BrandSpins Acquires Sync Licensing Firm MusicDealers

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MusicDealers won’t be disappearing after all, thanks to an acquisition by Las Vegas-based BrandSpins.

Several months ago, sync licensing firm MusicDealers closed its doors after eight years.  The company, which scored a critical deal with Coca-Cola in 2011, simply wasn’t able to service its debt and match enough lucrative partnerships.  Things went dark on July 28th, though the company left considerable assets on the table.

Now, someone has structured an acquisition: Las Vegas-based BrandSpins, headed by music media entrepreneur Billy Tuchscher.  According to BrandSpins and Tuchscher, MusicDealers actually has a lot worth saving, including a massive catalog and tons of brand relationships.

In 2015, MusicDealers scored $15 million in licensing revenue across TV, games, radio, YouTube, and even GoPro.  Over its multi-year lifespan, the company had multiple offices and roughly 50 employees at its peak.

Of course, 2016 proved more hostile, but that didn’t erase the considerable infrastructure and possibilities.  “It’s a perfect fit for us,” Tuchscher explained.  “We have a catalog of 57 million digital songs, and we’re building a music distribution business that helps artists to sell more music, become more famous, and make more money. does all of that.”

‘The world’s largest pre-cleared music catalog.’

The deal gives BrandSpins access to a massive song catalog, not to mention brand relationships.  According to the company, MusicDealers actually boasts ‘the world’s largest pre-cleared music catalog’.  Plus, it’s client roster included lots of world renowned brands.  That includes Coca-Cola, but also McDonald’s, Disney, Budweiser, Nike, Visa, HBO, Sony, BMW, Airbnb, Bacardi, MTV, NBC, Converse, CBS, FIFA, and the Olympics Games.

That will offer a big boost to BrandSpins, whose model includes the construction of ‘brand-customized’ digital stores for e-commerce sites.  Indeed, brands are constantly trying to maximize music to connect with customers.  “ helps artists sell their music for commercial purposes,” Tuchscher continued.  “It’s the easiest place for advertising agencies, TV networks, movie studios and major brands to find the music they need.”

Undoubtedly, more details on the merged enterprise will be disclosed in the coming weeks.