Despite a two year lull, Pornhub says its Pornhub Records ‘extension’ is still going.

It started in late 2014.  It was Pornhub Records, an unexpected foray for a site known exclusively for online porn.  The splashy announcement featured a song contest to create the Pornhub anthem, with producer Scott Storch evaluating the entries.

And then, nothing.  So whatever happened to Pornhub Records?

Actually, the idea sounded pretty interesting.  Beyond the anthem, the company was looking to develop music that went beyond ‘the action’ in clips.  That meant creating music that contained “mature lyrics for an adult audience,” according to company vice president Cory Price.

“No boy bands or teen-pop,” Price said at the time.

Leading up the launch, Pornhub noticed some unexpected musical submissions.  And artists were finding a great, raunchy crowd that didn’t mind something dirty.  DJ FaltyDL, for example, uploaded a well-received adult clip, while Xiu Xiu garnered serious attention for their NSFW track, ‘Black Dick.’

And maybe the best upload came from German rockers Rammstein, whose on-stage antics started long before broadband porn came along.  The band’s track, ‘Pussy,’ gained popularity on another adult site back in 2009, and since spread onto Pornhub.

And… Coolio?

There was even a TMZ-fueled rumor that rapper Coolio was inking a major deal with the label.  Turn out to be false: “If I want to see porn, I’ll put a mirror next to my bed,” Coolio joked.

Rumors aside, all of that momentum sounded like foreplay to a serious content romp.  But after the initial splash, we’ve heard almost nothing on artists being signed or developed.  And there haven’t been any updates of collaborations with adult actors, either from producers or artists themselves.

So has Pornhub Records been shut down?

We caught up with Price this week to see where things are at with the Pornhub Records expansion.  And it sounds like it’s not quite shelved, but maybe getting there.  “Here at Pornhub we have been focusing on other endeavors as of late,” Price told DMN.  “But by no means does that mean Pornhub Records is defunct.”

If the label expansion is on ice, perhaps the right artist deal could re-spark the idea.  “In fact, we are very much open for business and always looking to collaborate with the right artists,” Price continued.  In terms of what type of talent the label is seeking, Price said that spans the gamut.  “We’re interested in well-established or up-and-comers looking to take their music to the mainstream.”

“Drop us a line…or a beat… if you think you have what it takes.”

And where exactly should artists submit their materials?  Try

3 Responses

  1. Sammy Sarsaparilla

    It’s a bit of a sticky situation as most broad-minded artists would still be a little uncomfortable signing with a label with this name..

    If they created a separate entity with a different name somewhat removed from
    the subject of the main site.. and ran it like a broad-appeal digital music download or streaming site then it may create some hits..

    If they inked up with a digital music aggregator platform then it could really make an impact if the right content comes their way…

  2. Anonymous

    i.e. there isn’t enough money to be made in music to make it worthwhile.