‘How to Cancel Spotify Premium’ Is Now a Trending Search Term

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Is Now a Trending Keyword
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How to Cancel Spotify Premium Is Now a Trending Keyword
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Thomas Hawk (CC by 2.0)

Why are so many people searching for ‘How to cancel Spotify Premium’?

Several weeks ago, Wall Street rejected Spotify’s IPO (once again.) The Swedish company run by Daniel Ek now faces possible bankruptcy this year.

Company executives worked to make Spotify’s IPO attractive. Yet, the company now sits atop a $1.5 billion debt pile after failing to show Wall Street a ‘path to profitability.’

The company has also yet to secure long-term, stable music licensing deals that make economic sense.  Yet, two weeks ago, the New York Times tried to aid the streamer.  Following 276,000 digital subscriptions added in the fourth quarter of 2016, NYT offered Spotify Premium.  The $6.25 a week NYT All Access subscription gave unlimited access to ad-free Spotify. The strategic partnership aimed to broaden both companies’ audience.

However, that plan may have burst in an oddly unexpected way.  This morning, DMN discovered ‘How to Cancel Spotify Premium’ had become a trending topic.  According to search engine tracker SEMrush, searches for that exact phrase have more than doubled in just three months.

People are not only trying to get out, they’re banging on DMN’s door for help.

So, fine.  For those looking for a tutorial, here’s a simple-to-use guide on how to cancel Spotify Premium.

I: How to cancel Spotify Premium on your web browser

If you’ve subscribed through your web browser, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account overview, or enter spotify.com/account/overview on your browser.

  1. Click on Subscription on the left-hand panel.

    1. Select your reason to cancel and follow the steps.

  1. Finally, you may be asked to enter your password. Then, click on CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION and you’re done!

II: How to cancel Spotify Premium on your iOS

For those who signed up for the service on their iOS, cancelling is quite simple.

  1. On your iOS device, simply go to settings. Then go to App and iTunes Store. From there, just tap on your Apple ID.

  1. Then tap on “View Apple ID” and provide your Apple ID password.

  1. Head to Subscriptions. Then go to Manage.
  2. From there, select Spotify Premium. Then turn off Automatic Renewal.
  3. Your subscription will finish at the end of the billing cycle. You’re done!

III: How to cancel Spotify Premium on your Android

Unfortunately, for Android users like myself, you’ll have to go to the main page on your PC.

33 Responses

  1. I A.M. Concerned

    Holy crap, i’ve seen it all now.

    A supposedly pro-music news site publishing a guide on how to take revenue away from the industry?

    This is incredible, it really is. I expect artists everywhere will appreciate this guide.

      • Rick Shaw

        Contrary to your belief, check out the opposing story on DMN stating that Uni get $4.5M per day from Spotify and other sources. I’d say that’s money. What Uni does with that (dispersing to artists or not) may be another story.

      • Wei Men

        I believe that’s the truth and people should quit Spotify premium and go for Apple Music instead.

    • Vernon

      A lot of speculative shade being thrown by this site these days.

    • FarePlay

      So much we don’t know. What we do know. Mid-level independent artists that could sell 20k CDs and make $160k now get checks for $500.

      Musicians subsidizizing Spotifies free tier, earning even less.

      Spotifies insistence on maintaining a Open-ended free model that has contributed to the collapse of music sales. No, this isn’t fan driven, but rather a destructive model that has totally devalued music.

      Endless, heavily discounted subscription model, $.99 for 3 months than rolled over.

      A business model that loses more money as their business scales.

      New demands to pay less for publishing.

      Incredble overhead that includes, high salaries and expensive digs in downtown Manhattan.

      Plans to double their employee count and office space.

      Spotify is gambling on a future totally dependent on an IPO.

      Perhaps it is the artists who are cancelling their subscriptions.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t think your article answers the question as to why this topic is trending. I can’t imagine that users really care about Spotify’s financial issues, or whether or not there’s a bundled offering with NYT.

    Also, if you’re going to provide instructions on how to cancel, you may want to also provide some alternative services, and ways for people to transfer their playlists to those services.

  3. Anonymous

    Why pay for Spotify when you can get everything for free on YouTube (including videos)…

    • Edu Camargo

      Exactly! Besides, regardless of all comercial talking that only interest some privileged ones, YouTube has the biggest library of music, ever. Thanks to the comunity! Spotify just got a bigger name because it offered a freemium. Speculative or not, everything must pass, including Spotify; simply because it is not ment for everyone.

  4. Anonymous

    Poor Paul. Still bitter that’s Spotify wouldn’t hire him 🙁 Fake news won’t make the rejection feel any better.

  5. Seriously?

    Easy to think that reading made up numbers. Where does $1.5 billion come from? It was $1 billion and that assumes no repayment thus far and no renegotiation of the debt. Where is this Wall Street rejection of the IPO? Every Spotify announcement of subscribers has blown away expectations and increased the gap with a Apple Music (which this blog never speaks negatively about). And what stat is being used to say that this is trending? There are like 8 comments on this made up story. Does that mean it’s trending? ?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      > Easy to think that reading made up numbers. Where does $1.5 billion come from?

