Kpop News: Girls Generation Star Taeyeon Is the Most Popular Person In Korea

Kpop News: Amidst Issues With Wiz Khalifa, Taeyeon Tops Gallup Poll
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Kpop News: Amidst Issues With Wiz Khalifa, Taeyeon Tops Gallup Poll
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Image by Oskar Wallin (CC by 2.0)

In Kpop News, Gallup shows that stars Taeyeon, IU, and Tzuyu still shine.

Gallup released their annual survey results for 2016. The result surveyed young South Korean teens and young adults in their 20s. Which stars did they enjoy the most?

Girls Generation’s Taeyeon topped the list with 11.8% of overall votes. However, more males preferred Taeyeon than females. IU, the number one artist last year, took second place with 6.6%. Tzuyu followed close behind with 6.3%. More male teens preferred IU at 11.4%, and young adults preferred Tzutu with 8.6%.

G-Dragon came in fourth place with 5.9%, followed immediately by Chanyeol, Eunji, Hyorin, and Baekyun.


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This year, Taeyeon has faced several controversies. In October, fans criticized Taeyeon for posting a colored image during South Korea’s National Coming Out Day.


Una foto publicada por TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) el

The image sparked rumors that the singer was preparing to come out as a lesbian.  Several believed the colorful photo indicated her sexuality.  However, most fans defended the singer’s sexuality, citing her previous relationship with Baekhyun.

Just a few weeks ago, popular American rapper Wiz Khalifa also accused Taeyeon. Several media outlets announced that Taeyeon would perform with the singer at the 2016 MAMA awards, leaking rehearsal footage.


The rumors pushed Khalifa’s See You Again to 2.2 billion views. However, Khalifa performed alone. According to DJ Bionics,

“We were made aware that Taeyeon would not be collaborating with Wiz for his stage only minutes before he went on stage.”

Khalifa blamed the Kpop singer.

Afterwards, fans immediately took to her defense. However, after initially blaming the singer, Wiz Khalifa’s team later explained the possible reason.

“The misunderstanding might have come from Wiz going to his changing room after every rehearsal. It’s just normal for the artist to head back to their room after going on stage and doing their thing. They don’t stick around and talk to everyone. Wiz performs, he rehearses, and heads back to his room. He comes back out, rehearses again, sticks around on stage or around the stage to make adjustments and then goes back to his room.

“He never completely left during rehearsals. Not once.”

Nonetheless, no one knows why Taeyeon backed out of the performance.

8 Responses

  1. Im

    No one knows the reason? She explained the reason on Instagram. Do your research.

    • Daniel Adrian Sanchez

      Thanks for the comment. While I did find her Instagram post, I chose to omit this. The situation quickly turned into a “he said, she said” situation. Hence, why I chose not to touch on it, since the point was already made.

      • Lauren

        So it was a “he said she said” when taeyeon and the event staffers explained what happened, but he was quoted repeatedly and his tweets were assumed to be factually correct and accurate?

  2. Roy (SOPS)

    Hi Mr Daniel Adrian Sanchez, I shall just get to my point straight. Please refrain from spreading rumours and writing articles without proper research as well as proper evidence which support your article. “Nonetheless, no one knows why Taeyeon backed out of the performance.” This sentence that you made is disturbing as the real reason have been released from Taeyeon and MAMA staff members. In case you didn’t bother to research, I shall input for you 🙂

    I quote
    *A MAMA staff member* ‘The day before broadcast, Khalifa delayed his rehearsal without any reason. Every staff waited for him until midnight, he was just having his meal in the waiting room and didn’t come out. His own staff is waiting too. And the rehearsal didn’t go well from that time.’

    *Taeyeon Instagram Story* ‘I did not go the hospital buddy, I was waiting for you and could only wash up now’ (Time 1:28AM)

    There we go. This is all the information you probably MISSED out or maybe something else? I am doubting your professionalism and credibility in this article because mainly, you are a US citizen which you probably would support Wiz Khalifa. Secondly, this is the only KPOP article which you have written and it probably shows that you are defending Wiz Khalifa in a sense that you put the Korean artiste in a bad impression. So regardless, your credibility and reliability has just dropped from 100 to 0. Please be objective next time and do more research before publishing any of these articles.

    • Daniel Adrian Sanchez

      As I touched on earlier, her response quickly turned into a “he said, she said.” I purposefully chose to omit her Instagram post (which is readily available), since the point had already been made that neither could give a definite reason. Thanks for the comment. And for the record, I do not support Wiz Khalifa; I personally don’t listen to him.

      • Lauren

        But it was also event staffers, not just taeyeon and you omitted any source which contradicted the narrative that Taeyeon just blew off the performance. I’m 9 years, when has she ever just not shown up for a show or backed out at the last minute? That her reliable history was not considered in light of her and the staff’s clarifications is questionable, at best.