What Are the Top Instagram Video Downloader Apps?

The Instagram video downloader.
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As Instagram videos explode, fans are increasingly looking to keep a memento.  But how can artists keep a collection of everything that’s getting uploaded, especially from shows?  Welcome to the latest utility: the Instagram video downloader.  Here are the top apps.

Quick note: An Instagram video downloader can be used to store videos, or simply repost videos within Instagram (or other social networks).  Typically, blasting out clips from a previous night’s performance can be really helpful for fans and followers.   You might want to keep a collection as well.  For other uses, reposting videos shouldn’t be done without contacting the copyright owner.  Now, on with the review!

1. Instagram Video Downloader (web)

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Developer: w3toys.

This is a pretty simple video downloader that works best from a desktop.  Just clip the url of the Instagram video you want, and hit go.  A quick download dialog box will appear, which allows you to designate where you want the video MP4 to go.

Instagram Video Downloader is most popular in the US, India, Argentina, Mexico, and the UK, according to SimilarWeb.  Check it out, here.

2. DownloadGram (web)

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Developer: DownloadGram

This is also an incredibly simple program for desktop Instagram downloads.  Just like Instagram Video Downloader, DownloadGram creates an MP4 download after you enter the video url.  Once you’ve got your video, you quickly re-post them inside of Instagram to your fans.

Or, better yet, spread it across your entire fan network on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Check out DownloadGram here. 

3. Repostly (iOS)

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Developer: Futerox Interactive.

This is a great app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) users.  It isn’t about saving the actual videos though (for that, try #1 or 2).  But, it’s great for quickly copying and pasting both videos and photos for re-posting.

Actually, here’s the simple process for grabbing and re-sending.
1. Open Instagram, grap picture url
2. Paste in the app and repost

Got it?  That said, removing watermarks and ads require in-app purchases.  It’s about $2 to clean up the experience.  But if you’re committed to keeping it free, this app isn’t for you.

Check it Repostly, here.

4. Video Downloader for Instagram (Android)

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Developer: Bravoo

Video Downloader for Instagram is a popular Android app.  It enables quick Instagram downloads for storage, and reposting later.  It actually offered the same functionality for Vine, though that network is shutting down.

The process is pretty simple.  Video Downloader for Instagram gives you the ability to grab a video from any public Instagram channel.  That goes for photos as well.

This app has a pretty favorable rating, though lots of people are complaining about ads.  You can check it out here.

5. SaveGram (iOS)

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Developer: com.ytzong

SaveGram is pretty cool because it actually saves your Instagram videos and photos into your iPhone photo collection.  That’s an added advantage, because it enables re-posting across all of your social media accounts.

That may be enough for a quick blaster.  But you then have the option of taking those clips and photos and saving them to your cloud drive.  That could be useful for incorporating performance videos into a subsequent music video, for example.  Or, splicing those clips into a broader live performance video release.

Check out SaveGram here.  

6. InstaSaver for Instagram (Android)

Developer: skwirrl

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InstaSaver for Instagram offers the ability to save video and photos. But is also offers the complete package of captions and hashtags.  Then, selected elements can simply be re-posted.

Or, you can decide to simply leave stuff like hashtags out.

Then, the artist can simply re-post aspects from dedicated fans to other social networks.  Viewing downloaded media is easy in your Android media gallery.  URL cutting-n-pasting is required, though downloads are processed in the background.

InstaSaver got a solid 4.5 rating in the Google Play Store, with more than 37,000 reviews.  Check it out, here.

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