      Answer: Two rounds of aggressive loans, with major poison pills for not IPO’ing in time. Total approximate: $1.5 bln.

      Read: https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2017/02/02/spotify-bankrupt-ipo/

      > It was $1 billion and that assumes no repayment thus far and no renegotiation of the debt.

      Answer: Check your notes.

      > Where is this Wall Street rejection of the IPO?

      Answer: Multiple pull-backs by Spotify based on clear red flags from Wall Street. Well-documented, most recently by TechCrunch.

      Read: https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2017/02/02/spotify-bankrupt-ipo/

      > Every Spotify announcement of subscribers has blown away expectations and increased the gap with a Apple Music (which this blog never speaks negatively about).

      AnswerYou’re half right. Apple has btwn 20 and 25 mln paying subs per Eddy Cue. Profitability remains non-existent for Spotify, which is the reason Wall Street is pushing back on this. Paying subscribers is only one metric in play here.

      > And what stat is being used to say that this is trending? There are like 8 comments on this made up story. Does that mean it’s trending? ?

      Answer. SEO trending tool SEMrush. You’ve never heard of it.

      • Anonymous

        The $1 billion was the result of the attempt to raise $500 million. The $500 million loan goal was announced in January 2016. That Spotify had successfully raised $1 billion in loans was announced in March. It’s not additive and in fact, points to a continued line of investors looking to get in.

  6. Me

    Where is this trending? This is the only place I’ve seen any mention of it.

  7. Mike

    bankruptcy? Spotify is opening like 234546578532 jobs this year. this is pure fake news.

    • Curtis Jenkins

      Come to Wall Street, where this lion roars. I’m like a walking extra in Billionaire. I know the brothers betting on Spotify. They’re just dumping some cash to see if it goes POP!

      …all or nothing. Now they got a pump it harder to either get the cash or walk to the next juicy chicken.

      LIsten. Resnikoff is going hard with bankruptcy this year, but, 35-40% chance? Bet on that.

  8. ~ D ~

    if this was a proper digital news site you would offer advice on alternatives rather than trying to bury one of the services available. (was that your goal? starting your own rumour trend?) why not some solid A/B testing and guide for us that are not “on the inside”. Maybe you are suggesting we all go back to CD’s for the sake of the $$$…I can’t take this site seriously any longer…ever heard of “earning” your living? that’s what the roving minstrels did way before recording existed. maybe the circle has closed….

    • Will Buckley

      Of course there’s a market for physical product sales. There are still buyers over 35, who have kept musicians alive BTW, who would buy music, if we disposed of this freebie marketplace, first created by piracy and then driven home by Spotify.

      People buy bottled water, right? Why? In large part because it is promoted effectively.

      When’s the last decade when you saw marketing that supported the value of owning music?

      Streaming’s a throw away medium.

      • Anonymous

        I believe that streaming (and iTunes before it) was triage to an industry being killed by piracy. The music industry would be dead by now, if not for those things.

        That said, it also doesn’t make sense for labels to give away the farm by making everything available on streaming day and date with album release. If labels window new releases as physical product (or at most, permanent digital downloads) for 6 months prior to release on streaming, people will buy that physical product. A lot of people will pirate it, but enough people will also buy it legally to make the endeavor worthwhile. Music consumption should be a mix of streaming for older music, and digital downloads/CDs for newer music, with the ability for users to add both to their playlists.

        There certainly is a market for physical product, and more efforts should be made to increase that market’s relevance. But it would be foolhardy to think eliminating streaming altogether would solve our problems.

  9. AB

    Paul, how did you allow this to be printed? This is a new low and you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  10. DW

    This is the biggest load of misinformed twaddle I’ve read in quite some time.

  11. sdadsadasd

    You’re one sad little man, Paul.
    The level of misinformation on this article is just pathetic. U even use Techcrunch’s article who is also VERY misinformed as a source to built up even more lies.

    It’s just sad.

  12. anon

    Weird attack on Spotify and whatever the agenda of the writer and Paul it makes me suspicious of the rest of the stories on this site. Unsubscribe.

  13. Paul Resnikoff

    Sorry for the bad news guys. The reality is that Spotify is an extremely-leverage financial gamble.

    Don’t be surprised if it goes bust or bankrupt, unable to waltz onto Wall Street and mint billions.

    Remember, a lot of this is predicated on a continued smooth sail in US / world markets. If that changes (which is recently did, profoundly) Spotify will be a ticking time-bomb.

    Hey, maybe it has a swimming IPO. But that’s speculative. And that’s the reality of this situation.

    • Anonymous

      Highly leveraged and risky investment are not what you have been reporting. You claim it is going bankrupt imminently and that people (other than you and your staff) are searching for instructions on how to deactivate Spotify in large numbers. You’ve been bashing them for years, pretending to provide insight into digital media. Your opinions disguised as fact discredit all of your writers who presumably do some honest work. Maybe it’s click bait but either way, I’m done with this opinion piece. I’ll bet Spotify is around longer than DMN.