Moore & Giles and Crosley Radio Announce Limited Edition C10 Leather Turntable

Moore & Giles and Crosley Radio Announce Limited Edition C10 Turntable

Image by Crosley Radio

Moore & Giles Leather + Crosley Radio C10 = a new leather turntable with a nice finish.

Moore & Giles sells leather. Not just any leather, however. According to their website, they only sell the finest leather from their huge collection. What does this have to do with music? Great question. Moore & Giles has teamed up with top turntable and jukebox seller Crosley Radio to announce a very special turntable for vinyl lovers.

On Monday, they’ll announce the Commonwealth Collection C10 Turntable, which will be released in November 2016. According to their upcoming statement,

This first collaborative release between the two brands puts forth a thoughtfully designed turntable that sits at the intersection of convention and innovation, utility and luxury.

The Commonwealth Collection C10 Turntable builds on Crosley’s original C10 record player. Their record players are hot items. For example, Crosley sets take up the #2, #3, #6, and #7 slots in Amazon’s Hot New Released for Turntables,. Their CR8005A turntable, however, sits at #8 in current bestsellers. Here’s a description on the joint-collaboration.

“Utilizing the Crosley C10 as the base of the design, customers will have the option to choose between two choices of wood finish topped off with signature Moore & Giles leather to complement each, both laser etched with artwork that adds not only a unique aesthetic but also another layer of both texture and innovation. The artwork features the topography of the land between Lynchburg and Louisville, an abstract nod to the historical and geographic proximity shared by Crosley and Moore & Giles. These concentric lines of the topographical map echo the concentric lines engraved on a record.”

The Commonwealth Collection C10 Turntable will have a limited edition release. Moore & Giles and Crosley Radio will produce only 40 units, divided equally between two colorways. There will be a mahogany wood finish and a birch wood finish.