Nickelback Is Officially the 11th Best-Selling Band In History

Nickelback: Thank You for Your Thoughts!
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Nickelback: Thank You for Your Thoughts!
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John Christian Fjellestad (CC by 2.0)

Hate Nickelback all you want.  They’re officially one of the best-selling bands of all time.

Nickelback isn’t a rock band anymore.  They’re punching bags.  But they’re also very rich punching bags.

According to details just shared with DMN, Nickelback has just inked a massive, multi-year, multi-million dollar publishing and recording contract with BMG.  Previously, the band was signed with Republic Records, part of Universal Music Group.

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As part of the announcement, BMG trotted out some interested statistics.  According to BMG stats, Nickelback is the eleventh best-selling musical act of all time.  They’re also the second best-selling ‘foreign’ group in the US, behind only the Beatles.

Since the group debuted in 1995, they’ve sold 50 million albums.  For those wondering, they’re not even close to beating the Beatles record.  The RIAA has certified 178 million album sales by the group, which also makes them the best-selling group in the US, period.

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But 50 million is pretty huge.  And despite the endless jabbing, there are also millions of people who like them (and pay millions to experience them).

Accordingly, the band is releasing a brand new album on February 1st.   BMG will be releasing the album.

The latest deal represents just one basket of royalty streams.  The band is separately signing lucrative deals related to live concerts, not to mention ancillary earners like merchandise.   And that’s where all the real money is made.

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According to Nickelback, the band has played 11 completely sold out international tours.  In total, 8 million people have purchased a ticket to one of their concerts.


Hate: it does a bank account good.

Any questions?

19 Responses

    • Justin B.

      I counted 109 artists on that list, and Nickelback wasn’t listed as one of them. Forget not being in the top 40, they’re not even in the top 109, at least. This article is beyond b.s.

    • Curtis

      Your point is moot, bc Wikipedia is not a recognized legit/proper source of information. Not in high school, college, or University, Wikipedia is a crowdfunded liberal black hole of bullshit.

      • Robert

        “Your point is moot, bc Wikipedia is not a recognized legit/proper source of information.”
        That was true up until maybe five or six years ago, but these days Wikipedia is respected because contributors to articles are expected to cite their sources in the footnotes. The only thing wrong with it anymore is the grammar and spelling in some places. Everything else about it is fine.
        You’re just all over Nickelback’s dicks and taking it out on Wikipedia.

    • Anonymous

      Wikipedia is a publicly maintained source. You can’t guarantee it’s accuracy. Read about it.

    • David L.

      Which position is your shitty band in ? Top 1 million ???

  1. Reddit

    Yes, I have a question: who/what/where is your source that Nickelback is the “11th Best Selling Band in History?”

  2. Jay

    Not a single source shows nickleback anywhere near top 11, it even in the top 80.
    Even the official RIAA website has them listed as 93rd.

    • Bruce

      I’m not in this argument but I am almost 65 and I have grew up with all the bands that were playing from the 60’s to this day and I happen to see Nickel-back as one of the best bands in 30 years bar none. They have turned out so many hits one right after the other they remind me of the Bee Gees in the disco era their has never been a group since the Bee Gee’s to do this but Nickel-back no one else could touch them that is why People hate them their music is real and not synthetic like this BS they call music today. The only way most groups today can even make a record is steal it from the past. They don’t even know how to even write a real song. So hate them and go listen to that hip-hop and rap BS and learn real music before you run your mouth.

  3. Broox

    wow,,, you Nickleback fans seem mad… I thought metal fans were the angry ones…

  4. Billie Joe Armstrong

    Green Day is the best band ever bitches…