Is Kim Kardashian Lying About Getting Robbed at Gunpoint?

Kim Kardashian: Has She Hoaxed Us?
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Was Kim Kardashian really robbed at gunpoint in Paris?  Here’s why the story isn’t stacking up.

It just doesn’t make sense.  There are too many details missing, conflicting, or seemingly fabricated. And now, people are starting to call bullshit on news that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint this weekend in Paris.

Updated: this post first appeared early Monday morning (US time).  Since that point, even more contradictory details have come to light, so we’ve added four more obvious red flags.  Thanks everyone for contributing your information to this article!

For those just tuning in, Kim Kardashian’s spokespeople have reported that Kardashian was robbed by multiple gunmen posing as Paris police officers.  The ‘officers’ invaded her hotel room, tied her up, locked her in the bathroom, and made away with millions in jewelry (including a marriage ring).

Here’s why this looks like serious BS:

Bullshit Flag #1: Would Kim Kardashian really be totally alone?

Just a few days ago, ‘celebrity prankster’ Vitalii Sediuk rushed Kardashian and tried to kiss her rear end.  Despite Sediuk quickly appearing seemingly out of nowhere, Kim Kardashian’s personal bodyguard immediately leapt into action and intercepted the attempt.  It took a millisecond for guard to respond.

Kardashian is often flanked by lots of different people.  Someone is constantly around, ready to deal with any issue, just like the Secret Service.  In fact, moments later, Kardashian bragged that her bodyguard was ‘always in my shot,’ i.e., closely shadowing her wherever she goes.

Here, take a look for yourself.

This guy is always in my shot!

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

A report by Paris-based BFM-TV said there was only one watchman in the entire hotel.     But why would Kardashian’s room be completely unprotected and unattended?

Bullshit Flag #2: Paris police have declined to comment on the incident.

But, why would the Paris police department initially refrain from commenting on such a serious robbery?  That would probably require some outstanding issue, for example, the investigation of a possible hoax or fabrication?

Instead, the French Interior Ministry issued an initial statement parroting the details of a Kardashian representative.

Bullshit Flag #3: One Kardashian spokesperson said there were two gunmen.  Another said there were five.

So which is it?  If it was five, were there really five guys dressed up like Paris cops?  That would draw a serious scene, and witness reports.

But we haven’t heard any witness reports.  Actually, there was one: the watchman, who was supposedly tied up himself, yet somehow noted that two men left on bicycles while three others left on foot.  Huh?

Bullshit Flag #4: It happened right in the middle of a Kanye West concert.

Perfect timing.

Things happen when things happen, but, right in the middle of a Kanye performance?  That sounds suspiciously like an attempt to maximize publicity, with Kanye dramatically rushing off the stage to handle a ‘family emergency’.

Bullshit Flag #5: It happened several songs into the Kanye West concert, so no refunds would be needed.

“We appreciate the great show he put on for fans to close out the inaugural Meadows Festival. Our thoughts are with West and his family,” the festival offered in a statement.

Notice that the Meadows Festival told fans that the show was merely ending early after a ‘great show,’ and would not be refunded.  That critical difference means millions of dollars, and no ‘make up’ show.

Bullshit Flag #6: Both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really need the publicity right now.  You really think this isn’t beneath them?

It’s been non-stop Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, not to mention Trump vs. Clinton.  There are even rumors that ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ is getting canceled.

They need the publicity, badly.  You probably didn’t even know Kardashian was in Paris.  Or even that Kanye West was still touring.

Until now.

Bullshit Flag #7: The ‘No Address Hotel’ is located in a high-end area of Paris with lots of police presence.

Paris is a city on high-alert, with serious terrorist threats.  Terrorists like to attack nice neighborhoods and locations, so there are police everywhere.

Early Monday morning, we’ve learned that Kardashian was staying at the penthouse suite of the posh, ‘No Address Hotel’.  It’s actually called the Hotel de Pourtales, on the Rue Tronchet located in District 8.  And it costs a ton of money to stay there.  This hotel is also used by other high-profile celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio.

So, if this luxury hotel is located in the high-end area of Paris, a city under attack by terrorists with lots of cops everywhere, how is it possible that not ONE distress call made it to the outside?  That cops didn’t even respond in time to a full-blown jewelry heist that involved tying up Kim Kardashian with packing tape?

Bullshit Flag #8: Kim Kardashian would have sent some communication to the outside world.

She’s constantly sending snaps, pictures, updates, and posts.  Non-stop.  Her phone is probably right by her bedside when she goes to sleep.  In fact, she supposedly sent her last Snap right before the robbers entered.   Kardashian probably also has more than one phone, not to mention tablets and computers laying around, even in the bathroom (which is probably really large).

You think she wouldn’t send out one distress message to her fans?

Later on, we found out that someone else was downstairs in the multi-level residence.  That person didn’t send any distress calls?

But even more unbelievably, no one in the entire hotel sent one message to the outside world?  There were also apparently several employees, according to a few reports now surfacing.

Bullshit Flag #9: These guys haven’t been caught, or even identified?

Bullshit!  You impersonate cops, infiltrate a high-end luxury residence, and just slip away in the middle of the night on bikes?  No way: five guys dressed like fake cops would probably be either busted, or at least identified by camera shots.  Remember, in major metropolitan cities like Paris, cameras are everywhere.  And after a spate of terrorist attacks, the entire city is being completely monitored.

Yet we have no footage?

Bullshit Flag #10: Where were Kim’s kids?

Kim Kardashian has two kids who were in Paris.  Yet somehow, they weren’t in the massive, multi-room sprawling suite at the time of the heist?  Why not?

Reports suggest that Kardashian’s two kids were staying at a separate hotel.  Huh?

Bullshit Flag #11: You can’t lock a bathroom from the outside.

Later, Kim Kardashian’s spokesperson said that the robbers tied Kardashian up, and locked her in the bathroom.  But there’s no way to lock someone inside a bathroom from the outside.  You’re only locking yourself out; it makes no sense.

Bullshit Flag #12: The ‘night watchman’ had a ‘set of keys’

What is this, 1990?  A lone guy with a giant keyring, one of which opens a $15,000 penthouse suite?  No electronic entrance card, keypad, or any alert system for guests?  Now that’s old school luxury.

