Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Could Face Criminal Charges Over Paris Robbery

Reporters and Police Outside the 'No Address Hotel' where Kim Kardashian stayed. Kanye West was back in New York.
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Was it all made up? Strangely, no surveillance footage has been found, despite reports of a robbery involving five people.  Now, French officials may be wondering if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fabricated the entire thing.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are masters of the publicity stunt, but the pair may have gone too far last weekend in Paris.  Yesterday, Digital Music News raised a number of glaring problems with the reported jewelry heist, including the possibility that the story was completely fabricated.

It just doesn’t seem to pass the sniff test.  And that could be a big, big problem for French officials desperately trying to repair the image of Paris.

Among the obvious problems are the absence of any security the night of the heist, the presence of just one night watchman in the entire hotel, an immediate escape by Kardashian and the watchman despite being tied up, and the absence of even one message to the outside (including from another person downstairs in the multi-level suite).

No security footage captured.

But this one may just take the cake.  According to details somehow ‘leaked’ to TMZ, there isn’t any security footage of the crime.  Somehow, a five-person crew managed to evade every single camera, either inside the hotel or outside the building.  At this point, no other cameras have recorded anything, even though Paris is littered with cameras on every block.

In fact, one police surveillance camera outside the building shows zero activity.  That could be because it was pointed away from the building, or, perhaps there was absolutely nothing to record.

Additionally, there isn’t one witness to the crime outside Kim Kardashian and the unidentified night watchman.  Fashion stylist Simone Harouche, who called the cops after allegedly hearing screams from Kardashian on the hotel balcony, has declined to comment.

Back in the US, even Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer is raising questions about the heist.  Opining about a separate case, Breyer referenced “Kardashian’s thief, if there is one.”

No leads, no suspects, no nothing.

More importantly, French police seem to have absolutely no leads in this case.  Nobody saw anyone riding a bicycle in a police uniform, or even walking away.  Not one witness has come forward, if a witness even exists.  In fact, not one individual has even been detained, with French police failing to name one suspect.

All of which raises the possibility of a criminal probe ahead by French authorities.  For starters, Paris is a city suffering billions in losses from slumping tourism, thanks to a spate of horrific terrorist attacks.  Add a complicated jewelry heist into the mix, and the world’s most visited city could suffer another plunge in tourism.

French authorities may be considering a serious criminal investigation, if only to prove to the world that Paris is safe to visit.

Ryan Lochte, anyone?

Strangely, Kardashian’s reported heist bears an uncanny resemblance to a recent robbery wise tale.  During the recent Olympics in Rio, American swimmer Ryan Lochte claimed that robbers dressed as police officers accosted him with guns.  That story was widely accepted by the mainstream media, though Brazilian officials smelled a rat.

For starters, the Rio ‘robbers’ decided not to steal an expensive watch, among other glaring inconsistencies.  Soon, video footage revealed that Lochte and team were merely vandalizing a gas station bathroom while drunk, while urinating outside a locked door.  The ‘robbers’ were actually security guards trying to control the situation.

Ultimately, Lochte was shamed for cooking up a story and almost damaging the reputation of Rio.  Could Kim Kardashian and Kanye West be guilty of the same crime?

More as this develops.

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  1. jammy

    Yes….they probably are very guilty of staging this crime….for insurance money AND for publicity because they are a fading family. They are very shrewd and think that they can get away with anything because their egos are bigger than the universe.

    • charlotte

      What is the penalty for insurance fraud. Her sister’s house was “robbed” a while back but she did not notice for months. Is a jewel thief just following them around?

      • Em

        If you would have googled it or watched the show you would know it ended up that it was an inside job and a trusted camera crew employee who had robbed her.

      • Tamela

        And why.didnt the thieves take her wedding ring on her finger..inside job

    • Zeke

      Why would anyone try to pull that off especially in another country after all the scrutiny that swimmer had to endure, after his fake robbery! its a very serious offense! and make america look bad in the eyes of other civilize nations!!!!

      • kat

        Zeke, b/c the kardashians love any publicity bad or good.. they dont care that ppl cant stand them.

        • millie

          They say, “Bad publicity is better than no publicity” and “Not being talked about is worse than being talked about”

      • Sharon

        The Kardashians think they are above the law and all they have to do is say their name and nothing will happen to them. I think and hope this time it will be different;

        • Lisa Kroitzsch

          YEAH, I’d sure hate to think that they made this whole thing up. That would be really beneath them and not very good publicity because I don’t think anyone will be able to trust them ever again AND what will their kids think once they are able to understand?

