BTS Battles Plagiarism Charges from Angry Kpop Fans

BTS, accused of plagiarizing Kpop rivals Big Bang and TOP.
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BTS, accused of plagiarizing Kpop rivals Big Bang and TOP.
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BTS at the Golden Disk Awards in Seoul (Photo: Ajeong JM (CC by 4.0))

Is BTS plagiarizing their way to the top?  That’s the allegation of thousands of fans of Kpop group Big Bang, as well as Korean rapper TOP.

Kpop superstars BTS are now facing serious allegations of plagiarism (again).  At root is the way BTS is opening their shows, which copies an idea from Big Bang and rapper TOP.

Recently, BTS has started its shows by displaying a ‘No Signal’ multi-color bar across several screens.  The ‘No Signal’ color test is widely used in television and video programming to test colors and signal that a station is offline.

Here’s a quick comparison between the opening ‘No Signal’ montage used by Kpop superstars Big Bang, as well as Korean rapper T.O.P.

First, BTS.  Here’s how the group opened their performance at the Gaonchart Music Awards last year.

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Now, compare that to the opening sequence typically used by Big Bang.  These shots are taken pretty close to the stage.

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All of which has led to outrage among many Korean fans.  Particularly those of Big Band and its member, TOP.  The activist counter-army has started the hashtag #노_시그널_사과해주세요, which loosely translates into “#No_Signal_Please apologize”.

Others are vociferously complaining about alleged plagiarism.  Some are urging YG Entertainment, which reps Big Bang, to initiate legal proceedings.

Here’s just a quick sampling of the complaints.

“YG need to take legal action”

“Big Bang was first to apply ‘no signal’ into their performance. You have to accept the truth”

“They copy everything!  Why does BTS keep copying!”

So far, there have been no apologies or changes offered by BT.  But wait: what should they be apologizing for?  At root is whether an opening stage montage can be copyrighted.

In fact, it probably isn’t.  Copyrights typically protect specific lyrics, musical notes, and recordings, not stage sequences.  That said, BTS may have ‘over-borrowed’ in a way that crosses ethical lines.

BTS’ ‘Not Today’ Is the Fastest-Rising K-Pop Video In History

Meanwhile, BTS’ success is absolutely soaring.  Earlier this week, the group claimed fame for having the fastest-growing YouTube video in Kpop history.  The video, for ‘Not Today,’ broke a record set by BTS themselves just one week earlier on ‘Spring Day’.

Now, it’s off to the races.  So far, only one Korean artists has cracked one billion views on YouTube.  In fact, PSY has done it twice, both for ‘Gangnam Style’ and its follow-up, ‘Gentleman’.  No other Korean or Kpop singer or group has since broken that mark.

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  1. JB

    Can you put a clarification in your article – BTS isn’t opening their showS with intro, it was literally just GAON Music Awards. They haven’t used it for anything else.
    Not entering the discussion between the two sides, just hoping for a rewrite of that part – it’s a bit misleading…

    • BS Is Calling

      How do you know they’re not opening more shows? That’s just the beginning.

    • jimin's thighs

      boi, this is a fake article, they didn’t even spell big bang right lol

    • yuki

      paul stop talking nonsense……please…..just go and live your life… can now stop trying to ruin people lives..

  2. wut

    Honestly, I stopped reading after “Here’s a quick comparison between the opening ‘No Signal’ montage used by Kpop superstars Big Band” >_>;; How you just gonna disrespect Big Bang like that by calling them “Big Band” lol.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      It is the EXACT same opener. The ‘No Signal’ alteration between static and the color bars. I guess two people can come up with exactly the same idea.

      But probably not.

      • Genesis

        its not even the same opening sign i don’t see why big bang fans are making a big deal out of a minor detail that was only up there for like 5 seconds and they weren’t even the same. i don’t see any choreography being stolen or matching clothes just an opening screen that does’nt even look like big bangs. man, be quiet with all that “we want an apology” crap

        • zieura

          well..ARMYs are worser than that of VIPs…btw this is a complete fake article

      • Hate BTS haters

        Haha. This is really stupid. Copying the intro? Why not create something like copying other artists songs? That would be more convincing. Dragging BTS down won’t work haters. We will push them up higher and higher this year.

        Because of this issue, i will stream their songs more from now on!

