What Killed George Michael? Family Remains Quiet on the Matter

What killed George Michael?
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After an untimely death at 53, the music community is debating what killed George Michael.

When does a person drop dead at 53 with no known illnesses?  Evidence is now emerging that suggests a drug overdose is really what killed George Michael.

Update: Since the publication of this article, coroners have determined that George Michael passed away from dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition marked by inflammation of the heart and inability to effectively distribute blood to the body.

(1) George Michael had a history of drug abuse.

The singer was notoriously using a range of sedatives and narcotics throughout his life.  That includes prescription narcotics and alcohol, frequently mixed, among other things.  In fact, George Michael has been repeatedly found passed out while driving, while heavily intoxicated.

Back in the 90s, the singer admitted to smoking more than give marijuana joints a day.

And so on.

(2) George Michael had no known health issues before his death.

In the moments after his death, Michael’s publicist confirmed that the singer wasn’t suffering from any known health conditions prior to his death.

Yet he dies at 53.  

That said, George Michael did suffer a perilous bout with pneumonia back in 2012.  But apparently that was cured long ago.

(3) People usually don’t drop dead at 53.

Even 63 is considered too young these days.  And 53 is damn young to die, unless there’s a serious health issue or shock to the system.   Like, a drug overdose.

(4) Sudden ‘heart failure’ sounds like a sedative shutdown.

What happens when you pop too many downers?  Then, wash it down with whiskey?

As mentioned above, George Michael has been found mixing prescription sedatives and alcohol numerous times.  He’s had his driver’s license revoked because of it.  It was a serious problem that may have been untreated.

(5) Local police called the death ‘unexplained’

People don’t just die.  They die for a reason: an advanced illness, a fatal accident, drug overdose, whatever.  So why would the police refrain from stating the reason?

One reason might be that George Michael is a massive celebrity, who killed himself using drugs.  And for whatever reason, they don’t want that out.

 (6) He’s a rock star. They do drugs.

You didn’t think Prince was an addict.  He was.  And he also overdosed.

(7) Still don’t believe me?

Just wait till the official coroner’s report comes out next week.


There’s also a rumor developing that George Michael died of AIDS.  But AIDS isn’t a death sentence anymore, especially for someone with money.

RIP George Michael…


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  1. Considering Unsubscribing

    You may be right, but you’re also the first to jump on the story with a clickbait headline and promote scurrilous claims while people still learn of and mourn the loss. Not very classy.

  2. J

    I like your site, but trying to use ‘shock headlines’ to grab attention seems to be a common occurrence with you lately.
    I’m looking at your site less seriously as each newsletter drops by.

    I think most of us, in the music biz or not, can clearly use our own minds to realise nobody dies for no reason at a young age. We don’t need shock headlines to make us think or click this sort of stuff.

    Scare monger headlines only make you look weak.

  3. john

    I thought it was a good article, after all…many of us are fans and close to the same age and are wondering how the heck did it happen?

    • Hart

      No make his ortopsy so all can see him being opened up to see what drugs does to a body warning young people when your loser friend asks you to go down the same path as him you will end up same way on your own lying on settee eyes open dead as a parent worst thing your children getting into drugs ruins all

  4. Shit Boy

    On behalf of the ‘ Spoken Word Poetry Mall ‘ we’d like to offer sincere condolences to the family , friends and fans of the incomparable , George Michael . His death on Christmas day is truly a stunning lost to the new and dynamic world of digital music and he will be greatly missed but always remembered for his timeless ballads of love and the real emotional loss that comes along with the thematic broken heart : ‘ Tears For Fears ‘ R.I. P. . . .

  5. Tom

    Drug overdose or heart problem? Unfortunately drugs seem more likely. Maybe celebrating or depressed around holidays

  6. Peter

    You forgot to add that he was rich and could afford the best health care, therefore a medical condition could be ruled out.

    • LCB

      Rich people die of heart disease all the time. That said, my instinct is that this great musician died of a drug overdose.

  7. Catriona

    People that make their living speculating about others are lower than pond scum.

  8. Chip Chipperson

    It’s quite amusing to read these outraged comments criticizing Paul for his use of logical deduction.

    While many media outlets are subtly attributing George Michael’s death to complications from a result of HIV/AIDS complications (despite the fact that there is zero evidence to support that George was HIV+), Paul’s hypothesis is based on a solid foundation of facts and evidence.

    Apparently those criticizing Paul would prefer that we completely ignore deductive reasoning and simply trust George’s Los Angeles-based manager Michael Lippman who determined that the cause of death is heart failure (Although Lippman’s not a doctor and wasn’t even there…).

    • heights91

      We all die of heart failure. Every last one of us. Our heart fails, and then we die.

  9. CoCo

    George’s passing is very sad.. but everyone I have spoken to have expressed their own theories because we all read the news over the years of all the mishaps and what not.. So there’s speculation.. 53 is very young.. especially when you’re very rich,
    successful and live a charmed luxurious lifestyle.

    So it does make you wonder what could’ve caused this to happen because it doesn’t add up otherwise..

  10. Cub Reporter

    GM’s house was situated in a beautiful wooded area. He enjoyed walks around his property. So it’s entirely possible that he was bitten by a tick and his demise was the result of Lime Disease.

  11. Rick Shaw

    Leave this to TMZ. DMN has moved from a source of information to a rag.

  12. Harry Harrison

    I was reading that his estimated wealth was US$250 Million and now it’s probably
    increased by another hundred million because of this latest very sad news..

    Having a large fortune brings with it a lot of money grabbers, hanger-ons and those with motives to create problems for the star (i.e. supplying addictive medications and
    supplements etc..)

    I guess there were a circle of “friends” living off his generosity..

  13. Darkchild

    If you are going to publish online, learn how to use a spell check program or pay some one to proofread it. Errors in grammar further cheapen your already piss-poor writing and reporting skills.

  14. Darkchild

    If you are going to publish online, learn how to use a spell check program or pay someone to proofread it. Errors in grammar further cheapen your already piss-poor writing and reporting skills.

  15. GM Lover

    I don’t think his death was an overdose, but years of drug abuse certainly can damage any organs, the heart in this case, hence, the heart failure. I’m a fan, and I kept thinking there will be no more new music from him. So sad!!! RIP, George Michael! You Have Been Loved!!!

    • Hart

      George Michael was not gay he only helped out when they were short

  16. Some people!

    It’s none of our business what he died of. It’s just very sad.
    People do still die of aids and all the money in the world can’t stop that when your time has come.
    RIP George Michael ?

  17. Carol

    My sister was 58 & my brother 61when they both died suddenly.
    Despite 2 autopsies, further tests, tissue samples and toxicology, no cause of death was ever found.

    Death certificate said sudden unexpected death, nothing else.

  18. Freedom

    I think this article is very accurate and the fans deserve to know the truth -no one is trying to hurt his memory. But I do think that he did have a health problem because he had pneumonia so he was either HIV-positive or had AIDS and was depressed about it. I think that his HIV was under control and he did not have aids though I think it probably was drug-related

  19. Bordon

    His cause of death is neither here nor there. Someone should be writing about the fact his poor family has had to wait three months to say goodbye to this man. It seems coroners release bodies all the time for burial while they await toxicology reports. Prince and Amy come to mind. Why have they waited soooo long to release this body. No way can the family say goodbye properly now. Wreaks of mistreatment to the family and total disrespect to the deceased.