Is Kid Rock a Confederate Flag-Waving Racist?

Kid Rock performs in front of a massive Confederate flag, 2009
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The Confederate flag used to be his signature.  Now, the Detroit Pistons are facing heavy pressure to disavow any connection with Kid Rock, based on accusations of blatant racism.

Kid Rock is all about guns, Coors Light, and Donald Trump.  But is he also a flat-out racist?  That’s a question being weighed by the Detroit Pistons, a team facing heavy pressure to drop their affiliation with the singer.

Kid Rock has been a longtime celebrity spokesperson for the basketball team, and is a frequent fixture at home games.  But Rock is also being accused of racism, with a long-time allegiance to the Confederate flag cited as evidence.

Can the two mix?

The controversy is now boiling over after a recent advertisement for the Detroit Pistons that features Rock.  The ad focuses on the team’s relocation back into Detroit, viewed as a positive move towards urban revitalization.  Since the late 70s, the team has played in a suburban stadium, though the team recently announced plans to return to their long-abandoned city.

Sounds like a positive step.  But the high-profile ad, coupled with Kid Rock’s aggressive stumping for Donald Trump, is putting pressure on the Pistons alliance.  Enter the Michigan National Action Network (NAN), a group applying heavy pressure on the Pistons to dump ‘the racist’.  “If you’re going to have an entertainer, have an entertainer who doesn’t have a history of waving the Confederate Flag,” the group stated.

“Reflect the real Detroit, where 85 percent of the population is black.”

The National Action Network has created serious problems for Kid Rock in the past.  In 2015, the group pressured General Motors to rescind a lucrative tour sponsorship involving Kid Rock because of his overt celebrations of the Confederate flag.  That has included massive stage backdrops of the flag, among other displays.

The tour sponsorship ultimately remained.  But General Motors insisted that only one flag — the American flag — be displayed.

The Confederate flag is often viewed as a symbol of black slavery and discrimination.  Southerners oftentimes defend it as a symbol of their unique culture, though legislatures have been taking measures to mute its presence.  And, the dark history it represents to many Americans.

+ Warner Bros Records Calls Pro-Hillary States ‘Dumbfuckistan’

Meanwhile, Kid Rock’s aggressive, in-your-face celebrations for Donald Trump may be causing additional problems.  The singer recently joined forced with Warner Bros. Records to release a pro-Trump merchandise line, one that blasted Hillary supporters with sexual imagery and profanity.  It was typical ‘go f–k yourself’ braggadocio for fans, and a great moneymaker for Warner Bros.  But, not so welcomed by others.

+ Why Music and Politics Don’t Mix Anymore

Add it all up, and a more divided America is putting pressure on figures like Kid Rock.  And that environment is also putting heavy pressure on artists deciding to jump into politics — pro-Trump or otherwise.

The Detroit Pistons have not responded to NAN; stay tuned for more developments.  Image by {just jennifer} (CC by 2.0).


47 Responses

    • John

      “Is Kid Rock Is”…. Maybe you should proofread your headline. What kind of rag is this?

    • Sherry

      Exactly!! So sick of the whining and crying! He ALSO played at Obama’s inauguration….no mention of that, he also has a bi-racial son….no mention of that either. This states “music and politics don’t mix”. Guess that’s only true if you’re a conservative because I see A LOT of slobbering, bawling musicians and actors/actresses mixing politics and music/acting, but you don’t hear a damn thing about that. I certainly HOPE that the Pistons do not back down from this idiotic group, NAN. I watched the video of the head “idiot” talking and he is just that!! An idiot who has no facts, and basically stated they want a black entertainer in there. Now, isn’t that exactly what they are trying to stop?!? Racism?! Hoping like hell they stand their ground on this!!

  1. Lawanda Brazeal

    Go kid!! So sick of cry babies like these with nothing better 2 do but n it pick at cheap from years ago just 2 feel like they have power or morals. These are the real racist pos. Don’t you give in2 these tyrant wanna b’s many more ppl have kid rocks back. He done more for that city then any of them usless losers. Kid helps! Everyone! Not just 1 race. Stand strong kid. You da! man!

    • Angie owens

      Southern born, Southern bred, Southern raised…. seriously……. have you simple minded people run out of things and people to pick on ? Kid Rock is a perfect example of being true to one’s beliefs as well as history without harnessing emotion but using motivation

  2. Malenroh

    He’s certainly not racist. Seems like its perfectly acceptable to fly the Mexican flag anytime, but you have to ban a flag because it’s Southern. KR gives a lot to Detroit, vets, he performs at a ton of charitable events. Unlike some celebrities performing for dictators just for the money. He’s a patriot and an American Badass. Sit down and stfu

  3. J.C.Steger

    Fuck NAN, they should be called NANNY. These losers have nothing to do but whine. They should be worried more about Chicago and the filth that needs cleaned up there. Do you think the Confederate flag is responsible for this? This bunch is so ignorant, they wouldn’t know real racism if it flogged their sorry black ass.

  4. Steven

    Is it kinda hard to be a racist with a son that is half black?

    • Vail, CO

      He did that to protect his image and save his career. Just a career move by a racist.

  5. Val Sulfaro

    Are you kidding me? This is getting dug up again? Old news. Find something else to dig up, like all of Kid Rock’s support of Detroit-financially and otherwise.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Well, this is coming up as a concern, I’m curious as to what people think about his use of the Confederate flag. Does that represent Southern good values, or is it a ‘whistleblow’ to a certain fanbase?

      And if it is just a flag and celebration of a region/culture, why did he stop using it? Why did GM insist on only the American flag in connection with their sponsored tour?