      • NIL

        Is BTS plagiarizing their way to the top? WHAT IN WORLD ARE U TALKING ABOUT??? they wrote & produce their own songs with the other talented producers. dont just believe those haters anti fans

      • Srsly

        Does it matter tho? Either way BTS did not copy anyone. Also how are they going to take legal action for having the same idea. FIGHTING! :3

      • Kaya

        Actually if you read the article it says “The ‘No Signal’ color test is widely used in television and video programming to test colors and signal that a station is offline.” So it wasn’t really big bang’s in the first place. They didn’t create anything. They just copy and pasted from tv from its not their idea either. tbh everyone who’s mad about this is really just a hater.

        • I agree

          I know right? It wasn’t even big bangs idea and I’ve seen so many celebrities who have used the same intro. Even youtubers use i too. Does that mean that they are all copying Big Bang? No I’m an army but I don’t bash other artists like some of the Big Bang fans. They are just jealous coz of bts’ popularity.

      • dieyoubitch

        why peoples so dumb, this isn’t even copyright and not important

      • ps

        Since you had not researched this yet at all, Gaon was responsible for the opening; it was said that they did not look at the opening carefully and have even apologized. BTS wasn’t affiliated with the opening, so don’t spout random and false bs online for your own entertainment.

      • Do you have a problem differentiating between things?

        Lol it’s so different. Comparing these two and saying it’s the same is like comparing a lion and a panther just cause they belong to the same family. Yes they are both using the ‘no signal’ but it’s so different from each other. Besides, it’s not like BigBang invented it.

      • r/quityourbullshit shouldvisit

        I absolutely love how Paul replies only when he thinks he’ll win xD

      • Anonymous

        nice try buddy boi everyone stopped reading when they saw “Big Band”

      • Banana.

        Well… Youre just a hater, you want more attention dont you?

        No, Probably not.

    • homa

      There’s VIPs for you. YG groups’ fandoms aren’t the worst fandoms for no reason!

      • BTSSuck

        Bitch shut the fuck up. BTS kiss Big Bang ass. Thats how they raising. They always use Big Bang’s name to get attention.

        • Kpop fans, I swear

          If you don’t like it, don’t read it.. No need to get so worked up over this.

          • He Got the wrong Info about this. He wants to start fanwars

            This is not true. BTS would never do such a thing to their senior group. They respect Big Bang too much to do such a thing. If anyone is to blame, it’s the production crew but then again lots of people use that ‘No Signal’ stuff anyways. BTS does not use Big Bang’s name for any attention. They work hard to get were their at.

        • Mia Hannah

          Bitch is a mean word. Behold fellow human being. This… well ‘creature’ is the prove to another suckass (as you quote) bigbang fan. Srsly. Bigbang doesnt know you. Bts doesnt know you. Youll never get in their face so lets try to be legit. Yeah?

        • Why so much hate

          It’s because they respect them. Maybe they aren’t an asshole like u. So rude.

      • Kpop fans, I swear

        Also, ARMY can be pretty cringey too, all fandoms have those butthurt people.. some ARMY is really…

    • Rumi R.I

      i think big bang vips are crazy and evil A.R.M.Y are more nice and EXO L are crazy I am sure
      bts I think they do not copy anyone they have their own unique way of expression .

      • Kyoko

        We are crazy, lol. But we are just fans, no more. A.R.M.Y aren’t really that nice either, since I got told that I would get killed if I offended the fans.. Actually every kpop fandom would get crazy and rude if someone insulted their idols because that’s how people are.

  3. kpop fans really...

    Why do people get butt hurt over the littlest of things…

  4. Vivian

    sorry, but can someone explain more about why people are mad at BTS. like is it because they had the same NO signal screen as TOP or what. Sorry, I’m really confused.

    • kpop

      It’s because the fans are getting mad that BTS “plagiarized” the opening and had the same “no signal” screen for their performance.

  5. Donna

    WTH. Has the thought of coincidence ever crossed the mind of those already accusing BTS of plagiarism? I mean, it’s just ONE scene!

  6. LUHAN LUHAN blow my flute plZ ;P

    lol wtf the “no signal” doesn’t belong to any fuckin group it’s a signal used in tv like the fuck what kind of delusional fuckers start shit like this

  7. Strong Power Thank You

    “you must be kidding me”- Jungkook and me @ this so called “plagiarism”. First off, bts hasn’t been repeatedly using this intro… I don’t know where you are getting this info from. Secondly, why do people have to always bash or criticize bts for the smallest things, this is just an intro not actual music that’s been copied. I’m a fan of both groups but I honestly just find this utterly unnecessary.