          • Kelly

            Lol “beneath” them? Hell isn’t even beneath them they’re so slimy and low.

        • spike

          the first thing that came to mind is kanye who is begging for money is the ring is so obvious.

    • tom

      fake like hillary’s staged event with child actors asking questions. wake up people why are we allowing this?

        • Nak

          And it only took six posts to get there SMH there’s always one 😐

      • Thehumanrace

        Indeeed ppl are asleep and need to wake up and see what seee td actually going on in the world like ww3 could happpen… ppl neeed to stop watching brainwashing news which is controlled and u get half a story or stories like kim n Kanye a pure distraction on what’s going on in this world . And yes I totally agree with you

        • missmarrie

          idk i think the story is a hard call one side all the things that say they werent robbed on the other does this family have a new acting ability bc kim in the past could not act. its will be interesting to see how this unfolds

        • Nak

          Because there’s always some asshat that has to bring politics into every discussion. You know, the guy you never invite to parties.

      • Michelle

        That is known as an advertisement not a ‘staged event’. If you need the difference explained to you, Google it.

      • Michelle

        You post this exact same lie, word for word, everywhere online. Get a life! You will not change a person’s vote by annoying them.

      • Tom

        No, fake like ignoring that Trump is really nothing but a rapist and a fraudster. When he goes on trial for Trump University under RICO and ends up in jail, that will be the end of Trump!

        • missmarrie

          Hillary made sure the women her husband assaulted went away and the one woman that got away these geniuses came up with a lie and tried to have the definition to what sex is changed. no it wouldnt of been our business if he wasnt in his office while “smoking his cigar”. the president should be in work mode at his office only. he has to be a role model for the usa. it says a lot when someone like him was voted to lead us. the clintons are like the rest of the clowns we got running around ( scary and need to be stopped and put away for bit)

    • Darlene

      Couldn’t they have just sold the jewelry? If this is fake, she can never wear any of it again. The whole thing seems fishy, but what’s the point of staging it…………just sell the darn stuff.

      • Lisa

        They collect the insurance money….then cut down the stones and sell them and make MORE money. That’s the way insurance fraud works a lot of the time. And if they just sell it, it makes them look like they need money.

      • Thegreatbooby

        Perhaps the jewelry was paste. Who is gonna say otherwise? The robbers?

    • Patricia

      They should be put in jail for 6 months and no publicity why should they pull this stunt and just a slap on the back and say it’s OK.

    • Gabriel Núñez

      From the moment that I heard that this woman was robe of Ten Million dollars in jewelry I didn’t believe it, right of way I ask myself this woman is very rich where were her bodyguards cause I do believe that she dosent walk places all by herself specially France with all that’s been going with all of the bombings of places, and not just that walk around in a
      different country where nobody knows her she sure was looking herself to be robe if it did happen I have my doubts no cameras no videos no witnesses this don’t sound right and to fishy to be believe and to fishy to think that it did happened the way she said it happened. You guys be the Judge.

    • Shazz

      I agree and he has been on many shows, asking people to send him money

    • susi

      I have been in Paris by myself and I never had a problem with anyone or anything. My question is. Is she is staying in a very expensive hotel, and she takes people with her all the time, why this time, she was alone. No one at the DELUXE hotel have a probe of anything was wrong. It will be a real pitty that this family want us to think Paris is a bad place. In the first place, why do you have 10 million or more dollars in jewelry. No record of anything. I think Kim invented this story. Where was the camera, pictures, bruises, etc. etc. Kim, please don’t destroy with your lies beautiful Paris. You don’t need to travel with million of dollars in jewelry. You are a tramp and I don’t believe anything. Where are the pictures, no one saw anything. Don’t be a liar and I will send you an apology if you telling the truth. Don’t travel with so much money or jewelry. Sorry this is my opinion. My father is French and we have been in Paris many but many times. We have never been robbed or molested in any way. You are destroying Paris and they will not have a lot of visitors. Think about that. We want to see the evidence.

    • jose

      so true.. but they are black and above the law just like clinton…. so nothing will happen

  2. Shlomo

    Kanye Kardashian Lochte- here’s the real story, Kanye had to take a shit during Juan NYC show and had his dj text Kim to come up with this robbery story. Shame on you Yeezy Lochte. Next time just take a shit on stage like Ozzy would do.

