How to Lose Thousands of Fans In One Night, by Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch Frontman Ivan Moody Suffers Meltdown on Stage
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Five Finger Death Punch Frontman Ivan Moody Suffers Meltdown on Stage
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Image by Brian Werner (CC by 2.0)

It’s a simple formula, perfected by Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch.  Get drunk, meltdown on stage, lie to your fans, and infuriate your bandmates.  Any questions?

Popular heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch cut their concert short on Friday night after frontman Ivan Moody apparently dealt with the illness and subsequent loss of a family member. He told the crowd that his mother was passing on.

The group only played a total of eight songs before leaving off-stage.

After the walk-off, fans booed and yelled obscenities.  Bassist Chris Kael crawled back and told the disappointed crowd,

As you can see, tonight is a very emotional night. We came out here… We tried to put on a show for you guys, but sometimes things are heavier than even we can imagine.  So on behalf of Five Finger Death Punch, all of us, we appreciate you guys coming out.  We need to get back there and be with our frontman, we’ve gotta get back there with our brother. Take care of the family, all right? We love you, Worcester. We…love you.”

In a YouTube video uploaded by a concertgoer, Ivan Moody said,

“I won’t lie to you guys, I had a really long day.  I know, I know…My mother, my mother was that she’s passing along today.  And I chose to be here instead of with her, so thank you so much for coming… Everybody always blames me for being the frontman of this [expletive] band.  And I’m so angry, and TMZ’s all over my [expletive], which doesn’t exist. I won’t lie to you guys.  I’m going to be completely honest with you.  And I will replace every single ticket in this house.  But if I have to fly-out, thank you.  I know the one thing my mother always loved.  She liked to wash it all away.”

Here’s where this gets even more complicated.

Blabbermouth originally reported that the family member was another person who was not his birth mother.

However, Rock Feed spoke to the frontman’s sister,

Our mother is alive and well. I believe in my personal opinion that Ivan was drunk and used that as an excuse for his horrid behavior. No one in our family is sick or dying currently.

At a show in Newark, New Jersey the following night, Ivan Moody spoke about his claims.  He went off on another rant.

“I was asked not to say anything about my past.  I’ve never done what anybody told me to.  night I had a mental moment. It had nothing to do with alcohol, drugs, or any of it.  True.  Just melted down.

“The last thing I wanna do was embarrass my band, or my family, or any of you. I always make fun of Kanye West… just let me finish… I found out today he’s still in the mental institution. Don’t be rude, straight up. I never got it before. I’m starting to get it now. If it wasn’t for you beautiful [expletive], I don’t think I’d be on this stage.”

Fans at Friday’s show claim Moody was “clearly drunk.”

Rock Feed also reported that Moody had to be walked off-stage. However, this isn’t the first time the singer has suffered a meltdown on stage.  Last year, members of Five Finger Death Punch walked off stage, leaving a drunken Moody alone on stage. The group came back on to perform a forced set before finally walking off.

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  1. Brian

    I was there in Newark, sitting alongside the stage. During his performance while most of the band was off-stage on break, Moody said that “Everyone’s got two mothers” or something similar to that. He said that he had a birth mother and the mother of his house, which I assume could relate to someone who raised him aside from his birth mother. He didn’t appear drunk in Newark, though I can’t speak to Worcester as I was not in attendance then. Chris Kael performed most of the vocals for their two of their opening tracks (“Lift Me Up” and “Wash It All Away”) with Moody often skipping several lyrics in each song. He also seemed to be upset as he finished “The Bleeding” at the end of his performance, only leaving when one of his fellow performers (I believe it was Jeremy, but I was on my way out this point and did not get a clear visual) came up and hugged him.

    Also, on an unrelated note, Ivan was accidentally smacked in the face by a guitar during one of their later tracks. He made light of it when the song ended, also going to play with one of the fans in attendance, where a man threw a shirt at him repeatedly asking him to read it (it had a picture of the American flag and read “If this flag offends you, I’ll help you pack.”) Ivan’s mood seemed to swing from song to song, which, at the time, I just chalked up to showmanship and theatrics. Now, I wonder what it is that he meant by his “mental moment”.

    • Dawn

      I was at that show in Newark. There was something going on inside him but I think they put on a great show. I did see them there 2 years ago and I thought that show was so much better. This band is in the spotlight night after night. They may have an off day. They’re human. I don’t know what was going on with Ivan but I hope he is able to work it all out. Too much talent there to go to waste.

      • Brian

        I didn’t say I was pissed at the band in any way; far from it, I had the most fun I’ve ever had at a concert. But I must say, Ivan was certainly not alright from what I saw. I don’t know whether or not he was drunk or simply suffering from a nervous breakdown in Worcester, but he was clearly affected the day after.

    • Big T

      Maybe they will ostracize Ivan like ‘Tallica did to Dave Mustaine . Then Ivan can overcome his issues only to go on and create a New Dominion doing what he does best, tearing the scabs off of old relationship wounds so that we may heal. Hope to see Ivan at Rockville in Jax Florida again soon…

  2. Jay

    Worcester show was awful and we should be partially refunded! He was definitely wasted. Such a shame never again will I purchase Anything five finger!

