Washington DC Marching Bands Boycotting Donald Trump Inaugural Parade

Washington DC Marching Bands Opt Out of Donald Trump Inaugural Parade
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Washington DC Marching Bands Opt Out of Donald Trump Inaugural Parade
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Image by Kevin Dooley (CC by 2.0)

Will any Washington DC marching band play at the Jan. 20 Donald Trump inaugural parade?

Donald Trump may have a quieter Inauguration than expected.  Notable musicians, starting with Elton John, have vehemently rejected Inaugural invitations.  Now, a Washington DC marching band that has performed in the past five inaugural parades has opted out as well.

NBC4 Washington reports that the Ballou High School’s Majestic Marching Band chose to sit out the upcoming inaugural parade.  In 2005, during George W. Bush’s second inaugural parade, they performed Destiny’s Child Lose My Breath.  During Obama’s second inaugural parade, they performed I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown.

This time, it’s different.  According to the Ballou High School principal, the group decided to “take a break and…not apply to play in the inaugural parade.”  The principal explained that the group has performed several times recently.

Dunbar High School’s marching band also won’t perform.  They performed at Obama’s 2009 inaugural parade.  According to the principal, they will “sit this one out because they are rebuilding the band.”

Eastern High School also won’t participate.  This time, however, the school principal didn’t elaborate on why.

A DC Public Schools spokeswoman told NBC4 Washington that she wasn’t aware of any school participation during the parade.

There’s more.  Howard University’s marching band also won’t perform in the inaugural parade. Band director John Newton explained that due to “few members” as well as “budgeting constraints,” the band won’t perform.  Yet, the group performed during Obama’s first inaugural parade.

Applications were due December 5th.  The Presidential Inaugural Committee will announce which bands they selected. However, they did not say how many marching bands submitted inquiries.

Music Celebrations International marketing director Luke Wiscombe spoke with NBC4 Washington.  The tourism company, based out of Arizona, organizes band trips for schools across the country.

“We didn’t get the response that we got the last time, with Obama.  Some groups responded, but with some groups it was crickets.  We’re seeing a little less enthusiasm to be a part of this event.”

Yet, the company did receive inquiries from marching bands based in the South.  Go figure.

Also go figure: Newton suspects that many band directors’ and school administrators’ political beliefs affect their decision.

“I think everybody knows why and no one wants to say and lose their job.”

5 Responses

  1. yo mamma

    Yaaaaaawn….. what a hilarious bunch of hypocrites…. one minute forcing cake makers to go against their beliefs and literally shutting down their businesses – and here everyone on the Dem side of the ball refusing to lose graciously and carry out routine tasks…

    welcome to Dumbf*ckistan

  2. A Texan Waiting For 2020 and Biden !

    It is quite obvious that the true “America” is speaking. It is an honor and a privilege to be asked to perform for the POTUS.

    However, when you can clearly see that the clown who is assuming the office of POTUS is not qualified and isn’t worth the time and effort to prepare for such an honor . . . this shows that the clown “elected by the electoral college”, not the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES isn’t worthy of the effort and demonstrated by THE PEOPLE.

    President Obama didn’t have such a problem. He and his family are/were FIRST CLASS all the way and represented the United States. The PEOPLE supported President Barrack Obama. Remember what a true presidency was . . . because these next four (4) years are about to be H—!

    Maybe he can get his family to “perform”!

    • Anonymous

      Really calling the incoming President a “clown” just shows you have no class. I bet no one asked the kids what they wanted. Regardless of political views it is a great thing for the kids to do and see.

      • Waiting for 2020 . . .

        You have nerve suggesting that I have no class. That “clown” I was referring to is now President in name only. Look at him and his administration since the ceremony that gave him the title of President. It has been a joke. Well . . . maybe this administration can replace Barnum and Bailey Circus . . . which end this May. Most of trump’s cabinet are rich clowns, with trump as the ringmaster.

        Not to worry, however. You can see that Americans are getting their act together for the 2018 midterms, ultimately getting trump and his associated clowns which make up his administration, ready to be replace during the next presidential election.

        He’ll only be there 4 years. People will/have see/seen what a mistake they made by selecting trump as the “change”. All he is really doing is collecting more “monetary change” for his own greed . . by using the Office of the President of the United States to do it.