      Eager to hear more opinions on this.

      • Bobby

        Confederate flag has to do with states fighting off an invading over reaching federal government. Either you believe in the right to secede or you don’t. Some states did secede for slavery but Lincoln would have allowed slavery to regain control of the seceded states. See Lincoln open letter to Horace Greely straight from the horses mouth denying the war he started had anything to do with ending slavery and would end with slavery preserved by Lincoln himself if it meant pulling the southern states under federal control.

      • dweebie

        Why even bring this up when he hasn’t used the flag in years. This is a non-issue. Irrelevant. Do some research before you put this out there. Seriously, anyone who knows anything about Kid Rock knows he’s not racist!!!

  6. Good ol country boy

    Its ok to say 4 black teens beating and screaming f*ck white people and f*ck trump isn’t racists. But you can’t fly a flag of your choice (which BTW is a 1st amendment right freedom of speech ) these kind of racists are what’s really wrong with our country sorry ass leftist pussies.

  7. Shirley

    Go Kid Rock stay the way you are! You will be fine we love you!!!!

  8. Real Detroit

    Detroit says: BAN the asshole. Kid Rock stands for segregation and racism and does not represent Detroit!

    Confederate flag honors a legacy of slavery and bloody racism. Let the guilty racists pay his bills not Detroit!

    Real city, real change. PEACE

  9. Shit Boy

    As an artist your first and foremost duty is to find your niche–audience and represent that fan base to the best of your ability. Donald Trump is is an emblematic core representation of racism far greater than the confederate flag itself, and I don’t see anyone trying to snatch that cruel reminder of the whip-lashing slave master down ?

  10. Joe Jordan

    To a lot of people the Confederate flag is akin to the “don’t tread on me” flag and is an expression of defiance to the government or anyone attempting to control individual thought or behavior, especially by means of coercion or threats. It is not just a flag racist wave. How about we stop labeling people with a broad brush just because a few, within the larger group, are extreme. Someone wearing a “black lives matters” shirt is not automatically a racist anymore than Kid Rock is because he is using the Confederate flag to make a statement. We would do well to treat each other individually and respectfully and respond to the individual as we see fit. We just might find we can make a friend. Let’s try.

  11. Laurie Roy

    I display the conf.flag here in Ct.and I used to go into the black projects and try to invite kids to church with the bus ministry,and risk my life.And someone dare call me racist?!So sick of this PC stupidity…This just makes me fly the confederate flag higher.Kid is not causing any problems.They are choosing to start trouble!

  12. Anonymous

    I’d say it’s mostly about image and knowing who butters your bread.

    I’m a Detroit native. Not a fan of his music, but there is no denying the amount of charitable causes he has supported in the city; which has been noted is about 85% black.

    Bad taste? Probably. Racist? Nah.

  13. Biff

    It’s pretty comical how Kid Rock and a lot of these suburban proud American white kids thought they were urban- Black back in the 80s and 90s. Movies like Whiteboyz and Malibu’s Most Wanted confirmed that. Now it’s all American tough guy stuff with the beards, tap out shirts, etc. I guess it’s cool to be white again, since after World War II. Fuckin’ cheeseballs. Smh.

  14. Bobby

    As to why GM caved. Misinformed people and articles like this. They are not in the business of correcting someone’s historical inaccurate propaganda. It is enough for someone / people to feel offended not to risk loosing sales to those Misinformed people.


    As long as it’s hurting feelings I support it…fuck the crybabies

  16. Eric

    Dear Lord everything is racist to these cry unless of. Course it pushes their agenda.

  17. Cindy-Jo

    If the Confederate flag would be a racist one, I’m sure it would compete with the American flag for which would earn the first place. Slavery ended in the 11 Southern states in 1863, when Abe Lincoln came up with his preliminary EP. Why did it have to be a preliminary one? Because his government offered too much opposition to let it pass both the house and the senate as a real Amendment. It passed house and senate end 1865. This is when the slaves in the Northern slave states were freed. So slavery existed 2 years longer in the US Constitution than in the Confederate one.
    Btw.: I’m 1/4 Cherokee. My Native American ancestors were lucky enough to be part of the 3% Natives who are still left alive in our country after the genocide comitted under the American flag. Btw. The trail of tears happened under Union Command and under the American flag about 25 years before the CSA even existed and secession hadn’t even ever been thought about!
    So before you start moaning and yapping about the Confederate flag being a racist one, consider that the same sins (slavery) have been comitted under the American flag as well.
    I could also assemble all Natives to start complaining that the American flag is a racist one which symbolizes the genocide comitted upon our race, and that it is therefor offensive towards us and should be banned.
    I don’t do this, you know why? Because I’m over holding grudge for past sins and I live like a true American who obeys the 1st Amendment: freedom of speech!

  18. Paul Lanning

    Really disappointing comments. Any of these commenters have anything at all to do with the music biz?

  19. YoungIz

    Gawd man his music suuuucks sad when u can only sell out shows for 20 bucks…..but most of his supporters are poor trailer trash rednecks lol just the way trump likes them…He needs attention cause that music career aint doing it

  20. Cheated Veterans

    Black crime and affirmative injustice created the Sword of God the Arians are

    • dweebie

      Really? You know nothing about Kid Rock. He had a biracial son has given millions to help rebuild inner city Detroit which is primarily black. Started companies in Detroit for the sole purpose of creating jobs which most of the people who hold those jobs are minorities. Don’t say what you don’t know!!

      • Cathy

        You don’t fly that rag in 2017. You know nothing of history.