Pornhub Hosts an Absolutely Insane Music Show In Miami

Pornhub Making More Moves Into Music
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Give these guys a hand (if you have one free)!  Now, Pornhub is moving on some serious music plans, starting with an unexpected music and arts who in Miami. Here are all the details.

Quick update: this event has just finished.  We’ll have lots of pics and updates in a few hours.  Check back!

Looks like Pornhub is pretty serious about its music expansion.  After producing their first music video last week, the porn giant is now getting into events.  All of which could be great news for artists searching for a massive, untapped audience.

If you’re in Miami on Thursday night, i.e. tonight, you might want to check out Pornhub’s first-ever music showcase.  The company has joined forces with Miami-based independent label Crass Lips Records for the live show.  The event, called ‘Split Lip Service,’ kicks off Art Basel Miami.

The world-renowned arts celebration will feature legendary punk/no-wave icon Lydia Lunch, Walter Weasel and 20 other local artists.  Sorry, no gang bangs on the table — at least not initially.

The action is happening at Churchill’s Pub, located at 5501 Northeast 2nd Avenue (here, let me Google Map that for you).  Tickets for this event can be purchased here.

Everything starts at 6 pm, and runs till 3 am.  So there will be hours of enjoyment, mingling, arts, music, and entertainment.  The only thing you won’t find are a lot of restrictions.

Pornhub Miami, Lydia Lunch
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Corey Price, vice president at Pornhub, is aiming to grow indie, uncensored art on a local level. “Here at Pornhub, we value all art forms and appreciate the forward thinking approach Art Basel has instilled in the art community. We know how challenging it can be to turn people on to new art.”

“With Pornhub’s endorsement, we can finally give our talented artists the recognition they deserve…”

So basically, the company that broke a bunch of rules in pornography is bringing that same ethic to music.  Which is huge for Crass Lips, a smaller independent trying to build it’s roster.  “As a new non-profit in the ultra-competitive Miami music scene, we’ve faced many challenges in getting our artists seen,” said Cami Alvarez, CEO of Crass Lips.  “Luckily, with Pornhub’s endorsement, we can finally give our talented artists the recognition they deserve as well as shed light on the many hardships young women artists face on a daily basis. We’re so excited to present Lydia Lunch to the city of Miami and to help spread the word of her music.”

Check out the official announcement here.


Stay tuned: we’ll have lots of pictures and updates from the event itself.  And if you want to get involved in Pornhub’s emerging music expansion, just put something in the comments below.  We’ll make sure to forward it!


Top image by Andrei Ianovskii, CC by 2.0.

12 Responses

  1. Mike Huberty

    Is Pornhub sponsoring these posts? It’s fine if they are, but with the posts lately like Tila Tequila sextape and several stories relating to this particular adult website, it’s just weird these posts are here.

    Plus, with the conflict with David Lowery and Ari Herstand about artists’ rights (full disclosure, I know Ari personally but my artistic politics are closer to David from Cracker, even if he’s a fuddy daddy sometimes) and featuring a website like Pornhub that completely disrespects intellectual property and whose network of sites flagrantly features stolen videos that have a real negative financial effect on performers – well, I guess that rubs me the wrong way (so to speak.)

    So, I guess I’m saying you can’t have it both ways. Don’t pretend to speak for artists while taking money from companies that do damage to the copyrights that we need to make money as artists.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Pornhub is not paying DMN. They did offer us an exclusive on this news, as many of our readers (industry, artists) have expressed interest in tapping into this platform.

      I’m not too familiar with the copyright issues, outside of knowledge of one lawsuit. As a newer porn platform, I’m sure there are lots of debates between Pornhub and more traditional adult sites and companies. But again, I’m not heavily researched on it.

      Anyway, if you’re making accusations, back them up.

      • Anonymous

        I think the copyright issues he’s talking about has to do with the porn itself, rather than any music they may be making available through the site. I think it’s like YouTube, where users post videos without the copyright owner’s permission, and the copyright owners have to play the DMCA whack-a-mole game to take it down.

      • Mike Huberty

        Right, I’m not saying that they’re not paying music artists (but they did have Kanye’s album streaming for a long time earlier this year while it was an exclusive on Tidal) It’s the fact that a huge portion of their videos are uploaded by users who aren’t the copyright holders… PornHub makes an incredible amount of money on the ads, while the performers and producers do not.

        Got nothing against the adult industry and all aspects of the entertainment industry are changing rapidly. YouTube was a huge infringer (and still is) of the DMCA, and that’s part of how they got they became huge. Napster and tape trading were all about copyright violations but they contributed to some musical artists’ success. So much of early hip hop’s creativity is based around repurposing old records and while the samples might have violated copyrights, they certainly breathed new life into old songs and created a brand new exciting genre.

        But when Metallica lost record sales they could always perform live. When an adult performer gets paid less for a movie, they turn to prostitution…

        Hey and I remember Brian McKnight’s anthem for them, I thought it was funny, I shouted out “let’s get close enough to smell” when I saw him at him at the ASCAP Expo earlier this year.

        Look, I know almost all of the entertainment industry is incredibly exploitative and the porn industry especially, but since you actively discuss intellectual property on this site and streaming and artists’ rights, at least understand that you’ve been promoting Pornhub on the site. Pornhub got huge by violating creators’ copyrights and the Mindgeek monopoly has been massively devastating to adult performers’ incomes.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly. It may be worth doing a story to compare the distribution strategies and copyright challenges of the porn industry compared to the music industry. Porn doesn’t really have anything that would be the equivalent of, say, Spotify (at least that I’m aware of). There are plenty of subscription porn services, but they are expensive and have very limited content. It’s like paying $30/month for a music service, but you only get content released by Epic Records, and you have to pay $30/month somewhere else to get Atlantic Records content, and so on. When you have Pornhub out there, which is the Youtube equivalent, and piracy in general, do those distribution strategies still make sense? How well are those porn companies doing, and can that be compared to how well the labels are doing under the Spotify model?

  2. after mtv

    Well, in all frankness.. so many music videos are on the grey line of porn that it could be argued they crossover has already occurred.. especially RnB’s often all about sexual fantasy imagery and tries to hook you in with tits and bums..

    Come on, let’s be real.. you’ve seen it all yourself many times.. so many music videos are soft porn.. the record industry is no saint.. I remember LaToya Jackson saying this years ago..

  3. Antinet

    The last people I would ever expect to pay me on time or at all are porn producers.

  4. Anonymous

    “Corey Price, vice president at Pornhub, is aiming to grow indie, uncensored art”

    Who knows — in this crazy year, this might be for real.

    Anybody who cares about uncensored art in this FacebookNazi era has my attention.

  5. Remi Swierczek

    She should be playing a record on a turntable on that hot sexy leg of hers. Digital music SUCKS. Come back to the future with me.