David Lowery Calls DMN’s Ari Herstand a Worthless ‘Dumbass’. Here’s My Response.

Pick your table, David Lowery...
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Pick your table, David Lowery.

David Lowery is a longtime musician and crusader for copyright protection and artist rights.  Perhaps most famously known as the lead singer of 90s band Cracker, these days David Lowery is better known for battling big tech interests and content devaluation.

And, a person feared — at times — by tech-focused industry players like Spotify.  Not to mention other streaming music giants like Microsoft, Rhapsody, and Apple.

But one person that definitely doesn’t fear David Lowery is Ari Herstand.  And unfortunately, we’re learning an uglier side to this anti-tech warrior after a heated back-and-forth.  I’m not going to say Ari was perfectly professional here.  Ari fights hard.  But it kind of looks like Lowery can dish it, but can’t take it.

I guess it takes a big ego to go against well-staffed, intimidating tech giants like Spotify.  But egos have a way of stunting careers, wrecking relationships, and leaving a lot of damage.  That’s just been my experience.

These are extremely complex issues.  There’s no black and white, and that means there’s going to be lots of debate and conflict.  And Lowery responded to Ari’s piece on UMPG and Facebook with a strong response of his own.

“It’s worth reading Ari’s piece to understand that most young writers do not understand how these technology companies like Facebook manipulate public opinion,” Lowery noted on his blog, the Trichordist.  

“They use their users as human shields to avoid paying licensing fees. ‘It’s our users doing this not us’.  This is exactly what Napster did; Google and YouTube do the same; and now it’s Facebook turn.   It’s getting really old. We’ve been hearing this crap since 1999.”

A tad condescending, but hey.  Did you really think Ari wasn’t going to respond back, David?

Maybe Ari is guilty of poking the bear.  Then again, Digital Music News has always been about airing strong opinions and battling things out.  And, calling people out.

DMN isn’t a kumbaya PC zone, it’s not a ‘safe space’.  And neither is the music industry, which is what we’re committed to covering.  It’s brutal out there.

David called Ari young and misinformed.  Ari called David old and archaic.  And Lowery ended up totally losing his cool, dropped the gloves, and basically lost it.

Here are some of his tweets.  I think some of them were erased (updated: David Lowery just told DMN he didn’t delete these).

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So this gets worse.

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The thing is, Ari is well established in his own right.  He’s written countless articles and even a book; he has a loyal artist following.  He just spoke at CD Baby’s conference in Chicago.  He’s all about building the new business for emerging artists.  He’s a real performing artist, with real gigs, real sales, and a real career.

Which is exactly why he writes for DMN.

Did UMPG do the right thing by ripping down artist cover videos?  I have my own opinions on the matter, though this is a really complex debate.  Ari and David are actually on the same side, they just completely disagree on what’s best for artists and the future of this industry.

David even emailed me, telling me that Ari was giving DMN a bad name.  Telling me he’d lost all respect for me.  Others told me to erase the post, or post a retraction.  But that would go completely against the mission of Digital Music News.  We’re all about diving into every issue of importance for the music industry, because that’s really the only way to make sense of it.

Ari has strong opinions about this.  So does David.  Our readers can figure out their own opinions.  But at least they’ll know the issues before they form their strategies.

That’s what this publication is all about.  And if you’re going to get butt-hurt just because someone disagrees with you, then go read Billboard.

This isn’t for you.


Top image: Michael Bentley, CC by 2.0.

41 Responses

  1. SJ

    “He’s a real performing artist, with real gigs, real sales, and a real career.”

    OK, let’s see…Ari’s most-played track on Spotify appears to have about 34,000 plays. The next-most-played that I see has about 23,000 plays, and from there the play counts start to drop off pretty quickly. So OK, sure, that’s a lot of listens, but let’s not play dumb here…this is DMN and we all know full well what the economics of streaming music are. Ari has probably made a little more than $500 from his Spotify plays over, what? four or five years? We could even be generous and say it was $1000, though it most certainly wasn’t. These numbers might bespeak a “fan base” (most artists will inevitably have one, whatever the size), but career? an actual performing career? I’m not seeing it…not when indie superstars with huge name recognition have multiple tracks in the millions upon millions of plays, maintain brutal touring schedules (when is the last time Ari toured Europe? East Asia? came to a venue near you?), and are still candid about their struggle to make ends meet as full-time musicians.

