BTS Accused of Plagiarizing Big Bang (Again) With Customized Hand Creams

Big Bang vs. BTS Hand Cream
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Big Bang vs. BTS Hand Cream
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Any questions?

BTS denied plagiarizing Big Bang’s opening concert sequence.  Now, there are brand new allegations of ‘idea theft’ involving a customized hand cream line.

After an extremely suspicious incident involving a BTS concert theme, Big Bang fans are crying foul again.  Is BTS simply copying all of Big Bang’s innovative ideas, and re-packaging them to their own fans?

+ February 22nd: BTS Battles Plagiarism Charges from Angry Kpop Fans

Introducing BTS’ brand-new hand cream line, officially slated for release today (February 28th).  Sounds like a wonderful merchandising idea, except that Big Bang introduced the same concept last year.


As part of an innovation involving its label YG Entertainment and its cosmetics imprint ‘moonshot,’ Big Bang released its ’10’ Hand Cream to fans alongside other products like cologne and eu de toilette.

Here’s what the YGE moonshot product looks like.

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And if there’s any doubt about how this cream was marketed, here’s a quick (translated) product description.

“The 10 Hand Cream keeps our Big Bang artists’ hands moist and nourished during their intense and passionate stage performance underneath the hot stage lights.”

The hand cream can be purchased from YG Entertainment’s online store ( for $15.53 (US).

BTS X JSMD Hand Cream

It now looks like BTS has replicated the concept, but with a twist.  Instead of a group cream, the group is offering a special hand cream for each of its members.  In one package, specific tubes exist for Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungwook.  We’d say ‘collect them all,’ except that you have ‘but them all’ — upfront!

This surfaced on Twitter as early as February 26th.

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Is all fair in love and Kpop?

The question is whether BTS is playing dirty, and simply poaching Big Bang’s ideas along the way.  Just recently, the band was accused of directly ripping off Bang’s ‘No Signal’ concert introduction motif.  Snapshots of both opening sequences showed little doubt of a similarity, and BTS acknowledged the similarity.

But BTS then denied having any role in copying the concert opener.  Instead, some vague production company was blamed, leaving Big Bang fans (i.e., VIPs) irate.

Here’s the opener at BTS’ recent performance at the Goanchart Music Awards:

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And here’s what a Big Bang VIP captured at an earlier show:

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 Does this matter?

Some VIPs demanded a lawsuit after the concert imbroglio.  But legal experts say it’s pretty difficult to copyright an opening concert sequence.  Songs, lyrics, and recordings are typically copyrighted, but choreography gets tricky.

And copying a hand cream is even less of a crime, despite being a novel brand extension.

Perhaps the bigger problem lies with the authenticity and accusations that BTS may weather.  Ethically, there may be concerns over ripping off original ideas.  And as the Bangtan Boys embark on a massive world tour, questions of originality may hang over their heads.

More as this develops!

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    I think it doesn’t matter who made first a handcream bc they don’t steal eachother music or sth. like that. I love both of them BTS and BIGBANG and it is just a freaking handcream…I would buy both if I have money xD so I think we need to chill…

    • Min_Eunhye

      That’s so true. I’m not saying this because I’m an army(I’m an army) but I really do support both groups and all fans do is fight. Big Bang are bts’ role models and BTS really look up to them. But the fans are really dramatic to sue BTS . 3 words LETS.STOP.FANWARS

  2. John

    This article is completely ridiculous, EXO also released a handcream, and through the same company that BTS is releasing their handcream through. They are both releasing handcreams with THE SAME COMPANY! How can you plagiarize yourself?

    • Red

      Try to look how that dude posted and advertised the hand cream from YG.. He even posted the price and store link. This dude is a shameless user. Using fanwar to advertise for personal gain. Shame on you Paul Resnikoff..

      • Jeonghan

        Not plagiarizing the cream formula, plagiarizing the idea to even make one

  3. Listha

    This is ridiculous. Exo’s handcream was also released through same company and also suitcases for both Exo and BTS. I respect BigBang and VIPs but this is way too much drama.

  4. Okay Buddy

    This article is trash. Gaon has already taken full responsibility for producing the so-called “plagiarized” stage (additional fun: search up Big Bang plagiarism and Lady Gaga) and now hand cream is plagiarism? Guess we have to find the first celebrity who produced a perfume after themselves and sue everyone after that for “plagiarism” (did you even go to school? do you even understand the meaning of that word?)

    • Paul Resnikoff

      That I think is debatable. Wouldn’t BTS have approval over the show itself? I’m not one to jump on that plagiarism bandwagon, but, the similarity was striking.

      • Red

        This dude like to create fanwar and enjoying posting rumor. Don’t use your personal blog to broadcast gossip.

