Bollywood News: Top Star Arijit Singh Is Calling It Quits at 29

Bollywood News: Top Bollywood Voice Arijit Singh Calls It Quits At Just 29
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Bollywood News: Top Bollywood Voice Arijit Singh Calls It Quits At Just 29
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Image by Pratik Parmar (CC by 2.0)

Is 29 just too old for Bollywood? Arijit Singh believes so.

Hollywood is a difficult business to break into. It’s even harder to stay in the limelight. But, how difficult is Bollywood? Just ask Arijit Singh.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Arijit Singh. That’s okay. But in Bollywood as well as the Indian music industry, Arijit Singh is a big name. The Indian playback singer and music programmer launched his career in reality show Fame Gurukul. The reality show deals with audiences selecting the best pair of India’s best singers and performers. Winners received a contract with Sony, along with a Maruti Alto. Arijit Singh lost at the finals, yet, he still became Bollywood’s top voice.

However, at just 29 years old, Singh is ready to retire. Highlighting a cold reality in Bollywood, Singh reportedly told the media,

“I don’t think I have a long way to go. This might be my last year. Normally, fresh voices replace [current favorites] every five to seven years in Bollywood.”

Is there any way to avoid fading away into Bollywood history after just 5 to 6 years? There’s one possibility, though it’s notoriously difficult.

“I might be able to change that. If I work really hard on specific genres, I might be able to stay longer. That way, I can emerge as the only singer who can croon songs of those genres. Maybe that’s how I will survive.”

Unlike other Bollywood, and even Hollywood, celebrities, Singh prefers to stay away from the limelight. He said,

I enjoy a quiet life, without much interruption. Over the past three years, I have seen my fan base grow, and I think it’s essential for them to know that I’ve always been someone who refrains from interactions because I enjoy a silent life. With the growth of social media, this, too, becomes difficult.

Singh remains an idol for many aspiring singers. It’s unclear what his plans are after fading away from the Bollywood limelight.

16 Responses

  1. Nicky Knight's thoughts

    I get where he’s coming from..

    Social media can be a curse.. it can create anxiety and panic, especially for artists because they see it as necessary to be constantly posting pictures and updates
    every five seconds and trying to stay in the game.. but what’s happening is social media is controlling them and making their lives miserable because it’s like a
    horrible drug.

    Can you be an artist and stay away from it.. I think you can.. or at least limit it and not let it control you.

    Max Martin doesn’t use it because he has seen how it affects artists he’s worked with and also it’s a big distraction..

    Best remedy is to just get on with work and not to let it strangle you with it’s
    unrealized promise..

  2. Hrishita

    I am not at all happy with this decision ….
    I am incomplete without u Arijit. .And ur thinking of retiering
    I thought u will make more songs to make me mad…
    But u. …..What happened to u

    • SHAKIB

      I am not happy with a decision of arijit Singh why he is leaving Bollywood I can’t understand plz don’t stop ur singing I am big fan of yours

  3. shaik junaid

    you live in my heart please do not retire for your maaad fans!

  4. manish kumar

    you are best singer arijit singh no one can replace u plzzzz don’t leave singing
    i live my live by listing your songs so plzz sing for ur million of fan

  5. Ananya

    No man.. what will your fans do without you????? ?
    Indeed!!!!!!!!!! No one can replace you!?

  6. Bunny

    Pls dont leave the industry arijit…how cn i spend my boring nights without yours songs…dnt do this…we all frnds loved u like anything…my frnds manpreet and I are biggest fan f urs …pls dnt do this we love u…

  7. Shivam Mehta

    I am not able to believe that Arijit is not going to sing anymore in the Bollywood, Its a very Bad Bollywood update.

  8. Saurav

    Arijit how can anyone thinks of replacing you you are always a idol for others

  9. Shreya

    How can I live without his voice, nowadays his songs have stopped coming,is this really happening ?????????????