    Maybe Youtube will shed more light? Hmm, no. Ari’s highest-viewed videos look to be in the 2,000 and change range, and lots of them don’t even get above three digits. Again, not exactly cult sensation territory here. If there are massive throngs of people going to his shows and buying tens of thousands of dollars worth of his merch who just aren’t showing up on the radar of any of these online platforms, I wonder what the hell we (and he) are wasting all this time talking about digital music for. He might want to take the high road and share his career secrets with the perpetually aggrieved David Lowery.

    Let’s be honest, Ari is a largely unknown performing and recording artist (anyone else? show of hands?) who has managed to create a very modest interest in his “music career” via his journalism about music careers. Did anyone here know about Ari before they started Googling things like “should I sign up for Tunecore”? I know I didn’t. And I’m not faulting Ari for any of that, I just think it’s disingenuous for DMN to imply that this spat between Ari and David Lowery is somehow an argument between two people with the same amount of skin in the game. Ari might have a book and lots of nifty articles about the importance of using social media (relentlessly engage and you will go far!), but until he’s actually paying his rent with the music rather than floating himself by writing about how he might hypothetically do so, I’m going to take it all with a healthy pinch of salt. I have to imagine David Lowery had a similar thought.

    • Anonymous

      Ari has 383,052 views on his YouTube channel. I’m not a fan, but facts are facts. It seems some of his biggest videos also aren’t on his YouTube channel.

      • SJ

        Yep, over his 10 years to date and 162 videos. By his whopping 2,000 subscribers. Indeed, facts are facts.

        • Mike T

          I’ve been to 5 Ari shows and own 3 of his CDs. I also backed his Kickstarter campaign. Saw him first at Summerfest in Milwaukee then when I moved to Boston. I’m not on Spotify and have watched his YouTube videos a few times but really I always keep turning back to his CDs instead of YouTube. His YouTube videos don’t do his live shows justice. Honestly his CDs are good, but I much prefer the live show.

          I don’t understand why you’re trying to diminish his music career because you don’t agree with his opinion on the music industry. Yeah, he’s not Justin Bieber, but does his music career not count? I may be a bit old school, but confused how you can gauge his career based on your metrics and not mine.

          • SJ

            I’m not trying to diminish anything Ari has done or is doing, and I said so. I’m glad for whatever eyes he has been able to get on his work, including your own. I’m glad he has connected with you as a fan.

            The point I’m trying to make is that, in this article, when Paul Resnikoff on behalf of DMN weighs in about this silly Twitter war by saying “The thing is, Ari is well established in his own right…He’s a real performing artist, with real gigs, real sales, and a real career” it comes off as a meaningless platitude, because Ari’s profile is not anywhere close to Lowery’s as either a performer or an artist advocate. Most people too would assume the phrase “real career” to refer to something self-sustaining, not a financially negligible accessory to a journalism career. DMN would do better just to get Ari’s back and be done with it if that’s what it wants to do – but throwing around this ridiculous word “real” as if it means anything in this context (my show to a crowd of three in front of the Burger King in the college student union ten years ago was “real” too, I’m pretty sure) just makes them look delusional.

    • DMJi

      Woah woah woah. I don’t know Ari or his music. I’m a full-time musician with a whopping 4,000 YouTube views and less than 10,000 Spotify plays. But I make 6 figures a year licensing my music and performing private events. Don’t assume you know know an entire musician’s income based on YouTube views, Spotify plays (or Facebook Likes for that matter). A friend of mine has 57 million YouTube views and is a goddam server at a restaurant. YouTube views pay NOTHING! Spotify also pays shit. That’s not how you build a music career.

      • SJ

        That’s awesome, I’m glad for you. And I’m fully aware that no one is making their living from Youtube and Spotify. I was simply using these things as indicators of Ari’s public profile more generally, which is pretty modest, especially when compared to that of David Lowery, which is the salient point here.

        And maybe Ari is making a six-figure income via under-the-radar licensing deals and private engagements…but I’m gonna stick my neck out and say I doubt it. Seems like something he’d have told us about by now.

        • Mike T

          Not sure about his income but I’m on his email list and know he gets quite a few placements. I believe he just said he had a GMC commercial. I’ve also heard him on a few shows I watch on Netflix.

  2. JS

    “I just think it’s disingenuous for DMN to imply that this spat between Ari and David Lowery is somehow an argument between two people with the same amount of skin in the game. Ari might have a book and lots of nifty articles about the importance of using social media (relentlessly engage and you will go far!), but until he’s actually paying his rent with the music rather than floating himself by writing about how he might hypothetically do so, I’m going to take it all with a healthy pinch of salt.”

