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As the holidays get started and people take a little break, we thought it would be great to get some networking started.  So please: introduce yourself to the Digital Music News community below!

Here are some things to include:

who are you?

where are you taking the music industry?

what are you writing, composing, or arranging?

what are you trying to figure out?

who are you looking to partner with?

what music are you listening to?

what’s great about the industry? what needs to be fixed?

Start a discussion, ask a question, answer a question, spark a debate.  Include as much detail as you’d like, including links, images, whatever.  Shameless plugs encouraged.

And Happy Thanksgiving!

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38 Responses

  1. Paul Resnikoff

    Hey everyone! I’m Paul from DMN. We’re trying to build a kick ass music industry news source, community, and overall resource. Thanks for being a part of it.

    What am I listening to? New xx is pretty cool, in fact, anything that samples Hall & Oates is automatically great. A little classic Phil Collins for November works. And kind of digging the Weeknd of late, though has anyone noticed he sounds eerily like Michael Jackson on his latest cut w/ Daft Punk?

    • KO Roberts

      Im KO Roberts and my company is called iDitty. We are a digital distribution platform poised to replace the CD. We manufacture a product that looks like a backstage pass but wokrks as a download. The artist can now deliver their music, videos, pictures, text documents such as their bio, and social media all in one ecosystem. We prevent copyright infringement and can increase the artists revenue exponentially by delivering exclusive content and VIP experiences etc. We’re working with all the major labels and many independents. Check us out at or email me at

  2. D. S. Bradford

    Hi! My name is David a.k.a D. S. Bradford. Music artist, composer for media, influencer, and writer looking for opportunities to share my experiences with people in the music and tech industries. I like to write about new trends and ways to help make the music business work for us by using creative ways to market and create a brand. If interested, have a listen to my latest: Elemental Evolution: and reach out to me on Twitter:
    I just want to make some new friends! Let’s talk about music!

  3. David Jameson

    I’m Dr. David Jameson with Deskew Technologies, LLCs. We are the developers of Gig Performer ( which is a new cross platform (Mac and Windows) audio plugin host designed explicitly for live performing musicians as well as live sound engineers. This application came about due to my (and others for that matter) dissatisfaction with other applications that try to address this area.

    I also play keyboards and the Eigenharp and tour internationally with The Security Project ( and indeed many of the features in Gig Performer were driven by actual on-stage experiences by myself and others.

    As for my musical tastes, I’m vaguely stuck in the 70s prog world and still mourning the death of my keyboard hero, Keith Emerson.

  4. Nicky Knight's thoughts..

    Hi Paul, I think DMN is a great information and gossip website about the business end of the recorded music scene (sometimes known as the recorded music racket…).

    About the things I like:

    I’m all about super catchy Pop songs with instant hooks and state-of-the-art
    dance music production elements.

    My top pop producers/writers and remixers are:
    Max Martin (no surprise there – a true master of the game)
    Mike Stock (great UK pop with surprise chord movements)
    Disco Pirates (fantastic remixes)
    Mike Chapman (yes he’s back in the game.. classic pop and pop/rock)

    Favorite musical instrument: Keyboards and Piano
    Favorite DAW: Cubase Pro 8.5 and Logic Pro X
    Currently using Cubase Pro 8.5

    Favorite music key: C Major/A Minor
    Trickiest music keys: F# and B

    This weeks favorite song: “For Me” by “Chloe Rose”

    Top choice cities for networking in the pop music recording business:
    Los Angeles and London (interchangeable order).

    The future of Recorded Pop:
    Internet Streaming i.e. Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube
    (and who knows what’s around the corner…)

    That iTunes keeps going…

    More songwriting and production teams being setup by music entrepreneurs
    focusing on creating the hits for a new generation.

    There’s still millions to be made out of big global hits..

    The number 1 ingredient is the song (as corny as that might sound..)

  5. The Music Business Network L.L.C.

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Kathryn N Sano and I am the Founder/Executive Director of The Music Business Network. We are in our 8th year of operating and are re-launching our site (after we restructured to further assist our members) on January 1st. Prior to our restructure and implementation of our new platform, we had over 4,000 active members members located throughout 52+ different countries, “buy in,” to the idea of The Network. Our mission is simple. We exist to assist creatives in achieving their career goals (via education, digital and physical networking, opportunities and much more).