Bullshit Flag #13: Why does this sound exactly like an episode of Scooby Doo?

Five guys dressed up like cops stealing millions in jewelry in the middle of the night?  Escaping in the middle of the night without a trace?

More details as we learn them.  And for lots more bullshit flags, just read the comments.


Image by [S]HADOW, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).



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  1. Beavis&Butthead International

    “But, why would the Paris police department refrain from commenting on such a serious robbery? That would probably require some outstanding issue, for example, that they’re investigating a possible hoax or fabrication?
    Instead, the French Interior Ministry has issued a statement parroting the details of a Kardashian representative.”

    LOL. She wasn’t attacked in a hotel, but in a private luxury residence ( it’s called “hotel particulier” in French , but the words are misleading, it’s not a hotel). The police did say there were investigating a robbery.
    They weren’t “refraining”, it’s just that here in Europe and especially in France , the police isn’t going to do a huge press conference about it like in the US , because THEY DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THE KARDASHIANS .
    Hard to believe maybe overseas , but people ( and the police) have better fish to fry right now here in France ( like serious economic and social issues,etc.. )

    • Beavis&Butthead Empire

      “A report by Paris-based BFM-TV said there was only one watchman in the entire hotel. ”
      Nope. As i said, et ce que dit BFMtv, elle a été attaquée dans son hotel particulier , et non pas dans un “hotel” dans le sens anglosaxon. Un hotel particulier est un terme ancien qui désigne une residence de luxe assez cossue, et il y en a un sacré paquet dans le 8ème. But feel free to believe a bad Google translation …

    • Dee

      Definitely a hoax. She hasn’t been in the spotlight. I knew they would pull something to bring the attention back to her and her family.

      • Leon

        When you are a ho with no talent, you have to do things like this to keep the media frenzied.

    • Chloe7

      Well, it is a bit strange. The Jolie-Pitts suddenly took centre stage then there’s the TRUMP phenomenon which has made all speech givers in the world look like old frumps. There was the Royal family in Canada (why I do not get). And Trump really draws the crowds and the poor Kardashians have been left out to dry. And WHOOPS they’re in the news.

      • kdart

        hahahaha uhhhhh, the royal family was in Canada maybe because canada used to be a colony of the united kingdom? geez you yanks are not the brightest bunch

        • Heather

          That “Yank” did not imply she did not know Canada is a former Colony of the UK, simply that there seemed to be no purpose to all the publicity shown to the Royal couple on a sightseeing tour….meaning we don’t really give a rats ass about the “Royal” family.
          Calling us Yanks isn’t too bright either….being an American does not make a person a Yankee….a Yankee is from the North Eastern part of the Country.The term is outdated by a century (at least) and only ignorant foreigners use it when speaking about Americans….you won’t find any one of us using the term…idiot.

          • Anonymous

            Literally every other country on Earth refers to Americans as Yanks. Typical yank, knows nothing about the world outside the US.

          • Angela

            Yep. I’m from the Pacific Northwest; I’ve never even BEEN to the East Coast. How could I possibly be a “Yank”??

          • Skylar

            The only ones who use the term Yankee in the USA are the southerners. Your are correct that term is very outdated and we all know the South still thinks they won. LOL On the article I honestly cannot believe that someone would make up being robbed at gunpoint. Call me naive but I have faith in humanity. Rich or Poor, Black, White, Purple or Green.

          • J Tucker

            Perhaps if you didn’t want called a ‘Yank’, you should build a time machine and stop all our grandfathers from introducing themselves into World War I(or the Great War, as they knew it) through marching to and singing to George M. Cohan’s famously patriotic song “Over There”. In it, we specifically tell all the world that we are Yanks, and we are coming to f*** you up.

            He was presented the Congressional Gold Medal for this song, among others.

            So, our grandfathers and our government are the reason the rest of the world calls us Yanks. It has nothing to do with north or south, black or white, east or west. For an American to be insulted by a name that we, Americans spread, is quite ignorant.

          • US of A citizen

            The rest of the world does not care about why a small portion of the USa calls another part yankees as they STARTED the name calling long before the Civil war..

            Even before the American Revolutionary War, the term Yankee was used by the British to refer, derisively, to the American colonists.
            Only since the Civil War, American southerners have called all northerners Yankees.

        • Laurie

          Gross generalization, don’t you think? Are all Canadians prone to this? I doubt it.

        • Andrew

          Love it. HAHA. Just another idiot from Trumpganistan. Don’t know and don’t care about anything that happens outside of their backyard.

      • Charles

        Uh, Trump has in no way made other speech givers in the world look like old frumps. It has highlighted how going full retard is never a good thing in an election though.

      • Eden_NZ

        The Royal family were there because the Queen is still head of State for Canada

    • Tolythca

      So Simone ran and hid in a downstairs bathroom. And yet kim managed to break free break of handcuffs to rescue Simone. Stan Lee should interview her for a new super hero franchise.

    • JustAnotherRealAmerican

      Speaking of economical issues…didnt I read that Kanye is $10 million plus in the hole?

    • Maddie

      It seems really fake! first they have money problems and that their show is getting axed now this? Kim

      Kardashian Fake Robbery in Paris?

    • Deserved, karma, or simply forceful charity?

      hahahahahahahaha- I love that they made this story even better by having someone who calls themselves beavisandbutthead say some bullshit. We all now think that even people who think this incredibly ridiculous story is true don’t have a single retort to the story. Yes it’s probably true that no one cares enough in France, I don’t blame them, but this is definitely a hoax. Only American reality stars wold have the gall to make a false report to police in another country and expect no consequences. For the sake of millions of people who could provide a better life for themselves and their entire family with an eighth or less of the worth of one piece of jewelry this woman owns, please do pursue the allegations of a false report French police! Its seriously tragic that an impoverished single mother cant steal diapers in the US without being made out to be a career criminal, yet this entire family takes money for nothing and feels no need to contribute to charitable causes in any meaningful way, yet law enforcement won’t at least attempt to see this disgusting display of narcissism for what it really is. Good riddance to all of the kardashians and the horrible society that allowed them to reap the benefits of their narcissism.

