it’s a virus but all of a sudden they are curing hep c and that’s a virus. Just my thoughts

  20. Anonymous

    Look at all these aids experts in the comments. All y’all must have it???

    • ETolbert

      You dont have to have AIDS to be an expert or know a lot about it, you just have to be educated. If you are ignorant or uneducated about the disease, that’s on you. Smh

  21. Texas

    Its sad that he died but coming from that era i know a lot of my potnaz had aids still living. And this started in the early90s. They don’t have eazy money or the kind of money magic has….but how are they still living still in the hood. Still active in their40s and 50s. C’mon mann someone killed my mans. And one involved is already dead to

    • ETolbert

      What does your patna’s still living with AIDS and in the hood have to do with anything? Do you not know that AIDS has killed over 40 million people worldwide since it was discovered in 1981? Rich, Middle Class, and poor people have died from AIDS. People have been diagnosed in the 80’s with HIV and died from AIDS a year later, speaking of which your boy’s had to have had HIV since the 90’s, not AIDS. Once you get AIDS your life is on a countdown, you not living 20+ years with AIDS, not gonna happen, HIV yes, but not AIDS

    • ETolbert

      Them still living with the disease doesn’t mean somebody did something to Eazy. People die from it all the time.

  22. The origional_g

    This isn’t even close to be accurate


      What the fuck is with ignorant theories explaining what conspiracy must have transpired to kill Eazy?
      1) Even if he was given a huge injection or an entire blood transfusion of HIV+ blood, the incubation time would be the same as if contracted by sex or dirty needles. Its a virus that runs your immune system down to a measurement of Tcells and white blood cells relative to how progressed the HIV is at that point…Until it falls below a certain threshhold, where it is then classified as full blown AIDS. No medicine or treatment is effective at this point. It takes 7-10 years for the body to reflect these low levels of t cells. There is no injection in the world that can give someone AIDS. Or otherwise accelerate the normal course of action this ailment takes on most people. Someone HIV positive for 1 month, compared to someone with full blown AIDS and 1 week to live will sadly infect someone with the HIV virus just the same. AIDS is just the immuno deficiency syndrome resulting from HIV wearing down ones ability to fight off infection. Nobody dies of AIDS. They die mostly from pneumonia or another 5 opportunistic diseases that progress into usually a respiratory emergency in which they die from. Occums Razor states the most obvious or basic answer is usually the correct one. Lastly, someone being diagnosed with any ailment does not translate into the date of exposure to the ailment. If someone was hospitalized with COVID and dies the next day, COVID did not kill them overnight. They were likely suffering from other ailments whose symtoms mimicked COVID until a test was performed. Education Please!