    So, the clear metric you are applying is how much money someone earns making music directly correlates to how much “skin in the game” they – and accordingly, how much weight their voice and opinion should – have.

    Brilliant. Only artists who have reached “this” sales plateau can ride!

    A few reflections on that:

    1) The artist community is made up of a vast swath of people, at various income levels. For many, making just enough to pay the rent IS “success.” Accordingly, David Lowery – and David Lowery-level artists – don’t “speak for the artist community.” They NEVER HAVE.

    2) Even if one is dense enough to want to apply your banal commercial metric, David Lowery himself is of relatively modest success, comparatively. As such, Lowery CERTAINLY can’t speak for all artists – either below or above his level of success.

    3) David Lowery reportedly “pays HIS rent” with money from Reverb Nation – far and above his Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven money – so, you might want to put down the rocks you’re throwing at Ari’s “rather than floating himself with non-music money” glass house…

    Finally, 4) The best part about ALL of this, is the bitching about how David Lowery has now, finally, indicated how unhinged, ad-hominem and fact-starved his perspective is – but – gasp!- against a “fellow musician.” Yet no one has deigned to think or comment on the fact that this is really just the latest indicator (albeit one that has struck close to home here at DMN) of his entirely distorted perspective. It has apparently not caused Paul or anyone else here to go back, review and question his views, motives and tactics on ALL fronts.

    There’s a reason why David Lowery and Chris Castle and their ilk get less than a cursory glance from the people that can really move the needle on these issues. It’s because they have marginalized THEMSELVES, precisely with this type of behavior and rhetoric.

    • SJ

      “Even if one is dense enough to want to apply your banal commercial metric”

      How can a commercial metric be “banal” when discussing issues of commerce, I wonder? We could ask any bright-eyed hopeful at an open mic how they might feel about these issues in an imagined future where they actually had anything resembling a performing career, if degrees of scale don’t actually make a difference as you say.

      “David Lowery himself is of relatively modest success, comparatively.”

      Relative and in comparison to whom? Certainly not Ari, which is the only point I was making here.

      “David Lowery reportedly “pays HIS rent” with money from Reverb Nation [sic] – far and above his Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven money”

      Well, if you don’t want to let us know your secret source, that’s fine. But David Lowery released parts of his royalty statements a few years ago on his blog, which showed that he nets about $1500 a quarter from terrestrial radio royalties, which we can extrapolate to $6000 a year. Given that the lion’s share of this money comes from a song that has seen steady alternative radio play for 20+ years, I have to guess that this figure has stayed fairly stable from Lowery’s 2013 post to now, and was once much MUCH higher.

      So let’s say Lowery can’t pay the rent on $6000 a year these days (even if I could). I bet when you throw in net touring income and merch sales (we’ll leave out any potential artist royalties from his extensive, globally distributed back catalog, for the sake of simplicity), he can. Add to that whatever he makes lecturing at UGA and through Reverb.com and any other business ventures, and I bet he’s somewhere close to buying groceries or even having a comfortable middle-class income.

      The best I can tell, Ari might make enough off his music to buy a new guitar or two every year (or two). He most certainly isn’t getting terrestrial radio royalty statements. He’s an aspiring professional who knows a lot about the modern-day music industry and has been able to parlay that into a niche journalistic career. And that’s awesome. But let’s not be blinded by idealism and pretend that Ari and Lowery are commenting from the same experience. The degree of scale is significant enough that it approaches a shift in the character of the experience itself.

      Let me hear from buzzing indie artists of the last ten years like Parquet Courts, Run the Jewels, Imogen Heap, Marissa Nadler, Tyler the Creator, Protomartyr, Wild Nothing, Mac DeMarco, CocoRosie, just to name an arbitrary handful…you know, people who actually signed with labels that you’ve heard of and actually SELL MUSIC. These are the “current independent music business” people with actual skin in the game IMHO, and I’d love to know what they think of Lowery’s positions. I think they might be too busy hustling their non-theoretical music careers to secure book deals or blog regularly about it, though. C’est la vie.

  3. The Ford Foundation

    JS you sound a lot like JJR :)

    Who are the people that can move the needle? And where do they hang out?

