Industry Hitlist: The 15 Biggest Free Mp3 Music Download Sites

Looking for Free Music Downloads? The 10 Biggest Free Mp3 Music Download Sites
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YouTube MP3 is easily getting 400 million visitors — a month.  And it’s bigger than SoundCloud.  But who are the other free mp3 music download giants?  Here are 15 of the top sites, worldwide.

  • Save has rapidly become one the largest free mp3 music download sites in the world.  The US-based site offers tons of free mp3s, and combines that functionality with YouTube videos.  That may represent a new generation of free mp3 music download sites, especially as Youtube to MP3 converters surge.

According to SimilarWeb, is about to become one of the 500 largest sites in the US.  Worldwide, is about to break into the top 1,000.

Just recently, started breaking 60 million visitors a month.  That massive traffic volume is probably fueled by a layout that combines a YouTube viewer with easy MP3 audio downloads.  That’s similar to what YouTube MP3 is doing, except that brings the entire experience into one site.

These guys obviously deliver a ton of downloads.  They’re also making a ton of money, judging by the overload of ads on the site.

  • Save is one of the fastest-rising free mp3 music download services on the web.  The site, at, is rapidly approaching 27 million unique visitors a month.  By year-end, those traffic volumes are likely to surpass 50 million a month.

In terms of growth, is meteoric.  Astoundingly, the site only started appearing in July, and is growing more than 50% month-over-month.  Also based in India, offers a mix of Western pop and Bollywood music. enabled super-fast downloads, in the US and other countries.  The site, which focuses heavily on free mp3s, claims DMCA protection.

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Just like the name sounds, converts streaming videos into downloads.  The site is just like YouTube MP3, but also allows users to search for video content straight from its page.

Looks like this copycat formula is working perfectly for this German site.  According to SimilarWeb, draws more than 80 million visitors a month.  It’s a top 50 site in Germany, and a top 500 site in the world.  That makes it one of the largest mp3 music download site in the world, with massive conversions daily.

So far, has been operating below the radar.  As far as we know, the site hasn’t received any crackdowns yet.  In fact, a shutdown of YouTube MP3 could work to its advantage.  Stay tuned.

 4. Zing MP3

Zing MP3
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You’ve probably never heard of Zing MP3.  But this is the ninth largest website in Vietnam, and the 4th largest free mp3 music download hub in the world.  It gets more than 60 million visits in a typical month, according to SimilarWeb.

As you’d expect, Zing is targeted towards Vietnamese and Southeast Asian audiences.  But major, US-driven hits are also offered.

In fact, Zing, which resides at, combines videos, lyrics, and downloads into one interface.  That’s now a growing trend among free mp3 music download destinations, with combined YouTube to Mp3 and download interfaces gaining popularity.

5. NCT

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Also a Vietnamese free mp3 music download giant, NCT focuses more heavily on localized content.  Western and European content is definitely available, with worldwide pop hits from artists like Beyonce searchable.  But NCT, at, is definitely restricting downloads on a lot of that material.  Or, even preventing its video playback.

Those restrictions are only modestly hampering NCT’s reach.  According to SimilarWeb, NCT is the 14th largest site in Vietnam, and a top 1,000 ranked website worldwide.

Overall, NCT attracts more than 30 million visitors worldwide, according to SimilarWeb.

6. MP3XD

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MP3XD is one of the 50 largest sites in Mexico, and one of the top 1,000 sites in the world.  According to SimilarWeb, MP3XD attracts north of 30 million visitors a month.

The site serves free mp3 music downloads for pretty much any song, starting with Mexican and Latino music.  But they also offer the biggest hits as well, spanning everything from Drake to Kaskade.   And MP3XD attempts to anonymize all mp3 music downloads.

As you might expect, MP3XD gets most of its traffic from Mexico.  But it also draws huge visitor traffic from Spain, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela.


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This Russian mp3 music download giant delivers a wide range of free media.  That includes music, with a huge list of chart-topping tracks available for download.  In fact, it’s easily one of the largest free mp3 music download hubs in Russia and Eastern Europe.

In terms of traffic, is easily breaking 30 million visitors a month, according to SimilarWeb.  That makes it a top 80 site in Russia, though the site has disabled all downloads to the US.  That suggests a recent crackdown, or at least a preventative maneuver.  Looks like someone came knocking, and that could hurt Zaycev’s chances of beating bigger competitors like

Still, this is a giant mp3 music download hub, with a worldwide ranking of just over 1,100.

8. Mr. Jatt

Mr. Jatt
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Mr. Jatt ( is a free mp3 music download site specializing in Punjabi songs.  This is easily one of the largest music destinations in that area, and quickly growing.  According to stats from SimilarWeb, Mr. Jatt is quickly reaching 30 million visitors a month.  It also ranks as one of the 75 largest sites in India.

As you might expect, most all of Mr. Jatt’s traffic comes from India and Pakistan, followed by small traffic volumes from the United States and United Kingdom.

9. New Album Releases

Specializing in the latest releases, New Album Releases ( has registered nearly 80 million visits in 2017 alone. As the page title suggests, this free MP3 download site offers multiple links to the music genre of your choice. You’ll find electronic, indie, jazz, blues, pop, rap, rock, and more.

