Check Out This Wearable Metronome That Syncs With Your Smartphone

Will feeling your metronome make you a better musician?

Here’s something that’s sure to make sense for some people.  Somatic Labs is currently offering a wearable metronome. Known as Moment, this product allows you to improve your sense of direction, augment your time perception, and stay more productive.

Moment works like this: according to their Learn page, instead of having to view information in real-time through graphs, you’re actually able to feel this information.  Moment is a device that you’ll strap onto your wrist.  It works by drawing tactile illusions, or shapes, on your skin to help keep you on rhythm in whatever you’re doing, whether it’s dancing, playing the drums, and more.

Moment provides you with instant haptic (tactile) feedback that you can program right into the device.  It connects to your smartphone via a separate Android and iOS app.

Moment has different motors and actuators, each with different performance characteristics.  According to Somatic Labs, they’ve handpicked each component in Moment in order to make sure it delivers

“the best haptic feedback possible with a durable design and silent electronics.”

You can set specific vibrations for each of your smartphone’s contacts, or even use it while biking to keep you alert.   Somatic has prioritized the user interface, making it easy to program timers into the device.  According to the FAQ, this isn’t a smartwatch, but rather, “a device that improves your sense of direction, sense of time, and intuitive understanding of events.”

Their FAQ states that Moment is definitely not a smartwatch, but rather,

What’s the main problem with this app?  If what I’ve written above sounds completely vague, it’s because it’s very unclear how to truly utilize this device.  Or, even what it’s for.  The Features page does state how you could use Moment in theory.

The device doesn’t have a screen, meaning that you’ll have to learn how to use the smartphone apps.  Hopefully this ships with at least an in-app tutorial and a functional UI.  But what’s worse is its current asking price: $139.  Android and iOS smartwatches can be found within that price range, with one key difference: they do actually have a screen.

Currently, Moment is available to pre-order at $139.  The metronome is currently being crowdfunded, but the concept is $76,400 short (on a $100,000 goal).  Moment won’t start shipping until March 2017.

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