      • Elaine

        You’re not one to jump on the bandwagon? Really? You just posted an article that slams a group because of lotion. You’re so far on the bandwagon I’m surprised you can function.

      • ?

        Did you go through all those hardships in college just to write this shit? Write something that is actually relevant. Save yourself and save the world.

        • Please get a proper job

          Um. Firstly. You pointing fingers at BTS over a mere handcream just proves to the world that you’re a desperate loser. You know what? You don’t have to be a fan of BTS to call bullshit over this ridiculous headline.

          Let me go and sue ALL OF THE celebrities in existence over releasing perfumes and hand creams. Let’s go ahead and sue everyone who has released an autobiography even. Let’s sue everyone for breathing oxygen since that’s evidently plagiarism according to you.

          Do you know how ridiculous you sound with this shitty article of yours? Are you THAT desperate for viewership so as to get your arse paid?

      • Victoria

        Other idols had the same problem, gaon didn’t show them the stage complete when they practiced there, it was confirmed by them.
        BTS had their lotion way back in 2015, doing your research isn’t gonna kill u. Do someone pay u to write bullshit with zero information?

      • Kati

        A) This post is completely biased and professional, and seems as if you are only expressing opinions

        B) You failed to do any research whatsoever and did not realize that BTS released hand creams BEFORE Big Bang (Hip Hop Monster Cream)

        C) You ignored other details such as EXO doing the same thing

        D) Gaon has listed that it was their fault but apparently you choose to ignore that detail

        E) Plagarism seems to be copying any similar idea so I guess ALL Beauty products should not be allowed to sell hand creams anymore. Books are no longer able to have similar concepts. Oh and Tv’s aren’t allowed to have any more “no signal” screen. That’s a definite no no.

        F) The closest thing to originality in the music industry these days is if you pull random words out of a hat and used them…but oh wait, that has been done before. Sorry there’s seems to be no other way to be original, Boo Hoo everyone in the future shall be plagarizers.

        G) “Don’t shoot the messenger” well the messenger seems to be unseemingly biased and seems to like to take out information…shall that be in play of whether or not the messenger be blame? Hmmm probably.

        Is this enough for you? Or shall I pull out more letters of the alphabet for you?

          • Paul Resnikoff

            I don’t think you are being fair. I am really just reporting the situation. It’s like you are blaming the reporter at the fire for SETTING the fire.

        • Nelo

          It was literally 2 seconds and that is literally the sign of no signal for anyone who has ever seen a TV , nothing new. So T.O.P did not create it,he just used it. I am also pretty sure he wasn’t the 1st person in history. By the way,art is recycled and reused ,so what is the fuss about.we should then sue all the artists in the pls everyone should chill. And I love bigbang by the way.

        • hansungtrash


      • yuliya

        I have already wasted 2 minutes of my precious life to read this article. For more dramatically why don’t you pop up the article about “BTS/BIG BANG Accused of Plagiarizing ETUDE or even BOBBIBROWN With Customized Hand Creams”. I think you’re the only one who obviously lack of idea to grab the attentions.

      • Alina

        Paul, tsk tsk, you obviously don’t have anything worthwhile to write about. Hey guess what, I’m writing you off.

      • alec

        it’s god damn hand cream. the packaging is completely different, they have individual ones for each member where as big bang didn’t do that. exo brought out handcream, so why are you attacking bts?? also gaon took full responsibility for the no signal thing, it had nothing to do with bts or bighit. stop using bts for views, it’s pathetic, i’m younger than you and i know how ridiculous this article is.

      • Okay Buddy

        Okay, you can go ahead and “debate” yourself since anyone with half a brain can see how ridiculous and blown out-of-proportion this whole “controversy” is. Might also want to look at what your life is reduced to at this point, when you have to publish articles claiming hand cream can be used as further proof of plagiarism (lmaooo), all to gain some relevance (I mean, you did succeed because people are commenting ?).

      • mia

        you obviously shouldn’t be writing about kpop, because you don’t even know how the industry works.

      • Emma

        This is just crazy. Why do you need to make a big fuss about this? Dude, even western artist put their names and even create their own line of skincare/perfume/makeup. There is no Plagiarism. This article is nothing more but a clickbait.

      • L

        I have read few of your reporting on BTS, looks like you don’t like them. I say that because you don’t write it as a neutral person. Anywaz is BTS or Bigbang the only celebrities or artist to have cosmetic line ? Just because Bigbang launched it first does not mean nobody can. Now BTS has teamed up with another cosmetic brand and Puma, so tomorrow if NCT or EXO signs up with Nike does it mean they are copying BTS. Bullshit.

  5. Yvie

    This “news” is beyond ridiculous. BTS had already put out a hand cream before. If this is your entry way to journalism, your thought process is lacking.

      • Red

        Why don’t you ask some REAL professionals who know the real definition of hard work? Let me reiterate, don’t use your personal blog to broadcast gossip.

