Fifth Harmony Just Signed the Biggest Music Industry Deal of 2017 — Without Camila Cabello

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Guess Fifth Harmony didn’t need ‘the bitch’ after all!  The group just inked the biggest music industry deal of this year with Sony.  And they did it without Camila Cabello.

Maybe Camila Cabello should take that Pornhub offer after all.  Because the bridge back to Fifth Harmony is officially burned.. for good.

Just today, the group announced a massive, multi-million deal with Epic Records, part of Sony Music Entertainment.

Pornhub Offering Millions for Ex-Fifth Harmony Singer Camila Cabello

That means hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront cash, to be divided four ways instead of five.  See how that works?  And to celebrate, remaining members Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui took a special photoshoot to commemorate their new future.

And, well… stuff their success in Camila’s face.

Fifth Harmony
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The sultry picture above, decked in red, was blasted on Twitter in celebratory fashion.  ‘Twenty seventeen bitches!’ the post blasted.  That was complemented by the more serious image (top), with the group’s social network accounts plastered with the new pics.

Effectively, that represents two major industry hurdles conquered by this group.  The first was the ‘curse’ that seems to crush almost every reality show winner (or near-winner).  Now, after conquering those odds and ‘surviving’ X Factor, this foursome is proving you can also survive the departure of a major star.

Meanwhile, ‘that bitch’ Camila Cabello is moving forward with her own solo career.  Undoubtedly, the remaining Fifth Harmony foursome is wishing her the worst: the group claims Cabello ‘blind-sided’ the group by abruptly leaving in late December.  That is, 6 days before Christmas and right before a major, high stakes performance.

Before they could react, the remaining members of Fifth Harmony were getting blasted with questions from media sources — many of whom were learning the news at the same time.  All of which makes Epic’s decision to renew their option a sweet stab of revenge, and the beginning of some serious competition ahead.

Details of the Sony Music Entertainment deal.

The new deal is a multi-album, multi-million dollar contract with the smaller Fifth Harmony.  And Sony Music is now gunning to propel this group into mega-stardom.  Already, the slimmed-down foursome is in the studio with plans for a 2017 album release.  And mega-hit singles are a major part of the game plan.  That could be followed by a massive worldwide tour, on a scale not yet seen from this group.

Also winning big is Syco owner Simon Cowell, the brains behind X Factor who retains contractual control over the group.

Camila Officially Goes Solo.

Meanwhile, Camila Cabello is aggressively moving forward with her solo career.  Ripping a page out of the old Timberlake playbook, Cabello is already running from her former group.  And, recording with mega-stars like Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly.

The result will be an all-out war between Cabello and her former teammates, with both battling for chart positions.  And, fan loyalties.

Pornhub Offer Still Stands.

Separately, mega-porn destination Pornhub is still ‘extending’ tens of millions for an exclusive Cabello contract.  That drew huge reactions last month, but hey — these guys know a star when they see one.  Nothing wrong with making some cash, especially when you’re hot.

More details ahead. 

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    • James

      Exactly lol. This is hardly the biggest offer. In fact there are no stipulations of how many albums they are going to get. Who wrote this stupid article article? An ot4 stan?

      • Ari

        Misogynistic, gross, desperate, and butt-ugly. Yep you’re right, JorgeM wrote this

      • Lego blox

        This is a huge deal for FH. and yes it’s millions

        But keep hating

        • JAMES

          It’s not millions dumb ass. They barely broke bank last year. TRY Again .

          Also renewing a contact ain’t a big deal. You’re a fool f

        • Jack frost

          It’s not hating you imbecile. This isn’t a multi million dollar contract. You don’t get a multi million dollar contract if you don’t sell albums. Which 5h didn’t.

          • Paul Resnikoff

            In the current industry, albums are really just a small part of the consideration. In fact, some of the most successful artists don’t even sell many albums (just look at EDM, but also rap and other genres). I’d urge you to take a look at how modern executives are shaping deals, like Simon Cowell. In quick summary, most emerging or developing artists are signing 360 degree deals, which encompass virtually all revenue streams.

            You should take a look at this piece:

            Thanks for reading and jumping into the discussion. I look forward to your reply.

          • James

            @Paul Resnikoff

            * Dude we’re not going to take a look at your misinformed and poorly written piece that’s filled with inaccurate loop holes this is about your factually incorrect piece about 5h supposedly singing the “biggest deal of the century” when the stipulations are pretty much the same since the beginning. The only difference is that they get to keep the brand name fifth harmony. This is hardly a multi million dollar deal nor is it a multi album contract given the fact that their album failed to sell. They don’t give multi album renewals to groups that can’t sell albums.

