BTS Deny Plagiarism Allegations: ‘This Has Nothing to Do With Us’

'No Signal' Intro to a Big Bang Performance. BTS Is Accused of Ripping This Off.
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'No Signal' Intro to a Big Bang Performance. BTS Is Accused of Ripping This Off.
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The ‘No Signal’ Intro

After a raft of allegations involving plagiarism, members of Kpop group BTS are formally responding.  And they’re denying any wrongdoing.

After two back-to-back smash hits, member of Kpop outfit BTS are battling repeated plagiarism claims.  Specifically, the group has been on the defensive after footage showed direct copying of an opening stage sequence.

The sequence, originally deployed by rival group Big Bang, features a multi-colored ‘No Signal’ broadcast screen, followed by static.

Sadly, the evidence suggests direct copying by BTS, with no credit back to Big Bang or their lead rapper, TOP.  That soured the super-success of ‘Not Today,’ which became the fastest-rising YouTube video in Kpop history last weekend.

Here’s a complete background on the plagiarism controversy.

Now, there’s been a formal response from BTS.  Importantly, the group didn’t deny that the opening montage is identical to that of Big Bang.  But the group’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, claims that they had no input on the actual setup.  “Our side did not prepare the production for BTS’ stage in general,” the company offered in a statement.

“These complaints have nothing to do with us.”

Further broiling the controversy, BTS superfans, i.e., the A.R.M.Y, are claiming that Big Bang themselves lifted their stage intro from someone else.  But who, exactly, did Big Bang steal their idea from?  That part isn’t so clear, and could represent a hollow counterattack.

As for ‘Not Today,’ the video continues to soar.  As of Thursday, the track is the fastest Kpop track to reach 20 million views.  That said, Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic Baby’ remains one of the biggest music videos in the world with nearly 250 million YouTube views.

Currently, the only Korean artist to reach one billion YouTube views is PSY.  Amazingly, PSY has crossed the billion-mark on three videos: ‘Gentleman,’ with 1.04 billion views, and ‘Gangnam Style,’ with nearly 2.8 billion views.

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18 Responses

  1. Ashley

    Good! they shouldn’t have had to explain it in the first place.


    “PSY has crossed the billion-mark on three videos: ‘Gentleman,’ with 1.04 billion views, and ‘Gangnam Style,’ with nearly 2.8 billion views.”

    …where’s the third???

    • wtf is paul's problem

      I know, I kept reading the sentence to see if I’d missed it!

  3. Twenty One Pilots of Nevermore

    This was the dumbest shit anyway, why did this “problem” get so big?! Its a motherfucking TV screen, who has ownership of a motherfucking no signal screen? and why is BTS always slandered with this shit? they’ve worked as hard as all these kpop groups to get this big, if not harder. why cant we accept that? I don’t fucking shit on other groups just cuz I feel threatened by them or I feel my group is better goddamit, stop being so fucking disgusting, you antis make the kpop community look terrible and ugly (it is that way, but we have to maintain our image, fuck) music is meant to heal people, it is a solace for the wounded, and you people have ruined the idea of ‘peace through music’ with all your fanwars and jealousy

  4. 세렌

    This is ridiculous honestly, BigBang were certainly not the first people to use the ‘No Signal’ sign. Heck, Spongebob Squarepants has used that image. It’s very nieve and juvenile of people to accuse them of plagiarism because of THIS.

    • Nashell Lagombra

      right like why would they do that and technically it’s not even plagiarism because so many shows and other groups do that so idk why they had to get on that specific group. Personally I’m a huge A.R.M.Y and for them to be accused of something so stupid even though millions of other people do it makes no sense.

  5. Hch

    Are all haters uneducated or something…. i’m sure that bigbang has no right to sue bts coz they do not developed and own the no signal…nor it is their trademark..or copyright… so it is not illegal for bts to used it even if they deploy it exactly the same…also they do not owe an apology at all….i’m sure there are other who have used them way before bigbang…also there are the developer of the no signal……dont be so self centered… and know that bigbang is not the origin of everything…

  6. This website is fake

    Lol can Paul Resnikoff kill himself after talking about things he has no idea about ?

  7. Your mom is whoreable

    lol I’m just laughing in disbelief.
    Do everyone a favor and kill yourself.
    Yeah, don’t just stand there, jump off a cliff or something.
    I don’t care how you do it, just kill yourself, it’ll decrease the amount of hate in the world.