Will the iPhone 7 Plus be Banned from Commercial Flights?

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Recent footage of iPhone 7 Plus melting.

It happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  Is the the iPhone 7 Plus next?

Strange footage of an exploding iPhone 7 Plus may be generating interest among commercial airlines.  Isolated reports of explosions and overheating involving iPhone 7s and 6s have been floating around for months.  But so far, there hasn’t been documented footage.

Until now.  Here’s the footage of a melting iPhone 7 Plus that is now going viral.  And, causing would-be iPhone 7 Plus buyers to reconsider their purchases.



Apple Support quickly responded in the Twitter responses, asking for a DM from the user.  Apple is investigating the matter, but has remained tight-lipped.

Now, the question is whether this constitutes a one-off case, or a broader issue.

We’ve heard isolated issues involving iPhone 7s and 6s previously.  But, nothing about the iPhone 7 Plus specifically.

AT&T Officially Disconnects the Original iPhone…

We also reached out to the Federal Aviation Administration and Southwest Airlines.  Neither group has responded to our requests for comment.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) typically offers guidance on banned devices and baggage, though Southwest was quick to take action on the Samsung situation.

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Fake video?

Other issues may have been at work, including a faulty, non-Apple power cable (there isn’t a power cable in the video).  Perhaps the video was fake.  Or, simply involved foul play (for whatever devious motive).

Now, the billion-dollar question is whether more footage involving melting or exploding iPhone 7s will emerge.  In the case of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, it wasn’t needed — the phone eventually exploded during a flight (whoops).  That’s all the ‘hard evidence’ that the FAA and airlines like Southwest Airlines needed to all-out ban the phone from flights.

A raft of reports involving exploding Notes were also circulating, making it an easy call for commercial airlines.  Samsung itself also responded, though the spate of fires and explosions all happened within weeks of the device’s release.

Perhaps in a bit of comic irony, Samsung’s mobile battery factory suffered a massive fire.  Because, of course it did.



3 Responses

  1. OhYeaRight

    Amazing what people can do with video editing software and a bit of creativity these days.

  2. Antinet

    That is not fake video. It’s not that simple to fake a video like that.

  3. Remi Swierczek

    My Galaxy Note 7 was taken away from me by Apple and Google propaganda machines in desperate need of success!
    Timing of this industrial KILL coincided with intro of Pixel and Apple antique.
    Long term Samsung is and will be the winner!