            Are you sure you know what you’re talking about? Because you sound more like a Wattpad fanfic writer then you do a competent journalist.

          • tom

            They did got a multi million dollar deal. From my professional point of view, syco n epic can’t dream of dropping them or not offering huge amount. Because if they had made that mistake, many will jump in with offers that would forever keep them smiling in millions to the bank

    • Anonymous

      I mean man, they realy made it sound like 5h HATES cabello to the depths of earth. Dont hate on me if u dont agree! Just making a point

  1. Cc1

    A 40 year old calling a 19 year old a bitch. Your family must be so proud. Piece of shit.

  2. Fuck Off

    This is fucking horrible and I hope that you get fired for writing something as atrocious as this.

  3. Rog

    The author is a dumba**. If he did just a little bit of research, he would have found out that Camila wanted to leave months before and that her people officially finalized her leaving in November. So the group was far from being “blindsided”.

      • JAMES

        Nope she was loyal all the way to the end. If she wasn’t she would’ve left early. The fact that she stayed with them for so long shows that she had more loyalty than anyone else in this dying group.

      • Yo

        Uh nope… that’s totally correct. It’s even documented on 5H’s second statement on their twitter after C tweeted hers. How they were begging her to stay for months and she gave her official notice mid November. Whether or not you think she was disloyal, she didn’t suddenly spring this on them at the last minute.

      • Jack frost

        She stayed with them despite the fact that they’re struggling to stay afloat. That’s real loyalty. Being disloyal would be to leave before your contract ends. Are you slow or something?

        • Anonymous

          You know nothing about loyalties dog. I eat two-faced people like you for breakfast.

          Basically loyalty means ride or die. Thick and thin no matter what. It means standing by someone through TEN YEARS of being down, locked up, beaten, up… no matter WHAT.

          You gotta a lot to learn dog. -post

          • James

            Honestly I know more about loyalties than you and the rest of the idiotic girls in this flop girl group lol. And the only you’re eating now is crow after Camila has proven she can chart on her own.

            She was with this group since the beginning and ever since then they’ve failed to make a huge impact. They were getting screwed over multiple times and they weren’t reaping the benefits. Why would Camila stay with a group when she was getting nothing out of the deal you fool?

            Staying with a dying group isn’t loyalty it’s career you imbecile

          • Jesse James

            There’s loyalty and then there’s screwing your self over. Camila staying with a group that doesn’t have a lot of longevity left isn’t loyalty it’s career suicide

            She left when she did and honestly this was the bes choice for guess is 5h will have one successful single and then fall off the charts like they did with their follow ups.

  4. Wow

    This is absolutely disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting a 19 year old girl should turn to porn for simply wanting to purse a different path. Get a life.

  5. you dumbass

    grow up. you’re 30-40 and writing this kind of “article” delete your life, please.

  6. Yo

    LMAO! “Sean Mendez”? Boy, are you out of touch with what’s current. No wonder almost all of your “facts” are wrong!

  7. Paul Resnikoff Is A Moron.

    The person who wrote this article has to be an ot4 stan. That’s the only explanation that I can come up with that would explain how stupid and bias they would come across. I don’t even know where to begin with destroying this article.

    First off they didn’t sign a multi million dollar contract. Unless you’re a house hold name like one direction or something like that a small group like this isn’t going to get a multi million dollar record deal: and if they did you can bet that they offered Camila the same thing so I don’t know why you think Camila is missing out since if she was offered a similar contract she’d get all the money and not disperse it four ways.

    And it’s a little early to say they’re stuffing her success in camilas face wouldn’t you say? They haven’t even released anything yet and camilas latest solo endeavor is still selling well and doing well on the charts. The nemoptism and bias nonsense in this article is so obvious lol

    Also they didn’t sign a multi million dollar or a multi album contract. In fact the negotiations on payment and how many albums they will make is still on going. But generally speaking when your first two albums fail to sell or make any chart movements contract negotiations usually don’t include multi millions or multi albums unless you’re a big name like one direction.

    This is a clear example of inflating the facts. Especially when you’re just rehashing what billboard has already said. And guess what? They didn’t mention a multi million dollar or multi album contract. They said the opposite even. They said it’s still on going. The imbecile who wrote this laughably article needs to work on their fact finding skills.