      • Lipstick1975

        Agree! Alcoholism is a true disease. Being a fickle fan is not any help to anyone. It doesn’t help you by being angry over something you can’t change. It doesn’t help Ivan get through his problems and it sure the heck doesn’t help his band mates. I have seen Five Finger in concert way more than a dozen times over the years and they have never once let me down. I just saw them on the 16th in La Crosse and Ivan was definitely sober and did a phenomenal job as he always has done in my experience. I would know as I was close enough to shake his hand and hear him give a bunch of gear to a young female fan at the end of the concert. If I had to deal with the crap they do I would expect to have a couple breakdowns a year! Be more forgiving and learn to accept the things you cannot change.

        • Brian

          Well, it’s nice of you to defend Ivan’s problems with alcoholism, but Jay has the right to spend his money however he pleases. Should he put off a band he clearly liked but was disappointed by in person? No, but that’s his choice.

      • WorkingStiff

        Add me to the list of shitty fans. Lying, disappointing fans and bandmates, not facing your demons. Those things result in the types of problems that faced 5FDP long before Worcester. They lost the chance to tour with Black Sabbath and they’re being sued by their label. When the band finally fires Moody, are they just shitty bandmates?

      • Mike

        Shawn, you are one dumb MF, if you were in the situation where your Biological mother, Step mother or just a woman who raised you as her own passed away you would understand more. But instead, you want to sit there and be a dipshit punk bitch running your dick sucker when in all honestly no one knows the truth of what happened and all info online could be nothing but bullshit lies to get people to hate FFDP or Ivan.

    • Trotter

      I feel the same exact way. There my favorite band and in Worcester that just really pissed me off! We should definitely get REFUNDED we need to make a petition and get our money back. He needs to get his Act together and give a shit about his fans….

    • Kate

      I’m totally with you man. Knowing now that his emotional crap was completely unjustified just makes me even more angry and disappointed. If I thought it was worth it to try I’d be demanding my money back. IDGAF if that makes me a “shitty fan”, it makes me a person with not a lot of money who splurged and got very disappointed.

    • Kathleena

      I was at the Worcester show. I understand now and at first I was mad…but I realized he’s a human being and lif is hard especially for a frontman like him. I get it now! I’m not going to give up on tbe band though.

  3. Tina

    I know the fight with addiction I’m now 8 years clean. Shame on the managers for co signing the bullshit. Ivan needs help and I hope he seeks it soon.

  4. Spinner

    We got screwed in Worcester!! He said “My Mother” twice!!! People were shouting support and to go see his mom, everyone was supportive of him. He did appear drunk. But to learn that it wasn’t his mother!! That’s offensive and cruel! He could of said my friend, my second mother… bUT he didnt. He was intentionally misleading. He sang on maybe half the songs… it was the worst show I’ve seen. It was such bullshit. If you really want to help Ivan, then stop cosigning this crap. This is unacceptable on all levels.

  5. American_Capitalist

    Rather than guess on what was going on let him & the band figure it out & come to the fans as they always have. I will stand by them because they are a hell of a band & hell of a bunch of guys. I’m not going to assume anything. They support our troops, vets, suicide awareness/prevention, and substance abuse. So as for me I will back the boys.

  6. Degraded_59

    Ivan is one of the best vocalists in my opinion, and a great person. Every great person has great demons. In today’s world, I’m sure being in the position they are, its not easy to deal with them. As for the people wanting their money back, you spent that money to see FFDP, whether it be a good show or bad. Also you got a unique experience at the show, I would of rather saw Ivan at his worst, instead of best. I can hear him at his best anytime, seeing someone be human in a world of machines, is not something you get much of anymore. Let the man breathe, hes an awesome person and he deserve whatever is best for him. Even if he has to take a break from the band to get better, thats best for him, if you’re a Five Finger Death Punch fan, or any true fan, you should keep an open mind and give the band support.

    • saighton3

      A bad show is when the band is a little off. This was a show where they played half of their setlist, and the lead singer only sang on 3 of the songs. That is far worse than a bad show. I brought my 14 year old son who wanted to go specifically for Five Finger. How can I not be disappointed???

  7. Chelsea Jennings

    We have your back man! Addiction is real and painful! Get the help you need and come back stronger than ever! We have your back! You have your real fans in your corner, and that will not change! Please get the help you need! Please take care of yourself! We don’t EVER wanna lose you! Your band is behind you! Your fans are behind you! Screw this Digital Music News review and their BULLSHIT hate! They have no idea what kind of fans you have! Take care and see ya’ soon man!

  8. RandomFan

    Wow a lot of opinions here. No one person on here knows what the fuck is really going on. All you knucks complaining, you bitching is warranted. But haven’t you all fucked yo somewhere along the line. I took my son to Duluth last night and it was probably the worst show ever. But on the other hand we were front row at Carolina Rebellion and it was the best show I’ve ever seen. Cut them some slack. Kael tried his fuckin best to carry the band.

  9. RHick

    I think his “Meltdown” started in Cincinnati, OH on 11/17. He was telling the crowd how “sick” he was and then a couple of songs later the band left the stage and the house lights came on. I was certainly disappointed that they cut the set short, but didn’t think anything of it until reading about what happened on the 28th. Maybe they should stop touring non stop and get Ivan some help. The touring lifestyle can’t be healthy for most people, let alone a person with an alcohol problem.