15 Reasons Why Bonnaroo Has Totally Sold Out

Bonnaroo, 2009
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Bonnaroo used to be all about indie artists and jam bands.  Now, it’s all about…

(from the just announced 2017 line-up)

  1. U2*

  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers

  3. The Weeknd

  4. Chance the Rapper

  5. Major Lazer

  6. Flume

  7. Lorde

  8. The xx

  9. Travis Scott

  10. Marshmello

  11. Milky Chance

  12. Tory Lanes

  13. Crystal Castles

  14. Future Islands

  15. Big Gigantic

*playing Joshua Tree from start to finish.

Nothing against any of these artists, just announced for Bonnaroo 2017.  Most of them are pretty amazing musicians and performers.  Or, correction: all of them are.  But this lineup is way, way different than this festival’s roots.

Improvisational, long-set jam bands were once a major core of Bonnaroo.  And definitely the biggest performer on Sunday night.  And definitely the genre of the headliner.   Now, it’s pop, rap, and EDM.  And these genres aren’t just blending in, they’re taking over and overshadowing that legacy.

Bonnaroo Is Not A Music Festival

And if you need any proof of that, just look at the font sizes and positions on this just-released poster.

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Maybe this has to do with dwindling attendance numbers.  Last year, Bonnaroo drew 45,000, a 46 percent drop from 2011.  Festivals are a brutal business, and maybe jam bands simply weren’t playing the bills.

Then there’s Live Nation, which now owns a controlling interest in this once indie, backwoods jam festival.  Again, Live Nation is all about the money.  And now that they put money into this game, they get to call the shots.

Maybe that explains why Umphrey’s McGee seems to be the biggest jam band on the bill.  And, no where near the top of that bill.  That would be reserved for… U2, playing Joshua Tree.

Any questions?

Check out the just-updated lineup, here.


Top image by Lindsey Turner (CC by 2.0).

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  2. Antinet

    U2 is prob still good. Chili Peppers – YAWN. Wknd can sing but is so boring. Chance is an awful rapper. Future Islands are good. Lorde? really? still?

    U2 plus those other two current acts I can’t stand is the reason this thing sold out. I feel sorry for the attendees. God this show would suck for me, unless I caught something tolerable down the list.

    • But4real

      Pretty sure they meant “sold out” as in the festival sold out its roots to the man….the festival itself has not sold all of its tickets this year so far. Js. But still…I mean it’s roo… so theres that 🙂

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