  3. kdm

    Oh please, oh please, oh please, make this the thing that makes this family implode and go the eff away. Jail time would be a plus.

  4. Tiffany

    I hope this judge does a very thorough investigation….also, an example needs to be made…it’s given people all kinds of ideas. This story reeks of Insurance Fraud. Kim & Kanye tried this before

  5. Tried&True

    Unfortunately, like Lochte, a slap on the wrist, a couple of insincere ‘I’m sorry’s’ and off to dance with the stars! …the publicity stunt will raise their ratings! I wish the justice sytem had the balls to treat the egotistical bastards equally… you or I? We’d still be sitting in a French interview room, being reamed with words we don’t understand hoping for some representation…unable to leave the country. Poor France, first one terror attack, now another, this time by a spoiled, self-centered, pornographic whore whose only talent is to indulge in constant plastic surgery; deny it, walk around half naked, screw anyone whose name begins with K, and make money for it…. she’s not even woman enough to help pay the marital expenses that her ever pissed and miserable glutton husband and her rack up. Instead they have to do an insurance heist to collect insurance money with appreciation accrual on the pieces I’m sure. Then she interviews in a matter of hours in her little baby-im-sweet-creepy-little-girl-voice, all smiles and hair and makeup perfect talking about how she was so in fear of being sexually assaulted because as she so vividly had to point out she was naked, but yet this fat (because she IS fat) liar has incredible super powers in her ass I guess and was able to get free from bondage (not the first time she’s been tied I’m sure), open the bathroom door that was locked from the outside??…umm how many times have you smiled and said bullshit in your head so far?…but wait there’s more… is she stupid enough to screw up a shady plan such as this? Have you heard the trash with cash bitch talk?.. this has got insurance fraud written all over it… it would have been more exciting if Kanye would’ve hired a couple of his ghetto hoodlums to fake a kidnapping while she was decorated like a holiday tree…with more jewelry on than clothing. Too bad they won’t pay for this, it’ll be brushed under the rug. In a perfect world the French would have the balls…

    • Linda

      Also her bodyguard was conveniently guarding kourtney and khloe at a club while kim was at the hotel by herself sleeping, why the hell would there be one bodyguard for these three big red flag and since when does this attention whore stay back while the others go out and party and not get other bodyguards to watch her smh im with you 100%

      • Dani

        And the other SLEEPING BEAUTY downstairs. And private elevators that only open from inside if locked

      • Sharon

        If she staged this put her, her husband and if her sisters and bodyguard knew what she had planned to do then throw them in jail too. Sick of this low class family thinking they are so great

    • Wow

      Wow. Hate much. I get that you don’t like them but to call her fat and assume that Kanye has ghetto friends. That shows your character.

    • Gidget Valencia

      You are too right and too funny…. I fell off the bed laughing. Then Vogue magazine has the nerve to do a report on people not sympathetic to her claim of robbery, you think? The first thing I thought about was an insurance fraud.

    • StopTheCrooks

      Well said! This is an international crime. Devised in the US and carried out in France. Throw the book at the bunch of them!

  6. I hate fake people

    Good for the Kardashian family this will teach them a lesson about stagging fake attacks,fake fame ,fake fight,and all other kardashian shit.Please reply your thoughts

  7. Me

    wouldn’t surprise me if kimye didn’t lie about this whole mess. it stinks to high heaven like ryan lochte and rio. obviously they don’t get enough public attention lately, so whats a chick to do? cause more chaos and lie about a robbery. thats what mama jenner would do!

  8. darrell

    why do you continue to repeat the false version of the Lochte story. Get the real updates facts

  9. Shazam davu

    You must remember kim Kardashian true fame is from her dad being involved with one of the greatest who dunnit in history! The oj simpson case! This is the same deal in a robbery form! It’s the method of ilplementing plan by utilizing celebrity status and using psycho techtronic programming now! Coupled with serious misdirection and minor subplots! Pay attention to form n function of this

  10. Inspector Clouzot

    “Now, French officials may be wondering if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fabricated the entire thing.”

    Oh really ? Do you have a source for that ? Cause what I’ve read in the french media ( the few that still talks about this robbery. Most media don’t care anymore about it), is that cameras located in nearby stores have shown the robbers coming in on bicycles and leaving on the same bicycles.