    This is a comprehensive network dedicated solely to professionals. Hobbyists are not allowed and all members are heavily screened for reliability and reputability.

    Please visit our website ( to obtain more information about The Music Business Network and join our community today!

    We’re Running A Special Thanksgiving promotion (starting today and ending on 11/30/16) Where You Can Gain Early Access To The Network!

    The Complimentary Invitation Code Is: THANK YOU and is only valid for, “Start Me Up,” membership types (membership upgrades are free however, you must contact us to obtain one). If you attempt to use this code on any other membership type your access will be denied.

    This is an amazing community filled with the best and brightest individuals in the music and entertainment industries.

    We look forward to you joining!

    ~ Kathryn N. Sano

    • Remi Swierczek

      Nice but not brilliant!
      I would say bit arrogant with your HOBBYISTS not allowed policy.
      You sound like government or United Nations agency.

      Are you branch of ignorant Music Business World? – The mouth piece of Sir Lucian and his UMG suicide team?

  6. Andy

    Hi everyone! I’m Andy from Bandtraq. It’s a service that helps to keep tabs on your favorite artists by aggregating updates from social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and tracking new videos, releases and concerts into one simple feed. Everything related to the artists you like in one place. You can also subscribe to style tags to see what’s going on in a specific music style, or explore recommendations based on your favorite artists.
    We’re still in beta, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Check us out at

    • Remi Swierczek

      However you are, you are not me and YOU are misjudging the only RE-DESIGNER and savior of music business.

      Sorry for delay, but I am still finishing the management of Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend flooring harvest! At any time, you need flooring just call in your order and ask 10% Off “Remi” special.

      Back to f..up MUUUUUSSSIC, I am an inventor of Shazam style music ID service gone stray to free music PIMPING service! Today Shazam, Sounhound, Gracenote, Google (the biggest), Microsoft and few lyric ID services serve free of charge to 3 (three) billion freeloaders as a providers of FREE FRESHLY discovered music. ID it and go to YouTube and you are THE OWNER.

      My ne Patent Pending Discovery Moment Monetization is overdue for execution.
      $200B music business based on DISCOVERY MOMENT MONETIZATION is (and must be) obvious to total idiot. We can convert 100,000 global Radio stations, 3 to 4 million public spots and 7 STUPID streamers to simple music stores. Play the best (all of you) and charge for addition to personal playlist! SIMPLE!

      More chaotic info on abandoned blog

      Larry Page, the moonshot seeker, Google and YouTube required to have $100B music industry by 2020, $200B music industry by 2025 and $300B music industry by 2030!

      Do you want help music and musicians? Help me to connect with Larry Page!

        • Remi Swierczek

          “You are an idiot” Whoever you are there is is not much hope for you!
          Are you gutless Sir Lucian by chance?

          • Remi Swierczek

            No, I am Larry Page. Meet your maker, you son of a bitch.

  7. light:box:therapy

    Songwriter/bedroom producer working on an 8 track in my apt – I focus mainly on film/Tv placements – oddly (not sure why) 🙂 I’ve been writing political songs as of late – here’s a couple versions of my latest effort ~
    Dark Money (Live from Dave’s shed) –
    Dark Money (acoustic) –
    Dark Money (acoustic video) –
    my links
    soundcloud –
    twitter –
    spotify –

    thanks Paul..

  8. Mr.Mrg

    Hello World.

    I am Michael Goldsmith.

    My Artist Identity is: Mr.Mrg

    What I am bringing to the Industry? I don’t know. The Industry will pick and choose what they think I’m bringing regardless of what I say.

    I write Idea’s and my own philosophies.

    I write about life events, things I see and have experienced.

    I focus more on bringing Truth and Reality to the Music Industry. What’s going on in the world and around us.

    Currently, On a Massive scale I am releasing hundreds of sound samples and song samples all over Social Media, Sound Cloud, YouTube Ect. Leah McHenry claimed that this is ” Winging it ” But I would only see it that way If I was Immediately trying to profit. I produce currently Alternative Rap/Hip-Hop Sounds.

    I am 100% unprofessional and have no way to make professional sound.

    Everything I’ve released in recent history ( past 4 years ) has just been recorded with my Cell Phone Video and the Instrumentals were played on my 42″ Flat Screen Volume blasted at 90+ decibels.

