Bob Dylan, the Asshole? Singer Snubs Honorary White House Invitation

Bob Dylan Skips the White House
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Bob Dylan is a musical pioneer and revered cultural icon.  Is he also a giant, obnoxious asshole?

Earlier today, Bob Dylan decided to skip an honorary Nobel Prize ceremony at the White House.  It was a special event designed to congratulate some of the world’s most innovative scientists, writers, and world-changing visionaries.  It’s the first time a musician has ever been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, and could very well be the last.

At first I thought this was a Trump thing.  A lot of artists hate Trump, I get it.  Except, this ceremony was hosted by Barack Obama.  “Unfortunately, Bob Dylan will not be at the White House today,” Obama spokesperson Josh Earnest relayed.  “So everyone can relax.”

Obama seemed pretty pumped to offer his congratulations.  “Congratulations to one of my favorite poets, Bob Dylan, on a well-deserved Nobel,” Obama tweeted in October.

We have no idea why Dylan is refusing to participate in the Nobel Prize awards process.  Back in 2012, Dylan accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and he performed at the White House two years prior to that.  So there’s obviously no hesitation about accepting awards, or going to the White House.

That follows an earlier decision to skip a ceremony awarding him the Nobel Prize for Literature in Stockholm.  For weeks, Dylan refused to respond to numerous calls from the Swedish Academy, which bestows the award.

Dylan has also hinted at skipping the requirement to deliver a Nobel Prize lecture, a requirement for receiving the Prize.

Which means, Bob Dylan would be the first person to reject a Nobel Prize simply because he didn’t feel like showing up.

Meanwhile, authors are expressing frustration over the situation.  Initially, many writers questioned whether a singer-songwriter should be considered alongside the greatest authors of all time.  Now, perhaps it’s becoming clear that he shouldn’t.


White House image by Matt Wade (CC by 2.0).

30 Responses

  1. ED

    Hey Paul your the asshole…Like Ronnie said to Neil…
    Bob Dylan don’t need you around anyway!!!!

  2. Alan Harper

    you actually have the balls to call Dylan that?
    your name is dust mother fucker.

    • Bobdylansucks

      Bob Dylan is a drughead communist loser.
      He sucks at guitar, his voice sucks,
      and hes pompous piece of crap.
      Every artist that performed anything he wrote,
      made it sound much better.
      Hows that for Dust
      its people like you that try to rape freedom of speech
      and you think we give a shit what you think?


    Obama doesn’t hold a candle to the magnitude of someone as original and creative as Bob Dylan. Obama ain’t nobody compared to Bob. As for you. Get a life … ‘asshole’ ~

  4. Bill

    This coming from one the most click – bait ad whore mongered sites on the net ….sure why not. Lmfao

  5. Bjorneo

    The committee, or whatever should have told Bob he was being given the award, and what did he think, instead of ‘drafting’ him. This is Bob being Bob.

  6. Paul Resnikoff

    Really? You guys don’t think this is completely egotistical, snooty behavior?

    • Redeemer

      I’d love to see his ego deflated, give him an unaward, a golden turkey, something to balance things out – he’s a mostly irrelevant old curmudgeon who was once a good musician.

      • ©

        Yea… and Michael Jackson should have been allowed to touch as many little boys as he wanted to as well!
        Everyone knows that celebrities are above the law.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it’s egotistical at all. If anything, it’s probably him just being a crotchety old man. I’m only 31 and even I think awards are kinda stupid. Obviously the Nobel is a big, historic deal but the dude is 75 and has probably accomplished things well beyond what he ever dreamed of.

      It’s quite possible he truly just does not care.

  7. Anom Nom

    I think it’s just that he’s an old man who doesn’t particularly care about awards and media hoo-ha and would probably prefer to stay home and play cards or watch
    something on TV with a cup of coffee and some apple pie before retiring to go to bed.

    I don’t mean this in a negative way.. but after a certain time.. you just don’t get all worked up about awards and ceremonies..

  8. unsubscriber

    You would really stoop so low as to imply Bob Dylan is an asshole for not celebrating his Nobel peace prize with a president who illegally continued 2 on-going illegal wars and invaded 4 others declaring war , failed to shut down Guatanamo, increased the military budget, droning , etc.. please get a clue

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Flimsy argument. Bob Dylan has already appeared multiple times at the White House, under the Obama Administration.

      • Bjorneo

        That is correct Paul, Bob has been to the white house many times-including within the O admin. He also does 80 concerts a year all over the world, so scheduling is an ongoing issue. BD just finished his world and US tour a few days ago and he likely needs to decompress.
        Have you ever been to a BD concert-if so, please enlighten us.

  9. Dave

    ***Initially, many writers questioned whether a singer-songwriter should be considered alongside the greatest authors of all time. Now, perhaps it’s becoming clear that he shouldn’t.***

    Paul, are you suggesting that what you personally deem to be “bad behavior” should preclude a writer from being recognized for their work? If so, why not go a bit farther and suggest that the Nobel committee rescind Hemmingway’s award?
    To call Dylan that without having any insight to his motives or schedule suggests that you are a very rude and ignorant young man.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I can see your point. But, you have to accept the award. If you refuse to do that, without offering any real reason, then what’s the point? Why not give it to another author who will actually accept it, and say thank you?

  10. Ted Powers

    Why he chose not to attend really isn’t any of your business.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      That doesn’t quite make sense though. He said he was honored to receive it. Not that it was over-rated, issues with Alfred Nobel, etc.

  11. Steve Fisher

    Nobel Peace Prize lost all their credibility when they gave one to Barack Obama. He was fighting two wars when claiming the prize.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I wonder why he didn’t just end them. He didn’t start them, after all. But, maybe that’s a naive question. I’m not a foreign policy expert.

      But yeah. It is pretty strange to win a prize for peace while actively being at war, in two nations.

      • Peter Hyatt

        obama was given the nobel peace prize before he had even done anything…just for maintaining a pulse.

        Consider how the value of the prize has gone since then.

        No wonder Dylan did not respond…he only did after much pressure from corporate media.

  12. Montana

    I think it’s more snooty to think that Bob has any obligation to even react to the prize. The nobel may assume as much prestige as they want, but in the end, Bob is free to do as he chooses.
    I find it strange that he doesn’t say -why- he won’t go, which leaves us to speculate.

  13. Peter Hyatt

    Bob Dylan played for the White House but politely declined to shake hands and be photographed with Barak Obama.

    Consider the possibility of Dylan being courageous, in light of the marxist-islamic and antisemitic position Obama had taken against Israel and the destruction he has brought to America and her allies.

  14. American dark age

    lots of people listened to bob but nothing changed. violence, racism, crime, massive militarization, 300% rise in prisons since “masters of war”…for our own people…we have taken the wrong road & it’s not the one less traveled… Trillions spent in more wars – USA didn’t become peace activists…he was right in “chimes of freedom flashing” & all & I agree & always will but people, many of whom have held high positions, got rich off all these wars & selling implements of war because they refuse to admit what WAR really is – legitimized mass murder. it’s just the same old story. people making money – ignoring – their responsibility to technology in the hands of brutes. he owes us nothing, I’m surprised USA hasn’t treated him like Charlie Chaplin.