    • Anonymous

      I know right! And I don’t know how many times they have said it’s a Hotel! When it’s not!? It’s also a quiet street/ private so there’s no need for excessive cameras. I don’t know why they keep trying to bring them down…it’s really sad

      • Tiff

        “No need for excessive cameras”?…ummm this is an EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE RESIDENCE for A-listers only!!!! There is ABSOLUTE need for ‘Excessive’ cameras…how stupid are you?… at a motel 6 there is no need….but here you have the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio who frequent this place and of course now the nasty ghetto ho trash with cash…ask yourself you idiot, no need for cameras? You’re obviously a reality show monger… “I know right” ??…you must be 12!

        • Alicia

          No need for excessive cameras at a Motel 6, yet there is still WAY more surveillance at a Motel 6 hotel than this place. IMO, there’s something extremely fishy with this entire story. Nothing seems to add up.

  11. wittier

    Story gets the Ryan Lochte shakedown in Rio completely wrong months afterward.

    The US swimmers peed in the bushes and knocked a sign off a wall outside. They didn’t vandalize a bathroom.

    They were shaken down by armed men pretending to be police officers, who took their money as a condition of release.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Nice try. They ripped apart a sign and pissed on the outside. Then they paid the guards for the damage.

      The guards did have guns, as they should have. So to the Whole Foods cops. No one robbed anyone.

  12. Rita Marlo

    No marks after being gagged and tied up and “successfully” free self soon after the “intruders” left… and the kids where someplace else at the hotel “alone” at 3 in the morning… somethings just doesn’t make sense. And now happy twitter KK won’t even leave her place… maybe too afraid to comment on things that doesn’t make sense….

  13. Tony Bodyguard LA

    This whole story smells like a scam Pascal did with the K’s when I was working with them & called BS.

  14. TG

    However, she claims that her huge engagement ring was stolen. Was it insured? If this was staged, then what are they going to do, hide the ring in a safe until they die? If it wasn’t stolen and then they cash in on the huge insurance policy, that’s a felony. I have a hard time believing that they’d resort to something this ridiculous for publicity, although it is beyond weird that nothing was caught on any security cameras.

    • Dewey00

      Because Kanye supposedly stated the day it happened that he wants to “replace” the ring. That way, after the payout, Kim can start wearing it again.

      • Anonymous

        and nobody will see she has on the same ring? or will she only wear it when she is with him?

  15. Miguel

    If it was staged it was to get Kanye out of millions of dollars in debt.

  16. Frances Wonzo

    I don’t wish no bad luck on nobody. But I’m kind of glad what’s is happening to them because i just gotten tired of kanye west bullying Taylor swift on stage in 2009 at the VMA awards and he apologized and turned around and written a song called famous and lied like he gotten her permission to be called a bitch in his song which was a lie,he never let her listen to the song,he told her another part and she agreed to that and when she heard the song she was shocked and he put Kim up to get involved, like I say they’re day was coming, I’m glad,I know Kim and kanye west know how Taylor swift was feeling now,take them a polygraph test to see if they’re lying about the Paris robbery, throw the book at them,Kris they’re mom wouldn’t be nothing without the show,really none of them,they’re fame will fall without it!

  17. Frances Hampton

    I don’t wish no bad luck on nobody. But I’m kind of glad what’s is happening to them because i just gotten tired of kanye west bullying Taylor swift on stage in 2009 at the VMA awards and he apologized and turned around and written a song called famous and lied like he gotten her permission to be called a bitch in his song which was a lie,he never let her listen to the song,he told her another part and she agreed to that and when she heard the song she was shocked and he put Kim up to get involved, like I say they’re day was coming, I’m glad,I know Kim and kanye west know how Taylor swift was feeling now,take them a polygraph test to see if they’re lying about the Paris robbery, throw the book at them,Kris they’re mom wouldn’t be nothing without the show,really none of them,they’re fame will fall without it!

  18. jhin

    Didn’t you read the news yesterday? A neighboring business owner had surveillance that the turned over to the police that shows the robbers

    • gigi

      Just random men taking their tim e going down the street. It proves nothing. And they were not dressed as policemen.

    • Sadie

      Neither Kim or Kanye are not of the genius variety… I don’t think either one is
      smart enough to plan a jewelry heist but if they did… it would look like this one…
      with lots of holes in the story. End of the Karadashian era!

  19. Crystal G.

    I don’t know how I want to think when it comes to this case. I hope that whoever is responsible is brought to justice – either robbers (if there were any) or Kim and Kanye.