    Cause the dude is everywhere: Congress, The US Copyright Office, The Judiciary Committee, The Senate, USPTO trade missions, The US Courts, Billboard, New York Times, CNN, CNBC, Washington Post, Bloomberg. And Digital Music News can’t seem to stop writing about him.

    And what counts as moving the needle?

    Do you mean he doesn’t go to SXSW or SF Music Tech? Doesn’t get invited to Spotify sponsored MMF meet ups? Why would he waste his time? He’s got the entire digital music industry running around covering their asses hoping they don’t get caught up in a Lowery inspired lawsuit or criminal investigation. At least one of the major digital music firms has a team of pr flacks devoted to countering his blog and talking points. Lawyers have now resigned from the DOJ under his withering scrutiny. You think late night comedians like John Oliver or Trevor Noah would be mocking the digital services like Spotify without the artist counteroffensive started by the Lowery?

    But most of all, you completely misunderstand that he is influential precisely because he isn’t nice to people he sees as the enemy of artists. This is his deliberate strategy. Read the consequence of sound article on him. He calls himself “the bad cop.”

    Also I think you mean David Lowery owns part of Reverb.com not Reverb Nation. Easy to mix up, but Reverb.com is the one with actual revenue.

  4. Versus

    Circling the drain, DMN. Let’s stay away from the ad hominems and focus on actual facts and reasoned arguments.

  5. FarePlay

    To elevate Ari as a sparing partner with Lowery is kind of rediculous. Perhaps this ‘story’ has spiked interest, because I’ve seen interest in DMN trailing off for sometime. The site itself looking more like a traveling carnival with an endless side show maze of advertising.

    As odd as it may seem, even those artists who have so fervently defended the unrealized potential of the new music business are losing their enthusiasm, except for new age luddites like Ari.

    For the rest of us, who have seen it for what it really is, the same old consolidation of wealth by disruptive corporations, the music business. for artists anyway, is in terrible shape.

    So as Ari tries to put his spin on reality by rearranging the deck chairs on the deck of the Titanic and curry favor with the ‘new’ establishment, the rest of us will continue to try and reclaim what’s rightfully ours

  6. Esquire

    Ari’s is a fresh, thought-provoking voice against divisive, fragmenting anti-leaders who’ve undercut music at every turn. It’s time to make room for a new generation with new thinking, sharp contrast against those who claim to lead a “class action” that evaporates with well over 90 percent in opposition.

    • FarePlay

      90%? of who? Tech wanna be musicians. Wake up and realize tech is stealing your lunch for micro-pennies on the dollar.

  7. Matt Thompson

    Ari went to the gutter when he equated defending copyright with sexual assault and equated copyright law with racial segregation. He’s an extremist and obviously a huge drama queen. Let’s not pretend anything he posted was riteous in any way. Paul, I get that you like the guy and work with him but you are giving him far too much credit.

    David Lowery, keep it above the belt a bit more. Don’t sink to Ari’s level. You don’t want anyone drawing parallels between you two. I appreciate what you’ve done for the industry and don’t want to see that diminished.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Matt, I’m going to disagree with some of your points. Starting with the segregation thing. Really, the point I think Ari was driving at was that just defending an action by citing the law can be a dangerous course of action. Ari was merely using an age-old method of illustrating his example with an extreme scenario.

      But stepping back from that, I think there’s a lot of merits in that point. For example, the RIAA stumbled very badly by suing dead grandmothers and 10 year-olds. The media of course had a lot of fun with that. Technically, the RIAA was enforcing the law. Strategically, it was obviously an extreme blunder, I think we can both agree.

      Shift over the recent case involving BMG and Cox. That’s enforcing the law as well. But it was about 10,000 times more effective than what the RIAA decided.

      • Mr. Pibb

        “[A]n age-old method of illustrating his example with an extreme scenario.”

        No one is persuaded by stupid rhetoric. TMZ (sorry, DMN) has turned into a supermarket tabloid. If you ever return to real journalism, I will be at RAIN’s website reading relevant writing. HMU, compadre.

        Love puddles, and adios Paul.

      • Matt Thompson (insert gray box here)

        How come you get a special gray box around your posts, Paul? I want one!

        I get it, Ari was sensationalizing the issue with extreme examples. But again, no one is getting sued here. Stop equating this with action by the RIAA a decade ago. This is much more similar to the Cox case in that they are punishing the primary company profiting from the infringements. Yes, unfortunately there may be collateral damage in that, but no one is entitled to do whatever they want with music anyway. Maybe that’s where Ari and I differ most. I go through the system and process to affect change. I don’t feel entitled to just do what I want when I feel like it and scream at the rain when I don’t get my way.

