Pornhub Offering Millions for Ex-Fifth Harmony Singer Camila Cabello

Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello: Will She Take Pornhub's Offer?
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The stunning singer is officially leaving Fifth Harmony. Now, Pornhub is offering millions to lure the Camila Cabello into porn, according to reports. But is that a good career move?

We’ve been reporting on Pornhub’s aggressive moves into the music industry for months. Now, the company is taking things to an entirely new level.

According to details confirmed to Digital Music News this morning, Pornhub is now offering millions to lure singer Camila Cabello.  The deal would likely include multiple films shot exclusively for Pornhub, as well as other roles.  That includes a marquee celebrity role, designed to attract even more viewers to the top-ranked site.

The offer was subsequently tweeted out by Pornhub to Camila Cabello’s Twitter handle.  “Need a new job ?” the tweet implored.

The offer — which is dead serious — follows a confirmed departure from Fifth Harmony.  “After four and a half years of being together, we have been informed via her representatives that Camila has decided to leave Fifth Harmony,” the remaining members issued in a statement.

“We wish her well.”

Pornhub’s New Christmas Ad Will Change ‘Silent Night’ Forever

All of which makes Camila Cabello the hottest free agent on the market.  As for Pornhub, the acquisition of a star like Cabello would bolster a growth strategy that involves high-profile celebrities.  That includes Mia Khalifa, the controversial adult actress that has generated hundreds of millions for the site.  The only difference is that Camila is already famous, outside of adult film.

So far, no response from Camila Cabello’s camp.  That said, a lower-profile deal involving a ‘leaked sex tape’ could also be part of the approach.  Of course, that ‘tape’ would exclusively surface on Pornhub (go figure).

Good career move?

The offer raises the prickly question of whether this would hurt or help Camila Cabello’s career.  Currently, musicians and artists have extremely hesitant to embrace adult audiences, for fear of harming their images.  Others, including Kim Kardashian, have strategically used pornography and nudity to reap hundreds of millions in profit.

And, successfully built a broader celebrity profile.  Even stars like Kanye West are benefitting from a sex tape from ten years ago.

Enter Pornhub, which is aggressively trying to de-stigmatize pornography.  And, get a lot more people surfing.  Just recently, the company released a comical, high-budget advertisement for its premium tier.  The ad depicted lonesome holiday stragglers taking solace in premium porn clips.

The ad, first reported here, generated more than one million views in a day.

Other music endeavors

But this isn’t all about skin.  Just last month, the porn giant produced its first music video with Mykki Blanco.  Similar to the Christmas ad, the Blanco video wasn’t about pornography.  And Pornhub also hosted an indie music showcase in Miami, one that was all about the music and art.

Then again, who are we kidding?  Pornhub’s latest offer to Camila Cabello probably goes a little bit beyond a simple music video.  But that’s just the impression we get.

10 Responses

  1. Vail, CO

    Pretty groundbreaking industry wide if she accepts. I will say you’re right that Kardashian made it work but that’s master strategy — not for amateurs. You gotta really know the media and how to play it.

    • Ad

      Kim Kardashian a disgusting example of not only opportunism st it’s worse but also society’s ignorance now of what role models are supposed to be! Also, who the he’ll was Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabio???

  2. Anonymous

    I can’t make up my mind on this. Maybe if she blows me my thoughts on it will become clearer.

  3. Big Block

    You can’t normalize porn. It is everywhere, and people accept it, but it is a mistake to go into it willingly. If you can pretend a sextape made it out accidentally, that is different, but accepting a career in porn means ending your career everywhere else. Who knows why, but that’s the way it is pretty much.

    Other than that, the people who run porn are predators, end of story.

    • Faza (TCM)

      Arguably, the thing about predators could have been said about folks in the music industry, not so long ago. These days, at least, the bad acts tend to be more about contractual details (which is arguably “just business”) than threatening to throw people out of windows and such.

      As long as a sphere of human life or business is considered “unsavoury” by the general populace, it is primarily going to attract unsavoury characters, ‘coz they don’t care. I’d posit that normalizing porn is the best thing that could happen – especially for the actors. People are going to watch porn anyway. Treating it as just another form of entertainment, with the same amount of scrutiny pertaining to safety, workers’ rights and business methods as everywhere else can only help.

      This is a PR issue, more than anything, and it needs a symbol (several, for preference). Personally, I’m not sure that Ms. Cabello is the right person for the job – she is still young and still in an early stage of her career; it could go badly. Nor am I convinced that Pornhub is the right company to spearhead the change – we have more than enough “new media” companies trying to screw us over already and Pronhub’s record of sourcing content and ensuring everyone gets paid is decidedly spotty (not as bad as YouTube, probably, but then again – who is?)

      That said, I am watching Pornhub’s moves towards music with genuine interest

  4. Chris

    She would instantly shoot to the top of the porn industry, would make millions, but would be viewed negitively by the public. Overall would absolutely love to see her in the industry, she is so beautiful.