  9. Gregg Young

    Hi Gregg Young here, a multi genre award winning artist: Singer/song writer, guitarist, ASCAP Composer/Publisher, Grammy voting member, founder & CEO Shore Records, music director & “house band” leader @ Dome Arclight Ent. Ctr. Hollywood. Great to meet you all. New album, Portraits, is considered in 3 categories for a Grammy. Bringing back hit instrumentals.

  10. Shit Boy

    I don’t even like this business anymore because I’m not making any money on the retail side. They got my distribution locked out . The only way I get paid in this shit or at least compete is when I drive my syndicate deep into the financial sector of the ‘ MatriX Systems ‘ then I can prosper –:: I done did until it was done 700 Billion USD in less than 30 days. I don’t like this mess !

  11. Elizabeth de Moya

    Hello, I’m the Blog Manager at BPM Supreme, the #1 digital music pool. Check us out.

    • Satori

      Hi! Is it possible to get your contact info? We manage some well known artists

  12. Sergey Bludov

    I’m Sergey Bludov – Senior VP of Media and Entertainment Practice at DataArt, global network of technology consulting and software services firm. I am based in NYC and my focus is on serving the technology design and development needs for clients in entertainment, music, publishing, advertising and sports industries. You can connect with me on LinkedIn @sbludov

  13. Lavina

    Lyricist, on a never-ending mission to correct bad lyrics! Join me.

  14. Dms

    A bunch of failed musicians and bitter old people, what a total surprise.
    No one gives a shit about your community, all you’ve done is make money out of shit journalism and click bait. It’s hardly the next Facebook Is it paul

    • Paul Resnikoff

      “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

      W. Churchill

  15. Satori

    Hi Everyone! I am Satori Ananda @satori06 across all socials (TW,IG,SC). I am the Chief of Staff at W.A.R. Media – management company. Our roster includes or has included : Pharoahe Monch, Pete Rock, Statik Selektah, Mr Porter Aka Kon Artis of D12, Jean Grae, Mickey Factz, Da Dreak, Mystic, Combat Jack & more.

    I am also the co founder of SocialWerk, social media training and strategy company for indie artists.

    Besides our roster I am big in alternative r&b or hip hop soul like Frank Ocean, Bryson Tiller, Rahzil Blackwell, 6lack etc.

    Would be happy to connect well except with the grouches. Sheesh

  16. Tito Lopez

    who are you? Oscar Lopez a.k.a Tito Lopez, Radio Director at Caracol Television, the leading broadcasting company of Colombia. I am in charge of Blu Radio, which in only 4 years has become the second News/Talk Radio of the country, competing against heritage radio netwroks like Caracol Radio and RCN Radio. My responsabilities also include the launch of our new Regional Mexicano and Popular Colombiano music format ‘La Kalle’. I have been working in Radio for the last 40 years, especially in music stations as National Program Director and General Manager. I have participated in the launch of succesful stations in Colombia, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica and Portugal.

    where are you taking the music industry? We are introducing the Regional Mexicano format into Colombia, a market of more than 45 million people. ‘La Kalle’, the station that we are launching, is a hybrid between a Radio Stationd and a Music TV Channel in TDT HD, which also will be streamed via UStream and Facebook Live.

    what are you trying to figure out? Trying to understand why Record Companies are so difficult to work with in a project like ours. It seems like they just want to stop our project instead of collaborating to launch this innovative combo.

    what music are you listening to? I am a Rock fan, but at the moment I am studying everything about Regional Mexicano music, trying to understand it, especially Banda, which is a strange mix of Tuba, guitars, trumpets, clarinets and percussion.

  17. Sean Gaston

    Hey everybody! My name is Sean Gaston, currently living in Tokyo, the magical land where they still buy CDs. I’ve recently been hired by a record company here in Japan to help with promotion of their artists in the US and Europe. I’m a complete newbie to the music industry, so DMN and the daily updates (esp. comments) have been quite educational.

    If anyone has any tips on publishing, distribution, sync or events of non-US artists, I’d love to hear your ideas.

    We represent J-POP, rock, jazz, soul and New Age artists, including: FUDANJUKU,
    ACOON HIBINO, X4, BEGIN and more.

    Music recently discovered: Daughn Gibson, Babymetal, Estrons
    I can be found on LINKEDIN –

  18. Ryan

    Hi All

    I’m Ryan Tucker. I’m a South African Intellectual property and music and entertainment lawyer, looking to make connections across the world to assist my clients in various areas of the music industry be successful.

