Ed Sheeran Tops Spotify Charts With 2 Singles In a Single Day

Ed Sheeran's Castle on the Hill and Shape of You Top Spotify Charts
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Ed Sheeran's Castle on the Hill and Shape of You Top Spotify Charts
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Image by Mark Kent (CC by 2.0)

Despite lawsuit troubles, Ed Sheeran tops Spotify worldwide charts twice in just one day.

This past Friday, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran released two comeback singles: Castle on the Hill and pop song Shape of You. Both songs also appeared on Spotify.

Both songs quickly stormed Spotify charts. According to MBW, Ed Sheeran’s singles reached over 23 million between both up to the end of January 7. As of writing, Shape of You has 23,837,922 streams. Castle on the Hill has 18,147,701 streams. That equals near 42 million total streams since Friday. That equals slightly over half a million plays per hour.

Per Spotify’s (now deleted) average payout per stream of $0.0007, the singer has generated over $293,000.

Kworb’s Spotify charts ranks Sheeran as “Today’s Top Artist” with 15,818,586 plays. He beat out The Weeknd and Drake at 9,002,802 and 8,044,340 total streams, respectively. UK artist Anne-Marie rounds out the top 10 with 3,024,340 streams.

MBW reports that Spotify has heavily promoted Sheeran’s comeback album. Their own This Is: Ed Sheeran playlist. On Saturday, the playlist had over 324,000 followers. However, since Spotify remains in licensing negotiations, MBW released a side note worth reading.

(Sidenote: You wonder how well these ‘This Is…’ playlists are going down amongst record labels – especially while Spotify remains locked in licensing negotiations with them. It’s a clear attempt from Spotify to divert user activity away from third-party albums/playlists and towards their own first-party platforms…)

The artist has 20.33 million in terms of global monthly listeners, placing him at No. 25.

According to the UK’s Official Charts Company, both tracks placed ahead of the competition in the early midweek sales flash. Shape of You topped first place with 83,000 chart sales, including streams converted to sales at 150:1. Castle on the Hill trailed closely behind at second place. Both songs, however, comfortably lead other singles in the UK music industry.

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  1. Anonymous

    Proving that teenage girls still rule the music world.

  2. Antinet

    I cannot believe record labels in LA, NYC and London, with all their pull, money, and mafia power, allowed a swedish company to essentially take over the music business and dictate terms to them. I just don’t get it.