  20. Vb

    RUBBISH, AND BULLSHIT. Nasty jealous, vile people. I am disgusted by these jealous disgusting remarks. Expected from the trash tabloids, but from regular everyday people, I am shocked by how many miserable, jealous people that really exist out there. Freaks, UGH

    • Anonymous

      The robbers can easily make 250,000 just selling their story.

  21. Ugle

    I’m so fucking glad you posted that. Because I just heard from some of their parisian friends that they’re going to sue you for defamation, and hope to god they go through, ruin the fucking disgusting journalist scums you are, thus destroy this trash website.

    • Personwholaughsatyou

      IF you think that’s how the internet works, you are dumber than you sound. That’s painful.

  22. Anonymous

    That’s a big lesson to her. She always want to do something to bit the internet. They need to investigate that robbery that she’s claiming because she’s ruin the name of beautiful place PARIS.

  23. He HE ja ja

    Doubt this was faked, no track record of ‘victim’ attention. kim’s shtick is beauty, sex, and glamour(borderline tacky). So far kim’s behavior makes sense after a traumatic event. That she would retreat from the spot light is strong evidence that her life was genuinely threatened. She seems to be a resilient person but being alone while held at gun point …she may not recover. I’ve been suspecting for a while now that crimes are rarely solved. However, someone always gets locked up in a high profile crime because of pressure on police. Some poor shmo is gonna get locked up for this, guilty or not.

  24. jackass

    I hope that France officials send Kim and Kayne ass to jail without special treatment

  25. tom

    Fake like Hillary’s staged events with child actors asking question. wake up eveyone , why are we allowing this to go on in this country.

  26. al sharpton

    Bullshit !!!!!!!!!!!!! Publicity and Insurance Money ……Lock`em up ——- File charges
    There money will buy them out of it …….

    • Reverend Al sharpton

      Reverend Al Sharpton —- Damn why couldnt I thought of a good scam like this —10 mil ……….. BLM –

  27. Annoyed

    How does this fall under ‘digital music news’? I get the involvement and significance of Kanye, obviously, but I come to this site to not have to read bullshit about these people and read what’s happening in the digital music industry. Can we keep it to that? You’re losing readers by the dozen writing about this crap.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Well, we’re not losing readers I’ll assure you of that. But, why not read some of our other music industry articles? You don’t have to read every article we write.

  28. In the news

    The next time Kim Kardashian or any of the Kardashuan clan wants to fake a robbery, they might try shooting themselves to make it seem more realistic.

    • Myn Lyn

      It’s all fake…..I hope they get convicted for this….this went wayyyy too far….

    • Myn Lyn

      It’s all fake…..I hope they get convicted for this….this went wayyyy too far….Shame on them!!

  29. Frank

    Notwithstanding the facts from the article, did anyone ever think that the robbers had rooms in the hotel and that would account for the reason there is no video of event? Here is the scenario: Book a room in the hotel; conduct the robbery; go back to the room; move around as normal and check out at the appointed time with the loot! Just another theory!

  30. Paul

    Planted story, plain and simple. The entire family are nothing but gluttonous pigs with absolutely zero self-awareness. It was probably the mother’s idea, disgusting piece of daughter-whoring shit that she is.

  31. jtas

    I said it right from the start.She’s a has been and just trying to get attention.They said on the news that Kanye didn’t seem too concerned about the whole thing.He wasn’t concerned because he knew it was all fake.

  32. Pink panther

    The story might be real…never quite know…but what I do know is that…Kim has lost jewelry in the past. Remember that episode where she lost her earrings in the ocean and cried? Rings sometimes slip off fingers into toilet’s and get flushed away…then we are too afraid to tell the husband..because maybe they don’t have insurance for that kind of thing…maybe they only have insurance on robberies….we also know that kims dad was a top lawyer who helped get oj out of a murder charge. …sooooo she might have learned a few things from that….whatever the truth is…we might never know?

    • Jenners useless dick

      Kims dad was a crooked lawyer who tampered the evidence in the o.j. case. This and her being a whore is the family’s only claim to fame. Great role models Murica. Keep aiming for the stars.

      • NOT A FAN

        To all you Inspector Jacques Clouseau wannabes,

        The Kardashians may look crazy to you buy I don’t think they’re stupid. Maybe, Kanye is?

        Why would they concoct something as stupid as this? The ramifications are just too dire. I think they know thst there are no butlers in prison, nor fancy beds and sheets, and worse, gourmet food 24/7.