      • Kaya

        Get your facts right before creating an article because what you are doing now is defamation.
        Also gather some info about plagiarism while you are at it

      • Alexander.T

        You should be ashamed of yourself writing this pure trash. Hope it gets cleaned by the dump track soon. The writer clearly didnt fact check anything, making a fool out of themselves. Explains why this article lowers people’s IQ level. This was clearly written with bias and favoritism. You clearly have not been burdened by an overabundance of education and attention.

      • Eric

        This isn’t a message, this is garbage you’re trying to make smell like lavender

      • An

        At least don’t advertise Big Bang’s product in the same article where you slander their biggest competition, that just makes you way too obvious. Ridiculous.

      • A person

        Except that you’re not the messenger in this case. You are the 3rd party who over heared something then took off without listening to the whole story and published a whole article on this thing you didn’t fully know. That’s not a message, that’s gossip. Incomplete and inaccurate gossip. I do hope you think twice about what you publish from now on. Take this article down. Learn from your mistake and improve. I wish you better days Sir.

      • mia

        look how unprofessional he is…. responding to people like that…LOL… he doesn’t even know anything about the kpop industry and just writes total bs trying to get some attention… their twitter feed is dead with fake followers…my twitter feed gets more likes and retweets! lol

      • Bitch, please

        Before you spread a message, maybe you should do some actual research. Should we now accuse every kpop artist of plagiarism for including photobooks with their albums? For having official fan names or lightsticks? This isn’t a matter of plagiarism, and if it was then I’d have to say take another look because in that case BigBang would be the ones plagiarizing Bangtan (who sold hand-cream before them). What a sorry excuse for journalism.

  6. Kathleen

    Are you serious? K Pop fans need to stop whining. Other celebrities and other K Pop groups did this and you’re blaming BTS but not the other groups. This K Pop fandom loves to be fueled with drama, and it needs to stop.

  7. Sinclair

    I feel as though these people don’t know what plagiarizing really means.

  8. army

    VIP reaching too far, it’s getting ridiculous to the point that it’s not funny anymore, stop spreading lies and hatred, and you digital music it’s not even a worth thing to be made an article. stop it won’t you?

    • Emma

      Please don’t hate the fans. They love their idols. Some people *ahem* Stupid Writer *ahem* are just ignorant of the KPop and Skincare industries, let alone how marketing strategies work if they claim BTS plagiarized Bigbang. I love Bigbang and I hate that the VIPs are being hated by fans of BTS and EXO because of some attention seekers and clickbait articles like this.

  9. yes bois

    This is fucking stupid. The concert thing was already confirmed to be gaon’s fault and not bighit or bts and this handcream shit is ridiculous.

  10. Emily

    Ok. But do Big Bang fans not remember the Hip hop Monster lotions?

    • Someone

      Ikr. And also, I don’t think the fans are actually whining though. Maybe like 5 to 10 people out of the millions. The person writing the article was just bored and had nothing else to write about. That’s also probably why he doesn’t seem to have taken a single second to educate himself on what he was writing first.

  11. Red

    Reporting Duties. Before journalists can write about a subject, they must first gather information. They usually conduct several interviews with people involved in or having knowledge of the subject. … They may have to invest a lot of time tracking down information and people relevant to the story.

    This is a personal blog story. Trash story!!!

  12. Face the Truth

    You know, before writing this, you should have done some research before straight off saying “BTS ACCUSED OF PLAGARIZNG BIGBANG AGAIN”. The last plagiarism issue was the fault of GAON and they accepted it. And besides, if a group makes hand creams, that means they’re plagiarising BIGBANG? Like if I release my hand creams, holy shit, I’d be plagiarising BIGBANG. Lots of other groups have released Handcreams before, Is BTS THAT special for you to write an article about them?

    I am honestly unable to understand WTF is wrong with the Kpop community nowadays. For mere clicks, likes n comments, you all are ready to slander a hard working group,webbing them in useless controversies,etc. Like seriously, are you that hungry to see them fall?

  13. Fatima

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I love both Big bang and BTS. Copying??? Then Big bang have t-shirts and key chains and other fan merch and so does every other band in the world. So is everyone plagiarizing? I think those who raise such questions and dramas should relax and find something better to do than picking up such lame things to trouble hard working boys!
    If Red Velvet releases hand creams next will they be in trouble as well 😛

  14. Done

    Never knew that BigBang were the founders of hand cream like please. How many English singer’s release their own perfumes!? I don’t see any “plagarism” shit ever being called out there lol. People don’t seem to know what “plagarism” is or where it’s actually relevant.
    Not to mention this article was merely written as a diary on a bored day. The whole screen thing was already settled to be neither BigHit nor BTS’s fault. The heck you still dragging it attention for? and the hand cream thing is even stupider.
    All these articles only have eyes and ears for negative drama they can stir on BTS. They don’t seem to care about the good surrounding BTS or drama that DOESN’T involve BTS either.
    I didn’t see any articles about when the BigHit site got HACKED when “Not today” was released!? That was ACTUALLY ILLEGAL but no…the criteria requires it to be able to bash BTS apparently or we just ignore it. Geez.
    Also, BigBang and YG don’t give a damn about either of this petty drama either. It’s just some bored, jobless fans and writer’s like you.

