“Don’t Steal Our Money and Content” – ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent Takes On Proxy Sites Who Steal Content
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ExtraTorrent Takes On Proxy Sites Who Steal Content
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Image by Peter Dean (CC by 2.0)

Popular BitTorrent ExtraTorrent targets proxies who steal incoming torrent revenue. In other news, a man bit a dog at a public park earlier today. Police took the man into custody. The dog is in critical, but stable, condition.

According to both the movie and music industry, popular pirating torrent websites enable users to illegally upload and share billions of dollars in content. Many anti-piracy organizations actively campaign against popular BitTorrent sites. ExtraTorrent doesn’t agree with that view. Yet, they face problems of their own. The popular BitTorrent site took steps last week to block unofficial proxy sites.

TorrentFreak reports that the unofficial proxy sites steal traffic from ExtraTorrent, and thus, their revenue. Operator SaM told TorrentFreak,

ExtraTorrent has built in protection against proxies who are stealing our traffic.

The news strikes an all-too-ironic chord. The popular torrent indexing site shares links to popular, but illegal Hollywood movies and top music albums, among other links. Several weeks ago, following an outside complaint, Subreg blocked three official mirrors. Website operators suspected anti-piracy organizations were behind the closing.

Website operators encrypted part of the website’s content. Users’ browsers will decode through JavaScript. Proxies will now have a more difficult time serving their content directly. Users who use unofficial proxies will now encounter the following image:

Official proxies used by the website will continue to function as normal. However, they want to ensure that no “leeching proxy” steal any traffic and revenue. SaM explained,

90 percent of the proxies are not working correctly anymore, and if some proxies are still working they will be dead soon.”

The site recommends using one of two official mirrors: extra.to and extratorrent.site.

However, unofficial proxy sites already found active workarounds.

SaM explained the website’s stance.

So, no one can steal ExtraTorrent content again…our traffic will be protected and our users will be safe from any harm they may get for accessing ET through any of those proxies.

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    As long as musicians allow themselves to be ripped off, they deserve it.

    Survival of the fittest isn’t a theory, it’s a fact.

  2. Anonymous

    When ‘lol’ is not enough:

    “ExtraTorrent has built in protection against proxies who are stealing our traffic.”

  3. self-flagellation

    dumb question: how does one find if their music is on bitorrent or other torrent sites? (i don’t want to d’load bitorrent, but if i have to i might.)

    the question is to find out how many times my tracks/albums have been illegally downloaded from the various sites. suggestions?