Here’s Every Ad Scheduled for Super Bowl LI

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Super Bowl LI is happening this weekend.  Here’s every ad (and its music).

Please note: a lot of these are teasers ahead of the actual broadcast on Super Sunday! We’ll update if we get the full-blown versions. Thanks to both and Advertising Age for assistance compiling this.

+ Super Bowl LI: A Complete List of Musical Performers

Lexus, ‘Man and Machine’

  • Featuring music by Sia, specifically the track ‘Move Your Body’
  • Plus, dancing by Lil Buck, narration by Minnie Driver.
  • Airing during the 2nd quarter.

Audi, ‘The Commander’

  • Features David Bowie‘s ‘Starman’.

Ford (featuring music by Nina Simone).

  • Features actor Bryan Cranston.
  • Titled, ‘Go Further’
  • Music by Nina Simone


  • ‘Easy Driver’
  • Features ‘Born to Be Wild’ by Steppenwolf
  • Peter Fonda, Dale Dickey


  • The struggle to evolve, featuring John Malkovich!

Bai (featuring Justin Timberlake).

  • Title of the ad is, ‘Crackling Fire’

Pepsi (featuring Lady Gaga)

  • This is the countdown teaser to Pepsi’s full-blown Halftime sponsorship (featuring Lady Gaga), plus (we’re assuming) full-blown ads as well.

Lifewtr (Pepsi)

  • The ad is called, “Inspiration Drops,” and features Pepsi’s new bottled water.
  • Features John Legend‘s, ‘Love Me Now’
  • Here’s a quick preview…


  • ‘Cold Storage’
  • Features ‘Cold as Ice’ by Foreigner


  • Featuring Jason Statham and Gal Godot.
  • Pretty cool music!


  • ‘Believe In Yourself’ featuring Steve Carell


  • ‘Born the Hard Way’
  • This is a really short teaser!
  • No major musicians will featured (that we know of).


  • ‘Rumba Cats’

Mr. Clean

  • ‘Cleaner of Your Dreams’


  • ‘Gronk’s Cleaners Discounts’


  • ‘Romance’


  • ‘Humpty Fall’
  • We heard about a role by DJ Khaled, though nothing confirmed yet.  Here’s the spot preview published so far.


  • ‘Brady Everyday’


  • ‘Run’
  • Features Melissa McCarthy
  • No music (at least in this preview)


  • Featuring Adam Driver
  • Snickers promises ‘a live Super Bowl Commercial’
  • Here’s the quick preview!


And now, some fun facts about Super Bowl LI ads.

  • The average cost for a 30 second commercial spot during Super Bowl LI is $5.02 million.
  • Musicians typically play the Halftime Show for free.  That has drawn controversy, though the NFL points to increased sales, exposure, and sponsorships resulting from performances.  Lady Gaga may be drawing a massive check from Pepsi for the upcoming Super Bowl LI.
  • Super Bowl LI is the first to be offered in virtual reality.

6 Responses

  1. Goethe

    I love the self-righteous Bud commercial. Bud isn’t even German, it’s Czech.

    Presentism is alive and well with the Left–keep on telling lies.

    As if immigrants are to be so entitled–ingrates.

    America is NOT a land of immigrants; it is a land founded by a settler class and those who followed them needed to be relatively homogeneous and assimilated none the less any other way is nonsense. Come to America as a diaspora is fine but never forget that you are one. The world functions no other way.

    Consider yourself fortunate to be safe and free in America and learn to be grateful. In other countries where minorities get mouthy and pushy, the consequence couldn’t be more precarious.

    • Tom Brady's Deflated Balls

      You’re basing this political rant on a 15 second clip of a guy walking into a bar and being greeted with “You like like you aren’t from around here.” Interesting.

      By the way, how did this settler class get to America if they didn’t emigrate?

      • Goethe

        There are larger samples of this commercial elsewhere that you can see. It is a bold political statement aimed at your president based merely on their “feelings”. There is no doubt what they imply.

        “By the way, how did this settler class get to America if they didn’t emigrate?”

        Yes thank you for your brave question; most liberals are too frightened to ask it because their narrative is simply one that states ‘everyone one has been oppressed by the European Masters for centuries and now it is time to apologize to every single naked savage around the world’ and that is just not so.

        The truth is 400 years ago there were not liberal college campuses where middle class children were taught that everyone wins a prize just for showing up. All peoples strove for self-determination and expansion. It was not a game. Power meant survival and freedom. Every nation was responsible for themselves. Socialism did not exist then because getting handouts was out of the question. Europeans merely proved they were superior. All nations colonized when they could; slavery was in every nation at one time or another and only ended per se because it is inefficient. No nation in the past ever said they will limit their growth and submit to another because they did not want to hurt their feelings.

        It is unfortunate that the nation building business in the past was so brutal by today’s standards. It is human nature to grow and expand; if you don’t, others will at your expense.

        Even in subtle ways, the Europeans are still the masters. Notice all of the none European peoples who continually rely on the Europeans to help them live in the modern world (created by Europeans) whether or not they come directly to America for a handout (code: a better life) whether it is the harnessing of electricity, medicine, mathematics, the human genome, flight, automobile, computers, audio, political systems, economic systems, art, science ad infinitum.

        This subtle seemingly innocuous beer commercial utilizes ideology, beliefs and values, assumptions that point directly back to these larger realities which remain to be addressed authentically.

  2. B. Mosckovich

    I was expecting the virtual reality ads to look cooler. The stuff I’ve seen from VirtualSKY and Immersive have been awesome. These super bowl advertisers should have called those guys. Not impressed with what’s on tap here.

  3. Remi Swierczek

    Enjoy music in ads while it lasts! It’s only a matter of time before UMG makes the creation of music impossible with their suicidal streaming deals!!!!!!

    Death to UMG and VIVA LA MUSICA!