  15. J.Ci

    first “BTS ACCUSED OF PLAGARIZNG BIGBANG AGAIN” you give the wrong idea and the ‘bases’ for haters to believe the first they read not caring about facts.
    “BTS then denied having any role in copying the concert opener. Instead, some vague production company was blamed, leaving Big Bang fans (i.e., VIPs) irate.”
    Fuck, BTS has anything to do with that and GAON APOLOGIZED FOR THAT, they weren’t blamed, they recognized their mistake!!! But of course, you won’t say anything about it.
    And do you all think BTS are in charge of comig with ideas for new merchandise?
    “Sounds like a wonderful merchandising idea, except that Big Bang introduced the same concept last year.”
    “It now looks like BTS has replicated the concept, but with a twist. Instead of a group cream, the group is offering a special hand cream for each of its members.”
    “The question is whether BTS is playing dirty, and simply poaching Big Bang’s ideas along the way. ”
    HAND CREAMS are patented?
    Is BIGBANG the only one who has come with this idea?
    “Perhaps the bigger problem lies with the authenticity and accusations that BTS may weather. Ethically, there may be concerns over ripping off original ideas”
    TThe only unethical is the lack of professionalism of whoever wrote this article.

  16. RIN

    fyi if u dont know,bts even collaborated with swarovski too, im just warning u

  17. Tsndglss

    Its just a handcream haha im laughing reading your post tho. Every other group does it. And one more, do more research in the plagiarism issue tho. Thank you

  18. Gavin Mcwhirter

    You’re risking yourself by publishing this. Their company is taking huge legal actions and suing people spreading baseless rumours and defamation. Do you think you’ll survive? We pray you won’t.

  19. Immafishslapyou

    Oh my goodness! Do you know what plagiarism is? Dude, what you’re doing right now could get you into trouble. Big hit are taking legal actions against stuff like this. So you better take this down…

  20. Whoever wrote this article is a fuckn no life

    Is this a fucking joke? Seriously. You haters are really reaching too far with this one. It’s CREAM!! Put some on ur mouth because ur sucking BigBangs dick too much. and it’s something BTS did in 2015? I’m guessing you didn’t know that when u wrote this fuckn horse shit article. I’m sick of you fucken ‘nobodies’ sitting at home scratching your asshole behind a screen thinking of things to write about BTS. it’s disgusting!! I mean BigBang are no fuckn angels either that have been accused countless times of plagiarism. Speaking of plagiarism, do u even know what it means? My soul cringes when u fuckn no lives use that word so carelessly because it shows how much of an ignorant scum you are. I honestly hope when u die u rot in hell because I hate liars and I hate people who put down others, it’s disgusting! Fuckn go back to your mums basement and get Big Bangs left nutsack out ur mouth.

  21. Who cares

    “The hand cream can be purchased from YG Entertainment’s online store ( for $15.53 (US).” that shameless promotion
    Listen, I personally don’t care about bts, I’m not fan, but does your dick gets hard at the thought of licking BigBangs ass like this? Those black wannabe don’t have one bit of originality and y’all gonna get mad if someone makes something similar? With all that cultural appropriation black people should start suing

  22. Reader; Writer; Music Enthusiast;

    I feel like you forgot that this was South Korea. You know, a primary world capital of skin care, with various Kpop groups endorsing lotions, creams, masks, etc. Shinee already endorsed hand creams from The Saem way before all this shit happened, and, as stated in many of the comments above, EXO already had a hand cream set. Are we supposed to sue Big Bang for supposedly stealing that idea? Or are you just exploiting BTS’ popularity to get your own articles and blog more fame?

    There’s a difference between leaving room for discussion and outright defamation. Since this is essentially just a blog post, you are, of course, entitled to stating your opinion on this subject. But try not to make an entirely uninformed one.

    ” Is BTS simply COPYING all of Big Bang’s INNOVATIVE ideas, and re-packaging them to their own fans?”

    “But BTS then denied having any role in copying the concert opener. Instead, some VAGUE production company was blamed, leaving Big Bang fans (i.e., VIPs) irate.”

    “The hand cream can be purchased from YG Entertainment’s online store ( for $15.53 (US).”