    • Anonymous

      Of course they made it up! Just like Kim and Taylor making peace so they could team up on me since they both ripped me off for over $1,000,000,000

  2. Cynical

    Of course it’s a hoax. These people are desperate to prolong their time in the spotlight.

  3. Toston

    Before I read this column I had my doubts that the story was real. It just doesn’t add up. Where was her mother, sisters, children, and assistant? It states that it was just her and her bodyguard. If she was attacked in Paris not long ago and she’s carrying millions of dollars worth of jewelry why would she only have one bodyguard? Why didn’t she place her jewelry in a bank? When I travel I place my documents , money and jewelry at the hotel security, and that’s peanuts . But if it’s something over millions of dollars that belongs in a bank.

    • Ooka

      Agreed. She didn’t put them in a safe? No bodyguards watching her room? No family with her? Yes a hoax!!!

  4. Dr_Castle

    My first thought was “hoax?” Maybe I’m just way too cynical about these people, but virtually everything else about them is fake and fabricated. If so, I think ‘digitalmusicnews’ might have been the first with the suspicion.

    • celia

      Kanye is behind this if its for real he said he needs millions of dollars he pro had it done ins will pay kim and the jewrey will be sold on black market
      an Kanye will get a big cut of it

      • Beth

        I have a friend in the Islands who said the same thing. She said rich whites do it all the time in her country.

      • Doodles

        Complete hoax 5 men and not one stripped her clothes off or tried a pass — bullshit

        • Doodles

          don’t worry chief inspector Jacques Clouseau will have the case Esolved

  5. AntiFamousforbeingFamous

    If this did happen which I too have my doubts over I seriously don’t give a crap and she wasn’t hurt and she’ll get a nice big insurance pay out. Couldn’t have happened to a nic…. lol I couldn’t even finish writing that. I just wish this family would disappear already.

    • Jovan

      If she’s lying to get money from an insurance scam she could wind up in prison!

      • George

        If she’s lying just make a headline she should do a bit of jail time.

        If this is a hoax you gotta believe the Paris police will sort it out–with all the real world trouble they have to deal with they won’t tolerate being made to look stupid.

      • RedWhite&True

        Unfortunately, people like her get sympathy, support..not sentences. How convenient, the insurance pay out should wipe out Kanyes debt… and she doesn’t have to touch her own fortune…the timing is impeccable…well done KK, well done!

  6. Peewee

    I am praying that Kim is able to get through this horrible incident. I invite all DMN readers to join me in dedicating your life to the legendary and brilliant Kim (Mother Theresa) Kardashian.

    • Robert

      You are right! I hold my head in shame for ever having doubted the authenticity of this unerving tragedy. I am a sinner after all, you know. How could I think I woukdn’t give a rats ass? I need help!

      • Peewee

        I see you get it. You are now an honorary member of the Kardashian army. Hehehehehe—I said “member.”

      • Layne

        Remove the extra comma after the first zero and it works. Unfortunately, it links us to the current People website – not 2007.

  7. me

    If it is found out to be a hoax, like anyone else who isn’t of the super rich and infamous, this media starved porn whore needs to be charged with public mischief.

      • Cheryl

        The insurance company and French police are probably paid off and in on the scam. Usually, when attending public events, the jewelry they wear is fake and the real stuff is kept in a bank vault. This story is such bullshit.

        • Dr Donut

          “The insurance company and French police are probably paid off and in on the scam.”

          Hi ! I’m the curator for the “American Museum of Idiocy” , and we would like you to join our travelling exhibition around the world. We’ve been working hard to present the rest of the world with the finest specimens of American Idiots © ,which the whole world envy us. Often imitated, never bettered.
          Our first show will be in Paris by the way. Tickets are already sold-out over there.
          Free donuts will be provided for you every hour during the whole duration of the exhibition.

  8. Tris

    How did she break out of handcuffs, as reported? Who told TMZ that she told the robbers she was a mother of children? How did this get to the media, anyway? Who gives a statement after being violently traumatized? And who on earth delivers a message to a performer on-stage, mid-song, about something that happened (and is over, and wife is fine) 6,000 miles away?

    • Cheryl

      It was tape, not handcuffs, but yeah. We are to believe that these people who could evade cameras, security, concierge, whatever were then so incompetent that they could not bind a person properly and she could break free almost immediately AND both she and the concierge could then see them getting away…on bicycles.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        That’s one of the best flags yet, I wish I’d thought of it. How did they get out of the restraints?

        In the movies, you get out in 5 minutes. In real life, you have to wait until the cops arrive. IF they know what happened.

    • Josh

      > Who gives a statement after being violently traumatized?

      Um, lots of people.

  9. Damian

    “Bullshit Flag #2: Paris police have declined to comment on the incident.
    But, why would the Paris police department refrain from commenting on such a serious robbery? That would probably require some outstanding issue, for example, that they’re investigating a possible hoax or fabrication?
    Instead, the French Interior Ministry has issued a statement parroting the details of a Kardashian representative.”
    In France, our autorities aren’t a big fan of hot reactions. There’s a huge culture of confidentiality of investigations. The Paris Police Prefecture only announced that they conducted the anti-organized crime squad… So it seems pretty serious.
    “Bullshit Flag #3: One Kardashian spokesperson said there were two gunmen. Another said there were five.
    But we haven’t heard any witness reports.”
    Only one man had a gun, the guy who threatened Kim and took her to the bathroom. The janitor saw the 5 guys.
    Filing a false police report in France = up to 5 years of prison, and we are in state of emergency… She left France, but if she fled the french justice, she couldn’t make a step in the whole Europe… Not really credible
    “So which is it? If it was five, were there really five guys dressed up like Paris cops?”
    This is Paris, there’s cops everywhere all the time.
    “That would draw a serious scene, and lots of witness reports.”
    It was 3am. Indoor…

  10. Reality

    Did everyone miss the fact that there was staff involved in this? Security was threatened and tied too, so obviously this isn’t a hoax. DMN spreads so much ignorance its painful to see how gullible we are in the US. Also “police sources told the Associated Press news agency that they were seeking five assailants, two of whom had forced their way into the house. Meaning yes, she was robbed by 2, 3 probably never went inside her room. And everyone who owns jewelry knows if its insurance value is 6m she probably paid around 3m for all of it. And she can earn that in a few months so not really a big deal. And while inside a super exclusive expensive residence, of course you don’t have security follow you around your room, what a stupid thing to suggest.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Wow! The deeper I dig into this, the more this looks like a total scam. So, why would anyone leave millions of dollars of jewelry just strewn around a place? I mean, throw that in the safe for the night, right?

