Kyuhyun’s Manager Shuts Down His Instagram After Homicide Accusations

Kyuhyun Manager's Instagram Account
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Kyuhyun Manager's Instagram Account
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Kyuhyun Manager’s Instagram Account on Monday morning.

After vicious accusations and attacks from fans, Kyuhyun’s manager has decided to shut down his Instagram account.  Still want to be an artist manager?

We’ve written a lot about how artists should deal with hate.  Because when you reach a certain size, you’re guaranteed to get it.  So deal with it.

But what if you’re the manager of an artist, accused of physically endangering your client’s life?  Well, that’s where things can get a little complicated.

Here’s the background.  After a strange episode involving a fire at a Taiwanese hotel, the manager of Kpop superstar Kyuhyun has been accused of leaving his client to die.  Kyuhyun, a member of Super Junior and one of the most famous artists in Korea, was believed to be trapped inside a burning building while staffers left him to die.

Now for what really happened.

Except, that’s just the hysterical version that started taking shape online.  You know, the ‘internet version’.   The real story is this: several nights ago, Kyuhyun suffered a from early-stage smoke inhalation after a blaze broke out in his Taiwanese hotel.  Actually, a mild cough may be the worst of it.

The real problem arose when others, including tour staff and management, left the hotel after alarm bells rang.  That is, without Super Junior superstar Kyuhyun.  Subsequently, the artist was left inside while staffers tweeted and joked about the situation from a nearby Starbucks.

Incidentally, the alarms were called off, though there was apparently lingering smoke.

The accusations soon piled up.  Specifically, Kyuhyun’s staff (and manager) was accused of leaving the artist on his own, potentially putting his life at risk.

Or, burning to death.

Superfans were relentless, going so far as to scream attempted murder and negligent homicide.

Kyuhyun has since clarified that the situation was actually his fault.  And nowhere near as serious as people claimed.  But that did little to calm the hatred online.  “In short, I was in my room with my manager and staff to prepare the comments for my performance, and missed the timing to evacuate,” Kyuhyun clarified.

“We heard that the fire had been controlled, so I chose to stay in the room over going down the stairs and breathing in the smoke that way.”

That statement continues:

“Except the staff in my room, all the other staff evacuated following the hotel’s instructions and waited outside for 3 hours.  I think I was the one at fault because I just figured there wasn’t that big of a problem and kept staying in the hotel to work with the other staff. I don’t want there to be problems after a good performance.”

“Please have a good night!”

In other words, nothing to see here folks.  Except one brutalized manager.  “I’m extremely mad but I’ll hold back,” the manager posted before shutting it down.

Well played.

We’ll have more updates as they come in!

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  1. AinnurTeuk

    I understand why fans were really mad at them as they scared too since kyuhyun once almost died long time ago bcos of accident . we almost LOST him plus body is weak after that terrible accident . So yeah hope u always fine dear baby kyuhyun