    • A Fan

      First off, what a disgusting way to start off this article. Second, Camila’s NOT a bitch and the group was not shoving anything in her face. This article is trash, along with its writer

    • OT4 Stan

      Lol, they’re one of the biggest names on Epic (if not the biggest), Camila left the group so she’s gonna have to start from scratch and build her own image, so she didn’t get a contract as big as the group’s cause she’s not relevant, she must have gotten one just like the initial group’s contract. I wouldn’t say they’re not a house hold when they are the only artists bringing money to the label, massive hit songs with over 4kk only in the US and after selling 33kk worldwide. LA Reid would have let them go if they were not a house hold, instead he decided to let them take control of their carrer. Also, albums don’t bring money, tours and singles do, and that they can sell really well.

      • James

        Spoken like a true ot4 stan. Full of ignorance and general lack of knowledge lol. That’s not how it works sweetie. If camila is going to sign with epic again then they’re going to give her her own custom contract since she’s already an established name and more relevant than most of the acts on their roster st the moment. If anything 5h is one of their smaller acts since their last two singles failed to chart and their album didn’t sell as big or as fast as reflection did. Generally speaking for smaller groups like 5h renewal contracts don’t contain multi million dollar deals or multi album deals. That’s a fools way of thinking.

        Also it’s a known fact that LA Reid doesn’t let talent go. Even an insider has said he has a hard time of letting go talent that isn’t successful so la Reid holding onto a group that can’t sell albums isn’t anything new. Also their last two singles as stated failed to chart and their last tour wasn’t as nearly as successful as their reflection era. It helps to look up these things before entering s discussion. In fact reflection had more hits and selling singles than 7/27 did which only had one successful song. You’re trying to inflate their numbers huh lol. It’s not working.

      • Jack frost

        Uh no they’re not lol. In fact they’re one of epics smaller names on their roster compared to rick Ross, Gucci Maine and Mariah Carey they’re hardly a big name on their record label. As far as camila needing to start from scratch that’s not actuate at all she already has a fanbase she can build on and given her past success with the group if she chooses to stay with epic her contract will more than likely be a custom one they made specifically for her. Given that she’s had previous experience with them before it’s no gonna be an initial group contract. It’ll be something like zayn Malik which was more than just your average initial 360 contract.

        Lol are you serious? They’re the only artist bringing money into their label? I guess you forgot about artists like Gucci mane Mariah carry, rick Ross who’s still bringing in money, no they’re not the only artist bringing in money to their label. And la Reid not letting them go doesn’t prove anything. Even billboard says he won’t let go of talent that does or doesn’t do well. Also their last tour didn’t bring in that much money same with their last singles so that’s hardly doing well at all. That’s barely scraping by.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      “Also they didn’t sign a multi million dollar or a multi album contract.”

      That depends how you value the deal. An option renewal means they’re continuing because Epic likes the performance of this group. And this deal goes way beyond recordings, into publishing, management, live performance (just ask Simon Cowell).

      And it’s a little early to say they’re stuffing her success in camilas face wouldn’t you say?

      Again I’d disagree. If they were unable to continue their career as a group, then they would have been defeated. Now, they’re proving they can not only survive, they can potentially thrive as a pop group without Cabello. That’s a pretty strong statement.

      I appreciate the comment, and thanks for hearing my points!

      • James

        So then it’s not s multi million dollar deal since it’s just a basic renewal. You made it sound like they signed a deal of the century when it’s only a typical renewal contracts for average run of the mill girl groups. That’s not anything new or exciting that’s giving them more of the same. What you’re trying to do is inflate numbers and mislead people. You’re not even reporting the facts Paul you’re just over embellishing. You’re a joke of a journalist lol.

        They haven’t proven anything yet you Imbecile lol. They didn’t release any new music so they haven’t proven anything. I’m sure their initial single will do well since lead singles always tend to do the best but outside of that they’re not going to see as much success as they did with work from home. Also one single is barely thriving. They didn’t have a successful tour last year,(you can check sales) their last two singles failed to chart or get radio play is this what you call thriving?

        You and I have very different definitions of the term thriving lol.

      • Jack frost

        No they didn’t get a multi album or a multi million dollar deal lol. They’re not one direction or destinys. Multi million dollar renewal deals are only for big names who can actually sell records. 5hs last record 7/27 didn’t even outsell reflection so I don’t see s multi album or a multi million dollar deal on the table for them. They probably have a few stipulations and they have more creative control but as far as money wise and albums go this is hardly a huge contract for them. It’s probably a typical renewal deal with different outlets for them.

