Shia LaBeouf Can Rap! Shocking Freestyle Surprises Sway In the Morning…

Shia LaBeouf Shatters Five Fingers of Death at Sway in the Morning
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Shia LaBeouf + Sway in the Morning + Five Fingers of Death = Solid rhymes.

Who knew Shia LaBeouf could freestyle with the best of them?

Sway in the Morning features a pretty daunting challenge, mostly reserved for rappers. Known as the Five Fingers of Death, MCs are challenged with a freestyle rap over five different beats back to back. The beats are compiled and change in a time period. They features different genres. The hardest part? MCs don’t know what he or she will freestyle to until the beat drops. Top names in the industry, like Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Bow Wow, Lecrae, and more. You can check out more names here.

Shia LaBeouf stopped by Sway in the Morning. He’s known for his roles in popular movies like the first Transformers movies, and others like Indiana Jones. LaBeouf decided to take on the Five Fingers of Death freestyle challenge. In a surprise move, he actually dropped some pretty solid rhymes.

LaBeouf started off, saying,

“Get ready, get set, this a meme/This is wild, this a childhood dream/I’m that guy, though/All pride, yo.”

Continuing on, he says,

“1Oak, that’s a dumb club/I don’t go there, but I get dumb love/Legend [expletive], trash you heard, that’s all alleged [expletive]/Plagiarists stay makin’ [expletive]/Greatest gifts come from painful [expletive]/Truth is? I’mma true G/Only white kid with Big in a Coogi tatted to me/And Tupac too, and Missy on my two knees/Dude, please askin’ bout my tats like a groupie/Whenever the truth’s required, I’m hired/I’m the go-to guy for fire.”

He isn’t dismayed by the changes in the beats, as the flow goes on.

“Eat right, stay kosher/Shirt folder, good kid, slow roller like a hurt bowler/God damn I’m here, you’re nowhere/You’re poser/I’m poster/You’re no sir/I’m closer/To toaster/I’m solar/You’re nervous/I’m not sir, I’m rockstar/You’re novice/I’m on this/I’m Costner, I’m Kevin/You’re second to a monster.”

Sway was absolutely impressed. He declared Shia “[the] number one MC in Hollywood.” Before that, he called out whack rappers, along with LaBeouf.

Check out the video below.

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Dude already got caught once (that I know of) passing off some underground group’s rhymes as a “freestyle.” Bet half this is stolen, too.

  2. Puck Folice

    This just shows how dumb rap really generally is. There are exceptions like Ice Cube, Ice T and Chuck D, but there is so..much…stupidity.