    The very structure of your writing reeks of sensationalism and poorly-concealed advertising and makes no attempt at journalistic objectivity, not unlike the tabloids that we see in malls or on the table of the doctor’s waiting room; except this is about HAND CREAM. Not a breakup, not some horrible pregnancy scandal. HAND. CREAM.

    If you would like to state your opinion on a subject that has greater plausibility, conduct more research. Look up information before you start criticizing the actions of any public figure. See if precedents have been established before jumping onto the plagiarism bandwagon. If you truly express contrition regarding how your “article” is worded, then great. But, if you think that you’re some innocent writer who’s being harangued by rabid BTS fans making unjustified complaints regarding your writing, read your post again.

    Don’t tell someone not to shoot the messenger. You aren’t just a messenger. You’re a god awful gossip.

    • Done

      Ikr. Exactly what I was thinking. If you are going to put up an article on something so shallow and petty THE LEAST you could do is research first. Now this is not just shallow and petty but also inaccurate.

  23. Magz A

    F*ck, what a trash article, you are trying to brainwash people who have no idea of what is really going on. No matter what you do, you cannot bring BTS down because they’re real and talented people and We know that. Go and f*ck yourself. dumb!

  24. Ayea

    Did you even watch the stage they seemingly plagiarized though, you say the similarity is striking but? It really isn’t? Only looks like that on the screenshots. Watch the videos and get back to me. Big Bang’s stage looked like that the whole time, BTS used it for 10 seconds and it wasn’t even the same NO SIGNAL screens, how can a universal concept like this be plagiarised? Call out Beyonce next.

    Also, do some research next time, BTS had a handcream even before Big Bang (and so did other groups).

  25. Jessica

    Having a hand cream with your name on it is not original. Many kpop bands already hand creams. I swear fandoms are so immature. And if you think its plagiarizing, then every YouTuber who made a palette should be “sued” since they didn’t start it. Even if its a universal idea.

  26. moamieXD

    they keep finding issues just to bash BTS
    Why? did the Bigbang prepared everything in the Production? did they design it in their own? not the production team?
    did they prepared the stage for their performance?
    if yes then the bts if they planed it to plagiarize the stage set up the the handcream product they say not the Gaon or those hand cream chorva2x…………
    no offend I am A BTS army but I adore bigbang also…. I just don’t get it why they say that plagiarize something…..

  27. Alice Evangeline Maigh

    They look NOTHING alike… As someone who is in neither of the fandoms, COME ON. I honestly feel like people are trying to start stupid fights. They’re hand creams…. get over it.

  28. Melody

    Paul, I hope you get sued for defamation because literally nothing in your article is true except for salty anti’s and some pictures you found from nowhere. The Gaon Awards, which you failed to quote, explicitly admitted that they were at fault for the video, which BTS had no knowledge of and no control over. BTS has come out with a hand cream from way back in 2015, and no one complained then, because it’s only now that they’re popular that people want to attack them. I hope whatever ad revenue you get from this article helps you get a life before BigHit sues your ass. Have fun.

  29. Paul Resnikoff

    Wow! I’ll just come out and say it. You guys are really being assholes to me. This article is about accusations that are being made, just like the ‘No Signal’ situation. If those accusations are unwarranted, fine. But, I get attacked for that? I’m not accusing anyone of anything.

    It’s funny, because I wanted to expand the coverage of DMN into Korea, especially after my visit to Seoul and really speaking to a lot of people in the South Korean music industry. I didn’t see any of you guys attacking me when I wrote about BTS breaking the YouTube record for fastest Kpop group to hit 10mm.

    Just saying.

    • PKB

      Don’t worry they are always like this…if you write something good…”Of course we are the best”…but keep safe if you write something that they don’t like it 🙂

    • Red

      You wanted to expand what again? By initiating fan war bet two fandoms? Seriously Mr.Paul be a MAN ..btw this is called KARMA!!

    • Done

      About that last little part in your comment Mr.Paul…OF COURSE no one complained when you wrote about BTS hitting 10M because that was true and article worthy. It was a record breaking achievement. THIS is hand cream. THIS is inaccurate and false and you left out the parts that actually justified them of the “accusations” before.
      It was already established that neither BTS nor BigHit were at fault for the “No Signal” situation in Gaon Charts but you just left that whole thing out to stir drama.
      Secondly, BTS already had hand cream out in 2015. This is not new and hand cream was also not founded by any kpop group. Anyone can do it. This situation is basically not a situation.
      If you are going to write an article, next time please atleast do your homework first. Research on what you are writing on beforehand. Trust me, it will help.