      • Anonymous

        Someday you will get dat Drudge link, Paul. Keep shooting for the stars.

      • Inspector Clouzot

        Wow ! Amazing find ! You should definitely leave whatever is left of “Digital Music News” and become a private detective, you seem very talented at this !

      • Yourealldumb

        It probably was in the safe. When you are begging for your life you will open a safe and let them take what they want. Didn’t know you had the full police report to know this didn’t happen.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Makes even *less* sense. So, you mean to tell me the entire staff was corralled by these Scooby Doo robbers, and not one of them took a pic, sent a text message or tweet or Facebook post or… anything?

      No security? Seriously? I can’t believe not one guy was posted up, outside the door, in the hallway, something. People are constantly bum-rushing Kardashian, there are crazy lunatic fans everywhere.

      • Wondering

        So, if she didn’t mind about the jewelry because she can make that amount in a few months, what about her life? Being her most priced posession, it should’ve been carefully guarded, specially if she was alone in her apartment and away from home.

      • Jeff

        Another fact you missed is that much of the jewelry was on-loan rather than owned. It’s Kardashian’s now.

    • Cheryl

      No, the report was there was no security. Her security man was with her sisters, which makes this even more hilarious. It was supposedly the house security (one person over the entire place) or concierge who was tied up. If you know anything about Kanye and his obsession with security, you would know how bullshit this is. Google it.

    • NotConned

      To, Non- realist/AKA Kim/K/K/K/K…?? ? Your excuse is as lame as the publicity stunt “story.” ?
      You’re stupid to claim that >> “while inside a super exclusive expensive residence, of course you don’t have security follow you around your room, what a stupid thing to suggest.”<<>”a super exclusive expensive residence”<<, one damn sure wouldn't be left unguarded!! One would be too easy of a target for not only robbery, but can we say KIDNAPPED as well!
      You're the one bragging about how "everyone who owns jewelry knows if its insurance value is 6m she probably paid around 3m for all of it. And she can earn that in a few months so not really a big deal." ? ? ? ?? ? ?
      So, if it's no big deal and these KKKKK's can make millions in a few weeks time, then kidnapping would be the way to go. ?? ? ? Then they wouldn't have to pull robberies anymore and use bikes for transpo. ? ? ?
      Now they can ? ? ?? flee in style. Bahahaha


  11. christine

    Why wasn’t at least most of that much jewelry not locked in a safe? I also want to know where all the security and entourage was.

  12. Freddie Babe

    This is a hoax, I have a 6th sense about liars! Kim and Kanye are liars!

  13. DavidB

    I didn’t even know about this incident until I checked out DMN today.

    There are some reasonable grounds for suspicion, but on balance I think it is unlikely that this is a hoax. My main reason for that conclusion is that a hoax would be so mind-bogglingly, eye-wateringly, scrotum-tighteningly STUPID. A hoax of this very public kind would almost inevitably be exposed, resulting in public humiliation and probably criminal charges against Kim Kardashian and anyone else involved in the hoax. For example, if jewellery has been stolen, either she makes a claim on her insurance or she doesn’t. If she does, she stands to be prosecuted for insurance fraud. If she doesn’t, why not??? Now I don’t know exactly how stupid Kim is, but even if she personally is stupid enough for this, she has a team of PR flacks, managers, and lawyers who would warn her not to do anything like this.

    • Coco Chanel

      Like that would stop her.
      How could they interview her that quickly? Why didn’t they take her to the hospital? Take some kind of sample from the tape residue (though it obviously wasn’t very good tape!) Why would they let her even leave the country? Does Kanye keep a cell phone in his pocket on stage? How could she call if her phones were stolen anyway? Does she know how to dial a phone (like a landline)? Where were her kids? Where. Were. Her. KIDS?
      This is ridiculous. But then that whole sleazy clan is.

      • Josh

        1) They did take her to the hospital.

        2) They let her leave the country because after she gave her statement and was examined there was no legal reason they could keep her there. She is not a criminal and is free to leave.

        3) Kanye didn’t “answer the phone.” He was told by someone off stage who does have a phone on his or her person. What’s odd about that?

        4) She didn’t call from her phones. You think no one else in the world has a phone but KK?

        5) Why wouldn’t she know how to dial a phone in Paris? You think it’s the first time she was ever there?

        6) Ever hear of nannies?

        • Coco Chanel

          What a woman! She managed to talk to police, be examined by medical persons and make it out of the country in three hours! Why, rest of us would still be sitting on a bench with a nasty cup of cold, shitty coffee! AND she managed to dial a phone!
          I have far more respect for the whore now. My bad.

          • Aubry

            …not to mention, perfectly coiffed, smiling and at ease talking to the cameras in that 5 year old tone of voice after having been bound naked and “thrown” in the tub, fearing sexual assault and robbed… what a farce!…any woman; anybody would be beside themselves!!

        • Shakingmyhead

          You must be Kim’s”best” friend Johnathan, ya know the one that got famous by hanging onto Kim’s coattails??

    • Dee

      This isn’t the first time she’s been robbed. In fact Kris was supposedly robbed. Khloé and I Kourtney twice. This is Kim’s second time, first was 2007. I’m guessing they’re not afraid of prosecution.

    • The Website Formerly Known as DMN

      “Why is there a story about Kim Kardashian on DMN?”

      because the real hoax here is the name of this website : “Digital Music News”.

  14. Alex

    I’m no way a fan of Kim K, and I can understand how idiots commenters could think this is a hoax, but a blog that I USED to respect to take the time to put out a full article about this is kind of disgraceful.

    Thanks for the memories, I’m no longer reading Digital Music News.

  15. Inspector Clouzot

    “So, if this luxury hotel is located in the high-end area of Paris, a city under attack by terrorists with lots of cops everywhere, how is it possible that not ONE distress call made it to the outside? That cops didn’t even respond in time to a full-blown jewelry heist that involves tying up Kim Kardashian?”

