A List of Musicians Who Publicly Endorsed Donald Trump

Donald Trump Rally
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Plenty of artists endorsed Hillary Clinton, including Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga.  Even more publicly bashed Donald Trump.  But what musicians publicly supported and endorsed Trump? Here’s a list.

Ted Nugent

“He would kick ass and take names, and that’s what America needs right now.”

(comments on the Rita Cosby Show)

Tila Tequila

“They’ll try, but FAIL! I mean look at my LEADING CANDIDATE @realDonaldTrump bamboozling everyone! I take some credit…”


Loretta Lynn

“Trump has sold me – what more can I say?”

(comment to Reuters)

Wayne Newton

“I love Donald, and he would make a great president.”

(comments to ‘Fox & Friends‘).

Pat Boone

Trump has “vast business experience and proven executive experience.”


Larry Gatlin

Talk about really what you’re going to do with ISIS… I want to see how you are going to take 11 million people on day two of your presidency and, you know, put them on trains and all that, get them to [go] back to Mexico. Come on Donald, we don’t believe that, it’s not going to happen… I’ll vote for him but I’m not going to tell anybody else to.”

(comments to Fox Business)

Filipp Kirkorov

“If Donald Trump will be president, the relationship between our countries will be much much better, closer. I pray for that because I miss something very special between Russia and America.”

Comments to BBC.

Naked Cowboy

“The guy’s like Superman.  He’s a leader to guard and protect our country.”

(real name Robert John Burke; comments to Cincinnati Enquirer.)

Red Steagall

Named to Trump’s Agriculture Advisory Committee, August, 2016.

Young Dro

“I’m into politics. I feel good about politics and the way it’s going down. I hope Donald Trump do win. Go Trump!”

(interview with HipHopDX)

Azealia Banks

“I REALLY want Donald Trump to win the election.”

(Tweet, later rescinded)

Aaron Carter

“@realDonaldTrump Does America want to have a president who FOLLOWS or someone who leads? I vote For @realdonaldtrump.”


Later rescinded:

“I have decided I will not be voting for Donald Trump. I’ve seen a lot and to ME. it’s just something I can’t take part in. Too many reasons.”


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  1. Shit Boy

    A pedophile president and a consolidated police state with the rise of the , Grand Wizard. . .

    • Remi Swierczek

      You are Shit Boy.
      Roll up the sleeves and start to build your own future.

      Music industry needs exactly the same shake-up! Era of Lucian Grainge and Doug Morris streaming suicide has to end NOW.

    • A real American

      WTF are you talking about! You’re all a bunch of ignorant millennails that don’t know shit about this country, the Constitution or American History. You were all too young to remember what this country was like in the ’70s & ’80’s or you were born when Clinton was in office while he was hoe-ing around on his future murderous wife. So either do your homework, pick up a history book , read the Constitution and learn. Republicans ENDED slavery. ..DemoRATS STARTED THE KKK. And Republicans started the NRA to protect the freed slaves from the KKK! So STFU! Either research, take the red pill and become a patriot or move the fuck outta this country. If you want Socialism so much…move to Venezuela and see how quick you get your throat slit over a roll of toilet paper. Nothing is for free. Yay! Socialism! We’re everyone starves equally! Fucking idiots!!!!

      • See what it’s like in the Ukraine

        I didn’t choose to be American hun. If it was up to me I wouldn’t be. See in Canada people actually are able to be free and be themselves without worry. However here Mexican children are being kidnapped and put up for adoption simply because of where they come from. Also the wall is a stupid idea and a waste of time and money because unless the wall is touching the sky it isn’t gonna stop people from going on planes to get to America. People never understand until they’re put in those types of situations smh

        • Joe Blow

          I am a Canadian …and I chose to be American. So much so I joined the service and became an Army Ranger and did my 4 years to become a citizen and yes I did see combat. I love Trump and everything he stands for and support him and all of his agenda . I did not sneeK across the border and shout out “what are you gona do for me ” or “I have rights to be here at your exspense. As far as I am concerned Go to freaking Canada and let me sugest Red Dear Alberta . Trust me comming from a shit whole country like the places in South America Canada has the shit hole jobs and life style you are looking for . AND THEY WILL GIVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE !!!. SO GO THERE INSTEAD

    • Anonymous

      First off dumbass, trump is not a pedophile,actually he has busted more pedophiles and child sex trafficking rings more than then any administration. You sir or she or whatever you identify as, trump is the greatest president we have ever had!! Build the wall and take the fight to the illuminati. The new world order will fail and jesus will prevail over evil. So before you start talking shit on someone, do you’re research you mentally enslaved moron

    • carol

      you really are shit. are you talking about obama? he was a creep but I don’t think a pedo.

      shitty boy.

  2. Feyd Rautha

    Are you sure this is a list of musicians? Maybe you meant magicians.

  3. Chris

    Was going through this list while thinking, “please don’t let anyone I like be on it”.
    Nobody was.

  4. Rick Shaw

    Also known as…a list of artists who I will never patronize. What a group of forward-thinking, creative minds.

    • J.D.

      There’s a lot more than you know. Most Hollywood elites and musicians all live in a bubble and don’t give a shit about GENUINE people cuz….hell why should they?! They have all the money and we’re just pieces of shit

  5. Anonymous

    The right is like Aerosmith and the left is like Tiny Tim…young Dems. Google Tiny Tim

  6. LeeAnna

    I’m sure there are many more.Its a shame the wusses won’t speak up for OUR President.

  7. Anonymous

    Also the elite paint this negative picture and all the coverage is 90 percent negative,you know why they hate him? He don’t molest children,worship the devil,or is in the club

    • Double Standards

      Funny how so many child molesters are sexually deprived religious people who claim to worship god. If Jesus had existed today, these so called followers of god would be calling him a bleeding heart liberal SJW.

  8. Jackson

    Obama and dems also passed bills to keep out illegal immigrants, even built some of the holding cells down there. Where were you liberals then? Nothing to say about that? True Americans voted for Mr. Trump because he’s not your regular dip shit politician, thank God. He speaks his mind and doesn’t take any shit. Exactly what a President should be. 4 MORE YEARS