        • A person

          Stop bringing up your article on “Not today”. That is completely irrelevant here. No one is accusing you of anything in that so why are you trying to defend your obvious mistakes in this article with some completely different article you did before that doesn’t relate at all?
          You have to reasearch on ALL article you do. NOT JUST ONE. And researching on one is no excuse to make the other a complete fallacy.
          You don’t have a defense since you DID make the mistakes. No need to be a kid about it. Just accept your mistakes and improve on them instead. Everyone will move on then. Be a professional atleast from now on. An actual professional would own up to it and fix themselves not pull up false and irrelevant excuses that prove nothing to hide behind. If you continue this way then I hope you settle for a different career but if you actually decide to be a better and bigger person about this then I do wish you better days and luck on your journey.

        • Metaphor

          Let’s take it this way…there’s a celebrity called “Mara”. Mara broke a record for 10M on Youtube. I researched on it and put up an article.
          Later, I also put up an article about a minor issue Mara was already confirmed to be innocent of but leaving that whole part out.(or maybe I didn’t know because I didn’t research) I also stir up a drama about another even pettier issue without researching about it either when it’s not even real and Mara is still again innocent of.
          THEN, when people start criticizing me for my completely unprofessional and amateur 2nd article for all it’s missing and false info, I say,
          “Hey don’t you criticize me for my faults on this low article which I didn’t research on because I’ve actually put up an article on her breaking a record before and I researched on that one. So that should give me a pass to write shit here. And if you didn’t complain about the accurate article then don’t complain about the innacurate (incomplete and falsely suggestive rather) article either.”
          Would that make sense? Is that an actual argument or excuse? NO. It’s an irrelevant excuse that makes you look sad and unprofessional.
          Rather If I owned up to it, apolagized and took down this embarrassment for my name as a writer and agreed to learn and improve from my mistakes then people would react much differently. Trust me. Be a bigger person.
          You can’t expect apples by planting cactus. You are yielded from what you grow. Planting an apple tree before doesn’t mean every tree you plant will give you apples.

        • Neutral water

          Your response to the comment proves nothing said in the comment wrong since it has nothing to do with the article being criticized. Interesting how you have no explanation for everything brought up in the comments but your still playing dumb. Not to mention the only thing you bring up isn’t even about this article at all. The sooner you come out of denial and man up the closer you will get to actually becoming a professional writer or reporter if that’s what you want to be. There’s not as much shame in making mistakes “IF” you actually admit to them, learn from then, FIX THEM and improve. Playing hide and seek about it and denying your obvious faults on the otherhand is beyond shameful.
          It’s never too late to change.

    • Curtains

      Why would people attack you for writing about a factual achievement like breaking a record?
      It’s not false, negative, irrelevant or incomplete like this. Your argument is invalid. They are completely different. You can’t compare apples to oranges. You can’t compare records to hand cream and you can’t compare facts to gossip.
      You can’t expect an all pass to write any negative thing you won’t and get away with it just because you wrote a relevant article once before. People react to that article seperately and this seperately. They are 2 completely different things! That kind of obligational owe to let it go doesn’t exist.
      I don’t even know how you drew that line or combined the 2.
      Also, there are no acknowledgable accusations for the hand cream matter whatsoever. Both fandoms are pretty calm about it. Did you really base this article on like 1-2 comments you possibly happen to see?

    • Get your life together

      So unprofessional! Calling us assholes? Excuse me?

    • Emma

      Dude you should have research how fans of KPop idols can be. They can be the your best dream and your worst nightmare. But seriously, you need some studying to do, not only KPop industries but also basic marketing strategy.

      It’s funny how you say that you are not accusing anyone of anything. Maybe you could google ‘Accusation’, understand what it means and then re-read the title of your article.

      Just saying.

  30. Mina

    I dont understand, they keep picking a fight but ARMYS but are just like “oh that’s nice you stay over there and fight we will be here on the billboards” you can fight alone literally no ARMY is upset over this who ever made this article you’re fighting alone in this ear sweetheart stop looking for attention

  31. Yu

    Forever a bias article.. When both VIP and ARMY are just chilling, you are shitting.. Not an appropriate article.. Such a shame..

  32. What is this shit

    Mate its legit hand cream that no one cares about i mean what point are you trying to convey


    Next time don’t forget to take your medication or better yet look for a psychiatric help. Tapping back.

  34. Yuni

    This site needs a better writer.
    This article is trash.

  35. A Grown Adult

    Wow. Paul you need to grow up. Seriously.
    Take responsibility for your mistakes instead of hiding behind some fallacy you call an excuse. Take this chance to improve yourself and better your future work. I could detail all of the problems in this article, but I feel that they have already been stated above. Learn from your mistakes, Paul.

  36. Disappointed in humanity

    You feel attacked? It’s not a good feeling right? So imagine how BTS feel when people attack them for no reason and write false information about them, leaving out facts. I don’t know what kind of response you were expecting but you should have thought about it before you wrote something like this. I hope bighit takes legal action against you.

    • A person

      Much appreciation to your comment! I tip my hat to you.

  37. Homa

    Okay, now i’m starting to think BigHit probably should take legal actions against YG. they clearly fail to collect their fans.

