BTS’ ‘Not Today’ Is the Fastest-Rising K-Pop Video In History

Latest K-pop News: BTS, 'Not Today' Smashes Records
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Korean superstars BTS are dominating YouTube, with ‘Not Today’ poised to smash another K-pop viewing record.

Updated, 11:45 pm (PCT): ‘Not Today’ actually didn’t break any YouTube records, according to data from YouTube itself.  Here’s the complete update.

The following is the original article text from February 19th, 2017.

If you want to learn how to clock millions of YouTube views in record time, head to South Korea.  Early Monday morning, K-pop superstars BTS blasted past the 6 million-mark in under 12 hours.  By early Tuesday morning, the record books were being updated.

We’re still awaiting official confirmation from YouTube.  But it now looks like BTS’ ‘Not Today’ has officially surpassed more than 6.2 million views after the 12-hour mark, and 10.98 million views within 24 hours.

The video was uploaded at approximately 12:30 am.  By 3:30 am, the video had already surpassed the two million-mark.  Heading into the final hours, the video was rapidly approaching the 11 million threshold.

That easily breaks the previous record for fastest-rising YouTube video by a K-pop artist.

Amazingly, that record is held by BTS themselves.  Just last week, the group scored 9.4 million views in 24 hours with ‘Spring Day’.  And last year, BTS surpassed the 6.0 million mark after 24 hours for ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’.

The fastest-rising, most viral YouTube video in history is PSY’s ‘Gentleman,’ which hit 100 million views in just 4 days.  Fun fact: it took ‘Gangnam Style’ 52 days to reach the same mark, with pent-up demand building on the follow-up.  Currently, ‘Gangnam Style’ is approaching 2.8 billion views.

‘Not Today’ is a high-energy, explosive track featuring elaborate dance choreography and multiple backdrops.  Already, the track has received more than 500,000 thumbs ups on YouTube.  Fewer down 7,500 have given the track a thumbs down, signaling huge approval from fans.

Here’s the video.

BigHit Entertainment, based in Seoul, represents BTS.  GDW produced the music video itself.



24 Responses

  1. anna

    if you wanna know how to break youtube records, just ask any ARMY. i’m an international fan and before i went to sleep last night at 1AM, i was streaming for like 9 hours straight while doing my homework. it’s just the determination we have to get bts more recognition since they’ve worked hard all year.

    • sweetMinyoongi

      Youtube should give us the real numbers ! They froze the views at 10.9 M ? like dude.. we all know we surpassed 11 Million !

  2. KiMENyoongi

    And I might add that this doesn’t include the 1.2 million views they got for the MV on VLive – which was the first option to see the video.

  3. TaeTaesSquareSmile

    Int. ARMY’s + K. Army’s = STRONG POWER #THANKYOU

  4. Elsa

    Because finally Min Yoongi’s got some highlight after the ‘bultaoreune’ era


    I love u ARMYs family….we are really united everytime….this is the beautiful moment in my life when all of the ARMYS family insult youtube because it froze the views….lol

  6. aishah

    this is wrong information. they reached 11.2m in 24 hours, please update.

  7. Joan

    Ahm… but what I know is they reached 11.2M views in the span of 24 hours. Please update ☺

  8. Infires mannnn

    Yall it ain’t 10.98 million views , it’s 11.2 *le sunglasses *

  9. sweetMinyoongi

    This is why I love ARMYs !! we don’t have much power, BTS from a small company they don’t appear much on Korean mainstream media, so ARMYs found a way how to make our voice louder ! ARMYs will always find a way to scream louder and louder our love for BTS ! and we are just starting ! 😉

  10. Elaine

    Way to plagiarize Billboard in your article! Copy and pasting their article, you must really want the views on your article.