Digital Music News Is Shooting a Commercial. Want to Be In It?

Digital Music News Is Shooting a Commercial
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Digital Music News has just partnered with YouTube to make a commercial.  It’s all about the publication, our readers, and our music industry community.  Want to be a part of it?

Updated 11/19: We’ve already gotten responses from a number of top executives (inside and outside the business) and even a big rapper.  US, international, etc.  We’re putting together the scripts now, so please let us know if you want in!  In the comments please put your contact info or reach out to us at

Here’s the deal: YouTube asked us if we wanted to create a commercial.  It’s more a video ‘about us’ that we can use to expand, promote, and grow.  We’ll also use the spot to demonstrate what this publication is all about to future partners, including investors and partner publications.

We said yes.  But only if we could put some of our most dedicated readers and partners into the spot.

The reason is that we’re so much more than just a music industry publication.  We’re a community of people in the music industry, and a growing resource for people trying to navigate this space.  That includes everyone from major label execs, tech startups, artists, and songwriters, with almost everyone in between.

So jump into our spot, and tell ’em that you read us!  We’re thinking something simple like, ‘I read Digital Music News’ with a chyron of your name and company.  Or, maybe you can give us a shout out at your packed show (like Kanye).

We’re shooting in a few weeks in and around Santa Monica, which means anyone hanging around Los Angeles is game.  If you won’t be in the area, no worries: we can integrate a video clip that you create.

Then, we’re going to blast the spot on our site, throughout YouTube, and eventually, other platforms.

Want to be part of it?  Send a note to, or just drop something in the comment stream below.

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks! Paul.

15 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    For free?

    Seriously, Paul — use Famebit or Fiverr or if you need influencers.

    • Osiris Munir

      We read Digital Music News and look forward to getting it each day. Love the insightful discussions and articles written. Photojournalist here not a musician however a,16 year industry vet trained at WME and Universal Music Group.

    • PiratesWinLOL

      and yves villeneuve! together these two will make DMN a 100 billion dollar business, through discovery moment monetization or something.

  2. Nicky Knight

    I think it’s a great idea..

    If I wasn’t a recluse I’d be in like flynn !!

  3. Evan

    Don’t lie guys, this is such a hypocritical move. “We said yes. But only if we could put some of our most dedicated readers and partners into the spot.”

    What you meant was you want people to show support because you want to raise money and get sponsors. And you also want people to help you do this for free. Even though you write all the time about how people should be compensated. The first thing in this article should have expressed how this will benefit the supporters, since it clearly expresses how it benefits you. Even some free breakfast, some post with links to people’s social media, anything to extend a hand could be appreciated. But don’t bother now, its too late to correct.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Yeah, we’re making this ad to build DMN, which I mentioned in the article. And part of what will help us grow is if we’re connecting with the music industry, show we want to show that we are.

      And we’ve gotten some pretty awesome responses so far.

      You could have just said ‘no’.

  4. Anonymous

    Evan that’s a rather nasty post.. if you have such a negative attitude then why do you come here..

  5. Josh G

    Its true, DMN has some interesting articles now and again but I agree with Evan. This is pretty bad.

  6. M Roberson

    Ok time to move on..points were made. Love DMN and the idea. Its informative, on point, entertainment, music, technology all in one place. New York based actress..but I’m SAG so you already know the deal…no freebie. Anyho love the idea.

  7. Rick Shaw

    No thanks. I prefer to keep what self-respect I have left after being in this industry.

  8. The mirror

    Really Paul? Lots of industry insiders and a big rapper? But you’re still scraping for more free support. Stop it. (Don’t be frustrated, you created this monster)