    • A person

      YG is not responsible for what their fans do. They are only responsible for their idols and the idols said and did nothing. There are over millions of fans from countries all over the world. You couldn’t possibly or practically expect YG to handle them.

  38. A potato

    I plagiarized too…
    so many celebrities
    but man I cant stop
    it’s something so fundamental to existence
    did you know they breathe oxygen?
    I.. I breathe oxygen too *sobs* I apologize profusely

    • Not ticklish

      LMAO xD
      This is a serious issue though….I hope they take legal actions against you. And here I though hand cream was serious sheesh…plagarizing Oxygen!? ugh..shameless.

  39. Journalism At Its Finest

    Did BTS also plagiarize BigBang’s 10th anniversary hand cream when they launched the Hip Hop Monster Hand Creams a few years ago? Lol dude keep reaching. Go get a career.

  40. Veronica

    It’s quite stupid since bts released one set of hand cream like last year really respect big bang but isn’t this just too stupid-.- and it’s just hand cream

    • jungkook is a walking meme

      i wonder what the hand cream smells like

  41. VIP's gone insane

    What the fuck is wrong with these VIP’s ….ohmygaaawd……they have gone insane…..What is wrong if BTS makes handcream??? They just made them to make army’s active and happy.It was just made to make armys happy as they would be absent for a long time + What will happen even if they try to copy??(I know they are not) but still BTS are themselves a VIP + Bigbang is the king of K-pop by releasing a handcream doesn’t mean that they will be princess.So shut the fuck up ….and mind your own business and please dont disturb BTS from their concerts for which they are practicing day and night……-____________________-

  42. Paul Resnikoff

    I hate to say this guys, but BTS didn’t break any YT records on ‘Not Today’. YouTube has some new data showing otherwise.

    But hey, you can trash me on that one later.

    • Seriously

      OF COURSE they didn’t break a Youtube record! They broke a “KPOP” youtube record. Which was “most viewed KPOP music video in 24 hours.” Not a record of youtube as a whole. Good lord…turns out you are just uneducated on BOTH matters then. That just means both your articles are amateur. And here I thought it was just this one. Seriously dude? Why are you handling this so immaturely? Are you Seven? own upto it and fix it without using petty and flawed comebacks which are irrelevant. Your comeback was basically saying “you thought I screwed one up? Guess what I screwed both!”
      If you don’t know about something then just DON’T WRITE ABOUT IT. Easy. Just stick to writing about stuff you know or just focus on getting a different career in general man…your devotion and potetial in this isn’t seeming very convincing at all.

        • Paul Resnikoff

          No, they actually didn’t break a Kpop record. But, stay tuned for more on that on DMN.

          • ....

            So you’re just talking out of your ass at this point, If you really care about DMN, you wouldn’t do this stuff because you’re destroying its reputation, turning it into an gossip blog instead, all credibility gone, good job! Just love yourself brah, you don’t need this kind of attention

          • Seriously

            Lmao okay then Mr.Paul please do elaborate your point here because you are clearly misunderstood. Don’t bring something up if you can’t back it up. Please…do explain.

          • mia

            YOU GOT THAT WRONG AGAIN, IDIOT. PSY is one person, BTS IS A GROUP OF 7 GUYS. THEY DID BEAT THE RECORD. you don’t even know what you’re talking about. go write about something you actually know. HAHAHHA

          • Alan Again

            You were wrong THRICE! Yay what a joke. You must be proud picking on a group while knowing nothing about the industry in general pfft. Focus on something you know…This Kpop thing is really not working out for you.

          • Anonymous

            Haha. You’re wrong AGAIN. For goodness sake, please do your research! BTS did in fact break multiple KPOP records for a KPOP group, but you don’t seem to believe it. You are only thinking of KPOP overall, including PSY, blah blah into the mix. Well, you’re wrong. You think we’re hating on you? We are merely giving you advice so you don’t get severe hate in the future. But I guess it’s kind of hard to avoid now, is it. Tip 1: Don’t even think about covering up your mistakes now.

    • Me

      So…basically you are telling us that you don’t and didn’t know about EITHER of the matters you wrote on? you’ve researched on neither of them before writing the article huh. Lol’re definitely justifying yourself here.

  43. XXX

    I guess VIPs are just sensitive about sending TOP for ‘army’ service ?

  44. VIP

    Boi this article is sad. It’s not a big deal. If it was, BIGBANG would mention that.

