Chris Brown, Lil Wayne Implicated In Massive ‘Sizzurp’ Drug Operation

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Superstars Chris Brown and Lil Wayne may be tied into a massive pharmaceutical drug operation, according to details now surfacing.  A full-blown investigation is now underway in Miami, with multiple individuals already arrested.

Please note: The follow is a breaking story.  Please check for ongoing updates from Miami and federal authorities.  Last updated Sat Dec 17th 6:30 pm PT.

Both Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are potentially tied into a complicated pharmaceutical drug operation, according to arrest details now surfacing.  The dirty connection involves Miami music producer Harrison Garcia, aka ‘Cuban Harry,’ known to hang out with both Brown and Lil Wayne.

The end product of Cuban’s operation has largely been ‘sizzurp’ and other ‘purple drank’ variations, a staple in the rap scene.

Cuban Harry has now been arrested and detained in Miami on multiple felony charges.  Those charges include racketeering, grand theft and trafficking in illegal drugs.

Garcia faces multiple felonies tied to a string of robberies involving local pharmacies, according to arrest warrants and court documents.  More than a dozen robberies involving pharmacies like Walgreens in the Miami area have been identified.  In all of those break-ins, Garcia is being charged with orchestrating the heists, then using the stolen prescriptions to concoct and distribute opioid-powered cocktails.

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The operation is all about taking legal prescriptions of drugs like codeine and pushing them into the black market.  That black market results in heroine-like ‘sizzurp’ reportedly enjoyed by superstars like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and even Justin Bieber.  “Garcia has organized, facilitated, finances and directed co-conspirators to commit burglaries… in order to obtain stolen narcotics for re-sale,” Sgt. Shane Schroeder of the Broward Sheriff’s Office explained.

The arrests were first reported by the Miami Herald.

Lean, sizzurp, purple stuff…

The lethal cocktails, known as ‘lean’ or ‘sizzurp’ on the street (among other nicknames), were sold by Garcia via Instagram DMs.  Other distribution methods are likely, including in-person sales.  The codeine- and opioid-powered drinks, sometimes called ‘liquid heroine’ or ‘drank,’ can be extremely lethal.

The painkilling cocktails, obviously not prescribed, are illegal to sell and consume.  But they’ve become a big part of hip hop culture, going back years.  But that has taken its toll.  Seizures, overdoses, or other complications are common, with Lil Wayne’s string of seizures blamed on the drink.  In 2008, rapper Pimp C died from an overdose of ‘sizzurp’ in Los Angeles.

Garcia ultimately sold some codeine-laced ‘syrup’ to an undercover agent, resulting in a raid and arrest.  The arrest, which appears to have occurred earlier this week, happened while Garcia was on probation.

Online, Cuban Harry flaunted large amounts of wealth.  That includes large stacks of one-hundred dollar bills, plus exotic cars and luxury items.  He also hung out with rap’s elite, including Chris Brown and Wayne.  For example, Garcia was also found cavorting with Chris Brown while on tour in Albania.  And just recently, Cuban Harry appeared in the track, ‘Cut It Baby (Freestyle),’ as performed by Lil Wayne-affiliated rapper, HoodyBaby.

Those associations could create some sticky situations.  For starters, Lil Wayne has suffered a number of recent seizures after abusing the codeine-laced drinks.  Given their close proximity, Brown may have also been getting high off of Cuban’s supply.

At this point, neither Brown nor Wayne have been detained.  At minimum, however, both are likely to face questioning by federal and local Miami investigators.

Stay tuned for more developments. 


9 Responses

  1. Reality

    Wait, there are rappers who know drug dealers? This is unbelievable news, what a scoop. (Being friends with a drug dealer doesn’t have any implications of questioning by the way. So since you have no evidence to support Wayne or Chis were anything more than friends with the guy… you know the rest. Must be used to it by now.)

  2. Shit Boy

    I’m from the old school ; a good nose douse of pussy juice , Budweiser and a pipe puff of marijuana will set you into a free fall of many wonderful night’s sleep by midnight. . .

  3. Rick Shaw

    With streaming rate so low, an artist has to supplement income. These guys are out-of-the-box thinkers; entrepreneurs.

    • Choc Bored

      Destroying your own community is supplementing your income? Rap is an amoral scourge that promotes ignorance and criminality, period, end of story. You guys are not doing yourselves any favors taking moral positions while you defend drug dealing.

      • Rick Shaw

        Two questions:

        Who is “you guys”?
        When will you learn to understand sarcasm when you read it?

  4. Antinetter

    Generation Moron is going to learn like every other generation that they can’t dabble for fun in opiates. People think they are bigger than history. Junkies have always been and will always be idiots on a death march. Unlike other drugs where some people may get in and out (alcohol, pot), or addicts can eventually get out (cocaine), heroin is a lifelong mistake to ever start. I haven’t even tried it, and there is a reason.

    Rappers really are stupid people by and large. Sorry if that’s not culturally ok, but it has nothing to do with race (except that rap is bad music that gets a pass because to attack is construed as a race attack). Then again, lots of musicians I do admire were total drug addicts also. Anyway, youth learns the hard way. Junkies are dropping like flies across the nation, and these clowns are still dabbling in opiate laced drinks? Good luck with that.

    • Todd

      Can’t argue with a single point you made, and unfortunately I have the history to back up my agreement with your assertions. Anyone, whether a Wall Street wannabe, or a hip-hop cliche, who “dabbles” with opiates for any length of time, will suffer the same fate as the soft rock junkies, or the hair band dudes who looked like ladies.
      Death is no respector of genre, nor of skin color or ethnicity.
      It just takes your life and moves on to the next fool who thinks it can’t happen to them…

  5. Elizabeth

    I thought syzzurp was a cocktail of cough syrup and blue/purple juice or gatorade, which is kind of like tripping on psychedelics but not as intense. I’ve never heard of anyone dumping heroin in there.

    • A Real Doctor

      Codeine is in perscription cough syrup. Codeine is an opiate. Heroin is an opiate. Same type of drug, thus the grouping.