        Ari doesn’t care if it’s a good strategy or a bad one, let’s be honest. He could care less about how UMPG looks from a PR perspective. He just wants to play with his ball by himself or take it and go home.

  8. Anonymous User

    Ari Herstand is a joke and I don’t think he’s fooling anyone into thinking otherwise. I’m not going to waste my time on redundancies here because I think other readers have already demonstrated the meaninglessness of Hearstand’s opinion in much more depth than I wish to, but I felt compelled to post my short opinion nonetheless.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      You’re allowed to disagree. Take a closer look though, and there are lots of points worth vetting through. My experience is that people sometimes construct a version of what’s right and wrong, or what the ‘truth’ is in a situation. Ultimately, that ‘concretizing’ is maybe what led to the collapse of recording revenues by 65-70% over the past 15 years. It’s been a very alpha-male, pride driven, inflexible approach, coupled with a lot of fear over taking risks or tackling the real enemies.

  9. Anonymous

    Lowery is a conservative, southern reactionary pining for the good ‘ol days. You hear it from Repubs all the time.

    • Mr. Pibb

      Anonymous is a liberal, northern pile-a-dung moron pining for more free gov’t cheese. Just like all the other Dems.

    • Let's not let facts get in the way

      Any facts to back that up? In a Gawker interview he raised some eyebrows by saying he is a Eisenhower republican. On the Trichordist he identified himself as a Euro style liberal. On Facebook he often pens pieces as the raging moderate. But public records indicate he was last registered as a democrat and gave money to the DNC.

  10. Anonymous

    I think this topic may have veered off course a bit. Let me see if I can make sense of it.

    UMPG issued takedown notices to Facebook for cover versions of their music that various artists had posted. Facebook issued warnings to those artists that if they continued doing so, they could have their accounts suspended.

    Ari interpreted this to mean that UMPG was trying to punishing artists and fans for posting cover versions of their music, and that was a bad thing. If that were the case, then sure, I would be inclined to agree with him. However, what I think was actually happening was that UMPG was trying to punish Facebook for not having proper licenses in place, and for encouraging artists to post content to the website for which Facebook did not have proper licenses in place.

    Artists don’t have any way of knowing that Facebook doesn’t have the same licenses in place that Youtube does. Facebook isn’t going to divulge that. Instead, Facebook blames the artists and threatens to suspend their accounts. THAT is unfair to artists. But it’s not UMPG’s fault. They have to protect their copyrights from unlicensed use. There is no one to blame here except for Facebook.

    I think Ari’s heart was in the right place, as he was standing up for artists, and artists were getting hurt by this unfairly. He was just misunderstanding the issues and putting blame on the wrong company.

    • Anonymous

      As for David Lowery, while I may not always agree with his posts, I am inclined to think he wants to stand up for artists just as much as Ari does (undoubtedly more so). This feud (or whatever you want to call it) is unproductive. You’re all on the same side.

        • Let's not let facts get in the way

          Except apparently Lowery and Ari aren’t feuding. Paul is just making it seem like they are feuding.

  11. Anonymous

    Note to Ari:
    In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Lowery is a huge, obsessive troll.

    Your best bet is to ignore all contact, attacks, etc. And don’t write about him.

    He feeds off the attention like any common troll. There’s nothing to be gained from interacting with him in any form.

    You have a very positive approach to life. Lowery will attempt to drain away that positive energy and use it to feed his angry, twisted soul. He is a very unhappy man and interacting with him will lessen your ability to be happy.

    On the other hand, if you do decide to go in, look at what he’s actually accomplished in the 21st Century besides getting attention periodically.

    I haven’t looked closely but I don’t think he’s gained much beyond troll food.

    Stay up!

    • Silver Earring

      Ari used to have a positive approach to life. Then he started in with the name calling and he looks like an idiot now.

  12. Noel

    Ari preaches success in the Streaming age when he has little or none.

    Ari did not understand that Facebook is hiding behind its users.

    Lowery is equal parts intelligent and belligerent. He battles for artist rights and it’s a maddening, uphill battle which is hard enough without informed fellow artists rebuking his work. His anger in this case is understandable.

