Which Music Genres Mention ‘Sex’ the Most?

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Music and sex are like soulmates. But which music genres are the most sex-obsessed?  Now, there’s a study for that.

When it comes to things nobody dislikes, music and sex always make the list.  But while things like ‘ice cream’ and ‘music’ can easily coexist, music and sex enjoy a symbiotic relationship.  In fact, your very existence is probably pegged to a particular artist.

In fact, many artists’ music revolve entirely around having sex, people who are sexy, or a general ‘sexiness’ that infects every note.  And there are a couple of artists that are indispensable in the bedroom for some couples (more on that below).

But what music genres focus on copulation the most?  That was the focus of a recent study conducted by Sapio, an interesting new dating app.  Basically, Sapio scanned through thousands of song lyrics using Songmeanings.com, and bucketed word matches according to genre.

Here’s what they found.


Music Genres Mentioning Sex the Most
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And what about love?

That’s where things take a dramatic turn.  Most of the time, songs are about love, not sex.  But when it comes to term usage, the genre frequency completely shifts.

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Next question: which artist sings about sex the most?

Sadly, he’s no longer with us.

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And before you call out Prince for being obsessed with sex, check this out.

Artists that mention ‘love’ the most in their lyrics.

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Sex sells.  But love sells better.

Guess our society is more wholesome that we all thought.  “When it comes to music, sex sells – but love sells even better,” Sapio relayed.  Or at least that’s what the charts seem to indicate.  Search the lyrics for this year’s top three songs and you’ll find the word “love” in two of them.

Actually, there’s a lot more research being done right now on this very topic.  That includes explorations into what types of tempos, pitches, and styles that people pick most for getting it on.  And, you guessed it: companies trying to tap a potentially lucrative market.

More on that soon.


3 Responses

  1. NotSurprisedWithThisShit

    Most pop songs are pretty shitty nowdays, obsessively moaning about sex with little talent. Mind you, Hard Rock had lots of sexual references, because it’s heavy blues rock, which was meant to be sounding sensually such AC/DC and Guns ‘N’ Roses. Alternative Rock bands tend to mention sexual themes quite a lot too, although not anywhere near as explicit. Progressive Rock and Punk Rock have absolutely no obsession with love and sex, however. Progressive Rock might feature sensual themes, but it is more interested in intellectual and jazzy compositions, while punk rock has no interest in at all, punk is antagonist towards society, it ain’t about love, neither is metal, except for glam metal bullshit. Only gruesome sexual acts or sardonic social commentaries about sex are included about most when it comes to sex, except from Rob Zombie or Alice Cooper, of course being shock rock or groove metal it’s going to have some sexual references.