Kpop News: EXO Just Sold More Than 2 Million Albums…

KPop News: EXO Wins Album of the Year, Sells Over 2 Million Albums
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KPop News: EXO Wins Album of the Year, Sells Over 2 Million Albums
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Image by Republic of Korea (CC by 2.0)

Mega Kpop group EXO dominated sales charts and broke an awards record.

Chinese-South Korean Kpop group EXO is riding high. Last year, the group sold 2.13 million albums. EX’ACT and Lotto sold 1.17 million copies and For Life totaled 425,000. Sub-unit EXO-CBX’s mini-album Hey, Mama! sold 276,000 copies. Chinese member Lay’s first album, Lose Control, scored with 260,000 copies.

EXO’s albums have a solid track record of selling over one million copies. According to Official K Music, the group is also known as a triple million seller as their last three albums have sold over one million copies as of December 27, 2016.

More recently, the group won Album of the Year at the Golden Disk Awards for the fourth year in a row. According to AllKPop, this marks the first time an artist has won the Daesang four years in a row. The group broke legendary artist Kim Gun Mo’s record with three straight wins from 1994 to 1996.

The win comes at a time when the group recently announced their latest and largest tour yet. The tour follows the record-breaking success of EXO PLANET #2: THE EXO’LUTION IN MANILA held last year. Their new tour, titled EXO PLANET #3 – THE EXO’RDIUM IN MANILA, will take place on February 25 and 26. The announcement states,

“Filipino fans can expect that the Korean boy group hailed by Dazed Digital as “the world’s biggest boy band” will pull all stops to surpass their history-making previous tour. XIUMIN, SUHO, LAY,BAEKHYUN, CHEN, CHANYEOL, D.O., KAI, and SEHUN will showcase their out-of-this-world vocals, dancing prowess, and appeal performing hits such as “Mama,” “Wolf,” “Growl,” “Overdose,” “Call Me Baby,” “Lucky One” and “Monster,” among many others.”

During their first tour, tickets sold out within 1.47 seconds. Thus, ticketing site YES24 prepared more servers “to cater to the massive number of fans” for the second tour. However, tickets sold out in just hours after 1.2 million Koreans fans visited the site. Therefore, concert promoters added a second night for the second concert.

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  1. Top Secret

    Well they certainly know how to market and sell recorded music product in Asia.

    Of course there’s a hell of a lot of work goes into creating and preparing these groups, it’s not an easy gig by any means.. but when done right.. the rewards are amazing $$$

    Yes it’s incredibly manufactured pop – but then again.. isn’t most pop.. !

    The songwriting and production teams of LA are all about manufacturing hit pop !!

  2. Yehet_Galaxy

    I’m so proud of my boys! I’m so glad I stan them as my first Kpop group ever and I will always and forever support them and be an EXO-L! <3<3<3<3