  13. Silver Earring

    Paul you have really hit rock bottom this time. You can spin it however you want but two of your top stories are ad hominem attack. I mean it’s not as blatantly offensive as the Julie Farman smear, for which I will always hate you. But I have to say this entire episode is a magnificent shit show of arrogance, manipulation, and narcissistic psychosis. This may be your master turd. Congratulations boy king.

    I’ll admit that at first I was amused by the spectacle. But now that I’ve gone back through the entire chain of events, I see that you once again were very selective in reporting facts. You left key elements out of your reporting so you could get to that headline of manufactured outrage that you so love.

    But this time you’ve gone way to far. This entire attack has ended up hurting your “friend” Ari more than it helped him. But this was never about him was it? It was about you. It always is. Seriously you need help.

    Don’t believe me? Let’s go back and look at the facts as supported by your own stories on DMN; the Trichordist piece; the Lowery and Ari Tweets; and Matt Thompson’s piece. But unlike you I won’t leave out key facts, and I’ll keep everything in context.

    1) You and Ari published this story:
    Facebook is aggressively ripping down cover videos (thanks to the idiots at UMG).

    In this piece you call out some back office UMG lawyer David Benjamin by name. Seems a little harsh and unfair for a non-public figure who is just doing their job.

    2) Lowery responds with this rather harmless piece on the Trichordist:

    The point Lowery makes is that the real issue is that Facebook, a 200 billion dollar company doesn’t have music licenses in place to pay songwriters. As Lowery notes, virtually every other business that uses music has at least a PRO license. Benjamin is the “stick” that songwriters need to get Facebook licensed. You and Lowery agree…

    3) Regardless both you and Ari lose your shit over this particular straightforward statement from Lowery:

    “It’s worth reading Ari’s piece to understand that most young writers do not understand how these technology companies like Facebook manipulate public opinion. They use their users as human shields to avoid paying licensing fees. “It’s our users doing this not us” This is exactly what Napster did; Google and YouTube do the same; and now it’s Facebook turn. It’s getting really old. We’ve been hearing this crap since 1999.”

    4) Meanwhile on the other front, Matt Thompson responded to Ari with this rather harmless piece as well:

    Stop Blaming the Victims of Facebook’s Blatant Copyright Theft


    “While Ari is typically a great advocate for artists, he has this one wrong and just plain backwards.1. At what point is it “ok” for artists to use another artist’s work without payment or permission to promote their own career?”

    At this point this is a polite disagreement.


    Old Music Business Yelling at the New Music Business:

    This article starts with a picture of an old white guy on his front porch with a speech bubble that says “Get Off My Lawn.” You then in the first paragraph identify this guy as David “Get Off My Lawn” Lowery. That is a ridiculous and asymmetrical overreaction to Lowery’s piece and a totally unnecessary insult. It’s a pure ad hominem attack that makes you and Ari look petty and juvenile. (Which judging by the Julie Farman Ad Hominem you are.) This piece has almost no substance or bearing on the debate. It is 90% insults and sarcasm directed at Lowery and Thompson. As one of your own loyal readers noted the piece was a pure “poke the bear” piece. How do you write an entire article about this shit show without once mentioning this?

    6) Further Ari characterizes Thompson’s rather nice rebuttal as “self serving” and then follows with this whopper:

    “Telling me to stop blaming the ‘victim’ in this case (Universal), is like saying stop blaming ‘victim’ Donald Trump for sexually assaulting women because you’re hurting his reputation.”

    You forgot to mention that as well.

    6) Finally Ari lumps lowery and Thompson together with this statement that manages to be hyper patronizing without actually saying anything. Seriously try diagramming these sentences:

    “They are tying themselves to outdated philosophies and dogma. I have to applaud their commitment and consistency, though. They believe the same thing on Wednesday as they did on Monday, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED ON TUESDAY.”

    Can the two of you get it through your tiny heads that maybe just maybe ALL of this was a tad insulting?

    7) So what anyone would expect to happen next happened.

    Both Lowery and Thompson responded to Ari and DMN. Thompson in the comments section and Lowery on twitter. So don’t act so fucking shocked Paul, Ok? Lowery and Thompson said unkind things and Ari said unkind things. But DMN went down into the gutter first. This is what you wanted right? Shit shows are click shows. So get off your fucking high horse. Cause even when that little ball-gagged voice inside of you tells you to take the high road, you just can’t help it and you take the low road. Why is that Paul? You just have to keep the insults going. Is it because mentally and emotionally you’re an 11 year old?