  8. Hanna

    Come on.Sometimes, i don’t really understand korean people. You shoud be proud of BTS. This talented group even put South Korean high ranking in term of music and talent. If this group planning to debut international, i believe they will receive many awards. I’m not korean but i feel very proud for BTS

    • Maya

      Exactly this is so true plus the cam number 3 on trending but instead people focus on stupid things. Jin just graduated from university. If he reads this then he is going to feel so bad and all of his happy feelings will be gone.

    • Maya

      Exactly this is so true plus they came number 3 on trending but instead people focus on stupid things. Jin just graduated from university. If he reads this then he is going to feel so bad and all of his happy feelings will be gone.

    • Maya

      true plus they came number 3 on trending but instead people focus on stupid things. Jin just graduated from university. If he reads this then he is going to feel so bad and all of his happy feelings will be gone.

    • My L (@MyLakusa)

      Agree. Some fight over silly things when it comes to Kpop. Such and such had that hair color first. This idol wore that shirt first, etc. etc.

    • This is normal in the Kpop fandom.

      It’s not the Korean people. That guy, Paul, he’s got the wrong information. Not a lot of people tweeted about this. Only people who are stuck to one fandom, but Big Bang doesn’t have a lot of younger fans, VIPs nowadays are usually working people. They understand. It’s only a few butthurt fans who can’t see that lots of people use the ‘No Signal’ thing. Korean articles also like milking the heck out of things like this to get more reads

    • Kyoko

      South Korea also has a high rate of suicide, which kind of means that negativity is very high, even for small things.

  9. kpop observer


  10. qbee

    I feel they are to extreme over nothing.. big bang are their role model. I am also VIP at the same Army as well.. The music make as one…

  11. thinker

    what are they they?? 12 years old?? stupid fans got nothing to do with.. trending that # shows their mentality lol


    as an intelectual we just continue streaming & ignore those delulu fans. they really pay more attention to bts than their fav im cracking lmao

  13. Peppiwelsh

    BTS fans will never feel the struggle because they don’t see their artist manage their stage personally. Bigbang are hands on from creation of concept to technicals so I understand the VIPs. There’s a thin line between idolizing and copying and I feel BTS has crossed that line, meaning, this is not the only incident.

    • ok

      It is pretty similar but i wouldn’t blame bts for that. The only things bts have control over is their lyrics, composition and maybe dance moves. Whoever came up with that concept is the one at fault.

    • Layal Boing

      Crossing what exactly? Just because BTS showed the “No signal” screen for like literally 5 seconds, your gonna start bashing them that they copoed bigbang? Thats not immature. First of all, bigbang didn’t invent the “No signal” sign. It even says on the article that they use it a lot in tv shows. Second of all, do you guys thing BTS are thr one organizing there stage? No. Its the workers that thought of that idea, so don’t go baahjng BTS when its actually the workers and staffs idea to do this. You korean fans should reallt stop focusing on the small details JUST to bring attention to your group. Thank you for your time. -Army

    • seriously?

      Yeah Big bang really pushed themselves, i mean do you know how difficult it is to show a no signal screen from the beginning to the end of a show?? i mean… they deserve a medal man

  14. VIP IGOT7 Aroha EXO-L Army

    I’m not an active ARMY any more than I am an active VIP. That being said, the article’s titled “Is BTS plagiarizing their way to the top?” This implies that this specific opening at the GAON Awards, this one particular opening that was supposedly copied from Big Bang, is a primary reason why BTS is so successful.

    I call bullshit.

    That one opening had no effect on either their “Spring Day” or their “Not Today” songs + MVs, which were all designed and composed by BTS themselves or artists/choreographers closely affiliated with BTS and/or BigHit Entertainment. If you’re going to write an incriminating article, at least bother to title it accurately, instead of desperately attempting to write a clickbait title that leaves more implications that necessary.

    As for the moral standards that BTS is holding towards themselves, I personally can’t speak for the thought process that designed this opening (if it was designed by specifically BTS at all). But calling this a plagiarization says that BTS put a lot of thought into copying something else for the purpose of their own success. And, to be honest, this one opening doesn’t do much.

    And either way, to all of the VIPs calling for Big Bang to take “legal action,” don’t bother. This design is not copyrighted, and they have no ownership of that opening. Does it overstep particular “moral boundaries”? As said above, maybe, maybe not. But does Big Bang really need overly sensitive fans frothing and seething on social media over an instance of falsely accused plagiarism, all supposedly in act of defending their precious oppas? Big Bang is a widely renowned music group with a massive fanbase and a lot of money that they earned with their own hard work. All you’re doing is giving them less credit than they deserve, as if a similar opening by another successful Kpop boy group could possibly be detrimental to their currently remarkable and stable careers.

