Soulja Boy Claims That He ‘Invented the Internet’

Move Over, Al Gore. Soulja Boy Believes He Invented the Internet
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Move Over, Al Gore. Soulja Boy Believes He Invented the Internet
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Image by Streamy Awards (CC by 2.0)

Soulja Boy actually invented the internet. Move over, Al Gore.

During the 2000 Presidential Election, an internet rumor started.  The rumor stated that Al Gore claimed to invent the internet. On March 9, 1999, Al Gore reportedly told Wolf Blitzer,

During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.  I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country’s economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system.” later debunked this rumor.

Rapper Soulja Boy is known for starting beefs. He’s currently beefing with Hollywood actor Shia LeBouf. However, users on social media have accused the rapper of starting beefs for publicity. Soulja Boy denied these rumors in a new video posted on YouTube.

In the video, Soulja Boy addressed these claims. The video starts,

“And everybody want to say ‘Soulja Boy, why you beefin’ with everybody for publicity stunt?’”

The camera suddenly zooms back, capturing Soulja Boy’s angry face. He shouts,


Supporting his claim that he started the internet, he goes on to say,

“If it wasn’t for me, won’t none of y’all n—-r be on, on nuthin’. I put amigos on, n—-r.”

Furthermore, right after cursing, he starts mocking social media users. He dismisses claims that he will be shot for starting beefs.

“Who the…going to shoot me? Who the … going to put their hands on me? Huh? What? N—-r, I’m Barack Obama. I’m the president daughter’s favorite rapper, n—-r. Y’all got me … up.”

He finishes the video inviting viewers to search this term on Google.

“Google that …, n—-r. ‘Soulja Boy Barack Obama’s daughter.’ I’m they favorite rapper. He ain’t the President no more, but when he was the President, y’all think he, they gonna let somebody touch me?”

Upon searching this search term on Google, the top page describes Malia Obama caught at a beer pong party. The second page shows Malia Obama caught smoking weed. The third page features an AllHipHop article, where they state,

“Say no to drugs kids. Soulja Boy has to be on something…When Soulja Boy says “PUBLICITY” in his rant, we can’t help but to fall out laughing. Carry on.”

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