    I have some South African artists that are my clients that are trying to break into the international industry.

    If you need assistance in South Africa, I would be more than happy to assist. Check out my website:



  19. Allen

    Hello, my name is Allen Cutler, owner of Asnazzy Productions Record Label located in Seattle, Washington USA. Our record label is a large organization with over 100 music artists around the world. We directly support and own two record labels – Asnazzy Productions and Skylar Records. Also we own and manage two Music Publishing companies.
    We are taking the music industry into a new era where we create a unique music community within the label organization. The music artists we represent get an opportunity to collaborate and share resources, as well as support each other in spreading the word about their music they produce.
    We produce many styles of music, including Electronic, Hip-Hop, and Rock.
    We are trying to figure out just how to overcome the losses taken in the download markets and develop new methods to capitalize on music streaming services worldwide.
    What’s great about the industry is that there are always new opportunities to pursue.
    What needs to be fixed is how music artists get compensated for their songs and reporting methods worldwide.

  20. rdt

    Ahoy DMN Community!

    My name is Ryan and I play in the alternative rock band, Ryan Troughton Effect. I moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and have spent my career in the music industry since, as a creative and professional.

    As an artist, my goals are to continue creating, recording, and releasing high quality content, as well as putting on epic performances for our fans. As a professional, it is my top priority to bring a segment of the Los Angeles alternative music community together, and showcase our story and sound a novel way.

    My goals are shared by a large number of friends and fellow musicians. In order to achieve this we would love to work with more active original alternative bands, curators and influencers to provide a stronger and unifying sound / image / narrative.

    The greatest trait of the music industry is its ability to reach culture in an impactful way. I believe however, that music as a product, and the industry’s strategy to manufacture both sound and aesthetic has created a hole in the market that is not being served to the typical every day listener. This can be resolved with stronger diversity in sound, more support for local / indie, and better education of how to use existing products more effectively (i.e. curation, streaming, etc.)

  21. Wendy Day

    Wendy Day is a 24-year veteran of the urban music industry. She built her career starting Rap Coalition, a not-for-profit artist advocacy organization for rappers, producers, and DJs. Educating artists is her passion, and she is well known in the rap community for having negotiated some of the best deals in urban music and helping to build the careers of many new and unknown artists who’ve gone on to super stardom. Wendy helps artists make money with music by building their own independent record labels and has worked with a veritable who’s who of rap: Cash Money Records (Juvenile, BG, Hot Boyz, Lil Wayne, Big Tymers), David Banner, No Limit Records (Master P, Mia X, Fiend, C-Murder, Beats By The Pound),Young Buck, Hurricane Chris, Slick Rick, Young Jeezy, BloodRaw, USDA, Do Or Die, Twista, Lil Boosie, Webbie,Trae Tha Truth, TMI Boyz, Trouble, UGK, and many others. If you text WENDYDAY to 44222, you can join her free email newsletter list. Follow her on social media @RapCoalition.

    DigitalRadioTracker Tracks Internet Radio Spins
    By, Wendy Day from Rap Coalition

    A few years ago, I suddenly began getting these weekly emails out of the blue from DigitalRadioTracker. I was excited because they offer valuable chart information for internet radio spins, a growth area I was closely watching. Some of my friends in the music industry have started their own internet radio stations and many others have launched internet radio shows. Additionally, I receive many interview requests and spins for my artists at internet radio. My concern with internet radio has always been that it’s next to impossible to know how many listeners are reached or how many times a song is played.

    DigitalRadioTracker tracks 5,000+ radio stations worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although most are internet radio stations, they’ve also included some terrestrial, college, commercial and non-commercial stations. This gives access to a good balance of radio beyond the traditional terrestrial FM stations that BDS or Mediabase offer. I can affordably purchase reports for projects (mine or the competition’s) to see the number of spins they are getting or have gotten historically, in what areas, on what stations, and how much total audience was reached.

    DigitalRadioTracker has proven extremely effective for use in planning tours, promotional campaigns, soliciting performances, and directly targeting a specific marketplace. Breaking new artists or gaining awareness for new projects for any artist is extremely challenging and without feedback and data, it becomes nearly impossible. I’m able to purchase individual reports about my artist or similar artists to see which cities and areas have the biggest supporters.