        They haven’t proven anything lol. There’s no music out so how can they prove it? If they outsells work from home and worth it you might have a point but chances are their initial single will do well but after that they’ won’t sell big like last time. It’s silly to think they’re going to thrive especially since their sophomore era wasn’t strong. That’s the era that you get most of your fans in.

        Your points are broken.

        • Paul Resnikoff

          I’d urge you to take another look at this. It’s not just about album sales, in fact, that piece of the pie is getting smaller and smaller. That’s why Simon Cowell executes full-blown 360 deals, especially given that his show is the springboard.

          • Jack frost

            Dude I read your stupid article and the points that you brought up. It’s not legit. You cite no sources, you provide little to no evidence and everyone knows how much more expensive it is to give a contract to a girl group as opposed to giving a contract to a solo singer. You honestly think a multi million dollar and multi album contract is going to go towards a group that didn’t have a huge banner year for music? How gullible and ignorant do you think we are?

            You really don’t think too much about your readers do you?

          • Paul Resnikoff

            Let’s see how this plays out. Remember, it’s all about pairing the right hitmakers and promotional machine to the right group. And this is a deal that traverses a broader number of assets beyond just recordings.

            I’d reserve judgment, Epic isn’t just re-signing because they think Fifth Harmony is going to be a dud. If they thought that, they’d sign something else, and use their resources elsewhere.

          • Dr. Common sense

            I’m actually offended that you think so little of your readers Paul. It’s pretty much common knowledge thst small groups don’t get major perks when renewing a contract unless they’re major money makers. Someone like lady Gaga or Adele would get s contract like this cause they’re guaranteed to at least sell enough records and concert sales. 5h barely brought in enough money from ther concert sales which was considered a huge financial risk. This is common sense.

          • Dr. Common sense.

            They’ve been doing that for years now and the best they got out of them so far were two hits, one album that didn’t sell well and a second sophomore album that sold even worse than the first one. If you think epic is seeing dollar signs with this group then you’re sorely mistaken. They probably signed knowing in the back of their mind they’re not going to bring in a huge amount of revenue with their album sales or tour, if they do tour in fact. They probably resigned with them because they wanted to squeeze out one more single from them before they decide to disband the group. Keep in mind they also signed Camila cabello as a solo artist. Honestly a fresh faced singer who’s considered a rising star is a safer bet than a group with one less member. Epic knows this.

          • Dr. Common sense.

            But the point weee trying to make is it’s not a multi million dollar contract or a multi album one at that. That’s reserved for a top tier artist that can produce hits. It’s for your Demi lovatos your Ariana grandes, Adele, sia these are the artists that get the multi million dollar contracts because they’re guaranteed hit makers. Fifth harmony is not that. You can bet that epic knows this and wouldn’t be wasting resources on them like this. This is probably their basic renewals with a few different things turned in their favor lie the girls now owning the brand name 5h. Which is all nice and good but owning a brand name and being a group that can’t bring in huge revenue doesn’t mean anything. They’re not a huge group and people know this. You make it sound as if they hit the deal of a century or found some kind of genie in a lamp deal. That’s hardly the case. Common sense will tell you this. You’re just showboating and misleading you readers.

  8. Aliosk

    Que clase de articulo de MIERDA es este?, donde te graduaste?, este articulo es tan irrespetuoso, tan asqueroso, esto parece haber sido escrito por la peor persona del mundo, por un ser pobre de mente, por una persona sin educación ni ética profesional.

  9. Aliosk

    La persona que escribió este articulo se nota que es tan poco profesional, esto parece haber sido escrito por un fan de esos que se suelen llamar OT4, 1ero si van hacer un articulo sobre algo y más cuando se trata de un articulo que lo van a ver miles de personas no se necesita denigrar ni menospreciar a alguien para hacer referencia a algo, 2do se debe tener el mayor control del vocabulario o las palabras a utilizar y eso se llama tener ética profesional algo que por lo visto la persona que escribió esto no la tiene, 3ero Se nota que la persona que escribió este articulo no tiene ni idea del trato hacia una mujer, no me imagino como debe tratar a su madre, a sus tías y a sus amigas si de esa forma habla de una mujer y más de una chica de 19 años. Leer este articulo da vergüenza, da repugnancia, esto es tan indignante e irrespetuoso, que bien sería leer un articulo en donde se hable de los nuevos proyectos de ambos lados es decir tanto de Fifth Harmony como de Camila Cabello sin necesidad de faltarle el respeto a nadie, las 5 chicas son muy talentosas y las 5 chicas merecen respeto y ser apoyada sea como grupo o en solitario y no merecen que medios como este que son tan asquerosos digan algo sobre ellas, ellas valen mucho como para estar en la redacción de un articulo tan pobre como este.