    Dude , this Paris, not L.A or NY. Despite the terrorist attacks, there isn’t much happening here in terms of crimes and robberies. Most luxury hotels, residencies and stores don’t have much in terms of surveillance and protection, wich is why spectacular robberies can happen in broad daylight. Heck , one of the biggest jewelry stores in all of France was robbed in broad daylight in the middle of place Vendome, wich is THE most expensive place in France , where the Ritz Carlton is , where all the biggest jewlry stores are located, where the freakin Sultan of Brunei, the richest man in the world, has an appartment ( he is the only person in the world who can afford to live there ). And the the thieves were never caught.
    Most of the police isn’t around rich neighborhoods, those are not the places targeted by terrorists. All the army & police is now around populated places, touristic areas, or religious buildings ( churches, mosques, synaguogues). Those are the ones under heavy surveillance. Unlike the US , the rich neighborhoods don’t benefit from more police presence than the less rich ones.

    • Josh

      Most ignorant asshat Americans think that everywhere is just like the USA. And most of them have never been out of the USA so they have no idea what the rest of the world is like and say that everything they’ve never heard of before is “total BS.”

      • Shakingmyhead

        Josh You must be Kim’s”best” friend Johnathan, ya know the one that got famous by hanging onto Kim’s coattails??

    • Wondering

      OK, but even I check on how safe is the place where I’ll be staying even if it’s just for one night… if that is an oh so exclusive and expensive luxurious apartment wouldn’t she or her staff (manager/mom) would check about security? Or do they only check if it’s filled with designer furniture and fine art? Can’t believe they would pay so much without demanding the whole package.

  16. Wet Willie

    It sounded like utter BS the moment I read about it. I’m sorry, but the story is too fantastical for me. No one else saw these guys but the hotel concierge, and where is his statement? How was he able to break free from being tied up? & if the janitor saw like someone claimed, he did nothing? He didn’t inquire about it, call for help…didn’t see that the concierge person was missing/tied up? There no other hotel staff?! Chefs, maids, nothing?? No hotel security? It’s not gated off? Seems to easy.

    • Cc

      Because it’s not a hotel, it’s a private luxury residence she was renting. The constant confusion comes from the french term “hotel particulier” wich anglophone media keep confusing for a hotel in the traditional sense. The term “hotel particulier” refers in french to a vey ancient type of luxury houses, that existed before “hotels” even existed ( those were called “auberge” in french at the time).

  17. Jalyn

    In other reports, it said her purse, cell phones, cash, etc, were taken. Assuming she kept her personal belongings in her purse, how was she able to immediately fly back to the U.S. without a passport or ID?

    • Mahi-Mahi

      You just need to contact you embassy and report roberry, and you’ll get your
      emergency travel document or replacment passport in few hours or next day.

    • Ella

      You call your embassy, dummy. It happened to me, and I’m not even anyone famous.

  18. Cheryl

    I heard about this story from a friend’s Facebook page and immediately called “bullshit” and then Googled to see if anyone else thought this was a hoax and found this site. My first thoughts were these: First of all, a high profile US person would never be without private security detail. Not in public. Not even at home. I have known high profile people and know what tactics they are trained to look out for, and people posing as staff, security, or police officers is one tactic they are trained on. Kim and Kanye are much higher profile than the people I know, so no way would they leave Kim unattended and no way would fake officers be allowed to get that far without being cleared. Kanye is a stickler for security and fires them for much less. So, where was her security detail? Also, why would she not have her jewels locked up in a safe? If this is a high end hotel, the safe wouldn’t be in the room…it would be in a private type vault up front. How were two (some report 5) masked men dressed in police uniforms allowed to get that far? Where was HOTEL security? This is about the most ridiculous story I have read yet. Thanks for all the comments and others pointing out things I didn’t even think of. If Kim and Kanye are insisting this is real, then I suggest they hire all new security staff, train them on effective protection, and never leave Kim unattended again because a middle school student is more apt to understand that you don’t leave your detail and the body unguarded.

      • Rachel

        I agree. I called bullshit the second I heard it. Kanye was broke and asking for money not all that long ago, 10 million payout for probably a 500k set up is a pretty sweet deal. Too many convenient facts; her completely alone with no guard and no kids or family or entourage..? In what parallel universe does THAT occur..? No discarded police uniforms? No suspects? They didn’t rape or kidnap her, which would’ve been an exponentially more lucrative heist, if someone’s risking prison..? Kim K “managed to get her hands loose to call for help?” This is just silly.

    • Beavis&Butthead goes to France

      You obviously never set foot outside of the US, and can’t read. It’s been repeated a hundred times this wasn’t a hotel, but a private flat she was renting in a private residency. Probably precisely because it would be discreet unlike a posh hotel.

      “”and no way would fake officers be allowed to get that far without being cleared”””
      Lol, are you for real ? You want her bodyguard to clear the fuckin’ FRENCH POLICE ? France isn’t a street in Hollywood. The police doesn’t work for rich people here, they work for everybody, they’re paid by the government and by public taxes, not by corporations or rich rock stars.

      • Mr. Anderson

        FIRE! You’re never gonna score. Now you zip your fly and get the heck out of my shed.

      • Wondering

        So she willingly exposed herself by renting a super expensive luxurious place with just a minor flaw: not enough security at nights… Supposedly it was not the only occupied apartment and many famous people had stayed there before, and what about the other guests (wealthy enough to pay for it), were they also that careless and forgot to check on that expendable detail of proper security?

      • Heyhoneyitsme

        Why don’t you fuckin relax Kente, oops, I mean because and butthead??

    • Ella

      > If this is a high end hotel

      Alas, it wasn’t, as literally every report on this I’ve read has stated. Repeatedly. You have seriously reading comprehension issues, hon.