  45. VIP live upto being VIP

    Lmao I am a VIP and even I say this article is sad. You make us VIP’s seem like some whiny fans when we are really not. VIP’s, BigBang and YG don’t give a damn about hand cream lol. We are too busy with more important things. (Just like I am sure BTS are)
    Hand cream is such a general thing. Anyone can do it. Even the outlook doesn’t look similar so there is really no problem.
    I have not seen any VIP’s giving 2 damns about hand cream more over calling it “plagarism”? Maybe you saw like 1 or 2 comments but you need to realize VIP’s are a HUGE fandom. You can’t base things on individual comments IF it’s NOT a majority. (Which this wasn’t)
    Please stop making us look whiny and petty when we are really not. VIP are far more mature than this. We don’t overreact or care for things like hand cream so we don’t need and shouldn’t have to get into fanwars over this unnecessary article of yours.
    Thank you.
    Now please take this down without spoiling our name. I think it’s best for everyone involved if you just take it down.

  46. Lalala

    “Is all fair in love and kpop?” No. Not all. But hand cream? Definitely.
    “Does this matter?” Well, No.

  47. Name

    You are a very immature writer. I can tell from both your articles as well as replies. You are a small and cowardly person.

  48. PeteAmone

    I am neither VIP nor ARMY but this is just hilarious lol.

  49. Hello.

    I see that you have made many mistakes. I’m guessing you are a new writer. Don’t take this as a situation to anger yourself. Learn from it. Fix your mistakes and improve. That way you will always remember to be prepared to the fullest next time you write and it will help you move closer to becoming a better writer.
    I hope you will realize this soon and take down this article so that after you hopefully change for the better/rightful you won’t have this black mark on your skills and position as a writer that also more importantly tarnishes so many more people involved.
    Don’t let this be the kind of writer and person you are going to be. Change for the better and you will see a much clearer and positive difference in your life and work. 🙂

  50. Sarah

    If you were not aware already, BTS’ company, Bighit, has been collecting evidence of defamation against the members for the past few months.

    Now, the fact you took the time to try to create another scandal that can ruin their career, I have taken it upon myself to send them a PDF that includes this website, with your full name and picture on it, a link to this article, and your official twitter.

    You say don’t shoot the messenger, this is the only article I’ve seen accusing them of lotion plagiarism.

    As a journalist/publisher, (a low grade one at that ), you should be aware defamation and libel is something you can be sued for.

    Go to Korea once and think you know everything, huh buddy?

  51. Time to find a new journalist

    When are you going to write an article about Big Bang plagiarizing black culture for ten years?

  52. Lol to the retarded writer

    Will people please just report this guy to BigHit. Never seen such a petty writer in my life lol.

  53. RIP to DMN

    Just because you’ve been to Korea once doesn’t mean you know shit lol. And trust me..IT SHOWS! Just stay in your lane without being an embarassment to DMN and all writer’s in the world.
    Also, is DMN going broke? Are they out of people now that they let any kid walk in and type any gossip blog when they are bored? Sheesh…they really need to step up their game here. FIRE degrading “writers” like you to clear off their name and get actual professionals for the job. This is just embarassing.

  54. VIP

    The fuck!? Us VIP don’t care about this shit. Only you do apparently.
    Ugh..writers these days.


    Do u like to create gossip to get more readers or do u gossip in ur personal life as well? Is it even a big issue? If that is then every company should be sued for creating the same type of products n also I think u should be sued as well for creating a blog cos u aint the first one!! Stop posting about anything if u aint got ur facts straight…instead just create an account to rant abt ur own thoughts n opinions cos we Kpop fans will appreciate it more than writing ridiculous things when there are other reliable source available.

  56. Enjoying the comments

    woah, the comment here incredible.

    • ihavenolifebakedbeansinawalnuttree

      Omg, me…just scrolling through these comments is so enjoyable and amusing. great entertainment

  57. poTAEto

    Ik this article is about “plagiarizing” but idrc. I would want to get Jimin’s hand cream cuz have u seen those lil’ smol baby hands ?

  58. Rose

    ARMY’s before you click on an article from now on, make sure that you will skip anything from DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS. Don’t click, don’t read and don’t comment!!!!!

  59. nhk23

    BTS released their first hand cream with hiphop monster concept before BIGBANG. Don’t u ever try to steal kpop fan attention with those headlines.

  60. P.s.

    Is this article literally trying to start a fan war? For the opening show case, I read on Soompi that it was Gaon’s fault for that since they didn’t look through it close enough and they even apologized for it. And hand creams? Seriously? Reporting about that? It’s not plagiarism at all tbh, seeing how many idols and stars already have their own perfume brands, or are you gonna complain or report that too?

  61. Kpop

    (Paul…..u biitch on period stop fussing about BTS and BB and go cream ur pusssy with cream…cause it’s rough and stinky) original thought……me speak: ofc I won’t be surprised if u now do chemical analysis and say BTS used same chemicals in their hand cream as BB…but hey…tbh….plzz clean ur pusssy its dripping dirty juices….

  62. assange

    Customized creams?! What do they put in this? The members hair, spit or shit? Some fans have too much money…..