  10. Aliosk

    Y se nota que este articulo lo escribió alguien tan poco profesional, parece que lo hubiese escrito alguien con la edad de 10 años sin educación ni nada y carente de conocimientos en lo que respecta al mundo de la música y artistas. Sean Mendez por dios!

  11. Diana

    You are a disgusting person for been talkiing about a teenager girl like that and encouraging hate. that is one of the reasons that Camila quit fifth harmony for haters like you And you are calling her selfish when what she did was one of the most unselfish things .Her contract was over and she is fallowing her dreams and starting over from zero despite fifth harmony is already recognize worldwide.

  12. .......

    you’re a fucking asshole. people like you are the reason why this world is full of hate. you dont have any right to talk about her like that.

  13. Lisa

    Wow, how professional to call anothet artist a “bitch” just because she left a manufactured group after her contract was over. Congratulations, just lost a reader. There are other sites who keep a level of professionalism. Not even Perez Hilton would stoop this low and that’s saying something.

    • Reality


      You can’t expect to ditch out and go solo without some blowback. Go get that money Camila but don’t expect anyone to love you for back-stabbing your own.

      • Jack frost

        Spoken like a true idiot and imbecile lol. The only one one who did the back stabbing is the four harlots from 5h who lied about meetings that never took place and keeping things from their own bandmate. Everyone knows Camila was a class act up to the very end. This is just your stupidity and ignorance talking.

        Funny you call yourself reality when you’re he only imbecile here who needs a reality check

      • Unreality

        I sens a disgruntled and immature mentally challenged harmonizer here. It’s a known fact tha 5h fans tend to have this talk first think later mindset as you’ve demonstrated reality. Fact is there was no backstabbing at all. Camila simply opted to not renew her contract while the others did. Good move on her end since the 5h era is coming to a close very soon. They were never an economically viable group to begin with what makes you think they’re gonna do well with only four members? Your a very ignorant and slow person.

      • Dr. Common sense

        The blowback is to be expected however we’re talking about facts her and ther are no facts to suggest that Camila backstabbed anyone. That’s all speculation made up by imbeciles on twitter and fools who write articles based off speculation rather than factual evidence. Kind of like the simpletons who read and take Paul’s argument as facts as well as the incompetent author himself whoa clearly trying to mislead people.

        You just happen to call for Paul’s scam.

  14. Anonymous

    Esta persona que escribio el articulo es super ignorante e irrespetuosa y tu crees que la gente te va hacer caso a ti al oir como te expresas de una mujer/ ser humano .que crees que Camila les debe alguo o la tienen que ofender por no haberse quedado en un grupo donde la mayoria de sus fans son igualitos a ti dei irrespetuosos donde sus companeras promueven feminismo y respeto pero nadie lo practica Y se escusan diciendo es una snake y blah blah nadie merece odio Yo tambien hubiera hecho lo mismo salirme de ese ambiente toxico Y aun asi afuera de el hay personas como tu que mal que nos aprovechemos que no nos pueden ver y mandar odio a personas que ni siquiera nos han hecho dano ni conocemos hojala tu nunca tengas que recibir odio por hacer lo que te hace feliz ella no nacio en fifth harmony las cinco querian ser solistas cuando les dieron la oportunidad la aprovecharon quien no lo haria ya vencio su contrato cada quien puede hacer lo que quiera con su vida . nadie te tiene que decir como vivir o que hacer . la vida es solo una para vivir estresados Y de acuerdo con lo que quieran los demas para nosotros

  15. Anonymous

    Since you are suggesting professions you should look for another and stay away from journalism since you do not know anything about what is current or the name of the artist and you do not have professional ethics to write an article calling a girl b**** jut because she decided not to renew her contract to be away from people like you that bullied her 24/7 and they still doing it know taking sides with you and laughing about this calling her snake and blah blah ugly and disrespectful fans nobody deserve this kind of hate no matter what .she’s out of the group that’ts what you want move on focus on the things things that really matter stop harrasing a girl that’s why I decided to stop being a harmonizer maybe I join Shawn Mendez fandom

  16. Dr. Common sense

    I’m willing to be that this is one of the news sites that 5h has under their belts that they have on retainer because only a gullible fool would believe a word of nonsense coming from this imbeciles poorly written and scam artist like article. It takes a real drum bum and a scam artist to write an article filled with inaccuracies and still try to pass it off as a fact. Which I guess is what Paul Resinokoff is trying to do. Lucky for me tough the people in the comment section aren’t taking his bs seriously lol.

