Kpop News: BTS Beats Out EXO, Seventeen in Brand Rankings

Kpop News: BTS beats out EXO, Seventeen
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Kpop News: BTS beats out EXO, Seventeen
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Image by Taehyung’s Moment (CC by 4.0)

Kpop has been steadily growing in popularity around the world, and the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputations recently released its December brand value index, covering the period from November 8 to December 9. The index shows which Kpop groups currently have global mainstream power, and the results are based on 35,993,778 pieces of data collected by the research institute. BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, took first place in the index, with 7.3 million pieces of data attached to their name. They beat out top Kpop groups EXO and SEVENTEEN, who ranked second and third, respectively.

BTS is currently riding a strong wave of success in the Kpop arena. Their second album, Wings, helped lead them to a strong showing in the index. Wings topped the Gaon’s physical album chart according to the Korean Music Content Association (KMCIA). EXO took second place with Ex’Act. BTS ranked in third with their first studio album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever. EXO-CBX secured the fourth spot with Hey Mama! A KMCIA official said, “The sales amount of the Chinese and Korean versions of ‘Ex’Act’ adds up to more than 800,000. But, since the index only counts individual albums, BTS’ ‘Wings,’ which sold over 710,000, won first place.”

While BTS is enjoying high physical album sales, the popular Kpop group, TWICE, conquered 2016 digital album charts. The Bangtan Boys said they want to be the “must-see-in-this-life kind of band.” The Gaon Album Charts rank the best-selling albums in South Korea, similar to Billboard here in the States. The KMCIA collects the data each week.

BTS is a seven-member group founded in 2013. The Bangtan Boys’ Korean name roughly translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.” The group currently enjoys several YouTube music videos with over 50 million views. Their song, DOPE, has over 114 million views. They have also performed on several high-profile TV shows, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Kpop, short for Korean pop, has been gaining a following around the world in recent years. The genre is known for its catchy tunes, synchronized dance routines, and colorful music videos. Kpop groups often have large fan bases, and fans are known for their passionate support of their favorite groups.

BTS is known for its socially conscious lyrics, which tackle issues such as mental health, societal pressure, and the pursuit of happiness. The group has said that they want to use their music to make a positive impact on society.

BTS has also made headlines for its philanthropic efforts. In 2018, the group donated $1 million to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as part of its “Love Myself” campaign, which aims to end violence against children and young people.

The success of BTS and other Kpop groups has helped to raise the profile of Korean culture around the world. In addition to music, Korean dramas, food, and fashion have also gained fans outside of Korea.

Overall, the success of BTS and other Kpop groups is a testament to the power of music to bring people together. The genre has a global appeal that transcends language and cultural barriers, and it will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve in the years to come.

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    I am an ARMY, CARAT and an EXO-L. I’m really proud of EXO, Monsta X, SEVENTEEN and BTS. I hope that the war between the fandoms stops, and that we finally are able to live WITHOUT PEOPLE FUKCING SAYING RUDE THINGS EVERY DAMN DAY.

  2. Liza

    I dont mean to offend or be nasty but I wouldnt call SEVENTEEN a top group in kpop. There is no denying there are really popular for a fairly recent group (they debuted in 2015) but I wouldnt call they a TOP group. They are rising but have a long way to go to be a top group. Just like BTS isn’t a top group yet but they are extremely popular. Another high selling/top charting album or two and I would say yes 🙂 (I’m an army and they are a top group in my eyes but in terms of the kpop industry and korean music industry they aren’t quite there yet, just a little further, fighting!).

    • Jolin Chin

      Me too cause right I think SEVENTEEN is like sorry but to say (sorry if I had hurt any army of SEVENTEEN) SEVENTEEN is not that good and as for me I will always think BTS (Bangtan Boys) is the best in the whole freaking world. BTS is popular in every country you can actually go internet and find, and you will understand why BTS is the top band haha#I love Jimin from BTS

      • Jolin Chin

        Plus I am realy sorry if I hurt any of SEVENTEEN army’s heart but you all can still like/ love SEVENTEEN the human or the heart I will not/can’t stop you Hahaha

    • Liza

      And I don’t mean to “bash” SEVENTEEN in any way, they are very talented and I’m happy to see another group in kpop that is involved in the production of their own music and choreography.

  3. Someone

    I hate it when they compare groups especially in the headline!! I mean it could be stated as ” BTS scores highest in brand ranking ” or something.. Im a hardcore army though!

    • A fan

      Right? I have a feeling that hate between the fandoms wouldn’t be so big if the media stopped feeding it. Argh!

  4. Hibo

    I think BTS is the best k-pop idols in the hole world !! I am a true Army i don,t compare them to other’s that is how much my favorite is tae tae my baby _kiss_

  5. shireen natalie deen

    wow! COngratulations BTS. ME? Im just happy everytime the word EXO is mentioned.

  6. tenzin

    I’m so proud and happy for my boys. I know BTS deserves it all. They always inspire me and I especially love their character. they did come al long way and I hope that they will go even higher. 🙂

  7. Phie-Erie

    Wow for BTS. And I’m happy that EXO is mentioned. EXO-L hardcore here :))

    • Kaz

      Exo-L here too. Exo is my favorite group. They have inspired me since day 1.?

  8. Emma

    Young Forever wasn’t BTS’ first studio album. Their first full album was Dark & Wild, from 2014. Young Forever was a special album made up of a compilation of songs from their 2 previous mini albums. Wings is their second full album but not their second album overall; as well as Dark and Wild and Young Forever, they’ve released 4 mini albums since 2013. This article makes it seem like they only debuted this year.

  9. Basically EXO TRASH

    M a hardcore EXO-L!
    Congrats for BTS and SEVENTEEN too, even tho, idk those bands, I ammm likeee sooo glad that EXO is mentioned. I hope they go higher and higher! EXO saranghaja!

  10. EXO ~ CBX

    I love EXO very much after I get to known Baek Hyun from Scarlet Heart Ryeo, I never compare EXO to any group, now BTS is rising, I feel glad for BTS but I am alwys hoping that EXO could stay longer on the top, I know that nothing could last forever ….