    Everyone, calm your respective shits and enjoy the music being released by both groups. Because they’re doing fucking great, and the last thing we need is some useless “controversy” over a completely unimportant subject.

    • VIP Army

      I agree. This is a very petty argument and if it’s a real plagiarism issues, YG will not just keep quiet about it. Smh @ all this immature haters

  15. BTS Jimin is my Sin

    I’m so disappointed to Korean VIP’s. I love BiG Bang and I also like BTS and to say something like take legal charges just because of the opening stage of “No Signal”. Why does Korean fans are so immature, they say that they love their idols but in fact they were the one who keeps on pulling them down.

    They are really so Immature. Grow up people, does they know the definition of Plagiarism?? Big Bang doesn’t even own that No Signal.

  16. Sydnei

    Not trying to say anything against them but their company seems like to “borrow” other’s concept. Like those pattern circles in their WINGS album is very similar with BLURRYFACE by 21 pilots.

    • Rm

      Are u fuckin kidding me? Circles. Did u really just bring up fuckin CIRCLES. Might as well say that any company and logo with circles are also copying.

  17. Anonymous

    You gotta be kidding me?? It’s not even plagiarizing. It’s just a small sample of the intro. I love Big Bang too but isn’t this too ridiculous. As a fan of Big Bang also i’m actually honored coz BTS is inspired by Big Bang. They’re just fanboying over Big Bang. There’s nothing wrong with it.

  18. GET REAL

    YIKES!! My TV just showed the colored bar just now! Am I getting sued by YG? Do I need to apologize??

  19. Usagi

    Problem is. This is worth reporting? =.=
    The entertainment online news is getting to be noXsense.

  20. ???

    haha wtf pls if bts plagiarized “No Signal” from bigbang then bigbang plagiarized it from the tv. i love bigbang and bts but this is honestly so stupid ?

  21. KAVIYA➡ I'm an A.R.M.Y

    You guys are just jealous of them….. Don’t waste your time on bringing them down because they are already flying with their Beautiful WINGS……..And they also said that they won’t die(fall) today in their song NOT TODAY….. So y’all people who are just wasting your time on finding complains about them should mind your own business NOW.

    • BTSSuck

      BTS had to name drop to get where they are. They always bd to mention Big Bang to get attention.

  22. BTS killed me

    Lol…..i didn’t even understand why there is so much fuss about it…..if you’re gonna start this then i’m gonna tell chains while rapping were first worn by XYZ (idk his name), no one else should use it or rapping was first done by ABCD , no one should rap

  23. oh my god stay pressed

    why is this even a thing? do antis have nothing to do nowadays but to accuse bangtan of plagiarizing when clearly Big bang did not even create that “No Signal” opening…it is used everywhere in television…so then wouldn’t big bang should also be accused of plagiarizing as well? idiots

  24. Artemis

    let me laugh first XD
    lol, what the hell is this?! anyways….BTS or BigHIt has nothing to do with this because it was put there by GAON. BTS doesn’t need to copy anyone because they are very talented and haters please keep coming because we need more cyphers

  25. NICA VipArmy

    Chill guys. VIP here. There’s no thing such as VIP said BTS plagiarized or something like that haha this article just want to creat some kind of fanwar shit and I won’t buy it, I love BTS, I love Kim Taehyung I love Min Yoongi. This site just want money, so sad that I clicked this shit.

    • NICA VipArmy

      Don’t accused or say something against VIP and BigBang please ’cause I don’t think this issue came from us. Maybe I don’t know, but remember this is not legit if this is true then this issue will publish on allkpop or soompi until then hate us.

  26. GRR

    seriously someone from KPOP is claiming NO SIGNAL for tv monitors is theirs??? this was made for television and not for KPOP thus KPOP does not own NO SIGNAL! and before y’all start attacking BTS, please know who is in charge of the show’s production! BTS group was a guest of the show and they weren’t the show’s production staff! everyone is so quick to judge! do some research before accusing someone of plagiarism! Shoot, if I were to accuse someone in KPOP of plagiarism, hell KPOP as a whole borrowed lots from the BEATLES…heck even their hair looks it was copied from the BEATLES! KPOP makeup was copied from GEORGE MICHAELS, ADAM ANT, DAVID BOWIE, BOY GEORGE, ETC!!!! so who’s copying from who now???