    • Elle

      Can’t understand why there was not ONE bodyguard on-site. Just last week, KK seemed devasted and wanted to press charges against Vitalii Sediuk for bum-rushing her, so why not beef up security….especially while you’re alone during that ‘SCARY’ encounter? Wasn’t that prank done in Paris? Apparently a former bodyguard reported that they only have one bodyguard, but the one person who was supposed to protect her was off guarding her sisters while the robbery was in motion.??? So yeah…you go there with millions of dollars in jewelry and think you are untouchable after posting that big ass ring on the Internet. There are plenty of professional robbers who prey on people like her. Now I’m not saying what Vitalii was right, but what he DID do (so many times before) is show how weak these celebrities’ security teams are. Ok…her bodyguard wrestled him to the ground, but he should NOT have been able to even touch her, just like so many others he ran up on. Let’s remember how KK posted a pic of her stating that this bodyguard is always in her shots…but where was he and when and where does he sleep? They had been up ALL day, and she had a late night dinner with friends to be robbed at gunpoint @2-3 am. Now…back to the robbery. Prior to leaving for dinner, KK posted a pic of herself in the bathroom of her private residence. She went to dinner then what?… Allegedly KK was handcuffed with zip ties and legs duct taped (as well as her mouth). How the hell did she get loose, especially w/o bruising herself? Her wrists should have been marked, especially if they used zip ties. The concierge was reportedly the one who was accosted and led the robbers to her apartment. Really?!!! This person had no panic button, no security, nothing in this extravagant living quarters? Bullshit! This was an inside job, and I would look at all of her security to find the snitch. Maybe she isn’t paying them enough. But….note to the robbers…how the hell are you guys going to get good money for jewelry that is most definitely insured? Must be a hell of an underground for them to pull this off w/o any witnesses, bruising, or even a hint of an armed robbery. Go on rich bitch…go donate some of your riches to the country you so proudly boast your riches to. Maybe her jewelry will turn up as the reason some of our country’s debt is paid….cause we sure aren’t. Find a hobby outside of snapchat, Instagram, and educate yourself on where we are as a country. If we go to war, I damn sure won’t depend on a Kardashian to help out financially…..hell, they’ll run to Armenia for cover! F*** them.

  19. Anonymous

    So if/when it turns out this really did happen will Paul:

    A) Write a lengthy apology piece
    B) Delete this post
    C) Not say anything and pretend this didn’t happen

  20. jj

    Ya, as well when did she found time to blow-dry and do hair between those horrible robberies and struggles exactly to look good on ’emotional kanye reunion’ set? I hope the french security will expose this sham. Please keep asking french security for details.

    • Anonymous

      You realize France to NYC isn’t exactly a 20 minute flight….right?

  21. Skeptical, as always

    The French police won’t look the other way. I also think something is very fishy. Oh, sorry. I said fishy.

  22. Marisa

    Also add on the fact that she was unharmed from all of this – no bruises or sign of a struggle? Nothing? No physical damage from trying to fight back or help herself when being tied up. She wasn’t roughed around at all when being forced into the bathroom? Nope, nothing.

    • NotConned

      Exactly. Every “version” of the story changes too. Plus, where the hell were her 2 kids seeings how the media seeker wasn’t out with her sisters or posse.
      Not buying the lack of security either- at what’s supposed to be such an exclusive rental/residence that caters to the so called “ultra rich…”

  23. Chris

    Not to mention she hightailed it back to the states within hours of the incident. No time to stick around and assist police with the investigation? Not if there’s a chance they might figure out it was a bogus incident. She’d have a lot to answer for if she were still in Paris.

  24. ENORMOUSButt

    Yes, complete bullshit. She and her no talent husband with no visible means of support… I’m not sure it takes a team of masterminds to outwit those nitwits. Certainly when she has just lost $10M she rushes out of the country. I hope to see her big butt in handcuffs.

  25. ye wot?

    Obviously this could and may possibly be a load of bollocks and all lies. I’m not saying it isn’t but this article is just clutching at straws.

    #1 are they really with her when she’s taking a shite?

    #2 obviously they’re not going to comment on anything
    they can’t corroborate. it doesn’t mean they won’t

    #3 they are spokespeople. unlike the police they just say stuff.
    i doubt anything they ever say is true, it’s certainly not fact-checked

    #4 well if you’re going to rob a woman a good time would be when
    you know her husband is DEFINTELY out of the house

    #5 see last comment, “several songs in” is irrelevant

    #6 when are these 2 not looking for publicity?

    #7 erm, they were supposedly dressed as police?

    #8 says who “hey instagram, ive just been robbed check my arse”

    #9 why would they have been? there’s thousands of criminals
    who haven’t been caught in the world
    the supposed perpetrators are clearly not amateurs.
    where the fuck is lord lucan?

    #10 with their nanny like all posh kids are

    #11 you also can’t open a door if you’re tied up

    #12 yeah right because hotel door keycards ALWAYS work and
    no hotels have a key to get in when they don’t

    #13 because you wrote it like that

  26. MissVegas

    Here is another reason this is FALSE! Their fake reality is losing viewers…..they don’t want their fake horrible show to get Cancelled! So they pull this!!! Oh, and don’t forget their horrible fake reality show RETURNS back on AIR on OCT. 23rd! So convenient! I do NOT watch Any of their Shows…or their Brothers…..I urge EVERYONE else to NOT WATCH either!! Let them ALL get Cancelled!!

    • Yourealldumb

      You’re dumb. Film crews weren’t there dohow so will this gain veiwings ? So many things wrong with all of these “reasons” if the writer of this article read any articles regarding this, these reasons wouldn’t exist

      • NotConned

        To Your dumber, WTF are you trying to say??
        Non, vous êtes bête
        Ne comprenant pas WTF vous dites. SMH
        Vous êtes aussi fou!

    • NotConned

      Miss Vegas,
      Here ye here ye! ?I can’t boycott what I don’t watch, never have, and never will watch em….? but I sure will spread the word around. ?

    • Yourealldumb

      It probably was in the safe. When you are begging for your life you will open a safe and let them take what they want. Didn’t know you had the full police report to know this didn’t happen.
      ALSO KIM IS WORTH OVER 100 MILLION. SHE DOESNT NEED HER SHOW SHE MAKES MILLIONS ON HER APPS. THEY MAKE PENNIES TO DO THAT SHOW!! People are so clueless and will comment on things they literally know nothing about. They’re almost up with their contract for the show which E! Had to beg them to extend.

      • NotConned

        To Yourdumber,
        You are laughable Kimmy. Not buying you were ever alone. ?? Not when ya’ll are always surrounded by body guards, the ever-present posse of sycophants, ?obsequious clique of hangers-on,? and “lights, camera, action! ? ? ? ?
        Bye Felecia- go tell that B.S. to the Judge.