As the RIAA notes, New Album Releases makes available a substantial amount of newly-released content.  It hosts content on popular cyberlocker websites like and, and provides uses with direct MP3 download links.

 10. RnBXclusive

Speaking about the free MP3 download sites, RnBXclusive ( has grown so large that it’s caught the attention of the RIAA.  8.4 million visitors have visited and its former domain,

RnBXclusive focuses more on the hottest R&B and hip-hop tracks and albums.  It provides direct MP3 download links on zippyshare, uploaded, and other popular cyberlockers.

11. Daily New Jams

With an Alexa ranking of 8,733, and over 8.4 million visits in the past year, Daily New Jams ( provides mainly American music. You’ll find free MP3 download links to artists like Ty Dolla $ign, Maluma, Noah Cyrus, and more.

Based in the Ukraine, the website owner may also manage OBCDrive, a cyberlocker where full tracks and albums are hosted.

12. BeeMP3

Instead of providing a main hub to the top albums hosted on cyberlockers, BeeMp3 ( has a different approach.  You’ll find a search engine with links to the top free MP3 download sites based on the song of your choice.  Simply type in the MP3 song of your choice, and BeeMP3 takes care of the rest.

Last month, the website registered 13+ million visits, a huge jump over competitors.  The website draws huge traffic from the United Kingdom and the United States.


13. ClanMP3

As the site owner admitted on Facebook, most ISPs have blocked access to MP3Clan (  Yet, the main website still draws in millions of visitors.  As with BeeMP3, MP3Clan provides a search bar.  Simply enter the song or album that you’re looking for, and ClanMP3 takes care of the rest.

MP3Clan provides direct links to infringing content, including recent albums like Taylor Swift’s Reputation and Pink’s Beautiful Trauma.   However, site administrators have admitted that not all links may work.

And now for some truly massive sites for mp3 music downloads…

These other sites fit into slightly different categories. One is a YouTube to MP3 converter, the other a torrent hub.  But both are absolutely huge sources for mp3 downloading.  In fact, they are among the largest sites in the world, across all categories.

14. Tubidy MP3

Promising links to free mp3 download sites,  BeeMP3 provides a straight search bar.  Yet, its main website ( doesn’t provide links to YouTube to MP3 stream ripping.

That’s where Tubidy MP3 ) comes in.  Ranked among the top stream rippers, the website receives nearly 1 million unique visits a month.  Simply enter the YouTube URL, and Tubidy MP3 takes care of the rest.

15. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
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The music industry has been trying to shut down the Pirate Bay for more than ten years.  So has Hollywood, the FBI, and the entire gaming industry.

It’s not working. Amazingly, as of this writing, the Pirate Bay lives at its old harbor,  Personally, I can’t understand how that’s even possible, but go see for yourself.

According to SimilarWeb, the Pirate Bay easily remains one of the largest free mp3 music download destinations in the world.  As of September, the Pirate Bay drew more than 250 million visitors — a month.   And it keeps shifting locations, despite endless raids, shutdowns, and imprisonments.

The Pirate Bay is a torrent hub, which means it’s a repository of torrent links.  That’s entirely different from a YouTube to MP3 converter, and preferred by those seeking full albums and movies.  That is, in massive quantities.

Now, with the shutdown of Kickasstorrents, TPB is mounting a comeback to the torrenting throne.  And the war on the piracy high seas continues.


Top image by John Trainor, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).

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    Paul outstanding advertising article for getting free music. Didn’t know 9 of these sites but now I do. Thanks buddy! Great journalism

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      Can someone clarify? Are these sites doing this legally? How?

    • Arthur

      I would have to do some digging for the exact legal code, case citations and other trappings, but the law for entertainment distribution sets clear legal benchmarks for each type of media determining the legal point at which said media can be distributed without the artists explicit consent, though that mark is soft as a priest and as thin as a spider web. it will stand in court, though, as will the infamous marbury v madison defense

    • Priscilla

      Great list. Checked most of these sites. NOTHING comes even close to ZippyAudio!

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    Of course, it’s NOT legal! I fckng hate assholes who steal music. Appreciate the info Paul.

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      Go screw yourself. If I enjoy something I will still buy it but because I want to have it 2 weeks or a month early that’s my business. Artidt getting lazy so if it’s garbage I won’t waste my money. U don’t like it SUCK MY COCK, CALL THE COPS…LOL

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    This is b.a.d., no, this is VERY B.A.D.,
    can we send out a nuclear warhead to these internet portals and knock them
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  4. Jeremy Calvis

    Thank you for list 🙂 YouTubeMP3 is pretty nifty!

    I recommend you check out SongRepo because it’s easily the fastest for music downloads, and I’ve come to trust it over the years. Pretty sure you can’t get any better. No Ads and works on any device.

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    This is also a good site for free music downloads –

    All of the songs are legal because they are given away by the artist (permission to share is obtained from each artist).

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    I can’t open The Pirate Bay anyhow. Many music sources can already be found on YouTube. It only needs a video converter like WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory to download & convert the videos to MP3.

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    SongRepo is a music website which let’s you stream any track on Earth aswel as download mp3s to phone or computer in one click with no fees, signup or adverts. No gimmicks, no time wasting, no catch whatsoever.

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