Big Sean Threatens to Brutally Murder Donald Trump With an Ice Pick

Big Sean: Threatens to Murder Donald Trump Ice Pick
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Big Sean: Threatens to Murder Donald Trump Ice Pick
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Joe Haupt (CC by SA-2.0)

Big Sean is the latest musician to outright threaten murder against Donald Trump.

Last year, Rick Ross rapped about assassinating then President-Elect Donald Trump.  At the Women’s March on Washington, Madonna threatened to ‘blow up the White House’.

Now, Big Sean is jumping in.  Here’s his recent freestyle with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 in New York.

“I canceled my Uber

It’s time to Lyft the burden

I know ’Ye proud of me, he took me out of debt

I know Jay proud of me, he put this ’round my neck

And I might just kill ISIS with the same ice pick

That I murder Donald Trump in the same night with.”

That sounds like a credible threat against the President the United States, though the Secret Service probably lacks the man-power to chase down the threat.  That wasn’t always the case: back in the early 90s, rapper Paris faced punitive action for threats against then-President George Bush, Sr.  That included album art featuring Paris carrying a gun outside the White House, all of which led to Paris getting dropped by label Tommy Boy and Warner Bros. Records.

Paris has open affiliations with both the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam, both of which may have resulted in US Government pressure against Warner Bros.

Major Radio Stations Across the Country Are Playing ‘Fuck Donald Trump’

Either way, the rap community remains virulently anti-Trump.  And pretty much doesn’t give a f*%k.  Just recently, YG and Nipsey Hussle have witnessed their ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ surge during Trump’s initial days in office.  Just this week, hackers cracked into several radio stations across the US, and putting the song on non-stop repeat.

Big Sean’s latest album, I Decided., is out today on Def Jam Recordings.


6 Responses

  1. Gustavo Woltmann

    Death threats should be more illegal than they already are, it is okay to disagree with a government, but threats of such magnitude are not correct

  2. You're an idiot

    No, Madonna did not threaten to blow up the White House. She said she’d imagined it but knew it was not the way to go about things. That is not the same as threatening to blow up the white house.

    No, Big Sean’s lyric didn’t sound like a “credible threat.” An ice pick? Killing Donald Trump and all of ISIS with an ice pick in one night… sounds like a credible threat to you? You’re fucking stupid.

    • kneegrow hater

      Go fk yourself you stupid motherfker. What the kneegrow said IS A threat! People like you and these ugly uneducated kneegrows should be shot dead in public, like the ugly dogs that you are.

  3. Stop Being Stupid

    A credible threat huh….Just about as credible as a rapper saying he’s gonna “Kill the p*ssy” lmao. Don’t do too much for clickbait, my guy.

    • kneegrow hater

      Sure! As long as the p*ssy aint your mama’s, you are all laughing. Heck, a sick character like you, might actually be killing your mama’s p*ssy, who knows?!

  4. Itendtonoticeshit

    I detect a troll in these woods. But yes. Fuck Donald Trump. Doesn’t matter whether a man is president or not. Anyone who slaps others in debt or wage slavery is a slavemaster. Open your eyes. That man is not gonna save anyone. Irony is that the people who voted for him knew he’d fuck people over, they just didn’t know they’d be among the ones getting fucked. Good on yuh for speaking the truth, Big Sean. Also good on the invisible army that hacked the radio stations to put that hot shit on repeat. PEACE.