        • Ella

          It was four in the morning. Why would there be sycophants at four in the morning? Even celebrities have down time.

      • Wondering

        Wow, worth over a 100 million and no one thought of hiring extra security… how naive of them

    • Igby

      You need to look up the meaning of the word “reason.” Then look up the meaning of the words “unsubstantiated hunch.” Compare and contrast.


    I think that Kanye West just wanted his second engagement ring back 🙂

    Is it true that Kim and Kanye signed a mid-nuptial financial agreement a few months ago … whereby she got the kids and he got heaps of cash in the event that they divorced?

  28. Yourealldumb

    1. She wasn’t totally alone, her stylist was sleeping over and was in the bedroom on the first floor.
    2. This is an 11 million dollar robbery with a high profile celebrity. Police aren’t commenting because it is smart not to say too much so you can catch these FIVE men
    3. There were 5 men total, however, only 2 actually went to the second floor to Kim
    4. Kanye was in New York City performing. It was 2:30 am in Paris, that’s a good time to rob a quiet, rich neighborhood. Also this is irrelevant
    5.also irrelevant
    6. Kim and Kanye don’t ever really need publicity. They get a ton of it if they like it or not. If you are on of Kim’s 85 MILLION followers, you knew she was in Paris for fashion week.
    7. Why would police be watching for robbers when they’re concerned about terroist attacks? I live in NYC, we are always on high alert and news flash, shit still happens. And there was a distress call. If you read any actual articles regarding this situation, you would know that her friend tried dialing 911 but because she was in distress she forgot that it is not 911 in France. So she quickly called Kim’s body guard since she couldn’t get through to emergency personnel.
    8. Who the fuck is begging for their life and thinks “maybe I should tweet my fans for help” again if you read any info on this you would know that Kim tried to call for help and her phones were taken right out of her hands.
    9. Didn’t know it was normal for criminals to always be caught and identified with in 24 hours. Next
    10. Her kids were in New York City with their father and nannies since fashion week is so crazy, kim decided they were more safe in NYC.
    11. I’ve already decided you’re not smart,
    So I’ll explain that it’s easy to trap someone in a room. You don’t have to actually lock the door but you can put a chair under the handle or something of that to lock someone in who’s arms are in zip ties
    12. Yes. The watchman probably does have a set of keys so if someone is locked out or there is an emergency, they have them. Actually most doormen in luxury residential buildings do.
    13. Because you’re a moron.



      Okay … so you may have just ruled out Kim Kardashian as being in on a Ten Million Dollar Insurance scam.

      But you haven’t managed to convince me that Kanye West didn’t make a deal with some bad bastards … and tried to give himself an alibi 🙂

    • Me

      But his post is more interesting than yours.
      Therefore you lose sorry

    • Me

      You state
      8. Who the fuck is begging for their life and thinks “maybe I should tweet my fans for help”

      errr HELLO Kim K. This is what she does, social media is her oxygen

  29. Mr. Mayor

    Has anyone noticed the concierge on duty that night has not spoken about this. Probably because pimp mom paid the guy some bucks to shut up so she can sell the rights to FatButt’s interview regarding this to the highest bidding magazine or tv show. Very classy family.

  30. Hillary Clinton

    Someone needs to shoot that cunt, shoot her kids, shoot her husband, her cunt sisters, their kid, whichever random nygnogs they,re balling and her cunt mom. Shoot that cunt Bruce too. Kill them all

  31. Conor

    So there was one security guard in the whole building. Obviously the building security guard. So you’re telling me that Kim was left alone, without security-she didn’t know the hotel security guard from a hole in the wall, only that he knew she was staying there-and with millions in jewelry, by herself. Think about it people. Stop being painfully stupid, you’re not a Kardashian.

  32. Rachel

    I agree. I called bullshit the second I heard it. Kanye was broke and asking for money not all that long ago, 10 million payout for probably a 500k set up is a pretty sweet deal. Too many convenient facts; her completely alone with no guard and no kids or family or entourage..? In what parallel universe does THAT occur..? No discarded police uniforms? No suspects? They didn’t rape or kidnap her, which would’ve been an exponentially more lucrative heist, if someone’s risking prison..? Kim K “managed to get her hands loose to call for help?” This is just silly.

  33. Ammy

    I seem to recall an episode of kuwtk where someone stole jewelry from khloe’s house , back when she and Lamar were first divorcing

  34. donald duck

    The police AND mayor both released statements confirming what happend, you can lock old fashioned bathrooms from either side as they probably had a key in a place like that, the place is supposed to be secure which is why they faked being police officers, her friend alerted the bodyguard (being non french she likely did not know the emergency police number) the whole thing was over in a couple of minutes… She saw TWO people the police confirm there were five total.. really this is trash reporting, they are on security camera entering /exiting the building and the concierge of course had keys like any rental property with one as people lose / forget keys all the time

  35. Sophia


    • Boo Radley

      Are you suggesting that her kids might have carried out the heist?


      • Frank

        If I was North and South … I would steal the jewellery that my father gave my mother … and sell it … and change my identity … LOL

        • Boo Radley

          A 10 month old, a 3 year old, 1 five million dollar ring, 1 six million dollar jewelry box, 2 dirty diapers and a mission to find a pawn shop in Paris…

  36. kimlover

    The fact that people think this whole thing is a hoax is pretty upsetting, and the root of the issue is because it involves Kim Kardashian. If it were any other celebrity, people would be very concerned, and not joking about the matter at all.

    Kardashian is a target. They know where she lives in Paris, because that place is basically their second home. They knew where to go because they threatened the concierge with a gun. People are blaming Kim for this, and saying that she shouldn’t post all her jewelry on snapchat/instagram/etc, but the truth is, everyone already knows she has expensive items of that nature.

    To the people that think this is a publicity/insurance stunt – I don’t think they need any more fame or money. This isn’t something thats lied about. Kanye doesn’t need any more money.

    Kim was alone because it was night time. She wasn’t outside, she was assumed to be safe inside her house. Her stylist was also downstairs at the time, so she wasn’t totally alone. She didn’t call anyone right away because her cell phone were stolen.