    This very article starts out by asking Lowery what table he wants to sit at? And helpfully there is a picture of a two toddlers at a kiddies table). Oh yeah, you’re a real fucking grown up Paul. Thanks for the demonstration. You Funny!

    Or maybe we all misunderstand. Are the toddlers you and Ari? Are you inviting Lowery and Thompson down to your level? To sit with you at the toddler table? Because that would objectively make more sense when you look at the real facts and the real non-manipulated timeline.

    8) But this is where you Paul, manage to make this shit show into something even shittier. Shit show extreme. It’s no wonder you don’t have any fucking friends. (Seriously no one likes you.) I went back and looked at the tweets between Lowery and Ari and just as I suspected you cherry picked those tweets so it looks like Lowery is saying something he is not saying! The entire headline to this story is based on a lie Paul, and you know it. Don’t you feel the slightest bit shitty? Oh that’s right sociopaths don’t feel shitty! I always forget that!

    9) So for the grand finale let’s put that “money tweet” in context.

    Ari is arguing with twitter account @agraham999 about whether “old” and “get off the lawn” are insults and in fact justified. Ari makes the claim that Lowery’s use of the term “young” was an insult. As a reminder this is how Lowery used the word “young”:

    “Most young writers do not understand how these technology companies like Facebook manipulate public opinion.”

    This is not an insult, and it’s not even clear Lowery is directing this comment at Ari.

    Here’s Ari’s tweet:

    Ari’s Take ‏@ArisTake Oct 18
    @agraham999 @davidclowery he called me “young” I called him “old.” He called me “misinformed” I returned the favor. What’s the problem?

    To which Lowery responds:

    davidclowery ‏@davidclowery Oct 18
    That’s not an insult. this is: you are a dumbass @ArisTake @agraham999

    Meaning the use of “young” is not an insult. Sure he calls Ari a dumbass, but he’s doing it in an amusing way by pretending to demonstrate what qualifies as an insult while completely insulting Ari. That’s funny. Yeah sure it’s an insult, snotty and sarcastic, but come on Paul, this is twitter! Have you never been on Twitter? And it’s not an unprovoked attack. It’s not like Ari was just sitting there minding his own business.

    But here is the key thing you leave out. And this is what makes you a shitbag.

    At this point Ari makes a peace offering to Lowery:

    Ari’s Take ‏@ArisTake Oct 18
    Ari’s Take Retweeted davidclowery
    This has gotten out of hand. We’re on the same team. Let’s have a phone chat and talk this through. Seriously. DM me

    Lowery repsonds:

    davidclowery ‏@davidclowery Oct 18
    No. It got out of hand when @ArisTake created this caricature to represent me in your article. Just own it dude.

    But he quickly tweets a screen grab of Vlogger Zan and Rapper Paper Boi from the FXNetworks show Atlanta.

    davidclowery ‏@davidclowery Oct 18
    If Vlogger Zan= @ArisTake I’m Paper Boi?!?!

    If you aren’t familiar with the show the Vlogger Zan and Paper Boi have a twitter war but eventually resolve it and come to mutually respect each other. It seems clear to me Lowery was also trying to resolve the matter by making a joke at his own expense.

    This whole thing was over. Yet you cynically manufactured a fake story, by cherry picking statements and tweets to get the whole thing going again. Why? I don’t know maybe cause you are a narcissistic shitbag?

    But what is sad is the guy you were claiming to defend Ari Herstand, predictably got dragged through the mud in the comment section. This didn’t help him at all did it Paul? In fact he probably feels worse now. But deep down you don’t really care do you? You got the attention, the clicks and the comments you wanted.

    You owe your friend Ari an apology.

  14. Josh Brown

    After the Kim Kardashian robbery reporting I figured this was the National Enquirer of the music industry. This has all been quite satisfying in that respect.

  15. matt

    ari is kinda a self serving douchbag..as an example.in one of his articles he says he likes someone’s song but he didnt want to share it because he “isnt ready for primetime” because he doesnt have a twitter page

    primetime??…dude there are small local bands i know who have more views and have done more than you….if someone needs the exposure your definatly not the person to talk to

    he strikes me as a know-it-all, who s very condescending and plays himself up more then he can backup…..

  16. Randy Legend

    I enjoyed watching Ari guest star in a scene with Don Draper(Jon Hamm) in AMC’s Mad Men. Good job.