  27. BTSSuck

    BTS would be nothing witbojt Big Bang’s influence. Theyre gonna burn out in a year or two while Big Bang stays on top even while on years hiatus.

    • Hch

      You are just a helpless, insecure and delusional human being…welllllll good luck to whatever you imagine, envisioned or whatever your incompetent mind thought….fighting for your unrealistic dreams and fantasy….

  28. kGIRL

    wtf so they open a show with a no signal image so what its just a no signal image its not trade marked or branded gosh

  29. Hch

    Do bigbang own the ‘no signal’…no way…if YG dicided to take a legal action, that means that they claim the ‘no signal’ as their own creation and whoever developed them or used them first are definitely subjected to sue YG…coz YG do not OWN the ‘no signal’….also they don’t have any legal rights to sue ANYONE regarding something or whatever they DO NOT OWN. So HATERS or whoever thought that bts did illegal things should just shut up.coz they do not…and also remember bigbang are not kings nor they have the power to owned whatever they want..

  30. Just Another Kpop Fan

    This is just stupid. The “No Signal” sign is already used by many people. Even if Big Bang brought it up in Kpop first, it is not worth arguing for. Think of how Big Bang and BTS are feeling about all of this conflict. They wouldn’t be happy so stop wasting your time and just enjoy the music! BTS Fighting! Big Bang Fighting!

    – Just Another Kpop Fan

  31. bts fan


  32. a kpop fan

    what the fuck is all wrong with u? bangtan had the no signals signs since no more dream era. you’ll see it in some tvs on their mvs. even in dope. just shut the fuck up gosh.

  33. Heyhoe!

    Bitch Ass Mother Fuxker. I Love the way you spent your time. Trying to get to know BTS . We all know this is bullshit. Do me a fav and go suck some dicks instead.

  34. Journalist

    Why do the articles are so dumb and inaccurate. Being able to want to publish means that every fact is true and must be based on facts not on personal feelings.

  35. I quit VIP

    Wow….VIPs trust me u r doing a great job in expanding ur idols legacy….seriously BTS kiss their ass….I don’t think any group fan base should say that….I’m so done with VIP s ….I mayn’t join army but sure as hell I will discourage everyone to join VIP….thin line cross…bullshit….actually u guys have crossed the line between a sane human and borderline racist….

  36. VIPs

    Bts fandom shut up.. Army say BTS respect big bang right don’t you think you guys should respect them… And you call VIPs are immature, child you came to kpop only 4 or 5 year and act like u know everything.. Dare to mess with us.. Army have some gut huh ? please don’t cross the line ok or else BTS and army will know.. When your senior give you advice you should listen well

    • ARMY

      Um… some ARMY’s didn’t come into kpop just after BTS. Some were into kpop before them. Also I agree some ARMY’s are acting immature but some VIP’s are too. Don’t get me wrong I love Bigbang, it’s just the way u said “don’t mess with us or you’ll see”is kinda…stupid . Most of us are just trying to say that no one copied anyone and accusing someone of things like this is not right especially in this article. You can’t just say that just say somethign like that, at least try and be nice

  37. fake-dols

    They copied shinee Evil at MAMA, flame of love and EXO photocard concepts. YG and SM need to sue Bigshit.

  38. BTS... still the best

    So i told myself i wouldn’t comment on any of this bogus ‘journalist’ -who is obsessed with making BTS look bad-‘s articles. Unfortunately i just couldn’t hold back this time. I saw this post months ago on a different blog and even they didn’t see it as much. If you watch the two videos, BTS barely even showed it on the screen, at most for 5 seconds while the other group used it for the whole show. For all they knew, it may have been a technical problem since nothing else showed on their screen apart from that. This dummy also ‘Forgot’ to insert Big hit’s statement (no surprise there), which said, they had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SETUP, a totally different person put it together.
    Also, that no signal bar has been used so many times in many western artist’s concerts numerous times, yet no one ever calls foul. If top and big band want to start pointing fingers, they need to point it at themselves first because if anything, BTS and any other person have the right to say they copied it from western artists, since they did it first. IT IS A COMMON BACKGROUND FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Artist may as well start claiming the color black on their screen.

    Now for the stupid no facts journalist himself. From the start to the finish it is obvious he is trying to throw as much shade to BTS as possible, from the idiotic asides to the over exaggerated yet under-researched details. Whether someone is paying him to write this articles, or he is just a jealous anti looking for attention, i don’t know, but he definitely should change his title from fake-journalist, to seasoned con artist.
    sorry this was so long and late