    Before people are quick to criticize her, and say that she should of gotten shot, raped, given a blow job, whatever, realize that she is a person. She’s a mother, a businesswoman, a sister, and a daughter. Many people would kill to be as successful as her, and it’s sad that this whole issue isn’t taken seriously just because of the Kardashian name.

    • Leigh

      Even though Kim may not believe it, there are many many people who not only do not know about her jewelry, they don’t know or care to know about her. So yes, posting photos of her expensive jewelry is really dumb. Something like an immature rich kid would do. Why didn’t Simon call the police right away? If that is their second home then they would have security guards everywhere. Yes, Kim K seeks attention all the time. Why else would a woman in her 40’s run around in her fat body and ridiculous looking backside almost nude. She’s a little old for that.

  37. Anonymous

    Yay! Over 100 comments! Glad to see we all have our priorities straight on the important news stories of the day.

  38. Nick

    that insecure bitch ain’t staying in that flat by herself, that’s a huge ass flag right there. By the way, did anyone notice all the social media pics with her $5 mil ring before all this crap happened? In order to maintain the scam, you have to establish that the merchandise is really there!!

  39. Frank

    If the Insurance company has doubts about the legitimacy of the insurance claim, then I am sure they will put their own investigators to work to verify the truth.

    Kanye Kardashian has been a total nut-bar over the past few months, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he had something to do with the theft of the jewellery.

    Kim and Kanye’s marriage is apparently on the rocks, and Kanye is in trouble financially, so it’s quite feasible that it’s an insurance scam.

  40. Rebecca

    Why would Kim carry all this wealthy jewelry to Paris???? who buys a 4 million dollar ring? that’s so freaking stupid!!!!!! what a weird stupid world we leave in …….

  41. Kylie

    what happened with Kim is all true!!! this is not a stunt publicity! enough with rumors!

  42. Khloé

    Thanks so much for clearing up. I’d like to hear from the concierge.

  43. Leigh

    Kim said that the robbers did not speak English yet she said she “told” them where to find the jewelry. Huh??!!

  44. Frank

    I am just waiting for Kim to sell herself off to the highest bidder to get the first chat show interview with her.

    Plus, what’s the bet that she starts up her own charity for “Victims of Crime”.

    The Kardashian family have gone pretty quiet on social media since the Paris scenario, and I have noticed that whenever any of them go out in public they are all looking down at the pavement.

    This whole thing is just plain odd.

  45. Ah Randy

    Psst… I got a ring for sale. It’s worth 4 mil, but I’ll let you have it for 2.

  46. cyndra

    do they need the money right now or the publicity?????
    paris robbery is bunch of crock!!!!
    why would her so-called bodyguards leave her alone in some foreign country????
    REALLY!!!! and with her kids…they could of took one or both of them and asked for 9 million dollars!!!! that would have been more believable!!!!

    • Frank

      The Kardashian publicity machine is what generates their income.

      Without all of the instagram accounts and public appearance fees and product sponsorship … the Kardashians would probably be bankrupt … because they buy so much ridiculous unimportant shit.

  47. Telly

    The doors were armored. So someone would have needed to let the robbers inside. How clever…remind everyone about the rings, show the grill, show every piece of jewelry that you will have robbed. But what if they are even more clever, to bring replicas of the jewelry. Claim insurance on the replicas and “buy back” the supposed rings (which you already have stored away) and you have your jewelry and the cash. I would love to be an investigator on this. I would start w/ the cameras. Then I would check where her phone was last pinging.

    • Frank

      I agree.

      And if it’s a staged robbery … then it will only be a matter of time before one of the Kardashian Klan gets pissed off with Kim or Kanye or Kris … and they blab about the con on Social Media … like when Rob wrote Kylie’s phone number on Twitter or something about a week or so ago regarding the Baby Shower.

  48. Nichole

    This is the most retarded post I have ever read. First of all Kim and Kanye do not need help getting North and saint were not in Paris especially not in a seperate hotel..where do you get your facts? The jewelry was locked in a safe they had her open it duh..she was not locked in the bathroom she was zip tied and placed in the bathtub then they took her out to lead them around the room to collect the jewelry and then placed her back in the tub. The concierge that let them in was also zip tied supposedly in the stairwell although I will admit I think he was part of it. She wasnt completely alone her stylist Simone was downstairs and heard the noise and locked herself in the bathroom..she tried to call 911 but duh 911 isn’t emergency personnel in paris…it’s 112.her bodyguard was sent with kourtney and Kendall to a local night club. And honestly even if the security guard wasnt out with her two sisters it is highly unlikely that he would have slept in the same Penthouse as she was- he probably would have had a separate room in the building so he would have been completely unaware of the incident until someone told him of it. This is such a dumb website my god. And let me guess.. all you idiots who believe this also believe the world is flat and there is no such thing as global warming right?

    • Sharon

      lol, oh yes they need help. neither one of them has any talent, one is famous for having a big mouth, the other is famous for having a big ass. and both of them are classless lowlife.

  49. Sofia

    If this is really a hoax, I hope Kardashian will never bring her ass again in my country.

  50. Frank

    Hopefully these two spoiled baby clowns get what they deserve and go to prison. Kanye AKA king of all racists needs to be set straight along with his 100% fake barbie doll Kim. Please do us all a favor and stay in Paris!

  51. Denise

    I think this is BS
    What are the chances it happened after her sisters left to a club??! I mean really, what would’ve happened if they were all still there??!! How did the so-called robbers know the fat hoe was alone & that her sisters left?? Too much stuff that don’t add up. I hope that dumb bitch goes to the pen ? Can’t stand none of em’ & their annoying speech N that wildebeest Khloe’s manly ass.

  52. Isabella Sturges

    Why Kardashian West was in different hotel and not with mother and sister in Paris? she never is alone……
    why she had 10 millions in jewelry if she didn’t wear them?

  53. betsy ross

    Publicity stunt if I ever saw one. Can’t stand the Kardashian crew-useless untalented morons.

  54. yeesh

    Any reason you’re not updating the site with the current news on the robbery? The CCTV footage of the gang leaving the flat? The arrests of those likely involved? Or does that not suit your agenda?


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