    I will admit that Paul does do a good job of appealing to public ignorance but anyone with any real common sense will tell you that 99 percent of the garbage in this article is completely fabricated nonsense and just accusatory tomfoolery without any legitimacy to it. Like the supposed “blind side dead” news 5h got when Camila just up and left. That wasn’t true. Even 5h put out a statement saying that they knew since November that camilas last day would be December 18. If you’re going to report the news Paul you should get your facts straight.

    The new deal is a multi-album, multi-million dollar contract with the smaller Fifth Harmony.  And Sony Music is now gunning to propel this group into mega-stardom.  Already, the slimmed-down foursome is in the studio with plans for a 2017 album release.  And mega-hit singles are a major part of the game plan.  That could be followed by a massive worldwide tour, on a scale not yet seen from this group.
    Also winning big is Syco owner Simon Cowell, the brains behind X Factor who retains contractual control over the group.

    Second I dunno what kind of fan fiction Paul here has been reading but generally speaking smaller groups like 5h don’t get multi million dollar contracts especially when last year their tour failed to generate any serious revenue as well as the fact that their latest two singles failed to climb the charts. You have to be a petty impressive talent and a bankable one in order to score a multi million dollar deal let alone a second multi album contract for a simple renewal.

    Most likely what the girls got was a typical renewal contract which was something similar to their previous contract but with them allowing to keep the brand name and having more creative control over their next album. How many future albums they get and how much money is a management thing and seeing as how they didn’t sell well last year album wise it’s hardly gonna be anything that’s considered a “deal of the century” or the “biggest music industry deal of 2017” especially when ed shereen is about to release an album that’s expected to dominate the competition this year.

    In fact from what I read last things are still under negotiation for what’s in their contracts. But I highly doubt it’s anything bigger than what they got last year. If anyone in the group got a sweet deal out of this it would be camila since she has her own solo contract now and considering that she was signed previously to epic and had success with em currently it would only be common sense to assume she’d get the major deal out of the four of them.

    This article is about as misleading as it gets.

    • the writer of this article is a hater

      Is ease to write an article like this especially when the writer is biased,jeal66ous and trash!!!

  17. anom nom

    Crikey, all the mad fans have come out of the woodwork on this story..

    Really, who cares about 5h, they’re just going to be another manufactured vocal group that might have a hit or two.. they might go huge or they might not..

    Talking of slimming down from a 5 piece to a 4 piece.. why not slim down further to a vocal trio..

    Vocal groups are very hard things to manage as egos and personal ambitions often spoil the fun plus they’re incredibly expensive to run.. airplane tickets, hotel rooms,
    make-up & hair, clothing/wardrobe, dinning out.. transport..

    A solo singer is a much more cost effective proposition and much easier to

    I can’t help but think vocal groups are really best left in the past when there was plenty of rich pickings in the record business..

    • Dr. Common sense

      My thoughts exactly. Generally speaking thes corporate groups tend to follow the same pattern, they’ll have one or two hits, maybe a third one but then tend to disappear due to lack of interest. Obviously right now 5h is in the news and on people’s mind because of the controversy that’s surrounded them but after a while they’ll die down.

      It’s rare for a group like this to make it like on direction did. That was a fluke to be quite honest. This isn’t a huge girl group and camilas managment saw this coming a Mile away,

      Frankly I’m sure surprised they had that one hit last year but if I was a betting man I wouldn’t put all my money on 5h as you said.

      And like you said. Solo singer is more easier and viable to operate and manage which is why I think in the long run Camila will be a better bet to hedge on,

  18. Owner of an Intelligent opinion

    Who the fuck wrote this crap? Man, I hope you don’t consider yourself a “journalist” because you’re not.
    First of all, no need to compare 5H and Camila’s success.
    Second of all, learn to write in a respectful manner! Just because there are dumb fans calling her names, doesn’t mean that you should quote them or use their insults.

  19. Merda

    The nerve to call her that. Look where she is now? She’s on top of the charts. Where are you now exactly? Behind the computer, writing more trash.