Exclusive: Songwriting Camps Expanding Into Paris and London

Songwriting Camps Announces New Global Initiatives in Paris and London
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Songwriting Camps Announces New Global Initiatives in Paris and London
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Image provided by Songwriting Camps.

Feeling in the songwriting mood?

For the past two years, the Stockholm Songwriting Camp has gathered songwriters and music producers from all over the world in a three day session.  The Songwriting Camps have been a hub that values communal creativity and brings people together. Most importantly, it’s been about nurturing artistic expression for songwriters and producers everywhere.

After enjoying two years in Stockholm, Digital Music News has learned that the Camp initiative is now going global. The announcement, which won’t be made until Monday, includes news of support from the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC), collective management organizations the Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers of Music (SACEM) and PRS for Music.

Auddly is also supporting the initiative.

The new global initiative will include a “Paris Songwriting Camp” in September 2017, followed immediately by a London Camp in October.

Songwriting Camps hopes to one day host annual camps in these cities, as well as other camps at Australia, Asia, and the U.S.

The initiative will be supported by YouTube as well.

The producer set-up is made possible thanks to the help of technical sponsors M-Audio, Air Music Tech, Genelec, Fender, and Aston Mics.

Keeping in line with the philosophy of the original camps, these new global camps will also be neutral hubs that will allow musicians to meet, network, and get inspired.

Niclas Molinder, founder of Songwriting Camps and CEO at Auddly, said in a statement,

We are so glad to take our creative vision out to the world. We will always stay neutral and want to use Songwriting Camps to open up for industry discussions. We think it’s important to make room for conversation that will educate and enlighten, rather than shutting doors.

Christophone Muller, Head of International Music Partnerships at YouTube said,

The Songwriting Camps are exciting opportunities to bring together creative, inspiring
songwriters and producers to learn from each other. We’re pleased to support this initiative and look forward to helping more songwriters to connect and build up their knowledge of YouTube.

We’ve since reached for an interview, and will be updating with more information as we receive it.