  33. Anh

    This family always ripped everywhere money of millions dollars from USA, till now …they think everyplace to them can pick the huge compensation off their plan easily

  34. David

    They might have get away using sewerage system, or the Catacombes de Paris to vanish…

  35. DJ MZFIX

    It’s West broke? Insurance fraud is less damaging to Kim’s pockets???? I’m no rocket scientist, but the proof is in the pudding!

  36. Brooklyn

    The term is “wives’ tale” not wise tale as you wrote

    • Paul Resnikoff

      oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for correcting me on that. Always thought it was ‘wise tale’ until now.

  37. Stu

    Wasn’t there a report yesterday that stated that she has admitted it was a stitch up????

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Looks like there was a story from the Huffington Post that was removed. I’m not sure what it contained, but seemed to suggest some sort of confession. That’s all I know about that one.

  38. Tee

    Ijs! Where was security? This woman can’t sneeze hard without them given her a tissue. SMH something’s not right.

  39. jbeth004

    Well Kim Kardashian has always been fake, she had a fake face done, had her but resized to be fake, had fake boobs done and she looks nothing like her picture because she wasn’t the ideal woman when she got a bunch of fake surgery to make her look like the ideal woman every man wanted to screw. So the fact that the media would support her fake ass and fake face is beyond me. If you need surgery to make you look completely different then what you would have looked right now if you hadn’t gained weight, then you are fake. The only time someone isn’t fake is when they don’t try to deliberately reshape the way God made them. I hope France sues their ass and leaves them broke poor, because Kim is stupid and fake. She made it up so people would buy in and feel sorry for her now she can take her fake but to prison.

  40. jbeth004

    Also I don’t appreciate Vain people, especially people that didn’t look Like the ideal woman before they became famous and got surgery done, and then later called her sister fat. Sorry Kim, but maybe your sister could look better than you if you got over yourself and learn that anyone with money can pay for big boobs and a fake ass. Next time you decide to make something up remember to keep it real. Oh that’s right nothing you say or do is real. For a reality star you are a joke.

  41. Anonymous

    Okay finally when you think her fake persona has done her over, you realize this article is fake, because the stupid person that was quoting the huffington post used a half ass source. Why can’t Kim Kardashian just disappear and be off the air. I don’t like fake vain mean people. While I wouldn’t put this past them to fake something like this. Unfortunately I have to deal with the possibility Kim isn’t going away for good.

  42. jack me hoff

    insurance company is never going to pan out. These 2 clowns are facing jail time, loss of a home in France. As police will take the home as a criminal possession. Passport, gone. You a state bound boy now. Plus still need to pay for the ring. Dumb n dumber

  43. Ninja

    The video of Kim sitting on a lounge calmly, not hysterical, post robbery is still on YouTube. Watch it yourself, you’ll see she is not traumatized. And if she was, surely she’d want her sisters who were in Paris to comfort her in person. But neither they nor her bodyguard are in the apartment. She and Kanye probably thought they could get away with damage control but then this this video surfaced. He he, house of cards is finally coming down.

  44. Birmingham Masher

    Tired of these FRAUDS. She’s a freaking BEARD to this GAY CAN’T RAP FOR SHITTE BLOCKHEAD. Please rid humantiy of these stupid fakes. Sick of hearing about any of this. I hate them all. Take stupid Beyonce with you. DISAPPEAR!!! No one wants you around. Your time is UP! GO THE FK AWAAAAAY!

  45. Sleazy Yeazy

    “Beard.” That’s so correct… If he’s not a homosexual, I’ll kiss your ass. I guarantee you this was fake as hell and I hope and pray that it all comes out in the wash. I think America has had enough of these clowns and they need to just go away once and for all. You can’t pull some shit like this and expect the world to believe you because it’s obviously an inside job. All them bitches need a dose of reality and I’m not talking about another episode of KUWTK. It’ll be hilarious when they get busted and I hope it’s over for that entire bunch. There nothing but fucking trash and I need to get out to the dumpster where they belong but not at the expense of beautiful Paris. Hopefully when everything comes out? It’ll be all over the fucking news so everybody can see for themselves what kind of people we’re dealing with here…

  46. Skooter

    Kim had to leave Paris immediately. Brazil authorities taught the world that it is VERY easy and VERY profitable to extort rich American tourists if their interpretation differs from the actual facts it means you lied pay up!! 10 year’s average Brazilian salary was their total haul and Brazil is hungry for more money tourists are a cash cow.