    Since internet radio is less encumbered by “pay for play” than traditional radio, it signals that these markets contain an organic and authentic following of fans who have discovered the music on their own. For more established artists, it confirms where and when the spins are occurring. This information can be used to plan both domestic and international tours or to book shows in the area where there is increased activity. DRT Reports from similar sounding artists shows which areas can be easily penetrated to expand the artist’s fan-base because there are obviously potential fans there.

    The DRT Reports, which are sold individually or in bundles at a discounted price, break out the station, its location, the day the song was played, the time of day it was played, which version of the song was played and the total audience that the song reached that week. There is also a choice of reports from the past going back 8 weeks for my artist or any artist or song I choose to analyze.

    After doing some research on this radio tracking company headquartered in Houston, TX, I realized DigitalRadioTracker has the ability to track all songs, even alternate versions of songs such as remixes, live versions and versions with or without featured artists. This is unique to radio tracking. Each report breaks down each version of the song and where it was played. Upon signing up for free at, I was able to purchase three different types of reports for each song I wanted:
    • Weekly Overview DRT Reports show the day and amount of spins per day at each station
    • Comprehensive DRT Reports detail the day and time of each spin at each station as well as which version was played
    • Historical DRT Reports illustrate the 8 week overview of spins per day at each station

    Today, there are approximately 41,000 internet radio stations around the world according to ( In June 2016, the US government reduced the licensing fee by half for internet-only broadcasts to $.0007 per stream. Performance fees were dropped from 9% to 8.8% and charges for webcasting at non-commercial radio stations stayed at $.0002 per stream.

    For a station with 2,000 listeners playing 15 songs per hour, the math looks like this:
    • 15 x $.0007 = $.0105 per listener/hour
    • $.0105 x 2000 = $21 for 2000 listeners in an hour
    • $21 x 24 = $504 per day
    • $504 x 365 = $184,960 per year

    The fee exceeds the gross revenues of every internet radio station. “It even exceeds the additional revenues made by traditional (terrestrial) stations that also broadcast on the Net. Even the lower rates ($.0002/stream) charged to non-commercial broadcasters are far higher than nearly all of them can afford,” according to Linux Journal (

    While SoundExchange tracks these stations and collects the mandated fees from the stations to then pay the artists from those fees, I can’t imagine they can easily chase all of the internet radio stations in the US. I can see where a DigitalRadioTracker Report would come in handy to collect artists’ fees from SoundExchange since it accurately tracks the spins of music by artist and by song. Since it’s their mandate to collect the fees, the artist is due the money.

    DigitalRadioTracker has been a wonderful addition to the music industry for artists, managers, record labels, singers, producers, songwriters, publishers and anyone who wants to track songs played at Internet radio, college radio and some terrestrial stations. The DigitalRadioTracker system logs every song played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fingerprinting or any special encoding. Unlike other tracking companies, DRT offers a risk-free guarantee! If a song has not received any spins, you get a credit to use towards another song. DigitalRadioTracker specializes in monitoring radio airplay by broadcasters of the following genres such as:
    • CHR/Pop/Top 40
    • Urban-Hip-Hop/R&B
    • Country/Americana
    • Rock/Alternative
    • Gospel/Christian/Inspirational
    • Adult Contemporary
    • Jazz/Blues/Fusion

    DigitalRadioTracker tracks songs internationally and offers weekly charts in each musical genre. The charts can be found at or you can sign up to receive them weekly via email. They are also posted on Instagram at @DigitalRadioTracker, on, on Twitter @DRTradiotracker and at

  22. Sassure

    I’m an artist/composer/author/network engineer who has also dabbled in the paranormal for some time now. A former systems administrator for Harvard University, I have channeled the spirit of John Lennon for one CD project, celebrated Salem, MA (the City of Witches) for another, and replaced blues roots with Mayan roots for yet another. My next CD project will involve using the Love Frequency in a song to see what happens, and there will be a song that was popular twenty years ago in a parallel universe. I have been asked by fans to write an Exorcism Song, a request that is still under consideration. If there is a set of rules for artists to follow in this industry, I have probably broken them all. But it’s 2016, and many changes are in the wind, as DMN well knows, so anything is possible.

  23. llornkcor

    I’ve been a musician almost my whole life, and have recorded music for many years.
    Used to run sound for a few bands, but now I make money by being a software engineer.
    Recently revamped my web site, and am slowly adding my past back to it.
    Currently make electronic psybient music.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy…