Why I’m Convinced That George Michael Killed Himself…

George Michael: Image taken from 'Older' Album
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Tragically, the evidence continues to suggest that George Michael took his own life on Christmas Day.  Here are the unmistakeable signs.

#1: The autopsy was determined to be ‘inconclusive’

Only a tiny percentage of autopsies are actually ruled to be inconclusive.  In most cases, a cause of death is determined, and published.

So why would this be mysteriously ‘undetermined’?

#2: George Michael’s death was initially attributed to ‘heart failure’.

‘Heart failure’ means, ‘the heart stops beating’.  And what causes a heart to stop beating?

In the case of an otherwise healthy individual, one possibility is a self-administered dose of extreme sedatives.  And George Michael had a long history of ‘self-administering’ massive amounts of both tranquilizers and alcohol, at the same time.

#3: George Michael had no known health conditions.

An otherwise healthy, 50-something man drops dead on Christmas Day.  I’ll leave it at that.

#4. He was strangely alone at the time of his death (on Christmas).

His boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz was somehow sleeping in his car outside.  Which means, something happened that night, with no witnesses or anyone to stop a suicide attempt or reckless drug overdose (which yes, is also killing yourself).

#5: George Michael was 53 when he died.

53 year-olds don’t just die (see #3).  It’s not 23, but it’s not 83 either.  Some serious shock to the system had to have occurred.

#6. Fadi Fawaz may have drunk-tweeted the truth.

Did someone really hack his Twitter account?  Maybe Boy George is right: ‘my computer was hacked’ is kind of the new ‘I’m bisexual’ or ‘I’m sniffing because I have allergies’.

Something about this doesn’t pass the sniff test.

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#7. It was Christmas Day.

It’s all about the drama.  And Christmas is the most dramatic (and possibly, depressing) day of the year.  And yes, most celebrities (like it or not) live for attention, drama, and the spotlight.

#8. He’s a high-profile celebrity.

Which means they’re keeping this under wraps.  If anything, just to spare the man his legacy.

Let’s see if the truth comes out.


14 Responses

  1. Sad Friend

    Not true that 53-year-old men don’t just die in their sleep. A dear friend of mine went to sleep one night and didn’t wake up the next morning: 56 years old, non-smoker, drank one or two beers a month, definitely not a drug-user, life-long athlete, yoga practitioner, meditator, surfer, not an ounce over weight… Tox screens all negative, nothing much on autopsy except a slightly enlarged heart from all that exercise. Cause of death on death certificate, idiopathic cardiac myopathy, a fancier way to say his heart stopped. It’s not common, but it’s not that rare, either.

  2. Liz

    I have the same thoughts I’d like to know the truth I believe something happened that night if you have a bf you would spend xmas eve together the sleeping in the car seems really strange

  3. Lollia

    Pure speculation of a person not fammiliar with medicine! Hidden cardiac diseases causing sudden cardiac arrest are more frequent than you can immagine.
    ‘Inconclusive’ autopsy might mean that there are analysis on substances taken which is not a qiuck thing to finalize. Might also be accidental overdose of substance/medicine.

  4. Janne Pettersson

    How is this Digital Music News? You should change the name of the web site to “I like to dig up dirt about celebrities”.

  5. Top Secret

    According to the papers, Fadi said things had been “complicated” lately..

    That’s probably the biggest clue that all was not well in the GM world..

  6. Rick Shaw

    Settle down. Taking pieces of info from news headlines and making sweeping assumptions does not made you Jessica Fletcher.

  7. Anonymous

    While this article may be true, it seems like it’s bad taste to speculate at this point. It’s just as possible that it’s an accidental overdose of pain medication. I think we should at least wait for the toxicology reports to come back, which should take a few weeks.

  8. Top Secret

    I think George was a public figure and the media all love to speculate and everywhere there’s gossip, internet and real world chat, conspiracy ideas etc about what might have happened..

    If you’re a public figure and made your sizeable fortune from being out there then
    really what’s the big deal about the media commentating about it..

    If he was a behind the scenes producer or songwriter then no one would be
    interested and it wouldn’t make the news..

  9. hank@nv.net

    Wow, now Paul’s a forensic medical practitioner. Is there no end to the wonders of the Internet?

    I lost my youngest brother for no reason that could be determined by the coroner’s office, after testing his fluids and tissues for over a month. “Undetermined” is stated for “Cause of death” on his death certificate. He was extraordinarily strong, twenty-four, had swum three miles the evening prior to passing.

    Sometimes Digital Music News skirts way too close to National Enquirer’s game plan. This kind of “article” should be beneath this site. Stick to what you know, if you can figure out what that is.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I’m really, really sorry that your brother passed away. That is a tremendous pain, and just plain sad. You’re a longtime friend and reader of the publication, so I’m happy you shared that.

      But this article is about George Michael. And really, I’m just trying to call this for what it looks like. And this one doesn’t stack up in my opinion.

      Let’s see how this pans out. Give it a few weeks, a few months. I think some revealing details may come to the surface.

  10. K. Johnson

    The author of this article doesn’t have a clue as to what he is talking about. How do you know that his so called partner, Fadi Fawaz, didn’t have something to do with his death? Simply because he says that George Michael died alone? Personally, I find it suspicious that Fawaz supposedly slept in his car on Christmas Eve, in the cold of winter. Also, he didn’t go into the bedroom to wake GM for several hours upon entering the house on Christmas day? Very suspicious! It is also reported that George Michael was going to end his relationship with Fawaz. So, to me the circumstances surrounding George Michael’s death is again extremely suspicious.