Mariah Carey’s Career On Life-Support After Lip-Synching Disaster

Mariah Carey
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Mariah Carey’s career is on the rocks after disastrous performance on New Year’s Eve.  The lip-synching meltdown is easily the worst of the singer’s career, beating out her 2014 ‘Christmas massacre’…

It was a simple performance of a chart-topping classic for New Year’s Eve.  But somehow, it turned into an all-out train wreck that could threaten Mariah Carey’s career.

The destroyed performance, during ABC’s ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest,’ was part of a traditional year-end celebration.  After running through ‘Auld Land Sang’ with no complications, Mariah Carey plunged into an epic lip-synching fail.

Take a look (the meltdown starts around 1:05)…

‘Blame Game’ ensues…

The disaster is quickly devolving into a finger-pointing ‘blame game’. Mariah Carey immediately downplayed the incident, tweeting ‘shit happens’ the next morning.  Her rep then slammed ABC and Dick Clark Productions for major technical difficulties, including problems with monitors, mics, and lyrics prompters.  “She was not ‘winging’ this moment and took it very seriously,” Mariah Carey rep Nicole Perna told Billboard. “A shame that production set her up to fail.”

Indeed, Carey may have been doing her best to adapt to multiple miscues.  But separate reports pointed to a crisis created by Mariah Carey.  The entitled diva allegedly appeared hours late to the performance, forcing staffers at Dick Clark Productions to scramble.

Separate sources pointed to endless confusion on Carey’s side, with zero dress rehearsals and a ‘just in time’ jump onto the live stage.

So which version do you believe?

For Carey, the latest development could terminate future performance opportunities.  Back in 2014, the singer famously botched her performance for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center.  The ill-prepared singer was singing off-key and off-time, with a major arrival delay also blamed.

All of that points to a lazy, entitled attitude that keeps producing disastrous performance meltdowns.  And, kills her chances at securing similar slots in the future.

Here’s a cringeworthy isolated track from 2014 that quickly went viral.

7 Responses

  1. Rikki

    whats the big deal, its been faked for at least a decade maybe more….even the best engineers in the world cannot create a balanced live sound

    there are no mistakes, people dance around like crazy and never hear them taking a breath. they are in cold windy weather with summer clothes on….its all been tracked and dubbed..

  2. Music Specialist

    Rikki you are right, it’s been faked for well over a decade. But we should expect a GREAT show since it is being digitally supported.

    Mariah’s show was not even fair, and an artist of her caliber should have had ALL systems ready to go. The dancers were rehearsed and tight, the light show was produced well and completely automated, yet the most important element in the show MARIAH was not right.

    Why is this such a big deal?

    Contemporary artist, working artist, new artist and students need to know what to do and what NOT to do onstage. they should be taught how to maintain their business with rehearsals, equipment checks and backup plans.

    Mariah’s performance and the business of how she prepared or didn’t prepare is the “poster child” on what not to do.
    I’m not calling her a DIVA for she was trained with the best in the business. Remember she was under the tutelage (pun intended) of Tommie Mottola, the head of Columbia Records, and received first class instruction on, marketing, promotion and touring on a global basis. Possibly she will take this as a wakeup call to handle her affairs better. She is beyond a doubt, capable, business savvy and highly intelligent.

    Her comeback should be FIERCE including movies, video, music, tv and touring. She is back with L.A. Reid so she will have the finances and expertise for global recognition.

  3. Anonymous

    Sounds like everyone screwed up. Mariah should’ve shown up for a dress rehearsal. It’s a job, and she should treat it like one, and take appropriate preparations. But even without a rehearsal, it looks like the crew didn’t do enough to ensure the equipment was working properly. The lip-syncing is a non-issue. It’s New Years Eve in NY in the freezing cold, and you want to put on a good live show. Of course she’s gonna lip-synch those high notes. I don’t blame her in the least for that.

    I hope this is a wake-up call for her. Even the best performers need rehearsal and preparation, and she should ensure her schedule allows for it. But she’s still a good performer with a good voice, and if her career survived “Glitter”, she can probably recover from this.

  4. Rick Shaw

    Whatever. Life-support highly doubtful. Bad press is good press…for her reality show.

  5. Antinetter

    Her fanbase is so low iQ and blindly devoted, it won’t matter at all. It’ll just be portrayed as poor Maria got taken advantage of by those big showbiz people. Blah blah blah. I’ve despised her music from the getgo. Unlike many others, she once could actually sing, but her choice of material has always been awful. Her costume was more horrifying than anything else. It looked like she was backstage at a female impersonator review. Can’t she afford an actual gown with some flowing aspects at least. Wear the leotard if you got to (at 50), but at least put something over it as well. Horror show to the masses, but it doesnt matter.

  6. meh man

    Kind of sad we get a corpulent Mariah dancing around pretending to sing… and she can’t even PRETEND well… so much of this “entertainment” is meh worthy.